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>Finally go to gym
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>Finally go to gym
>My arms hurt after 10m
Nobody said there was pain involved
Shit form
No one said their wouldn't be pain involved.
nice thread op
Lifting 5 years now. It only gets harder the more you progress. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself but then I remember I am autistic loner and the post-lifting feel makes me relax and forget about it. Plus if I am going to be an autistic loner and I'd rather a jacked autistic loner.
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After a while you'll start to enjoy it. :)

All jokes aside, this is merely a result of being inactive. After the first two weeks, your body will be accustomed to the physical exertion.
>one of the well known gyn-related phrases literally says "no pain - no gain"
>"n-nobody said there was pain involved!"

k senpai.
Yeah I need to watch more videos
I try
I want to be ripped too man
That's what I think too. I need to take some stimulants also that put me in the mood for pain.
You're a big guy

for hiro
you have DOMS, most likely have shit form, a shit routine (if at all), and your diet probably hasn't changed. I give another month or two tops.
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>go to planet fitness
>do a circuit workout
>feels good I'm gonna make it
>next day wake up with neck kink so bad
>can barley move

never go back


pic unrelated I suppose
Use smaller weights or smaller sets man.
You're at the gym to git gud, and you shouldn't overdo it.
Shit, when I started a few months ago I was using five pound weights and felt like a weakling.
Now I use 30 pounders and feel like a weakling who's made progress.
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Been lifting for a year or so.

>High reps medium weight works. Your gains will taper off but you can get big if you just keep upping reps (STAY IN FORM)
>"The only way to get big is big weight low reps" is broscience.
>Don't lift while hungry. You will not be able to lift nearly as high weight or high reps.
>Don't lift RIGHT after eating. Wait 30-45 minutes AT LEAST before starting.
>Coffee can really help boost performance.
>Music. Listen to music that gets you in the mood. I listen to angry and loud Rock when lifting and rap/hiphop while doing Cardio. Joy Division when I lift, Heems/Kool AD when I run
>At the latter end of your reps, you will start making noises or faces. This is normal. Don't be embarrassed.
>Eat good protein. Beans, chicken, etc.
>You can lose fat while gaining muscle.
>Nothing is wrong with lifting at home. If gyms freak you out, find a good freeweight routine and throwdown on some dumbbells.

Nothing feels better than flexing to yourself and just feeling your muscles. Knowing you are stronger than pretty much every faggot normie and you could choke a nigger to death with your biceps is a godly feeling. It's so worth it. Keep your eyes on the prize, anon.
>falling for the gym meme
Have fun sweating like pig, hurting, and having nothing to show for it.
>being this buttblasted that you failed to commit
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This, basically.
The gym has done fuck all for my social life. I just enjoy looking at myself in the mirror after a shower. Also, the tightness in my muscles after an intense lifting session is orgasmic. I feel like a fucking god. Like a heroin addict chasing a good high, I spend my days looking for a good pump.
>having nothing to show for it

but anon, i do.
sweating like a pig and hurting for over 2 years has given me an adonis physique
you've just quit early
you don't deserve gains anyway
I forgot spending 2 hours cooking everyday, and obsessing about every meal
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This is a good attitude.

Every autistic loner is an ambassador for autistic loners everywhere because there's usually only one or two in any given place. Try not to associate robots with neckbeards and guts.

Progressives are undergoing a collapse because they've become associated with obesity, mental illness, and transgenderism. Some of the most fervent liberals I knew years ago have become gym rats and gotten a damn job.
>doing squats
>not long after I started
>random gym guy compliments my form and tells me I'm basically the only guy who does squats right
>get to babby weights (like barely over 100lb) and experience back discomfort with some small pain
>reduce weight, work my way back up, same thing again
>no clue what I was doing wrong
Felt bad man. Squats were my enemy.
LOL, reminded me of this.

I'm on my way too, bruh.
>Going to planet fitness
That's your first mistake. I don't think they even have squat racks at your locations, just a bunch of machines, treadmills, and dumbbells (Which are ok but not for a beginner who doesn't know what to do).

Don't do circuit workouts either. Just do each exercise 1 set of X reps at a time. Rest for a minute or two, repeat.
>Wake up with neck kink


Don't forget to practice proper form and stretches.
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