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>QT gril asks you this
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>QT gril asks you this
>What do?
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I'm at the point where I willingly and publicly admit to being a virgin who gets no women
I just don't care anymore
Idk depends, are you a virgin?
A girl asked me once

I just told her I was single, simple as that
I tell her no and wait for her to say something back
it sounds like you had to go through a lot to reach this point. why would you care?
I don't think any other answer besides this one is actually applicable in real life.
I'd say nothing walk away before she continues to make fun of me.
I tell her to get out of my face and that my loyalty will remain with Yui until the bitter end.
I have nothing to add but still felt the need to post because I am just that kind of faggot.
Check out this pleb. Iroha is a queen.
Lie to her and say yes, this instantly makes her want you more.
Iroha or death.
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>Last year
>Chilling in Calculus
>Some girl and her guy friend are glancing over at me
>Guy looks over
>Hey anon, you single.
>Uh... Yeah?
>Fast forward to end of class
>Girl walks up to me
>Anon do you understand the homework?
>Uh yeah. For the most part.
>Do you think you could help me?
>I know what's going on. Even an autist like me can see it.
>Write down my number, and we talk for a bit, neither of us initiating convo other than homework
>Tell my best friend about it
>Yeah man, I know. Me and and that guy knew she had a crush so we set it up
>All of my what's

A little backstory:
>I'm a kissless beta virgin who doesn't really talk unless spoken to
>No job
>No Car
>No license
>I literally don't know what to do with this kinda stuff

>Play along with homework act for a day
>Next few days, shit gets real, we discuss relationship stuff, get a date set up
>Oh shit nigger what am I doing
>Remember I have no job
>Remember I have no license
>I'm not about to have my mother drive me
>Fuck fuck fuck all of my fuck
>Call it off a week in advance, feel really bad
>Punch my friend in the jaw for putting me through this shit. (He knew I was in no position to date)
>Feel bad for about 3 months
>I felt like I lead her on
>Literally what the fuck.
>She was a solid 7 or 8/10

Fast forward
>19 now
>Drive a 2014 Camaro SS (It has the HUD... God I love the HUD)
>Got a nice job at a theatre
>Free movies if I want them
>Joined the National Gaurd so I could afford the Camaro
>National Gaurd keeps me /fit/
>Still borderline autistic in social situations
>Free movies aren't used because I don't wanna look like that fag who goes to the movies alone

Fuck my shit up.
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Season 2 was fucking awful.
Just obscure, pretentious garbage for special snowflake teenagers to masturbate over.
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Eh. I've given up. Oneitis has me too badly. I've resigned to just live the celibate life.

Maybe I'll become a priest or something.
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>Mumbling something under breath
>walk away
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>you must not know me madam, I've been 'not dating anyone' for my entire life
yeah but see at some point you'll try again
and then you'll "give up" again
and then you'll try again
and then you'll "give up" again
>Punching your friend for trying to set you up with a cute girl.

I hope you apologized for being a bitch.
I've got enough of a weird fear of sex to keep me from getting too involved with women.

I do try to talk to a girl every now and again, but they usually drop me after about a week or two and I let it go.
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>Punching your friend in the jaw because he tried to help you
I thought we were talking about connection, or maybe just life in general.
He knew what he was doing. He knew I couldn't do it. And he set it up anyway. We had a discussion about 3 days prior as to why I don't date, and basically he pulled this shit.

But yeah. About a month later I apologized.
You're a huge faggot alright
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Thanks my boy
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I don't really make connections with people I know in real life. Most people just seem too uncomfortable with the idea of opening up to someone in person.

Or if they do I haven't experienced it.
Whip out my dick and scream "I DO NOW" before raping her.
>Are you dating anyone?

Fucking what
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>He knew I couldn't do it.
He believed you could. You were the only one with any doubt. You should have just let your mom drop you off really. At most she would have found it amusingly cute that you have a mom that would be so willing to help you get laid.
He believed wrong. Now, I probably could, but I'm at the point where I just don't care, and I'm just gonna slam into a pole at 140 mph, and hope that I die.
Why don't you try to reconnect to that girl and slam your pole at 140 scale mph into her pussy?
This situation would never happen anyway
this is you faggot

some of us have

to asexuality

"having sex" = "watching porn" for a bit, depending entirely on how much i feel like watching

life is better and i have a lot of free time
>working at a convi store
>this girl comes in, stares the shit out of me
>I avoid eye contact
>she goes and picks some chupa chups
>she asks me for some recommendations
>"Umm.. Cola? Strawberry's good too."
>she picks 3 and puts them on the counter
>after paying, she hands me two of them and leaves
>it's Cola and Strawberry

>months pass, haven't seen her since the chupa chups incident
>she comes in one day
>she picks me some chupa chups again
>while paying she asks if I remember who she is
>I actually didn't recognize her until she picked out the chupa chups, tell her I do anyway
>she goes on, tells me she and her family moved to a different neighborhood a while back
>"Oh really? That's nice haha.."
>she laughs, tells me she's dissappointed that I don't seem curious about to where she moved
>don't know what to say so I just force a chuckle
>she pays, and tells me she works at a shopping mall and tells me how tiring it is, says I should come over sometime
>"haha.. yeah."
>she says see ya and leaves
>I never went to that shopping mall

I feel like this is how I would react to any above average woman making advances on me since she was actually the prettiest girl who has shown interest in me. Just because I have such low self esteem. I feel like even if I made a move and we started going out, the relationship would be very shaky due to how unimpressive I am aesthetically compared to her. I'd always feel insecure just because she's so attractive and I don't want that. Plus, I also feel like even if we hit it off, I feel like she'd get bored or dissappointed quickly, since I keep to myself a lot, and break off the relationship, making the whole thing futile in the first place.
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"No, no woman will put up with my shit" is typically what I say.
>Implying a qt would ever ask me this
It's too late for me.
Say "no and I'm not about to start now", then turn 360 degrees and moonwalk outta there.
>obscure, pretentious garbage for special snowflake teenagers to masturbate over
Season one wasn't that?
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I already broke a girl's heart once, I could do it again for some pussy.
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For me it's similar with friends. I don't have any, and at best I might be able to maintain a few, but even then it would be tiring. It's like I want them but I really don't(?)

Maybe I've been (mostly) alone for so long I can't be any other way.
>no, why do you ask?
And then I hope the conversation flows nicely from there. AM I ORIGINAL NOW?!
So you'd turn all the way around and face her again? You mean 180 dingleberry. you are the weakest link. Goodbye.
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