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What brought you here /r9k/?
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What event aspect of your life caused you to end up on /r9k/?
or how did you loose that special person /r9k/?

>be 14 year old me (20 now)
>girl called Sophie, a friend of a friend starts talking to me, shes a year younger, and shes just lost her mum
>she said she started talking because she wanted to take her mind off of things
>i help her for about 2 years to deal with the death of her mum and the constyant moving around of her family.
>i helped her with stealing habits and taking pills and shit to try and get her on the straight
>fast forward a few years (both of us 16), by this time id helped her through the dearth of her mum, the pregnancy of her sister, the disownment and abuse from her family, stealing, sex addiction, drugs. worst of all i helped her get her life back together when she was raped and stopped her committing suicide multiple times.
>when 17 i went to Berlin with the school for our A-levels, i text her and got no reply, i assumed that she was busy
>get back still no reply
>few weeks pass and still no reply, until i get a message from her uncle saying that she's gone off the rails, taking hard drugs, stealing, assaulting randomers in the street and it had turned out that she had been selling porn of herself to guys at her school and other people and was dangerously addicted to sex.
>i spent 6months with her auntie and uncle trying to get her straight
>when she was finally settled down we started speaking properly again
>i woke up to a message " thanks for almost 5 years of help and time, i dont need you anymore, you have served your worth"
>that shit sent me into a spiral of depression and a long time of hating women which ive only just started top get out of.

What brought you here /r9/?
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I've been posting here on and off since the day the board was introduced in '08

Not everyone who uses this board is a self-hating insufferable crying baby. It's just a board where people talk about whatever the fuck they want to talk about(before mods started deleting threads they didn't like about a year ago). I don't come here to bitch, I come here for the interesting shit that gets posted occasionally, and to bug people who think their life is over because they haven't gotten their penis touched.

It's just the most interesting open content board here. Well, not as open anymore now that mods actually delete threads and ban people, that was never really a thing until recently on most boards, unless someone was breaking federal law.
>be 17
>research these funny things that nobody seems to know about, called memes
>track them back to this site
>"hmm, this site is too hardcore for me, better find a tame board that shows promise in the creation of memes"
>land on the gentleman's board, the world famous /r9k/
>become a summerfag

That was 5 years ago. My senses were right, this place indeed produced great memes.
Also it destroyed my life in the process.
god damm it i wanna lick her legs man
>Be me
holy shit I made that shop like 4 years ago LOL
Did you tell her you won't come to the funeral after they find her beaten to death by a john with a needle hanging out of her arm in a seedy motel. That's what I would have said.
im numb anon, towards her, and most other things
tyhat wasnt the sole reason but many others too
Actually I came here because /b/ and /adv/ kept telling people to go to /r9k/ because they're losers. So I wondered what /r9k/ was and checked it out. It's truly for losers, so I fit here.

As to why I'm a loser? Bullied, psycho mom, beta dad, "mood swings", all that shit.
Someone I met from /v/ told me I belong here.
I was just going to take a look, but I ended up coming back to see what's happening and not leaving.

I have to say that despite not being a true robot to many here, everyone has always been nice and even encouraging when I do post. There are some real fucking crazies on this board, but there are actual kind people a well.
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its an almost community
>20 years old
>got bullied through middle school and high school
>short but not ugly, around average
>got dumped by a girl who was at one time my best friend this Christmas
>lost qt and one of my last Normie friends

I've been spending all day on 4chan drunk since then.
I've been bitching about women being sluts here for the past year. If I get a qt virgin gf I'll probably stop coming here.
I went to my high school prom alone and it finally dawned on me just how much of a loser I was for being a lonely kissless virgin. I excused myself several times to sit alone and cry -- that's how fucking pathetic I was (still am pretty pathetic). Went off to college later that year and decided not to jerk off for whatever stupid reason. So I'm a kissless virgin who's not jerking off who is performing poorly in college and who has just discovered 4chan. Months later, /r9k/ opened up.

In my sophomore year, I spent pretty much all day on /r9k/. My roommate would bring his girlfriend over and then go off to work as she stayed in the room playing on her laptop and I'd be too nervous to do anything, so I'd just browse /r9k/ or read manga. Couldn't even play video games as occasionally I'd sperg out in anger and I couldn't let that happen.

Anyways, I've been on and off /r9k/ ever since.
I came to /r9k/ during drunken shitposting. I spent one night on this board and became trapped. That was over 3 years ago; I haven't missed a day since.
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>Want to learn more about women
>Hear that r9k is the place to go
>Go here
>Read all the stories, experiments and articles I can find
>mfw I've been enlightened about the cruel truths
The day I found out I have PE destroyed me and now I am here with you guys, and I dont mind it.
The worst thing is that I am not half bad from the neck up
PE anon?
Anyone else have no idea how they got here?
Got angry with /pol/, started browsing r9k and there was hilarious frog posting - possibly a few months before poo poo pee pee, never left since.
That's the exact opposite of what I said.
deal with it desu
found out about /b/ as a teenager
came here because random topic posting and most threads interest me also less underaged kids
also i feel better about myself knowing people my age are struggling with growing up too
I'm a late bloomer normie, just browse this place because it makes me feel better
I've been here since late 2009, early 2010
I don't remember how I came here. Unlike some people, I've always been an autistic loser. The only thing that changed since I came to 4chan is that I've lost a ton of weight.
Im not exactly a chad myslef, but browsing this place like 20min always makes me feel better about myself.
twice cheated on by the same long distance relationship girl 2 years apart and parents announcing a divorce at the same time

but im better now, got a gf and started my studies again
I went to the gym one day after freshman year of college. I didn't have a car so I had to walk. The guy Manning the desk wouldn't let me in because he said I was too old to hold the membership card that I had, and he kicked me out knowing that there was a gang of guys outside waiting to jump me. They beat me up and fractured my eye socket. I couldn't work out for a month so I just sat in my room posting to 4chan and listening to Saxon Shore, until school in the area finally let out and I could start my job at a local summer camp.
deeze stories man
I was here before r9k was even a board on 4chan, it was once deleted and went to another site which we cannot mention, I went with it, then it was revitalised on 4chan along with /pol/

that other board we cannot mention lost a lot of its numbers slowly but surely to /pol/ and the 'new' /r9k/

I came back here after a few years, just to lurk occasionally. It's pretty much reddit these days, the old r9k was a lot less bitter
I just felt lonely. I don't even post here I just like reading about other people.

I have friends but I'm never their first choice if you know what I mean. I get invites to go out if everyone is out but I know they hang out together more often.

I know they don't dislike me because they wouldn't ask me to go out at all if that were the case. I just feel like a side-character in my own life.
>I have friends but I'm never their first choice if you know what I mean. I get invites to go out if everyone is out but I know they hang out together more often.
>I know they don't dislike me because they wouldn't ask me to go out at all if that were the case. I just feel like a side-character in my own life.
Shit, iktfb
I don't think they meet up without me much, and it'll only be a couple of them, but I still don't think they realise how much more I would appreciate an invite than they would, given that I don't have a gf/bf or other friends to spend my time with instead.
>be me
>be 14
>first year of high school
>had a great time in middle school and had a bunch of friends from there(no grills)
>slowly get socially isolated in school to the point of no return
>one of my friends meets emo grill in bus and they become friends(none of us have ever had gf before)
>another guy from our group gets the grill to be his gf
>the slow falling apart of my group of friends due to the bitch(which I ended up slowly turning into a bitter social wreck too,and still am friends with) makes me drop all respect I had for women
>sink into the spiral structure of the incel community like a ruderless ark
>get involved with 4chan culture after reading some ED and becoming addicted to the sarcasm of the wiki
>try to lurk /b/
>hear there`s a board for angry virgins like me
>go there
>pretend I`m older than I am for four years
>do nothing to improve my social standing as I draw away from society and replace gf with eventual cuddles from female friend and gunpla
Holy shit me too. I'm always afraid my friend is hanging with his brother and brother's gf without me. I know for a fact him and the guy who introduced us hang out more than I hang out with either of them now. It hurts more since I lost almost all my friends when my ex left me.
I'm an addict, I would never say anything like that, UNLESS I was really far fucking gone like an advanced stage of anti-social drug seeking behavior AND I didn't think I could get anything else from you (or I thought there was a tiny chance you would if I broke you enough).

Take heart, she is a shark with dead eyes, and she knew you were strong and righteous enough to not enable her. She has no need or want for that kind of person, and good riddance for you.
did you at least dip it?
or get blown?
pls reply anon
you sound like a bro
would hang out
im not a faggot
I'm an entry level hikikomori who came here for feel threads to feel comfy. Ended up staying. Sometimes it's what helps me get through the day without feeling absolutely miserable, so thanks.
To be honest, my entire life. I'm on my early 30's, just started my law degree and all I expect of life for the next 20 years is more modern games, new animes, mangas and things.

All I need is make money enough to survive after end college, nothing else matter, all I need is money to survive on this world and love is just a social construct to me.
>high functioning autist
im literally genetically designed for this board
nuff said
I know the feel.
stack up riches, and fuck em bitches.
I'm tired of fucking talking about her, I'm tired of my OCD making me obsess over memories of her. I wish I could just forget, forget it all and forget how cruel life can be.

I was cucked by my location, thousands of miles away from the only person that ever really loved me. I loved everything about her, every scar on her chubby thighs, until some cunt came along and started hitting on her just because he could, touching her and saying how he loved her scars. The night we broke up because she didn't want to turn down the opportunity and I was so in love I partially didn't want to hold her back was the most I've ever cried in my life. Recently I've been working out to the fantasy of beating him to death.
People on youtube told me that r9k is the best place for green text stories
I found this place by chance. I stayed because I can genuinely relate to most of you faggots
good for your weight lost you can be an autistic loser but at least you arent a complete disgusting and obese autistic loser. Keep going desu !
>side-character in my own life

holy shit im sorry anon hope it gets better
you know deep inside that it wasnt the guys fault, she was the one that wanted to get away from you into his arms. Learn to let it go and start loving yourself
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