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>one chance at life
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>one chance at life
>born poor
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I know the feel here

>living in no income, live with mom, her and i both jobless
>live in dump of a trailer, surrounded by white trash. cats crawl up our fucking heater vents and ruin them. the floor is falling though and so is the ceiling.
>cant go to college because no transport to get there, cant afford books. etc etc
>no jobs anywhere in town, live in super rural area.
>no car to get to city, because no money

Funny thing is everyone thinks you are trash and looks down on you like you are ghetto and its your fault if you are poor. I was actually born into affluency.and we had like 150k a year in the late 90s.. but when i was old enough to start going to school we lost everything with the divorce, dad actually took everything. didnt do anything to help us. cucked my mom hard. and we have been in the same fucking shithole for 16 years now..

you are rigged to be poor... if you are poor the system will keep you that way. it is easy to go from rich to poor. or even rich to more rich.

But once you hit poverty. its like having weights attached to you that makes things 1000x harder

for example
>20 and still doesnt have drivers license or car
>drivers test is 70 dollars
>dont have 70 dollars, neither does mom
>after 70 dollars you must provide your own street legal up to code vehicle
>only ride we have is a dented buick with a cracked windsheild and a missing rear view mirror
>cant take that to drivers ed because its not legal

How do i escape poverty?

and no they dont just hand out welfare. in fact i am very against it and so is my mom.

she had 2 strokes, has chronic backpain, and migraines and is almost 50 with little school. and refuses to get on social security disability even though she is one of the few that actually need it.

>tfw moocher white trash hambones can get benifits but the people that actually fucking need it are put on waiting lists for fucking years..
ugh this is too much for me
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kill me pls.jpg
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>one chance at life
>born Brazilian
Just kill me already
I feel you breh.

Honestly the only way out of it might be crime. Like not like physically hurting other people and fucking shit up crime.

My parents and I used to be super poor, living in trailers, cockroach infested motels, etc. They both have crippling disabilities and can't work.

Now we are still poor but doing decently because they sell their prescription medication for shit tons of money and also sell marijuana on the side. We're not dirt poor and can afford decent shit and not get kicked out of our place every couple months because of illegal activities.

You might just have to start driving your shit car illegally until you can get a decent job or something to afford better stuff. only problem would be the tabs.
The system is rigged so fuck em. i don't care what happens to rich people. they will never know what its like to struggle just to get basic shit you need to survive.

Jeez I'm sorry man

You should really try and get on disability yourself though, if you cant' find a job.

think about selling your mum's meds as well.

I mean, the game is so fucking rigged already. You need to do what you need to do to get yourself on the path to a decent life
>one chance at life
>born poor and a nigger and unattractive and socially awkward

I really wasn't meant to win at life.
>if you are poor the system will keep you that way
This is true. People aren't lying when they say "you need money to make money."
I read your post, and as a NEET on benefits for a faked disability, I laugh at you.
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Good thing people like you will die off when Trump cuts off your gibsmedat.
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>one chance at life
>implying he will be elected
>implying he will actually do anything once president
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>one chance at life
>born ugly
>born black
>born introverted

I mean I can't imagine it any other way! Life as an actual functioning non subhuman must be a surreal experience

It's just so typical
>parents have high income
>for some reason we live poor as fuck
>our house is broken down the ceiling leaks there's water damage everywhere we don't have actual flooring and the carpets are all ripped up rags
>all the windows are fucked and wooden and sealed shut so you can't open them
>the walls are so thin you can hear everything inside and outside perfectly
>can hear every noise in the house
>one time my phone got a notification in the room above me and it was so loud j started searching my pockets
>23 and no apartment or job or car
>still live in my shit hometown and I wanted to be a big city by 22 or 23
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>yfw key demographics this election are NASCAR dads and Walmart moms
>yfw trump is very popular with both to the point of white supremacists robocalling in support of trump
>yfw your income is standing in the way of all the legislation he wants to pass for making himself more wealthy after presidency

Enjoy your neetbux while you can, sperglord.
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Aw shieet fuck my eyes I read that born porn
You have access to the internet, but not books? huh
>daddy bought me an apartment a year ago
>own a pc, an ac and a comfy gaming chair
>get 2 weekly drawing classes and 3 weekly coding classes right here, don't have to move an inch
>I'm getting a 3d course and a new laptop this year
>plus a birthday present that I honestly have no idea what to ask
>I pretty much have everything a neet could possibly want
>but I'm still lonely tho
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Thread images: 8
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