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Cool ways to commit suicide
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>acquire 2 guns
>acuire trenchcoat
>blatantly walk onto school campus wielding guns looking as threatening as possible
>once people start running and shit, shoot yourself
>Drive out to the country
>Shoot yourself with a gun tied that is tied to balloons

suicide is not cool
I used to think about pulling out a pistol in class and shooting myself, or going up to give a presentation and then shooting myself in front of everyone tfw Budd Dwyer beat me to it
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>suicide is not cool

I smell a person who needs to GET THE FUCK OFF THE BOARD
>start working as a magician
>go to children's party and do the best magic tricks you can, to impress them
>get relatively good known
>wait for a rich family to call you
>drench your costume in cologne and fill your costume with explosive stuff
>start your rutine normally
>choose the most cute and well looking kids to sit on the first line, those you know will become chads and stacies when they grow up
>"For my next trick, I'll dissapear! This trick is so good you'll remember it for the resto of your lives"
>set yourself in flames, explosives blow up
>kids covered in blood and your intestines
>suicide is not cool

Now if I walk into a blizzard naked and die in the middle of a forest, it is.
I was thinking it would be cool if you could launch a balloon to take you to the edge of space then cut yourself loose and film it with a gopro.
Whenever I read shit like this it make me want to make a youtube video of it.

But then that takes effort and im no normie scum.
>christmas eve night
>go down to tree when everyones asleep
>pull out gun with silencer
>blow brains out all over presents
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>kidnap a female celebrity
>rape them repeatedly
>make it the biggest story in the USA
>get them pregnant
>keep her healthy
>deliver the baby
>tell the media you fathered a child with the celeb
>release the celebrity
>get caught
>die in prison
get everyone robot that wants to an hero to help to make the video. At the end of the video explain how the explosives work in detail, then each robot introduces themselves
Robots then do it. imagine it, more than 100 magicians exploding in front of kids and scarring them for life.
Then upload the vide to youtube.
I like the classics
>Buy 15ft of piano wire, superglue
>Get ontop of couple story building at night
>Attach wire end securely to building
>other end around neck
>glue palms of hands to your hair

When people find you in the morning it looks like you pulled off your head
Has anyone ever done that one? Would it work?
Mythbusters we need your wisdom here.
>move to Europe
>buy a pig farm
>raise them for years
>bond with them
>learn to love your new country
>steal a cop car
>dress a pig in a cop suit
>put pig in car with you
>dress yourself like a muslim
>drive through the front door of a mosque
>get out of car
>lay down in front of it
>let the car idle forward over you, killing you
>become world-famous modern artist
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>get ass naked
>hand yourself from a busy freeway
>yfw your bowels start to empty on the vehicles below
>completely revamp lifestyle
>work out, read more, learn social skills, etc.
>get a good degree and a promising career
>find a qt3.14 to settle down with
>start a family and move to the suburbs
>become respected leader at home, work, and in your community
>raise kids to be well adjusted adults
>retire with qt SO and travel around the world
>eventually reach old age
>become sick, end up in hospital
>as you slip peacefully into death surrounded by loved ones whisper your last words
>"lel it's about time, see you in hell, fags"
I once tried to make a semen bomb that would do that. It would shoot downwards and while it would have about a 1 in 50,000 chance of getting someone pregnant just imagine the media reaction. "Semen bomber strikes for 3th time in a week" "7 women now fear that they may be pregnant"
>semen bomber
thanks for the catch phrase
This sounds cool, but you would need a way to stay warm and be able to breathe until you're high enough
Also pretty sure you would pass out anyways from the pressure difference up there
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you fucking idiot.jpg
69 KB, 449x547
if i was gonna go through all the trouble just to do that then i'd at least take some normies with me

kek, it'd take a long fucking time to store up that much cum though.
the superglue wouldn't be enough to hold it
> book hotel room for as long as you can
> make as much mess as you possibly can in the room
> write terrible review of hotel
> put up "do not disturb" sign
> use a silent suicide method
> hopefully your corpse will only be discovered after it starts to smell
I, on the other hand, smell edgy emo kid
Basically this way
I mean if you go to all that trouble you might as well #BIGINTERNETRAMPAGE
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That made me giggle, anon. Good job.
The superglue doesn't need to hold shit, there will be no tension on the hands
I would imagine either a) the wire would snap or b) the wire would cut through your neck, but be nowhere near powerful enough to cut the bone, so you would just hang of the edge with a cut throat

oldschool maddox
The version i saw was a noose made from razor wire.
Self-immolate in front of an important political monument.

Your act might just spark a revolution.
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>good known
>well looking

Fucking excellent but you'd need a lot of balloons.

Do the same but with container of anthrax or some shit
What a fucking coward
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