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>were a complete loser in your teens but now you're cool in your 20s?
>girls friendzoned you left and right but now you get girls throwing their panties at you?
>used to have no friends and social skills but now you're alpha?
>or more realistically couldnt get laid but now you've had sex?

>what are you doing with your life bros?
leave motherfucker
>tfw no zunechan gf
no i dont think so sorry
I am cool in my 40's.
I was very shy until 20, which in a country of extroverts is like being retarded. Finished my PhD in my 30's, got a good job and got laid.
Man now that you mention it, I've been waiting for a thread like this to happen. I was a robot for all of my life but I found this place senior year of high school. Took the red pill, and learned from talking with other robots here.

But idk senpai I'm on meds now and ever since I've gone off to college after like 3 years of wagecucking it's been getting better everyday.
>those retards who think they "turned their life around" or experienced anything out of the ordinary because they were awkward as teens but became more social in their 20s

People like you are a dime a dozen. You never had anything in common with robots.
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Was pathetic robot who lost all my friends and blew my life savings on a whore online.

Now I have a shitty job and I'm poor as fuck, but i've got a loving gf who works alongside me, pic related
>being lonely beta till 21
>found a fembot on my national imageboard
>we are together for 2 and half year straight
>w know eachothers parents, plans for future
>we have no friends
>we are not going out
>we order food, plays vidyas and fuck
am i an ex-robot or just became a normie?
I've seen that waifu before! Got any moar?
I'm 18 and now having my first gf. Things could be much, much worse I know.

But it kinda sucks knowing that she's had way better sex than with me. The other day she had to show me how to finger her, and I had to ask her if the thing I was licking was her clitoris. But I guess it's better to be inexperienced with a gf than with a random girl who might decide she just doesn't want to have sex with me.
Well you sure showed them man. I'm happy for you.
I got a degree and have a profession and a social circle after extreme isolation for the first 23 years of my life. Was NEET til 21 then got a dog and my life started to turn around, I'm 27 now.

Porn videos of couples having sex are good for that.
>Be 18-22 lonely beta
>hours and hours on computer
>not sure what to do with my life
>depressed over relationships
>develop self loathing
>get psychiatric help
>got /fit/
>moved out of parents house
>new city
>learned game
>got laid
>got job
>went through dry spells
>lost jobs
>dropped out of school
>going back to school
>have fantastic gf
>it gets better if you just try

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boze kikker pepe4.png
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Reporting here
I never became Chad but I found a steady group of friends + a 6/10 white blonde blue eyes qt gf

I don't post anymore since I got a girlfriend though, this thread is an exception. I used to be a bitter NEET virgin robot for years.


>weird robot from 6 - 15
>went to military school for two years
>toughen up
>move to florida
>go to some school where theres a lot of rich kids
>one of them tries to bully me so i elbow him in the face
>everyone is scared of me since rich kids dont fight
>people start to like me
>get gf

the end

having a gf is nice but i dont like being around other people. i cant relate to anyone and they make me feel sick.
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NEETing my way through life, I don't even know anymore I'm lost.
All i did was start working out, care for my hair better and stopped eating so much crap that gave a fuckton of acne. Got myself a hot gf, sex whenever i want, loads of friends and people treat me better. Feels good
In my teens i never thought i'd find love.
now im mid 20's and have taken 3 girls virginity, currently with the 3rd girl for the past 2 1/2 years
Reporting in, used to be a pretty lonely kid playing vidya. Now I have a rocking cool squad and I drive a Mercedes M class, life is bretty good.
Also, just finished fucking my gf 30 minutes ago, I'm her first and I've been fucking her since 2 years. Shit is so cash.
watch that video, it helped me a lot with foreplay.
>never thought i'd find love
Sounds like you still haven't if you're bragging about taking multiple girls' virginities.
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