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>tfw second-hand cringe
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>tfw second-hand cringe

What /autism/ outbursts have you seen, not done by yourself?
Being on special classes with actual autist raging about shit that people wouldn't care about example:Minecraft, tumbr, otherkin, My little pony, special snowflakes, etc.

Why the fuck was I associated all my life with these people anyway ?
7 foot asian sperglord punching a tree in high school because landwhale rejected him
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>At some assembly during highschool
>moment of silence starts
>retard kids starts moaning
Sounds like he was a trendsetter
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I once bullied a kid so hard he ran up to me, flailed his arms trying to scratch me and then walked away in tears then he turned around, stuck his chin up and looked as if he was going to spit on me but then realized it would probably result in him getting beaten up so he just spat on the floor and ran off

He came to school one day with cuts all over his arms and I asked him if his cat did that. That kid was such a faggot.
My high school was basically autism central. It was nice. Kept the spotlight off my awkwardness.

Here's some memorable spergs:

>Literal obese neckbeard super senior
Wore a trench coat to school most days, raised his hand literally every five seconds to go on a tangent about video games, and talked about swords and blacksmithing nonstop; all in some weird, super formal, middle English accent.

>Short girl who talked in a lisp
Raised her hand all the time and would start shaking it around convulsively if the teacher didn't immediately call on her, talked in a high pitched voice, walked super fast everywhere, didn't respect personal space, and openly wrote Fanfiction in the middle of the classroom.

>budding feminist SJW
Constantly got in arguments, talked about being a "le such a nerd XD" every single day, went on a political rant every other day (usually with incredibly stupid and unrefined opinions that would make hippies cringe), and cried at least four times in class

>the entire Anime club
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>tfw some Chad did this to me in middle school and pissed on the new shirt my dad got me because he got a raise at work
>tfw beat the shit out of him in junior year
>tfw dad worked so hard to get me that shirt
>tfw planning to find said Chad and kill him
Fuck I'm sad and mad now. I love you dad
>be me
>in highschool a few years ago
>sitting in my truck in the parking lot
>best friend is parked directly in front of me
>he's in his truck,calls his gf over
>I sense the conversation getting very serious
>he looks like he's mumbling shit
>she's fucking sobbing
>they both look up at me,a few feet away
>realize I just watched an intimate,live break up

>queueing at supermarket checkout
>huge lumberjack-like bro in front of me
>manlet in his early 40's by the cashier, who is a pretty good looking female in her late 20's
>manlet tries to be funny with her, tells her he's "practicing on his jokes", refuses to pay and tells her to send a bill and shit, obviously a bit nervous and obviously out to impress her
>cashier looks awkward as hell, I've never felt so embarrassed on anyone behalf
>finally it's lumberjack bro's turn to pay and manlet is packing up his shit
>lumberjack tells cashier "you sure get to hear a lot in this job", manlet hears this and instead of just laughing or shutting up, gets mad, starts shouting shit along the lines of "and now I'm practicing my patience too you know, but you don't give a fuck about that as big as you are, do you?"
>other staff comes over, tells the guy to please calm down and leave, we don't want any trouble etc.
>out on parking lot, see manlet bycycling off with groceries and a dog in tow

Might've been the first time I met a robot.
Apparently being someone on the spectrum is being like this now.

Tumblr, SJW, emo, fedora's, memes, otherkins and furry infested my high-school cause of these people. They also ruined my ability to enjoy video games by being obsessed about it. I've even have seen some furry wandering around the Hallway.

Just because I wasn't able to function in normal classes due to bad social skills. I've seen all that shit. I cringed so hard everyday.
>letting other people's enjoyment ruin something you like
C'mon anon, you don't have to hate it just because it's popular.
I kek'd heartily
ok here's a picture.
Try to deal with someone who only talk about this thing everyday 24/7 on a daily basis and you cannot avoid that person. Trust me it will ruin your fun one day. If you're the kind of guy who like to talk about more than one topic.
>Wore a trench coat to school most days, raised his hand literally every five seconds to go on a tangent about video games, and talked about swords and blacksmithing nonstop; all in some weird, super formal, middle English accent.

FUCK I know someone like this, it's so irritating hearing them talk. It's like watching someone slowly kill themselves and you wish you could stop them
I worked at a summer camp last summer and there was a kid who wore only plain black and attack on Titan shirts, had the rainbow of rubber bracelets, gauges in his ears, wore a fucking tail clipped to his emo pants, and never said or did anything other than sit in the shade, brood, and stroke that awful, disgusting tail
funny I knew someone like this. but that person thought was a fox in a human body.
My older brother is autistic and his one friend stopped talking to him because he went over to his house with some weird fanfiction thing and creeped the guy out. His mom had to tell our dad.

It's also hard to watch my brother talk at people about things they obviously have zero interest in him.

I love him and I worry he'll never be happy because he's an autistic, fairly unattractive guy who's into some weird shit. I just want him to be happy.
>in supermarket checkout line
>young milf with kids behind me
>hear arguing behind but not with the kids
>turns out milf has her 50 something mom with her too
>mom starts going off about her fucking ungrateful fucking daughter
>over and over
>louder and louder
>get my shit thru and pay
>risk one glance at the people behind
>probably 10 people in earshot
>all staring at the ground and shifting uncomfortably
>except for the old hag
>she's looking at me with lust in her eyes
>think about saying something mean to her
>walk off dejectedly
felt sorry for the milf but at least the her kids were well behaved
>be me
>be on a 7+ hour flight with my family
>my seat is with my brother
>the row were sitting on has 3 seats
>this qt sits down on the window seat
>my brother sits in the middle and im on the end
>I say hello to the qt and my brother introduces us as brothers
>flight takes off
>my brother is doing his typical bullshit things, being rude without realizing hes being rude, breathing loudly, taking both armrests, ect ect
>about 2 hours into the flight my brother pulls out a notepad
>dont really notice a thing
>glance over after a few mins
>my brother is drawing really shitty pictures
>hes quickly scribbling out human esque forms without ever stopping to fix/detail them
>hes doing the circle thing artists do to get the proportions of the face and head without grasping what any of it means
>dont really think anything of it
>look back after another few minutes
>he is now drawing crude female forms with beach ball tits and asses in suggestive poses
>start to get a little uncomfortable
>look over at qt
>she notices his drawings and is visibly uncomfortable
>look back after another few minutes
>my brother is now crudely drawing full blown porn
>just inflated proportions of breasts and dicks and everything
>look over at qt
>shes actively trying to distract herself from his drawings by reading through the safety pamphlet
>I try and distract myself
>look back a bit later
>hes looking at references of hentai on his phone
>he has several hundred pics of hentai
>just scrolling through in public
>my brother is getting a little too into drawing
>look at the qt
>she locks eyes with me
>I can just tell that she thinks im scum
>I sit there and scream internally for the remaining 3 hours
>when we land the qt gets the fuck out as soon as possible
sorry for the read, I just had to get that shit off my chest

he also described in detail a gay rape scene from a doujin that he was reading while at dinner with my extended family, we're "the weird cousins" now
Girl in high school started spreading the rumor that we were fucking. I denied it. One day in class she started an argument about it in front of everybody and started saying that she was bulimic because of my denial of her love. I told her she was too fat to be bulimic. The teacher started laughing. She tried to run through an inward swing door as she ran crying from the classroom. Broken nose.
i don't know

i rarely ever watch youtube vids nowadays and i never go outside, so ya. i've been completely disconnected from the real world for about a year and a half now.
Hey man, don't ruin your life just because some guy fucked with you,just appreciate how caring of a dad you have.
>be me
woah man, I'm starting to feel some secondhand cringe myself right now
What places do you people go to school at where teachers laugh at shit like this? All my schools were stuck up and sterile
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