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>good conversation in thread
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You are currently reading a thread in /r9k/ - ROBOT9001

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>good conversation in thread
>woman posts
>all discussion ends
>everyone tries to get her attention with lame jokes
>they try to get contact
>actual posts get ignored

this is the real, non-meme reason for "no girls on the internet"
and why we need the "femanon" posting to stop
claiming you are a femanon should be a bannable offense
It would help if this board actually stuck to saying "fuck women" for more than ten minutes instead of orbiting the first vagina that appears
>good conversation in thread
>woman posts
>all discussion ends
>everyone tells her to gtfo and never come back
>they call her a /slut/whore/bitch/cunt
>actual posts get ignored

Fixed it for ya.
either way, the act of some idiot woman posting about her gender derails the thread
they know this, but the attention, positive or negative is what they crave

only way to eliminate it is for mods to ban them again for femaleposting
This is very very true and original
Just ignore them if you don't like them.

Quite a few of them are probably males trolling, anyway.
I totally agree with you as this happens in practically every thread these days, but how does anyone here feel if a woman were to share a story in a thread, and her gender has an importance to it?
Is there a line between sharing and attention whoring?
>Just ignore them if you don't like them.
I do, but you can't just make everyone ignore them
>Quite a few of them are probably males trolling, anyway.
Which is why what this anon>>25827580
said should be enforced, Saying you are a female when it contributes nothing to the conversation should be interpreted as an attempt at trolling and result in a ban.
I don't think it should really be done
I can't think of a single story where the gender of the person matters
for crushes you can say crush or oneitis
use male/female pronouns where applicable to not stand out

besides the fact that if you want to talk about your boobs or period, /cgl/ and /soc/ have feels threads for this exact reason
I am a female, did you try not being so horny all the time?
have you tried having any worth other than your gender?
maybe if you did you wouldn't have to post about "GIRL HERE" every time you post on this board to try to get attention
I can understand disliking attention whores, but why does everyone get triggered like a tumblrina at a KKK rally when someone offhandedly mentions that they're female?

People get so extremely upset about it that mentioning that you're female is a great and easy way to troll people, whether it's really a girl or not. People who do that are just shooting themselves in the foot because it's a fun weakness for trolls to exploit.

Calm down, guys. It's cool.
it's not cool, because a large part of r9k is underage thirsty kids who will jump on anything with a vagina or is remotely feminine
meaning that since they have no self control, we need to try to moderate the femaleposters

otherwise, we'll end up being like this forever, the capital of race and gender bait, basically the shithole of 4chan
>my gender becomes apparent due to the story im typing
>Robots go ape shit over it

And this is my fault how? I can't help it that women and men have different life experiences and it sometimes becomes obvious through a story.
>good conversation in thread
>woman posts and it is relevent to state her gender but only for reference
>betas go full retard and stop discussing the actual subject
>tits pls, tits, be my bf, fuck off my board you're ruining it, ROASTIES GET OUT, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>woman is ignoring posts and stick to discussion on subject
>robots complain

Remember when they said to ignore the bullies growing up? Well when you shit up your own board that's your problem, and you should get banned for spamming useless shit because you're too triggered by the word "female"
>b-boys only!! no girls allowed!!
Why does it upset you? It's just a sex.
This. Fuck off, none of you need to be posting here.
Do you need to post here?
you know damn well that situation never happens
90% of these femaleposters leave bras and panties in whatever picture they're taking, use trips, or post "femanon here"
I have never seen this situation in your post ever happen in all my time on this board

>this is somehow our fault
I do ignore these posts 99% of the time, I hide the threads, hide the posts
but the retarded 18 year olds who think with their dicks ruin it
so therefore someone needs to step in and stop it from happenning
considering this board and 4chan is primarily male, we need to go with the majority

if you want to post about how you're a special snowflake female so bad there's always

or more than likely
>implying we care if you're here
we just want you to shut up about your gender and not shove it in the virgins' faces for easy attention

I don't really care as I've said before
I just want the attention whores to leave and people to stop giving the thirsty betas fuel to shit up the board
>considering this board and 4chan is primarily male, we need to go with the majority
Why don't you grow up and realize that men aren't entitled to ambiguous internet spaces. ever heard of the rules of the internet? It's assumed that there are men almost everywhere, does that mean "women" should just not be allowed to use the space? No.

Until you actually own and pay for 4chan, r9k, and whatever internet space you want then you can start excluding people. But you don't own shit and there is no democracy here. The internet is free for a reason and anybody who would speak against that because their own counterparts want to act like retards at a few lines of text is moronic, ignorant and deserving of condemnation.
File: Titsorgtfo[1].png (443 KB, 1338x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
443 KB, 1338x275
This is why "Tits or GTFO" was a thing.
>"implying we care you're here"
Obviously you do if you losers are so adamant about this.
Sad part is that r9k acknowledges that they are female without proof, when they don't even have to if they followed the rule.
>you aren't entitled
no, but you aren't entitled to post on here either

and you're also being really fucking dense
I don't give a fuck if women post on r9k, but at least keep your posts gender neutral and pretend to be a guy for the sake of fitting in and not causing a commotion
you all seem to think it's some crime to not be identified as a FEMALE HERE for more than 30 seconds

I know the reverse, and I can tell you, it's not that fucking hard
I've posted on cgl and lolcow for a long time as a guy and managed to never let my gender slip that entire time out of respect for the board

how about you actually read my fucking posts then?
or are you too stupid?
you can post here all you want, just stop making a huge fucking deal about your gender for attention

honestly if you can't do that, you are a boring, shitty person who's only defining trait is some arbitrary coin flip
and that's a hell of a lot sadder than some 20 year olds who have a hard time getting women
Right, but it doesn't really matter who you try to kick out. They will always be here. Maybe there is another problem, because this board hasn't always been this shitty but there has always been females on it.
but they were never this desperate for attention is my point
the solution is to crack down on the attention whores until it lets up and they can go back to posting like everyone else without derailing a thread because they want some compliments
You don't need an entitlement to post here retard. There's a different between excluding specific posters on a board meant for all and just regularly posting.

>I don't give a fuck if women post on r9k, but at least keep your posts gender neutral and pretend to be a guy for the sake of fitting in and not causing a commotion
Clearly you do give a fuck or else you wouldn't need to ask.
I am not the one complaining about this, you guys are. I will post my gender whenever it is relevant, if you guys want to go apeshit that's not my problem as long as I have every right to post here anonymously just as everybody else.

Just try not to be a fucking self righteous idiot spouting exclusionary practices. It's like you want every bit of freedom stripped from you.
>crack down on attention whores
>meanwhile boipussy, cuck and tranny threads everywhere
>meanwhile r9k is going gay
>meanwhile tons of fucking normie males are posting in threads crying about how ugly they are
>lets kick out all the females!!! they're soooo desperate

Maybe that's just part of the board culture now and it will change eventually, but all this negative attention makes you feel notorious and it's hard to resist "baiting" robots for fun. It's probably here to stay until people get bored with it.
stoip being so fucking dense
I'm not telling you that I want all women to stop posting

I want women to stop spouting "girl here!", "femanon here!" in all of their posts
I want them to make attempts to blend in with the rest of the board and not try to be some special snowflake

>I will post my gender whenever it's relevant
it is never relevant
I have never seen in all my time here a time when I saw a female post and thought, "wow, I really needed to know they were female"
it's not needed

the fact that you get so defensive and try to break misrepresent my points shows to me that you have no intention of stopping or blending in with this board
that you are a boring, awful, overall uninteresting person and the only thing that saves your god awful personality is the fact taht you have a vagina and you want special treatment for it

and that's what I want to stop
no more special treatment for women on here

one thing at a time, femaleposters are the biggest drain on the board over the last few months
if the mods ever pick this up again and start banning femaleposters, they can easily turn it to lgbt posters outside of their board afterwards
the difference is gay posters don't try to bait the rest of the anons to try to give them special treatment, they stick to their own little circlejerks of gayposting
holy shit, I hate this, this board is my home board and I hate seeing it stuck in bait and negative bullshit

just because some teenage girls think it's funny to come in and play around with 20 year old virgins for a while and go back to their lives
>femaleposters are the biggest drain on the board over the last few months
this entire board is dedicated to females just by male posters alone. Females aren't the problem, the neo-r9k posters are. All old r9k posters were not worshiping women the way r9k does now.
>it is never relevant
it's never relevant because you don't want it to be.
>I want women to stop spouting "girl here!", "femanon here!" in all of their posts
>I want them to make attempts to blend in with the rest of the board and not try to be some special snowflake
Don't you dare call me fucking dense when you're being trolled by a bunch of men calling themselves women on a daily basis. Even I don't believe most of the people who call themselves female to be female. This is absolutely laughable.
>lets ban all the men trolling each other or pretending to be female
>females are the problem!
Ask for tits next time.

Lastly, any special treatment is from robots themselves, why don't you tell them to grow some balls.
I'm 25 and have been on the 4chan since 2007. This isn't a home for virgins, just for people who don't fit in. I'm just a NEET who happens to be female and enjoys baiting robots now because they are always buttblasted.

At one point they never cared though, that's not my problem. It is your own.
why do you have to do it?
why do you have to bait people like me?
why do you and every other woman have to be so fucking cruel and kick people when they're down?

people like you are the reason I have multiple suicide attempts and spent time in an asylum
can't you even see it, people like you claim we're the cancer, but you make it your mission in life to torment men on an image board because "lol, it's funny"

do you have no empathy?
do you have no regard for people who may be mentally or emotionally unstable and come here to try to cope?
why do you have to try to kick men who have never had friends, who have never known any relationships?
why do you have to do all this?

this fact alone tells me I was right in wanting this femaleposting gone
You try to kill yourself because you get triggered by females online? You belong on tumblr, not 4chan.
To be fair the same things could be asked of all shitposters. If females posting on this board is really driving you to suicide, you may have deeper issues.
I'm a fembot and this is accurate.
killing myself because women are in general cruel and everywhere I go, even here I have to put up with them putting me down and trying to tell me how worthless I am
even on a place like here, where I come to get away from all that shit

I seriously doubt that, I have never seen shitposters ever be as cruel as the fembot posters that have been around here the last few months
You are worthless because you are a whiny piece of shit who expects people to love you even though you are insufferable. That has nothing to do with being male though, that's just you.

Maybe toughen up a little and stop crying all the fucking time because someone who may or may not be female is talking to you on a korean kayak image board.
my penis says you sir are homosexual
fuck off you fucking bully holy shit
you're a fucking awful person
Are you sure those are even females and not just guys pretending to be fembots? If I were a shitposter, you'd better believe I would mention having a vagina in every post, despite that not being true. "Fembot" threads and posts exist for the same reasons twitch camwhores exist. It's easy attention. Learn to not take the bait, and they'll go away. Going "REEEEEE GET OUT" only encourages them. Or is the concept of "Don't feed the trolls" well and truly dead?
File: hehe.png (192 KB, 730x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Run back to tumblr faggot.
>be male
>decide i don't like a thread
>make a post implying i'm a woman
>make a few follow-up posts if i really want to be a dick
>this kills the thread

like a well-oiled machine lads
>Are you sure those are even females and not just guys pretending to be fembots?
Every robot knows that all they need to do is say the word female and they can laugh their asses off while the others retardedly rage thinking its true.

It sounds ridiculous to think there is actually an influx of females coming here on purpose to fuck around. It's not that interesting unless you were posting here to begin with.
>I have to be mean and cruel to every person because this is 4chan
>people who are already miserable should be kicked while they're down
fuck off bully, you're a fucking cancer on the site
The only person I am being mean to in this thread is you. Don't assume I want to bully the whole thread little boy.
File: trash.jpg (34 KB, 300x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wow who else /trash/
File: 1452312188226.png (651 KB, 1067x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651 KB, 1067x800
It was between this image and the Tyler the Creator tweet about cyber-bullying.
You're one of them anime bully roleplayers, aren't you?
why though?
why are you so persistent on knicking someone who's already down?
what poitn is there to driving some man to suicide just because you think you're being some cool dude

no, i'nm not, I'm someone who ahs 0 firends, has never had friends, and comes on here to cope
but sopme people like this person think it's funny to make me cry and drive me even further into depression
Oh no is he masturbating to my comments?
Fembot here, this isn't true. We offer meaningful contributions to any argument, you are just projecting.
I'm really female, I just find you annoying because you think that asking females to leave is going to solve your problem. You seem to have more issues than a few females posting on the same board as you.
I doI hate women because of people like YOU
people who think it's hilarious to drag people down
think it's funny to kcik someone while they're down
someone who thinks making other people cry is funny
someone who completely lacks empathey and bullies people the fuck around

that is what women and fembots are
honestly, at this point, I would want you lot gone
you've more than proven my hatred of wopmen to be right
and even though I tried to be civil most of the way through the thread, you took every chance you could to knock me down and to try to humiliate me
you're a fucking bully
a monster
something that I would never want to fucking deal with in my life, but you came into my thread to try to humiliate me and make me feel like shit
Alright, assuming you're genuine, this place is really not healthy for you if you have that sort of mentality. If you're truly suicidal, then your mental health and well being should be your primary focus. I honestly mean this as a piece of advice: if you feel that way then you should find a community on reddit or tumblr instead. There's some empathy here, but there's also a lot of brutal honesty and genuine vindcitiveness. If you aren't self aware enough to improve yourself or thick skinned enough to handle the "bantz" then you really ought to find a different internet community to help you cope.

He's not avatarfagging so it's tough to say.
Topest postest
Yeah it's funny, is that what you wanted to hear?

Let people say what they want and stop trying to police all their comments. Control yourself and stop trying to silence people because of your feelings.
I hate you so fucking much you piece of shit
I wish you and the rest of the cruel as hell women around here would just fucking drop dead
There's something deeply wrong with you and tumblrinas and I hope someday you faggots all grow the fuck up and find something more important to care about than strangers on the Internet.
there's something deeply wrong with you that you feel the need to pull this shit on me and try so fucking hard to humiliate me when I clearly have nothing left
You know you are not going to change their minds here at all. Just abandon thread anon.


Everyone's shock and horror at the thought of females posting is why it's such a problem. You give trolls a really easy way to mess with you. Any "femanon here!" post is met with many angry replies, and you're just doing what they want. It's an instant trigger button for a lot of people on here, and provides easy attention for those who want it, whether they're actually female or not. You don't even have to be good at trolling, just say that you're female - or even hint at it - and people will lose their shit.

It's your rage about females that makes female trolls/attention whores and male shitposters to make obnoxious femanon posts in the first place.

The only way to solve this is to get over your phobia of women. Seriously, so many people here put them on this weird love-hate pedestal. Just treat her like a regular person. I understand that many people on here are often rejected by women and have issues with them because of that, but freaking the fuck out about it is just making the problem worse. Just ignore her (or "her") if she's blatantly trolling or attention whoring, but reply if you want if she has something of value to add to the thread. It's really not the end of the world if females post on here from time to time. Stop giving trolls and attention whores the attention they crave and actually look at what the poster is saying instead of their reported gender, and you'll stop seeing so many annoying femanon posts.

Other boards tend not to have as big of a gender problem as /r9k/ does, and that's why/

Anon, if it's that bad then you should probably post somewhere other than 4chan. I don't mean that in a hateful way, but if you get upset easily, then trolls are going to exploit that for fun.
hey guys im a girl and i post on r9k with the ree mee-mee
File: Hores.jpg (55 KB, 600x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Frankly, I can't believe that people keep replying to these attention-whoring whores and/or trolls.

They're so obviously just using you to get attention.
Gosh my boobs sure hurt today. I agree with you op. Shit is annoying.
In reality, we could be adults and not acknowledge when someone posts gender details (since it's just some guy baiting 99% of the time).
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Thread images: 8
Thread DB ID: 429084

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