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Times you tried to Normie
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Cool pepe.jpg
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>Hanging out with normies at a house party
>Get sloshed blackout drunk
>wake up at 4am still falling over drunk
>Go to my car TO SLEEP in the back (had pillows and a blanky back there)
>Accidentally set off the car alarm in my drunken state
>Everyone runs outside
>fucking Chad of the party in front
>With no shirt on
>" I wasn't going to, I was goi-"
>"I wan't to sleep in my c-"
>Give up and sleep on shitty hot leather couch with no pillows or blankets
>Remembered as the guy who tried to drive while hammered drunk

I have an SUV. I literally would have slept like a baby, it was a cool night and everything.
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Cucked by life.
Mother Nature intended for me not to succeed.

Mother nature is a Roastie.

>That Story

I almost felt bad for you but then I saw the tripcode
I took ADD meds and they made my chest hurt so I stopped. Did you get any symptoms before your heart got cucked?
Its fine.

Tripfaggings all I got left.
I'll be gone soon anyways. No worries.
That guy had good intentions, you're acting like a child here.
Constant coughing.

If you start coughing but have feel fine.
Get the fuck to the hospital.

I waited too long and fucked up my lungs too. Only time wm tell if I need a lung transplant too, then I'll have a permanent feeding tube in my stomach.

Almost rather die.
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>Tfw Chads are usually nice guys unless threatened by another chad
I disagree. I understand completely what you're saying, but in all honesty he wouldn't even allow me to speak. I really did have a sleeping set up in my car. It was parked in a yard too. In my opinion, he was being very unreasonable. He didn't let me get a word in.
No you're being a faggot.
Did you know you can get a DUI for sleeping in your car?
Chad is the only reason your ass isnt in trouble
and what kind of faggot wants to sleep out in the cold instead of someones couch?

He did you a solid
For some reason, this guy figures he is a robot. I don't even care any moray eel

That's not true. Dui is only if keys are in the ignition, which they wouldn't be if you're sleeping. I often sleep in my car because of work. Security harassed me a few times until I explained I'm a student and a shift worker and grab sleep wherever I can. Now they know me and it's all good. I asked them and cops about it, it's legal as long as you have a reason to be hhethere, aren't just living your car, and if drunk the keys are not in ignition.

The guy was being an asshole and was trying to manipulate the situation to make op look bad and himshimself look good. I've seen it happen before. The shit eating grin, not letting the guy talk, being real condescending and making a grand spectacle of it all for everyone to see. A non asshole would have dropped it once it was clear the guy just wanted to sleep it off. I'd much rather a nice warm bed in a cool car alone than a nasty hot leather couch in a busy house with lights and people and heater going. Have you ever been to a party? It's not a conducive environment for sleep.
> allowed to speak when drunk lel

You should have thanked him in the morning and said but really i was just going to sleep.

Nope. You're wrong. Sorry :^)
ok pham, why didn't you sleep on the backseat

What? I'm not OP, but having owned an SUV, OP was probably going to fold the back seats forward, and have this large comfy space to sleep. It sounds so comfy it makes me want to tell the Chad in OP's scenario off.

Honestly, when I was a failed normie Chads like to do this a lot at parties. I'm not sure exactly why, but they like to feel in control of the situation by pretending to help you.
For example, in college I used to smoke weed, and had a tolerance to the point where I could smoke a few bong hits and feel fine. So I load up a bowl with my own weed, and pass it around with a few friends, some girls, and Chad. He pass it around a few times, and the 3rd time it come around to me, Chad fucking patronizes me saying "woah, buddy you should slow down there, this shit's strong, I wouldn't want you ending up on the floor" as he takes my bowl and smokes the rest of it. I try to say something he just doesn't let me talk.

He should have kicked his ass. It's the only way they learn. He was asking for it, and it would have made Chad the bad guy for fucking with a drunk guy who just wanted a nap.
oh yeah i didn't read

It would have made OP look like he's having a tantrum, because Chad stopped him from driving drunk.
Plus Chad would have probably just put him in a head lock until OP promised him to step away from the car.
>In college before I flunked out of it
>Everyone on my dorm floor decides to throw a party in the basement
>See this as an opportunity to try and become less of a robot
>Make it to the basement/game room
>Given some ice cream
>Notice an empty seat next to a ping pong game
>Go to sit down
>People already sitting on the bench notice this and immediately stand up and leave
>Whatever, maybe they were getting bored or something
>Start getting looks from the people playing ping pong
>Sit around for maybe 15 minutes waiting for someone to notice me and at least make a joke at my expense because then I'll be socially interacting
>Literally nothing but people giving me weird looks or what looks like laughter
>Get super depressed and just leave
Worst experience ever.

Was that the residential life organized parties?
I used to get drunk before going to those, and talk to everyone.

I made an ass out of myself, and made no friends, but hey, I had fun doing it.

Why'd you flunk out though? You didn't have friends, and it sounds like you've never been to a party. What was holding you back?

Chad's are usually full of shit and poor fighters. I'm no shaolin monk but I've gotten in scraps before and came out on top, even while drunk. A submission hold is very hard to put on someone trained and determined to kick your ass. Is there anyone here who didn't take some form of power Ranger classes? I did tae kwan do, ishin ryu, and muay thai. I get my ass kicked in sparring often enough but I would fucking rape the typical bro who just jacks off to ufc.

Even my fat faggot friend took ai ki do or whatever it's called, the one where you run away while pushing the opponent to the side
>letting a normy cash out YOUR bowl pack
I want to kick your teeth in
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never baguette.jpg
77 KB, 696x763
>start college
>roommate invites me to a party
>start drinking a lot because social anxiety
>i haven't drunk nearly this much before in my life
>make some drunken remarks to stacys, they look at me with revoltion
>eat some disgusting sausage
>puke A HUGE PUDDLE OF VOMIT in the middle of the dance floor
>roommate gives me water and helps me get back to the dorm
>he never invites me to a party ever again
Ahh this one's a fresh one
>be me, always been big and awkward (6'10 and 285lbs)
>walking across campus this morning with girl from same floor, in same program
>she's literally the only person who's nice or honest to me
>shows me picture her friend sent her of "twitchy blonde meatheaded man-mountain" she saw on a city bus
>it was a picture of me from two days before
>says her friend went on a 15 minute rant about "creepy people in public" the next time they spoke
>i literally did nothing but sit and read on my phone on that bus
>shit like this has happened my whole life
>never do autistic robot shit, kinda just a quiet guy at worst, denied normie status because of my appearance.
>Was that the residential life organized parties?
Yes. They're always really stupid stuff like Dr Who marathons, Mario Kart parties, or Ice Cream socials.
>Why'd you flunk out though?
I got suicidal and stopped showing up for classes.
>What was holding you back?
You go to parties to have fun and talk to friends. I never have fun at parties because that's when people like making fun of me more then usual, and I don't have any friends so I end up just standing around like a retard doing nothing.

And how would that make me look? It would make me look like some aggressive thug or something in that nature. It would make Chad look like the victim. And I'm smoking with people to make friends even if I'd rather Chad gtfo.
What really bothered me was the fact he was going out of his way to completely high jack the situation.

Parties are just a place for you to get so drunk you feel like dancing. Although drinking would proabably make you more suicidal.
You also sound extremely self conscious.
I went once to sleep in my car drunk... and then drove 20 km to my home. Don't remember the actual journey and it's a miracle I didn't kill myself. I don't trust myself after that.
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Thread images: 5
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