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What are some good robot foods?
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Here's a classic. Cheap nutritious and quick and easy to prepare.
it's about that time fff
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>mfw SIDF is out in full force tonight
I do lots of stir fry, they aren't quite as quick or easy as a tin of sardines, but I could give a quick walk through if your interested?
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>mfw i eat sardines unironically

Stop memeing up one of the only healthy foods that I actually enjoy you fucks
Dude sardines are delicious, salty gems from the ocean. They are gifts to humans, like Capers, Olives and peanut butter
Snap and I come in full Autism and miss the joke. Just wanted to help my homies with some easy meals
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Praise quints
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yeah except this isn't /b/ and nobody here gives a sweet shit about "MUH EPIN GETS :D :D :D"

leave forever
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Breakfast food for all meals
Idk man he got a full house. Gotta respect that shit
except... we do care about the gets.
we always have, since before it disappeared and was resurrected. Since before the return of our bot overlords we've been watching for gets.

dumb fucking autistic cucks coming up in here and trying to tell my robots how we do shit.

eat an entire buffet of cock
Then my quints balance out my attempt at making internet friends?
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Mfw I eat Sardines with cup noodles
they were some mighty fine quints man. mighty fine.
I have been living off of microwave popcorn and whatever leftover meats I can find. canned oysters, sardines and herring also.
But we actually like sardines unironically too
Sometimes it's the smallest wins that make the biggest difference. And I needed this win, thanks Anon, much love to my brother from half a world away
How to live off of $60 for a week with all the food groups

3 gallons of milk = $11
14 cans of Sardines $14
A bag of 7 apples $5
3 loves of bread $5
Cheerios $5
2 cans of tomato sauce $2
4 pasta boxes $4
Chopped meat $8
Bag of 7 cucumbers $4
2 store brand 2 oz root beers $2

Breakfeast - Bowel of cheerios with an apple
Lunch - Sardine Sandwich with a cup of milk
Dinner - Pasta and tomatoes sauce mixed with chopped meat with Sardines with a side of
Breakfeast- Sardine Sandwich with a bowel of cheerios
Lunch- an apple and a tin of Sardines
Dinner- pasta with chopped meat and cucumbers
Breakfeast- Bowel of Cheerios with an apple
Lunch- Cucumber and Sardine Sandwich
Dinner- Pasta with Sardines with tomato sauce
Breakfeast - Sardine Sandwich with a bowel of cheerios
Lunch- apple sandwhich an tomatoe sauce
Dinner - a gallon of milk
Breakfeast - Root beer and cheerios
Lunch- Sardines and cheerios
Dinner - Cucumber sandwhich and a bowel of Sardines
breakfeast- Bowel of cheerios and an apple
Brunch- A Sardine sandwhich and a bowel of cucumbers
Lunch- an apple and the remainder of the loaves of bread
Dinner- Sardine Gumbo
are the sardine shills here to stay??

You ought start looking at Sardines stocks me boy, where going to take Sardines to the moon and all get rich while having brain powers from all the omega 3 we be getting
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Stop forcing memes you fucking retards.
Go to that shit on /b/ or facebook or whatever.
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This one

100% robot food
Mountain Dew is the only thing for me and you.

Are you that autistic anon that is getting kicked out by his roommate for sabotoging his girlfriend?

sardine internet defense force?
No I'm that kv robot that got left behind when everyone else left when you faggots took over.

All the original robots from before it got deleted became Normies and are reclaiming our turf from you weak beta cucks
Explain to me why this board belongs to robots and I will leave
Because I said so
Now go away. You promised :^)
No thats demanding this board belongs to you. You have to explain it.
I say making this place not robot friendly is the best thing you can do for robots
>You have to explain it.
I just did. Are all normalfags two-faced liars that go back on their word and immediately change the goal posts from "explanation" to "good explanation"? :^)
drakeposter get the fuck out
>Canola oil.

But yeah tuna/sardines/kippers are pretty great at filling you up and being 'healthy'.
>sleep tight dew chan
You may have autism so you are unable to comprehend what an explanation is. If that's the case this is all pointless.
I used to be a robot then left when it Reddit took over after a year. Leaving was the best thing I ever did.
I say never let robots in here again for their own good
I eat beans in tomato sauce out of the can. I'll eat canned herring only if there is a source of potable tap water so I can rinse the stink juices out
File: The Wannabe.jpg (76 KB, 325x658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Wannabe.jpg
76 KB, 325x658
>I used to be a robot then left when it Reddit took over after a year.
Robots, know your normalfag
You are bad at this pls don't try to give frugality advice
Your memes can't harm me. I'm not ashamed of trying to be better, nobody is. The fact that you think anyone wants to be like you is laughable, not even in the anti social heaven do you hold the strong opinion
Spread the new meme, friendo. I'm the one who was taking most of the screen caps.
>A week

I could eat like a minor Calif on that kind of dosh. Not impressed in the slightest.
sleep tight dew chan <3
Shit I might need to eat a can rn

I also got 2 boxes of tendies in the freezer
>eat an entire buffet of cock
when and where?!?!? :3
shouldnt neets have all day to perfect their culinary technique? How do they afford nice ingredients anyways.

Anyways potatoes rice and beans are the classics, buy meat and veggies that are calorie dense and on sale. olive oil, hoy sauce, salt and pepper. get some top ramen for the cheap factor.

should be able to make plenty of decent meals on the range.
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Thread images: 13
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