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My parents kicked me out, r9k. I'm currently...
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My parents kicked me out, r9k. I'm currently posting from outsider their flat, but the phone battery is going to die soon. Then I'll be alone in the world with no friends, no family, no place to go, no money, no skills to do any jobs, nothing. I can't even suicide without doing some messy stuff like jumping under a train, I can't even buy a razor blade to cut my veins.
Stop lying, you son of a pepe.
Hobo reporting in. How goes it brethren? Go plug in at a coffee shop and let's have a chat. First time out? Want some pointers?
Just get a job, a girlfriend and a flat. Everything can be done in a day. It's that easy.

But you chose to not even try and wish that your parents take pity in you and let you back in. You should feel ashamed of yourself.
What country are you in? original original
I certainly want pointers
>teach me o wise senpai
You didnt mention if u had a car or not. Not even some beater u used to get around? If you want to suicide, that is the method. Trying to jump off a bridge or building is too scary and you will chicken out at the last moment. But getting up to 100mph and running into a cement divider or tree will do the trick (no seat belt of course). Me in particular know of a perfect overpass which curves and is about 200 feet up in the air, that would be my suicide point of choice if it ever came to that. Would get up to at least 100 or more mph, then aim at the low cement wall on the outer edge of the turn, smash through or flip over it (whichever happens) and fall 200 feet to my fiery death. At least it will look cool.

Ah yes, another fine example of the glorious NEET lifestyle.

remember NEETcucks, next time you make a thread about how awesome you are. your parents can cut you off at ANY time. ask OP. He'll tell you.

ticky tocky, NEETie-bear. ANY time,
>Just get a job, a girlfriend and a flat.

Top kek. Yeah I don't think he's a Chad so that's out of the question.
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Calm down there Wagecuck ;)

You dont have enough free time to be angry
Just sit outside and slowly starve to death, they'll take you back in quick enough.
I live in a welfare state

>be (You)
>fat fuck
>pizza face
>screaming at mommy for more tendies and not to microwave them again
>Mommy Mommy
>Put some Hot sauce and ketchup on my special plate mommy
>Mommy Mommy bring paper towels
>I dont want to get my gaming mouse and keyboard greasy
>Mommy Mommy I need more goodboypoints
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I'm going to ask you a straight forward question, in full honesty.
How do you actually live with yourself? Knowing that your parents despise you a little bit more with each day. Knowing that they expected you to be something great. Someone who leaves the house on Fridays, fuck, someone who just leaves the house regularly. Someone who doesn't believe he's superior to normal, average members of society because he doesn't work or have his own home or any achievements to date. But what's worst is how you lie. Lying on the internet. why? we all know you are a virgin. You are here posting frogs on a japanese image board on a Friday night, so quit pretending you are a non virgin. And how do you even work out? With your pathetic government paychck? Mummy or daddy's money? And if you eat shit like subway then no way are you in shape. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you don't even have the attention span of three hours, so why do you even pretend to "study" greek philosophy or classical music. Looking at wikipedia for a few minutes is not "studying".
If you are doing this to somehow feel justified in your NEET lifestyle then stop. All this delusional lying to yourself is not helping you. Just accept that you are a NEET and most other people are people with jobs. You will be far happier then.
>inb4 butthurt wagie or some other argument dodging ad hominem argument


goes the clock
mommy found your cumsock
you have the survival skills of a sack of rocks
it's just a matter of time before she changes the lock

out there on the street
it doesn't pay to be NEET
anime is fucking garbage and you're probably going to die

If we're speaking frankly, and I believe that we are, I have to say I'm a little offended by your supposition, and by your assumptions regarding who I am as a person.

In fact, you know what, let me talk to your manager, wagie.
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 3
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