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invited: NEET's
not invited: normalfags
I'm NEET but trying to get a job after 4 months of doing nothing.
22 year old neet, 4 years of it
looking for people to play vidya with and stuff, ask for email or skype if you want
What are my NEET brothers up to?

Been shitposting on /int/ for around 6 hours today. Done literally nothing so far.
NEET is not enrolled in education or training

I've been sitting at home for 4 months which means I've been NEET

But I don't want to be so I need to find a way out. I quit my last job after me car was obliterated by an uninsured nigger in a minivan.
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>Not in employment education or training
>somehow has a time limit

9 months strong here, getting pretty sick of it now desu but still gonna troll the wagecucks
That's not going to work, normies are fucktarded at following directions.
>Go into sex slave thread
>Someone starts rping as one
>All the fucking leddites start sticking out like sore thumbs when they start going on about how sex slaves are bad, they feel bad for the rper, "hey, tell us more info so that we can help you!", and then getting mad at the one guy who was getting off to the what the rper was saying. Just holy christ I didn't realize how bad /r9k/ has been infiltrated until then.
I gotta get pills for agoraphobia too. I swear I do, I can barely stomach going outside at all. Now I'm being told stuff about how I need to be calling recruiters to hound them about my applications and the whole thing is just terrifying.

My mom calls me and basically just tells me she's concerned and that "life will keep going on whether you do something or you don't" but I don't think she realizes that it just makes me feel bad and doesn't help.
who here comfy neet?
i just had chinese while watching kill bill on netflix in bed.
im going to play my mmos now
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20 years old, 7 years NEET
Haven't left the apartment since 2012

I am no longer a human being
NEET and proud.
Try to get a job. It's the only out anon.
>tfw been NEET for so long that I literally don't know what it's like not being one
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How can I get a job?

I'm 22 and have never had any significant employment, so I have no idea what to put under previous experience

Thant or ask your mother/father if they know someone who can help you. It's practically impossible to get a job if you don't have an 'in'.
is there anything more normie than being neet?
Trips of good luck. Just make it up and have a family friend vouch for you.
>get so worried about my future that my stomach hurts
>get so nervous that my hands sweat and I get dizzy
>my vision is cloudy and I feel like I'm partially drunk

This isn't normal, right?
>have had the experience of being both a NEET and a wagecuck

Wagies are lying when they say it's better. NEET is superior; the problem is it can't last as long.
i feel ya anon this happens to me alot, you arent alone
Apply for fast food jobs for part time and use that as a stepping stone to something better. They hire actual retarded people, so if you put out enough applications you can easily get hired there to do fries.

I have a friend who started off doing fast food work, quit that to clean at a truck stop, left that for factory work, and now works at a different factory doing mill work for something like 14 dollars an hour.

If they ask you if you have previous work experience you can bullshit about cleaning out garages or tearing down a deck or something like that, it's better than acting like you've never done any work in your life.

Honestly it does come down to a lot of luck in getting a job, but if you try enough you'll find something. They'd rather hire you than a teenager because less liability.
Why the fuck would I get a job? I can't leave the house. I'm terrified of humans. Cannot speak to humans, cannot hold eye contact, cannot be in their presence. I am never ever going to be a normal human being.
Sometimes I get really depressed and kind of get cabin fever as a NEET but I didn't have a social life as a wageslave so this is infinitely better.

I think normies say wageslaving is better because their friends will abandon them if they don't have a job and money.
Meh I'm neet, have aspergers and am totally nihilist as fuck

Things that work: drugs, steroids, no fap, paleo diet(gluten is the devil)

Yeah can't recommend testosterone and nofap enough makes you feel like an ubermensch

Add some dexedrine to the party and you'll want to invade Poland, learn to cycle it and your personality will change over time for the better, supraphysiological testosterone makes you feel awesome, not just about building muscle

Chemistry is what makes you happy, stop believing in the outside world, form is a lie
>Chemistry is what makes you happy, stop believing in the outside world

I'm glad somebody agrees with me on this

like your mood determines how you respond to things, the things don't determine your mood
>all these beginners
6 years
>Neet thread
>everyone bitches about loneliness and shitposting

Totes, free will is an illusion. Your state determines everything. Self is a lie its all biology and environment

You want to change your self? Change your biology and your environment

That's the only way to actually "change" you can't think yourself into being another person, chemistry will always run the show. The cool popular guy didn't "think" his way into being cool and popular

Also everything runs on novelty, eventually every state becomes boring and becomes the new normal, stop worrying and let go of your petty desires. Striving gets you nowhere, there is no happiness, just different temporary states of being
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