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Who /wincest/ or /lewdwithsiblings/ here?
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Who /wincest/ or /lewdwithsiblings/ here?

My imouto and I have a particular ongoing relationship.

Will post greentext

>Will post greentext

Go fuck yourself. Do it or don't do it, attentionwhoring gets you nothing.
My cousin spent a whole night naked, did a slutty dance for me, and gave me a handy once. We were 15 at the time. We were out in redneck land on a ranch, we had a cabin to ourselves. It's funny how innocent our parents thought we were to leave us in a cabin together. It's a same I was too much of a beta to get more than that night. It was the second to last one there.

We haven't said anything about it or done anything for about 7 years since. I still remember her licking my cum off her fingers.

Looks like I gotta go fap.
>be me
>be older brother
>be close with sister
>even be close when she started getting into a tumblr phase
>be "babysitter" for years already because parents go out frequently
>not really babysitting because sister is only younger by a few years, just making sure house doesn't burn down while parents are out
>eventually I get laid and get a gf
>have her come over while parents are out
>fuck the shit out of her, moan really loudly, try to break my bed
>sister calls me a pervert but isn't really upset
>we break up eventually
>eventually sister gets a bf
>she asks me if she can bring him over
>make sure he isn't Chad
>feel conflicted but still allow it
>they're not as loud as me and my ex, but very obvious that they're doing it
>sister occasionally runs into my room just wearing a t-shirt asking if I have condor
>smile and always say something like "make sure you cum first" and give her condor when she needs
>openly talk about sex with her and how it feels what she does, what I do, etc.
>eventually get curious and start listening through paper-thin walls
>start fapping to the sounds of her
>eventually they also break up
Bumping I guess
Had high hopes for this thread ;-;
>her and I are now both single and horny
>don't even remember who brought it up but we start talking about how often we masturbate and how we do it
>she tells me how she uses the showerhead
>she tells me how it feels great to have the wet, hot pressure of the shower on her clit
>I immediately get hard
>tell her I'm taking a shower
>she thinks it's hilarious
>I really want to see what all the hype is about
>she's still laughing
>get in shower, run shower on my cock
>alternate aiming it at my balls, shaft and head
>actually cum without fapping
>cum really loudly
>almost pass out
>turn shower off
>hear giggling through door
>"Anon! I thought you were joking! hahahah! Was it good?"
>"y...yeah... I can see why you take 40 minute showers"
>"yeah yeah you perv!"
>she walks off still laughing and I get dressed & play vidya for the rest of the night
>somehow this isn't awkward
I have seen tons of fake sex stories and fan is this one bad.
yeah this is just a gay anime thread without the anime

>the next time parents are out
>taking it easy, relaxing in my room
>femanon just walks in without knocking
>"anon.... I need your help"
>she takes me to her room
>turns her computer's monitor on
>"don't laugh or anything"
>there is like 40 pop-up windows of gay porn open
>mfw I have no face
>ask her what she was doing
>"I was researching anthropological research of the ancient maya, anon"
>sarcasm noted
>reboot computer
>somehow clean
>uninstall a bunch of toolbars while I'm at it
>decide to give her "the talk" about safe porn sites
>tell her about deleting her browser's history
>show her some of my usual sites
>even go as far as showing some of my favorite lesbian videos
>she's now behind me, leaning on my shoulder
>realize porn +sister
>try not to think about my Chinese cartoons and where this leads to
>I get hard anyways
>she thanks me
>she spins the chair around
>she tells me to now get out of her chair
>I don't say anything
>"get up anon" she's now leaning into me with a smirk on her face "I'd rather rub one out in peace"
>"...give me a second"
>"what why"
>I don't say anything
You realize nobody is even here anymore right? The fact that you didn't type it out beforehand means you're either retarded, or its going to end with le dinosaur meme.
people are lurking you retard. go to your trap thread where you belong
not even that guy

this story is really bad
this is 100% true senpai

>she looks down at me
>sees my throbbing cock pitching a tent in my sweatpants
>"hahaaaa no way, ex-bf would get hard at me just touching it but this is a first. Are you gonna cum in you pants if you move?"
>I'm partly embarrassed and part upset
>tell her to shut up since I was there to cover for her and let her bring her bf over and everything
>"yeah yeah thanks and all, but go take your boner out to your room okay?"
>don't like her attitude
>decide that I'm not moving
>tell her to make me get out
>she tries pushing and pulling me out
>she tries pinching me and kicking me
>still hard throughout all this, maybe even harder
>she's breathing heavily now
>"okay fine"
>puts on ass-thrusting gay porn
>I'm a little less hard now
>close it, she wrestles the mouse out of my hand
>I pull her away from the computer while sliding the chair
>she tries to wrestle me out of the chair
>I'm just sitting there holding her wrists
>I want her to apologize, and I let go of her wrists
>"okay...okay.... I'm so-"
>she punches me right in the dick
>missed my balls luckily
>I'm actually laughing at that and so is she
>"okay... seriously... get out... I'm really horny" she adds
>"so am I" I reply, (why would I say that)
>"uh-huh, well my room we're watching gay porn. like it or leave it"
>she turns on gay porn again and sits on her bed
>I turn around and stare at it for a second, think about turning it off but decide against it.
>get up, dick still hard as diamonds
>go to apologize to sister
>she has her hand in her pants
>"go! now!" she smirks and flips me off with her other hand "or stay, I don't care"
>I sit on the bed next to her
>"You don't mind?"
>she shrugs
>I pull my pants down
>pull dick out of boxers
>don't look at gay porn obviously, staring at sister the whole time
>she's only glancing at me occasionally
>start rubbing myself
>eventually she looks at me
>"yeah sure why not"
>she grabs my left hand and shove it in her pants and starts jerking me off with her right
>have an imouto
>she gets very lewd with me
>"I trust you so much anon"
Good feel

>had gf

Well ree, obviously.
>we're both giggling like dumb kids
>she's very good at whacking me off desu but I'm having a hard time rubbing her clit with my left hand
>eventually grab her tits with my right hand
>reluctant to just outright fuck her, but want more
>don't say anything
>get up, get in front of her
>she's grinning at me as if she knows what I'm going to do next
>lay her down and take her panties off
>beautiful pussy that hasn't been roastied yet
>put her legs over my shoulder
>eat that pussy like it's my last meal
>I'm down there for like 10 minutes
>eventually she makes this sound that was like a dying bird or something and almost pops my head right off by crushing it with her thighs
>stand back up
>she's still laying there, staring at the ceiling with a smile on her face
>I start jacking myself off again, feeling smug
bumping this, as I am a degenerate who gets off to probably fake incestuous encounters
I am pretty hard right now tbqg
>still whacking off to the sight of her having cummed her brains out, and still being spread out on the bed
>she looks up and laughs
>"did you not cum yet? hurry up"
>"hey, I went down on you"
>"yeah yeah...okay"
>she sits up
>looks up
>"one, not in my mouth and two, not on my hair"
>I nod
>without breaking eye contact, she plops it in her mouth
>my eyes roll in the back of my head
>I unwillingly go "oooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh"
>she giggles with my dick still her mouth which feels just way too good
>she starts to simultaneously stroking and sucking me
>swirling her tongue around like it's ice cream
>can't help but pull her head in
>she pulls back and goes "nn-nn"
>this goes on for a minute or two
>feel I'm gonna blow
>maybe I could cum in her mouth and be like "it was a prank bro"
>oh fuck
>I'm cumming
>I'm shaking all over, swinging my head left and right
>She punches me three times, it does nothing
>I start punching her, I irish whip her into the ropes and give her the big boot
>I run the ropes
>jump 10 feet into the air
>Atomic Leg Drop, new WWF Champion
>Pontiac Silverdome explodes with 80 000 screaming Hulkamaniacs
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Literally came as I laughed. Was totally worth it. Not a bad beat off sesh desu, got a great chuckle out of it 8/10 thanks
Came anyway
Anyone else have a sis that they wouldn't fuck but still find wincest kinda hot?
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I have performed oral and mutual masturbation with my sister. I miss it.
10/10 good story, funny ending, dont care if fake
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I'm in love with my dad, I've been ever since I was 14 and saw him railing my mom in the shower one random night.

I tried to seduce him one random weekend when my mom was out of town by dressing up as her and cooking a "romantic dinner". It didn't work.

I've been dealing with this shit for years. Fucked guys similar to him, it didn't work.
Went through a lesbian phase, it didn't work.
I tried with schlicking and r34, it wasn't enough.
I tried seducing him again last year, didn't work either.

I'm just gonna stop beating around the bush and tell him next time he comes visiting. Maybe he'll be into it and fuck my brains out, maybe he'll just hug me and ask me to get therapy.

Whatever, I need to get it off my chest and get some fucking closure.

He won't be into it and you need therapy.
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>smile and always say something like "make sure you cum first" and give her condor when she needs
why on good fucking earth would she need a condor to begin with
he does have a point it's really unrealistic, but that doesn't mean I won't rub one out while reading it though
Don't do it, its going to make shit unbearably uncomfortable for the rest of your life
what about your mom? you're going to ruin your relationship with both your parents.
fucking without a condor is dangerous anon
I don't want to fuck my sister and don't have an incest fetish but I keep watching incest porn because I love blackmail and it always comes paired with incest for some reason. It's starting to really weird me out.
She's a cunt, I hope she dies.
Actually, I hope I cuck her, steal dad away from her, and she lives out the rest of her life in loneliness.

I need to get it off my chest, closure and put all of this behind me. Or put dad's dick inside me, either works.
Are you hot?
>She's a cunt, I hope she dies.
Is this delusion because of your fucked up desires or would you say she's objectively a cunt
Why not try nibbling on his neck and rubbing his back and stuff?
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Wow, likes incest, is bi and a whacko? Have I atlast found my true love?

Can you greentext your lesbian experiences?
bumping for more wincest
I wonder where is that anon who said he would propose his sister who works in Japan.
wasn't that supposed to happen next month

i wonder if he'll come back. he promised he would.

Weird, I wonder what happened in your life to make you so strange.

Was you mom the disciplinarian? Was she needlessly mean to you and your dad protected you? Did she fail you once and so now you view your dad as the only good parent?

I mean even if he's super hot, it doesn't make sense to actually be in love with him.
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I was fucked by my dad like a hundred times anon. It ruined my life utterly.

Why are you attracted to your father? I want to understand your perspective
Oh really? I kinda forgot the deadline supposed to be. But last time checked in last year, he catches a good ring and planning to buy and show it to us.
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Just your average half-korean/half-white canadian girl, pretty average. I've been told by some neckbeards that I look like Cassandra Cain, but that's probably wishful thinking from them. I used to think I was DFC, but I've been told that Bcup doesn't count.

I hate her because she's always been a textbook tiger mom, while my dad was my sanctuary from her bullshit. She's a general bitch, it comes with the territory I guess, her parents never approved of my dad, she still went with him, got knocked up with me early and still managed to go to medschool and become a doctor, my dad supporting her every step of the way. She's tough as nails, I kinda admire her for that.

With my dad it's different, she just melts in his arms and turns into a literal obedient and submissive animu waifu. I fucking despise her, the doublefaced cunt.

He's an objectively handsome man, very attractive older man. Mom is extremely protective and possesive of him, I don't blame her, I've seen how other women look at him. An amazing dad on top of dad.

Been there, done that. I've always tried being subtle, you know? Ease him into it, some foreplay, start soft and let him assume control of the situation. Problem is that we've always been very very close, so the distinction between
>daddy, I love you
>daddy, I want yo
is lost on him.

Either that or he knows and has been playing dumb all along to spare my feelings.
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I'm half-white too (mother is puerto rican). And I pretty much hate my mom as well. You're alternate universe me with the situation reversed
>You're alternate universe me with the situation reversed
Tell us about you, I shouldn't be the only one talking about this

Oh okay, you have hapa syndrome
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>wanted to be a girl since I was 3
>secretly bought a dress when I was 11 and experimented with crossdressing
>dad walks in on me dressed like a girl
>doesn't get mad like I expect
>asks me about it later
>break into tears and tell him I wish I was born a girl
>he says it's ok for me to feel that way, happiest moment of my life
>few days later he comes home with girls clothes for me to wear
>feel even happier because I'm a naive child
>dad then starts telling me about men and womens roles in sex
>proceeds from there
>agonizingly painful because he's 6'4 and huge and I'm 11
>slowly realize that he's taking advantage of my desire to be a girl for his sexual desires
>bury realization because I desperately want to be validated
>he dresses me up and fucks me over the next few years
>he even tells me shit like how I'm older I can be his new wife
>he ends up killing himself when I'm 15 due to guilt
>if he hadn't I probably would have
Lost track of how many times I've posted this
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i wish i had something nice to say other than that i feel terrible for you.

Dang, that's sad
You never felt genuine happiness during that period?
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that's some seriously fucked up shit
I masturbated to that story. Feels good desu.
no wonder you are posting yume nikki
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Weird, usually when I post that people just say "kill yourself tranny" or "you deserved it"

I did sometimes. I feel guilty about it.

Yume Nikki is my favorite vidya
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I'm really sorry, for real.

I might be prying, but don't you ever wonder and think about the GOOD END? Like what if it had all worked out okay for everyone.
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I never got to talk to anyone about it. Whats your theory? Mine is that Madotsuki was raped, sensei tried to help her (or was the rapist?) and had a car crash and died, he locked herself on that apartment and after revisiting all of her life using her dreams decided to just die.

Pic not related.
File: 1406442541510.jpg (561 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think about that pretty much every moment of every day. Best end would be that he had accepted me as as a girl and not raped me and he helped me get on hormones and stuff and convince my mom not to reject me. I would have been ok him still using me like that if it meant he'd still be alive, I miss him so much.

I don't think there's any story, the game is supposed to bring out your emotions so that you project your own thoughts onto it. I don't think the director had any intent.
I don't know you, and you don't know me. But Jesus Christ, don't do this. It sounds like your Dad is perfectly content with his life. You doing this is going to permanently fuck up your family. There is no way in hell he is actually going to bone you. It sounds to me like you are deluding yourself into thinking that there's even a small chance that he will actually fully accept everything you're saying and play along. It's not going to happen.

Cut out the middle man and get help immediately. I'm %100 serious. Never tell your father or mother about this. It'll hurt, but you must do this if you want your family to survive. If you truly love your father on a more than carnal level, you would want him to be happy. Doing this could potentially ruin him. It's pretty likely, actually.

This isn't going to happen. Get counseling, therapy, anything. If anyone asks about it, just lie. Wake up and look around. Reality will not play along to your desires and wishes.
You need help you sound like a home wrecking whore except you're the daughter.
File: 1319881673283.png (1 MB, 1000x861) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x861
Also I don't mind the prying questions. Actually kind of cathartic to talk about it. Do you want me to leave a throwaway email? I wouldn't mind answering more questions about it
Sorry to somewhat derail your discussion. Been lurking and haven't had anything to contribute.

Thanks for posting my new phone wallpaper.
I'm trying to help you anon. At least take what I said into consideration. I don't think you fully understand what you are about to do. I know that I've never met you, but please. The kind of bullshit this will inevitably cause is something I wouldn't wish on anybody. This will be a bad thing.
File: 1436315457367.jpg (139 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go beyond that:
What if he wasn't using you, if he legit loved you and cared about you?
What if he had gone slow and made it so that you enjoyed it too?
What if he had really left your mom and made you his new wife?

Let's keep it here, it'll be fleeting and more special that way. Maybe we'll find each other again here, or in a different board and reconnect.

Oh relax you two. I made it my new year's resolution to tell him about it. He deserves to know and it's not like I'm gonna shove my tongue down his throat. I'm gonna sit him down and calmly lay it all out. He's always been my inconditional support, my shoulder to cry on, this should be no different.

Plus, if I'm going to therapy, he's the one who'll pay for it.
It's still probably going to fuck him up. Have you take this into consideration?
File: 1433427763268.jpg (70 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Maybe I didn't clarify that. He did love and cared about me, deeply. His sexual desires were just completely twisted into it. He also did go slow, at first. He didn't just jump into fucking me, he worked his way too it but after a while I don't think he could really stop himself. He had periods of going slow and going hard.

>What if he had really left your mom and made you his new wife?
I would have went with it like I did with all of his wishes
File: 1429575656267.jpg (29 KB, 353x136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go all the way, full daydreaming mode:

Describe the absolute best ending possible, from then till now. Tell me who you would be, how you would feel, tell me about your dad, tell me where you would live, tell me about last year's halloween, about christmas and new year. Tell me how you would have spent this lazy sunday, tell me what your dreams and goals would be in this scenario.
Tell me about your happiness.

He's been with me through thick and thin. When mom was being a borderline abussive cunt in my childhood, when I was having trouble making new friends, first time getting drunk, first time getting high, when I lost my V and regreted it, when I chose architecture over medschool to my mom's wrath, when I had that pregnancy scare, when I came out as a lesbian.

He's my rock, this won't break him. He's too good for that.
>when I came out as a lesbian
Why do women do this? You're clearly not a lesbian, and yet you say you are. Was it "just a phase"? Seriously, what the fuck?
It's the attention whore sexual identity.
Well alright then, don't let your dreams be memes.
>inb4 he agrees and your mother catches you
>inb4 she kills your ass

>first time getting drunk, first time getting high
How was he there for that did you get drunk and high w/ him? You sound kind of like the chick who was cockteasing her beta brother.
File: 1391976633002.jpg (1 MB, 1123x1499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1123x1499
I'm not sure how to answer that. I'm still unsure if I loved him back the way he loved me. How do you not feel guilty about the way you feel towards your dad? I don't think I can imagine a best possible ending because I don't know how I would have had a marriage to him without feeling horrible about it.

>that feel when he was the only person to make me feel like a girl (in more ways than one) and make me feel like it was ok for me to be a girl
File: 1429583304613.jpg (53 KB, 1218x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 1218x514
Give it a try, daydream, fantasize, imagine the world as you want it to be. Imagine a alternate reality in which you are happy and satisfied and content.

I do it all the time, helps keep me sane.

>How do you not feel guilty about the way you feel towards your dad?
For one, he really is dreamy and any girl that would know him the way I know him would feel the same way.
For two, I haven't actually done anything, just spill my spaghetting a few times.
For three, my mom really is a cunt, taking her down a peg would be amazing.

Total honesty policy, I could literally tell him anything. I let him know when I was gonna do those first times, he gave me some protips, and was waiting for me at home to check up on me to see how I did and how I was.

Fun-fact: They never could concieve after me, mom blames me for that.
eat your vitamins*
>Total honesty policy
Other chick said she was completely honest with her dad too, I feel like both of your stories are fabricated by the same person but it's just a small hunch.

I'm going to leave this thread open to collect more of the rican trap story. Keep us updated as you experience or fabricate more of your dad lust story, might as well namefag or trip too.
What other chick?
File: 1342231148922.jpg (221 KB, 600x886) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221 KB, 600x886
>For one, he really is dreamy and any girl that would know him the way I know him would feel the same way.
My dad was attractive yeah.... He was in special forces and had a muscular physique and a good face. If we were not related and were the same age maybe I wouldnt have a problem being with him

What do you want to know?
how old are you? it sounds like you've created this fantasy in your head about how amazing it'd be to be with your dad without really understanding the reality of what it would be like

>For three, my mom really is a cunt, taking her down a peg would be amazing.

i can't imagine how much you hate your mom in order to want to do this to her
File: 1435118694291.jpg (26 KB, 206x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 206x240
Come on, girlfriend.
Entertain me.
Tell me about your happiness, about your ideal world.

I'll be 24 next month
File: 1399068600737.jpg (2 MB, 1221x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1221x1500
Would you mind posting yours first? I think I could answer that better with an example

>I'll be 24 next month
I'm 24 actually, if you were curious
I didn't come here for feels.

Sorry anon
File: 1439358871645.jpg (113 KB, 867x1227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 867x1227
Ideal scenario?

The first time I tried to seduce him(me being 16) he takes the hint and goes for it, magical beautiful night, the whole nine yards, for the entire weekend. We decide to keep it going in secret behind my mother's back, this goes on for years, through my highschool, and the apartment I live in now for college would be our love nest. Mom doesn't suspect a thing.

Slowly but surely I steal both his cock and his heart away from my mom, she's old and busted, I'm the new hotness, she's the old sorrow, I'm the bright future. He's been making preparations. When I graduate college he lets her know he's leaving her, no explanation given, he just doesn't love her anymore, he cashes out and goes to the US, I follow him.

We settle down in a small and quaint beach town, start a small business together, live as husband and wife. No kids, maybe a dog, we'd travel a lot through the years. He's 24 years older than me, I'd stay with him till he grows old and frail, I wouls stay by his side, taking care of him the same way he has always been there for me, be his nurse till he's gone.

Live out the rest of my days as a kooky widow, absolutely no regrets.
With my mom for awhile, yeah. Single child so no siblings unfortunately.
I'm a bit of a father-like dude and I fap to daughter-dad. Just came here to say that was beautiful.
One time I had sex with a family member. I can tell you about it but you have to feed me (you)'s and compliment my creative writing.
File: 1368098020159.jpg (438 KB, 554x783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
438 KB, 554x783
I guess mine would be

>dad buys me cute clothes like he did
>doesn't make a move on me when I'm 11
>helps me start hormones as an early teenager
>tell me mom to fuck off with her shit
>take me out while I'm dressed as a girl and help me go fulltime
>wait until i'm older to reveal his sexual feelings for me and take it slow
>continue to love and support me the rest of my life, and be happy himself

Sorry for giving you feels anon
I was in love with my cousin for like 10 years, she is this really shy nerdy girl who I have known since we were kids. To be honest, most of my other cousins thought we were already fucking and were disgusted with me, even though it never happened.

I was torn because if it looked that way to them I often wondered if she actually did feel that way about me. I spent a good 3 years lamenting over this and actually joined a website for people who wanted to get with their cousins. (Apparently thats a thing) and read a whole bunch of stories of people that made it and were happy. I finally worked up the courage to tell her and she totally shut me down, and then she was so shaken up she didnt speak to me for like 2 years. I made the mistake of telling my mom what had happened and she took it pretty hard. She was really disappointed in me and actually blamed herself and said it was her fault for sheltering me from the world for so long that I grew an abnormal attraction to my own family.

Fast forward to one holiday night she emails me if I was going over to to the get together and how she wanted to speak to me. I go over curious as to what she wanted to talk to me about but when we met she just talked to me about anime and games and shit. She NEVER brought it up again and hasnt still to this day. My mom did NOT trust me to be with her alone and always would call me or question me fiercely about it anytime I got home late. Eventually she realized that there will never be anything between us and she just dropped it.

For a while I stayed a frequent poster in that website that gave me courage to confess and I caution the posters there that not every confession is a happy ending.

My cousin gave me so many mixed signal growing up I honestly thought she was into me. Sorry its not a hot story or anything but Im not here cause things worked out for me ya know.
>spent summer kissing twin sister and cousin when I was 12.
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I'm sorry it couldn't be that way, you deserve happiness.
I hope you can still find it, my friend.
I gotta go to bed, I'll miss you, I'll see you again.
Wanted to fuck my sister for most of my teenage years

Sometimes I would think she was flirting with me but in retrospect it was just wishful thinking

One day I straight up asked her if she wanted to have sex

She gave me a "what the fuck" look that I'll never forget, I more or less said "it's a prank bro" and got the fuck out of there, neither of us have spoken of this since
Also I could barely look her in the eye for a couple years after

Our relationship is fine now but I know the memory is still there in the back of her head.
>people seriously replying to this whore that thinks she's special in anyway whatsoever
End yourselves.
>Not knowing that this place is full of thirsty betas

But she is at least on topic. I honeslty thought there would be more incest discussion tho
Not when the betas arrive after someone says they have roastbeef flaps. Then the thread revolves around them. They're all essentially shitposters.
is liz vicious still around?
Her website redirects to some gun site.
Sometimes it's fun to think about what kind of life the porn stars of back then are leading.
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>tfw I had a bossy cousin who always ordered me around
>tfw I was even more beta as a kid so did everything she said
>tfw the first thing she does when she first sees porn is try out sex with me
>tfw two 5 year olds having sex under a table
Still seems so surreal thinking about it now.
>tfw two 5 year olds having sex under a table

does that even work?
I mean we didn't actually get to penetration, but she sucked me off and I ate out her ass and pussy. Cable porn was much better back then.
i assume this is something you never acknowledged as teens or adults
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Hopefully this greentext lasts forever. I don't want to go back to my pathetic life.
Yeah, I brought it up a few times when I was younger just to make sure I wasn't crazy and she confirmed it, but never spoke about it again. It's really weird how clearly I remember it beibg as young as I was.
are you >>25828243

if so, what does your sister do?

also, please post non lewd things bout your sister. i don't really have a relationship with any of mine and i would have liked to.
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