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so fucking alone
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so fucking alone
It's the worst feel, huh anon?

Physical pain is easier to bear.
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Not him, but there is a good chance if you're extremely lonely, you'll also be in physical pain. I know I am. Even accounting for the fact that the lonely are much more likely to engage in self destructive and unhealthy behaviors, loneliness and social isolation on their own are up there with smoking and obesity. Being lonely literally kills you.

Check this out: http://www.ahsw.org.uk/userfiles/Research/Perspectives%20on%20Psychological%20Science-2015-Holt-Lunstad-227-37.pdf

>Substantial evidence now indicates that individuals lacking
social connections (both objective and subjective social
isolation) are at risk for premature mortality. The risk asso
ciated with social isolation and loneliness is comparable
with well-established risk factors for mortality, including
those identified by the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services (physical activity, obesity, substance
abuse, responsible sexual behavior, mental health, injury
and violence, environmental quality, immunization, and
access to health care; see www.hhs.gov/safety/index)
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thanks man, feeling better
I've always lived in this sort of "Isolated suburbia" my house is in a suburban neighborhood but there was never anyone to hang out with my age and at school no one became my friend because i had no friends. Now senior year is the same as the rest except the couple friends I only see at school. I don't want to fall in to infinite loneliness
>leave my room
>go to kitchen
>being away from my computer for even a minute made me realize just how alone I am
>struck down with incredibly powerful feeling of loneliness
>leave the kitchen and return to my room to drown the feeling out with videogames

I envy normies that can call their friends when they feel this way.
Well, if you're even more interested, you should check out the Whitehall studies.


Basically, people (men, actually) in low status jobs, had 3x higher mortality rates compared to those is higher status positions. Even when controlling for the factors like smoking being overweight and engaging in unhealthy lifestyles, they still had a 2.1x high mortality rate.

So, if you're like me, a robot with no friends working some shitty wageslave job, you're probably at a pretty high risk of death.
spine - grow one
t. normie who has never experience actual loneliness.
I know that feel, senpai. I experience it every day after work.

>leave work
>ride bus, still surrounded by people
>get off bus and start walking towards my home
>pass through a really crowded part of town
>as i reach the end, less and less people
>finally go through a dark alley to get to my house
>go inside
>completely dark and empty
>loneliness sets in hard, especially as the sun starts going down
>sometimes feel like going out
>realize i have no friends to invite anywhere or be invited anywhere
>go outside alone
>nothing to do but sit on benches at parks and walk around
>sometimes i'll explore abandoned stuff, or go through construction sites
Usually if i'm at home i'll either play guitar or piano to kill the feels, but just as often I drink heavily and browse the internet all night. My liver has begun hurting recently.
Bump. Is there no lonely people left on /r9k/?
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>Tfw Combination of Loneliness and sexual frustration is driving me mad
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tried no fap and my life was just as shitty
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don't worry the sexual frustration goes away in your early thirties

the loneliness is next to go

then you are cured, you feel nothing at all

I'm never doing nofap again. What a waste of a few weeks.

tfw you see Tits and Ass on the frontpage of EVERY
tfw your desires are dangled in front of you every day and you'll never get even close to them

>Oh, you're starving? Here's some delicious steak, chicken, ice cream and pizza! mmmmm!! so good! let me eat it in front of you
Just mastubate less, like... One time per 10 days, I do this and it's pretty good.
thats what Ive reverted to doing. hopefully one day Ill just stop alltogether.
If i do it too much my voice gets higher pitched and Im not as social. kinda weird tbhfam
I usually cum more and enjoy more when I do it. Also... Better concentration and erections.

the hard thing is I had friends. when i was a kid i was fairly isolated probably since 2nd - 7th grade. i found some friends in 8th grade and my life was great compared to how i was living. I was happy. when high school came around i again had 0 friends and the anxiety grew ten-fold. i was the weirdo who wouldn't talk because i was scared of what people would think. i felt like everyone hated me and just wanted my old friends back. i grew up between white-trash and the ghetto and i never fit in at school. my grades dropped to not even passing and i adopted a nihilistic view on life and stopped trying. im in uni now and still miss my old friends back in 8th grade.

tl;dr: failed normie feels
You have to concentrate on the focus to that. Really.
meant to reply to the OP
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I love being alone. Finally moved out to my own place, nobody to bother me but me. No nagging GF (who's fucking niggers behind my back) or shitbag parents, no annoying brothers, just silence. Love sitting outside and watching cars go by.

Being alone is the best feeling in the world. You don't have anybody to worry about but you.
>tfw i have no future.
>tfw i have no ambition.
>tfw i have nothing but thoughts.


reminds me of my situation, had normie friends for a summer break during high school. since they were my first 'real' friends (actually did things with them) i was really happy, but at the same time insanely paranoid about whether they were actually my friends, or if they were using me in some way.

in short, i sperged out and cut it off. haven't had any friends outside of a school ever since.

thinking about it, i wonder if they actually did see me as important as i saw them, or if they just saw me as a retarded burden. meh.
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