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>little sister is raping dad in the room...
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>little sister is raping dad in the room next to mine again

Your... little sister... is raping your dad!?
what the hell in the heck in the fuck.

explain yourself.
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kek. wtf do you even gain from making these shitposts

you sure it's not the other way around?
she got to love fucking daddy that much huh, pretty sexy
ok I really didn't want to expose my life so much but here it goes

>about a month ago
>little sister walks into room while I was masturbating
>clearly see my thing and the porn on the screen
>I'm on Sadpanda jacking it to mom/son incest
>I literally freeze and she just comes closer and closer
>eventually she's right next to me
>looks at my hardon and then the screen
>casually asks me what I'm viewing on the computer
>tell her "well, there's no point in lying, you're old enough to know about this. I'm looking at porn. could you not tell mom and dad?"
>she giggles and says "ok"
>expect her to turn around and fucking leave
>she just stays there staring at the screen
>I can literally see our reflection for a brief moment and my little sis' eyes and mine touch for a moment
>I'm fucking embarassed as shit and don't know what to say
>she just stays there
>ask her "what's wrong?"
>again, she just casually goes, as if literally nothing special were happening, "so watchu masturbating to, boyo?"
>the way she says it makes me cum almost immediately
>it was the weirdest moment of my entire life; my face was a mixture of pain, embarassment, bliss and everything else you can imagine a man can feel
>can hear mom and dad parking their car outside and opening the door

Should I continue posting?

Yes pls yes

by the way, this really happened and I'm still mindfucked by it

>scramble around for the towel I always keep next to my computer (a jizztowel basically)
>can't fucking find it
>meanwhile sister is sitting on my bed doing whatever the fuck
>don't manage to find it so just grab a piece of paper towel, clean myself/the floor with it
>suddenly little sister is standing behind me staring at the computer
>don't have time to close the browser as I hear mom and dad talking downstairs
>asked them for a Bigmac so they would bring them to my lazy ass in my room as they always do
>too afraid to go outside my room because I figured one of them would go to the bathroom or some shit like they always do when they get home
>little sister says "you should throw it away somewhere they can't find it"
>no idea what got to me but I replied "yeah like where? under the bed?"
>she casually just grabs the ball of paper towel, takes it from my hand and runs outside
>"oh fuck oh fuck she's gonna tell them"

should I continue on? this is really embarassing and I don't have that many friends so this is the first time I'm telling anyone this

Cmon man. Continue.
You didn't pretype your fantasy? Sigh.. I'll be here..Waiting.
Why would anyone not want you to continue
how old is your sister?

fuck it, whatever, the less people who read it the better lol

>go thirty seconds without hearing anything
>my heart is pounding like crazy fast and I think I'm about to have a heart attack or something
>suddenly hear little sister running downstairs
>at that point I just accept my fate and just lie back on the chair, browser with porn on the screen and a few pieces of paper towel that got torn apart accidentaly while I was trying to clean myself on the ground
>mom and dad still haven't come upstairs
>suddenly have the realization of what just happened
>quickly close my browser, clean history (I do this outta paranoia even though it's my own computer) and pick up the pieces of towel that were on the floor
>pull my underwear up and take a deep breath
>shut off monitor and go downstairs
>not even sure what to expect
>mom and dad see me and go "hello anon there you are etc. here's your big mac"
>my little sister is nowhere to be found
>say thanks, take it, put myself some sode and runs upstairs to eat in front of the computer like I always do
>start eating and spill the fucking soda like a dumbass on my Frank Sinatra CD case (thankfully the actual CD was inside my PS3)
>parents are on the room watching Netflix at this point and I try not to make any noise, so I'm kinda just walking really slowly
>mom somehow still hears me and asks "hey honey, what's wrong?"
>tell her I spilled some soda like a dumbass and ask her where the clean towels and cleaning products are
>she points me to them in the kitchen
>I go there to get it
>meanwhile little sister is nowhere to be seen (our house isn't that big but it has tons of rooms and she somewhere does that where she just slaps my ass and runs away to hide)

your little sister a freak i wanna get that ass desu
can you hear her through the walls OP
Is this story going to explain why your sister is raping your dad.
Keep on going buddy, I'm patient
This is a very good question and I too await the answer.
>go upstairs, open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur
>just kidding kek
>go upstairs, hear noises inside my room
>open the door, little sister is just sitting my gaming chair messing around on the computer
>I don't have it passworded because I just hide my porn and it would just arouse suspicion anyway
>she's just on twitch watching who the fuck ever (some chick named peach something)
>ask her, nervously, what she wants and why she is in the room
>she says "I took care of your little mess you dumbo"
>remember for a moment what I was about to do with all those towels and cleaning products and look again
>the soda is still there
>ask her "yeah very funny, now move away so I can clean it"
>she's just watching her stream while I'm cleaning the desk
>about to finish and suddenly remember about the jizz-filled paper towels
>make sure my parents are downstairs, close the door and say
>"ok, I get it. what do you want me to do in order to not tell them?"
>she says "show me your porn comics and tell me more about them"
>too nervous to even have lewd thoughts or anything like that (I'm not a pedo or w/e but you know what hentai does to you)
>assume she's just curious
>tell her she can see it if she doesn't open her mouth to mom and dad
>just google "hentai comics", open the first website that shows up and click on the most vanilla comic I can find
>she sits on my leg and takes the mouse away from me
>she figures out how to scroll through the pages and saying random things like "eww" and "you can't do that in real life, or you would get in trouble..."
>suddenly mom opens door and casually asks us what we were up to

yes, soon enough pham
Please update OP. Were all friendly robots here.
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I know she was watching Forsen you don't have to lie to us.
Hurry the fuck up, no pointless bullshit details like sinatra cd's and bigmacs, it's retarded.
Keep on, OP, that's some good night reading.
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This is the first comment I laughed at in weeks.
>this thread
>I'm staring at the screen trying my hardest not to spill my spaghetti
>little sister just looks at her and says "oh (my name) was just showing me how to get past (I don't remember what) from his videogames"
>mom is about to get a good look at my 30 inches monitor when my sister jumps from my lap, takes my mom's hand and drag her outside saying some random shit like "hey mom let's go outside I have something new on Netflix to show you"
>"alright, fine, just let go of me because you're hurting me little miss"
>enough time for me to close my browser and open up the Steam main page
>mom just asks if I'm fine with cleaning and I just reply "yeah I was about to clean when (lil sis' name) just came into my room and started annoying me"
>she leaves
>clean my mess
>realize that there was some dried jizz on the wall that I'm not even entirely sure how it got there and when it was from
>clean that too
>clean my kb/mouse too because they were nasty
>head downstairs in order to get water to finish cleaning
>little sister is again nowhere to be seen
>go upstairs, finish cleaning, realize I haven't cleaned any of the jizz that slipped through my leg/pubes and decide to take a bath
>just throw my clothes in the washing machine and sprint back upstairs to the bathroom
>close door, start showering
>the water is really relaxing and I have the brilliant idea of masturbating even though the shower is loud enough so that anyone could come in and see me
>shamelessly start masturbating furiously and start fantasizing about little sister
>up until that point I had never done so
>the novelty plus the sense of danger and whatever the fuck else I was feeling makes me jizz so hard I can hear it hitting the glass that splits the shower and the rest of the bathroom
>start to actually clean myself (up to that point I was just fucking around in the shower)
>shortly after little sister walks into the bathroom
>realize what I just did so just turn around and avoid lookin at her at all costs
Hey fuck you faggot some people appreciate the attention to detail he's giving us
I am immersed in the setting
>let go of me because you're hurting me little miss
why does everyone in your family talk like a sperg?
My fucking lord dude. all you do is fap?jizz talk forever holy fuck you're a slob.
Where do you think we are? Hey Mr robot pls don't mute me
Don't kill the immersion, I'm enjoying this.
This is all believable except for the bit about the paper towel.
How much do you cum and why can't you just inconspicuously walk past your parents with a paper towel drenched in lots of cum I assume?
Because it's made up
>actually believing his sister say boyyo
le no shit
>so watchu masturbating to, boyo?

Laughed hard
>so whatchu masterbating to, boyo?
>11 year old sister
Is OP kill or what?
it's almost over

>little sister pulls down shorts/panties and starts peeing
>I take a peek and her and suddenly OH SHIT BONER
>I'm not really sure if it was the ecstasy of the masturbation or it just hit me that my little sister had seen my hardon before so w/e
>turn around in order for her to not see it
>but not really, just turn around enough for it to not be completely obvious
>little sister asks me if I'm feeling well
>reply to her "uh yeah, why?"
>she says "because I can see you breathing really heavily. are you sure it's not a heart attack or something? remember uncle (name) had one of those last year and died. should I call mom?
>laugh and say "no I'm fine, just leave the bathroom so I can dry myself"
>by the time we're done talking my boner has settled down
>not really sure if she noticed it but w/e
>wait for her to finish, step outside the shower and start drying myself
>realize I forgot to pick up clean clothes so I just wrap my towels around my waist
>just combing my hair and giving myself dem finishing touches
>suddenly little sister opens the door
>see her but think nothing of it
>she pulls down the towel in a really violent manner
>I quickly cover myself and say "what's wrong with you?" or something similar
>she replies with the smuggest look on her face "geez I'm sorry anon I was just joking..."
>I actually spoke to her in a really mean manner
>she begins to sob
>realize what I just did, pick up towel, wrap myself with it and pat her in the head
>"hey (lil sis name) I'm sorry, it's just that I thought you were going to tell mom and dad early today about (roll my eyes) you know what"
>she just says "why would I tell mom and dad about (rolls eyes, like if she were trying to copy me) you know what? I was learning on school that boys do this once they reach a certain age bla bla bla and there was this one time (kid's name) got caught in the bathroom"
>not really sure how to react, I just say "alright, can you please leave so I can dry myself?"
He's jerk in off I'm the shower, give in 2 min
his sister walked in on him masturbating again
Who cares it's a great read, OP more please.
Where does it say she is 11 years old?
I kinda like your prose.
In his fucking story your fucking retard
Sounds like he's choking on 8 dicks, only 2 of which are in his mouth

I was legitimately worried his sister would start raping him after his dad. I was about to call 911.
File: rapingdaddy.png (1 MB, 10000x10000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 10000x10000
good thread goys
OP ain't finished yet
I enjoy the story and all but what exactly does it have to do with her raping your dad?
File: spooky.gif (1 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 480x270
You faget
This is just shitty incest fantasy, when all I wanted to read was how a girl rapes her dad.
File: file.png (577 KB, 600x580) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus fucking christ I haven't laughed out loud in weeks
If someone ever asks how OP bakes his bread, he would begin by explaining how wheat came to be .
File: tfw rapping sister.png (425 KB, 652x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tfw rapping sister.png
425 KB, 652x1224
way to put a fresh spin on that old meme anon
you're such a homo call the goshdang cops
he'd also jizz like 5 times before it's done baking
Somebody did it first earlier today
File: 1447849222419.jpg (57 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Seriously, only you guys to make me laugh lately.
Hurry, OP. I'm tired.
File: 1438022573725.png (396 KB, 746x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God fucking damnit
Anon you have triggered me original
None of this is even fucking funny
What the fuck was that? It messed up the page on my phone.
>dumbfounded that kids nowadays are taught about masturbation so soon in school but then remember that I'm still a virgin past 18 lel
>finish drying myself and surprise, go into my room to play vidya and shitpost on /tv/
>fastforward a few hours
>kinda tired of playing cs:go all afternoon and go take a stroll around the house
>little sister is again nowhere to be seen
>ask mom and dad where she was
>they say "probably upstairs"
>go upstairs
>check little sister's room
>door is locked
>knock once and no reply
>knock twice and no reply
>finally little sister opens the door and just goes "what? I'm busy"
>say "you know how mom and dad don't like it when you lock the door. anyway, what are you up to? wanna play some wii games or something?"
>she just goes, "no, I'm really busy right now" and just slams the door
>hear a 'click' and assume she locked it again
>go back into my room and start listening to some random jazz playlist I bookmarked the other day
>close my eyes and just enjoy the blues :^)
>start remembering my oneitis (not that it has anything to do with anything but whatever)
>get tired, lie down and bed while I listen to my man frank and shit
>remember that frank sinatra had already died
>get really sad
>anyway, lie down for a few minutes and go back to the pc
>tune in for my other man TrumpSC (you guys should check him out) on twitch and start watching le autistic asian man
>little sister just walks into the room
>goes like "hey anon could you come into my room? I need help with something"
>figure it's something with her homework
>head to her room
>door is closed
>knock knock
>little sister opens the door the least she can, asks me if mom and dad are downstairs and invites me in
>"why are you..."
>"shhh (my name)!"
>k lol
>go into her room
>look at her computer screen
>she has fucking fakku opened
>ask her what the fuck she was doing
>she just says "I got curious and wanted to see some more of your porn, but I'm not finding the right website"

nearly there
holy fuck im dying
>attempting to shill out shitty twitch streams to us
>(my name)
>uses anon earlier in the passage
Your inconsistency rustles my autism sprinkles.
everything is coming together
Well, that explains all this 11-year-old girl stuff.
I don't go on /tv/, can someone explain?
there are a lot of pedophiles on /tv/
/tv/ is basically /pedo/
>tell little sister "what the fuck, close that now, you're too young to be looking at porn"
>"but anon, I'm really not, *sob sob* I- I- I- bla bla bla"
>"do you want me to tell mom and dad?"
>she just starts sobbing, nearly about to cry
>"fine, I'll just tell mom and dad about your little-"
>"jesus christ fine, but let's do it on my computer."
>go to her computer
>"do you even know how to erase your browser's history? if any of your dumb friends saw this they would probably tell mom and dad"
>"yeah anon like this"
>she just proceeds to run ccleaner which I didn't even know she knew about
>"there, see? now mom and dad know nothing"
>she just shuts off her computer (even though i tell her not to. did you guys know it's actually bad for your computer? several studies have shown that your computer's life expectancy can decrease by over two years if you turn it on and off at all times)
>anyway, so we go back to our room, I lock it from the inside
>we both sit down
>she sits on my leg again
>open up sadpanda (I don't know what I was thinking tBh...)
>"oooh that one looks good, what's its name?"
>I look at her and just go "I'm not fucking telling you the porn websites I browse. now, what do you wanna see?"
>"jeez (my name) I don't know, you're the one supposed to be really good at looking at porn"
>start to very carefully think of what I'm gonna show her
>think of some really vanilla/silly tags and start typing them in, making sure to look at the thumbnails before actually clicking them
>realize that little sister is being too quiet
>suddenly she pulls off something wrapped in those plastic wraps that mom uses to wrap up meat and shit, I don't fucking know the name of those
>anyway, she says "you promise you won't get mad at me?"
>realize she's fucking holding the cum-filled towels
>take it from her hand and say "what in filthy Abraham's Lincoln peg leg is this?"
File: photo.jpg (32 KB, 333x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 333x333
Come on OP. I want to see the end to your autistic story.
>raped my dad on a boat again
>filthy Abraham Lincoln's peg leg
Wat da fuck Daniel! I told u that I wuld tell mom if ud tell ur friends!! Wat da hell brother!!
these better not end with bel air or some shit

i already feel robbed
File: wincest.jpg (30 KB, 360x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 360x451
>I'm about to storm out of the room
>she quickly puts herself between the door and me
>"what are you"
>before I can finish that sentence she grabs at my chest
>"anon... can I practice with you?"
>she looks at at me and smiles
>accidentally boner
>she feels it poking on her hips
>"I take it that's a yes haha"
>she grabs it through my pants
>close my eyes
>heart beating fast, dry mouth
>"okay..... okay... let's... yeah... let's do it fast"
>she pulls my pants down in one quick move
>underwear is half-hanging off my hard cock
>she grabs into my underwear and wraps her hand around my shaft and pulls it out
>I moan and bite my lip
>she giggles and hums while starting to stroke me
>she lifts up my shirt and starts kissing my stomach and chest
>I get into it and grab her ass
>she squeals a bit
>"have a seat on my bed, kay?"
>she leads me to her bed
>I'm shaking all over, swinging my head left and right
>She punches me three times, it does nothing
>I start punching her, I irish whip her into the ropes and give her the big boot
>I run the ropes
>jump 10 feet into the air
>Atomic Leg Drop, new WWF Champion
>Pontiac Silverdome explodes with 80 000 screaming Hulkamaniacs
It's gone on too long to end any other way
File: image.jpg (52 KB, 625x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 625x437
I don't. I hope it never ends.

soon, family.

>"I don't know, I have this friend who says it has a really funny smell and I just wanted to see..."
>before she finishes her sentence I can basically feel my heart skipping and you know those movies where the world suddenly stops around the main character? like in jojo's bizarre adventure where DIO stops time and everything goes black and white? that's how I felt
>I go deaf for a few moments and when I go back to myself she's saying, and behold, this might seem made up
>"...wanted to see if it really tastes funny like that one girl from 8th grade said, and..."
>ask her "why the fuck are you still talking? go to your room!"
>"fine, I'm gonna tell mom and dad!"
>she runs outside and I can hear her room door slam
>gather myself together and realize what she just said
>close browser, erase history
>go to her room
>knock nonstop
>she just yells "I hate you, go away"
>I start explaining to her how wrong it was, how bla bla bla niggers
>no reply
>I then just say "I'll let you look into my personal porn stash if you stop acting like a brat and open the door"
>as expected, the door opens, like in my animes
>she just says "really? you save porn in your computer? that's gross"
>"look, do you wanna come or not? and hurry up before mom and dad come upstairs because you slammed the fucking door"
>"oh I wanna come alright m8..."
>ok she didn't really say that
>shut down browser, erase history
>we both go to our room
>close door again

brb guys I gotta take a shit. five minutes. I swear it's nearly over. if anything types anything before that it's not me.
Don't believe this man he is an imposter my sister is Hulk Hogan

yeah no ill look it up in the archive tomorrow

fuck you
File: 1451964323842.jpg (10 KB, 268x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 268x188
Story's over everyone thread gonna 404 by time hes done fapping.
File: 1443337956346.jpg (11 KB, 240x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 240x196
>>jump 10 feet into the air
>>Atomic Leg Drop, new WWF Champion
>>Pontiac Silverdome explodes with 80 000 screaming Hulkamaniacs

What the fuck kind of austism is this
back. couldnt shit anyway
>"woah, these hentais give me some mad fukkin ideas boyo
>she leaves my room

anyway, after that she started raping my dad
>Taking a shit
>Not taking your phone to the toilet

Bad excuse, OP.
Not everyone is a retarded normal who owns a smartphone, dumb Redditor frogposter.
File: wincest3.jpg (155 KB, 562x844) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 562x844
>he doesn't know about Hulk Hogan, brother
>he doesn't know that Hulkcest replaced get on the floor and walk the dinosaur, brother
>It's a meme, you dip, brother
Yeah, it was good up into that point.
File: 1452483088085.png (171 KB, 291x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 291x263
Op would have way more fucking details about that jizzed stain on the wall
File: wincest5.png (575 KB, 770x896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
575 KB, 770x896
File: 1452748133382.jpg (101 KB, 1024x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 1024x904
Negro please
OP, is it the first time this happens? if so, why does your post says ">little sister is raping dad in the room next to mine AGAIN"?
jesus christ, buddy
k I'm back.

>sit down, little sister sits on my leg
>"first of all, what the fuck were you doing with that <point at the floor where jizz towels wrapped in plastic is>?"
>"anon I swear I wasn't gonna tell mum and dad, I just wanted to know the smell... my friends (female friend one) and (female friend two) said they did things to their boyfriends and since I don't have one, I thought you might tell me..."
>basically start lecturing her about why you shouldn't put fucking jizz in your mouth because it can carry diseases and also you're not supposed to be doing in her age bla bla bla
>"ok anon, don't worry. it had a really weird smell too. do you want me to throw that away?"
>"no you cunt (ok I wish I could say that to her), I'll do that later"
>k, so I open shit up
>"ok, you know that this is porn, right? this is just fiction. you're not supposed to take any of this seriously"
>little sister just goes "yeah (my name) I know a bit about it, (female friend 1) showed me some porn she found on her brother's computer"
>actually dumbfounded that 11~12 years old nowadays are looking at porn
>like seriously dumbfounded
>like omg
>anyway, so I ask her
>"what exactly did she show you?"
>"well, there was some naked ladies mostly, nothing like what you were looking at... mostly ladies showing their breasts, and some cheerleading ladies"
>actually glad that she didn't stumble upon some perverted to-be /r9k/ denizen
>anyway, start explaining to her what porn is
>so I open up Truecrypt while I tell her to close her eyes
>pictures are in miniature mode so you have to click them in order to actually see them
>regretably, ask her
>"so, what do you wanna see?"
>"is there anything for ladies?", she asks in an actual cute and innocent way
>I just show her some ecchi pictures of chicks showing her tits and whatnot with the eventual accidental actual grills fugging which I skip very fast
>she then says, "anon, can you please keep a secret?"
>tfw op is his little sister's dad.
Autismo and fake.

Be smart please faggot.
File: wincest6.jpg (214 KB, 864x1083) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 864x1083



>muscled japanese man wearing a s&m mask who's about to pull his dick out of his leather panties but just sighs and gives up.gif
this thread made me laugh but i think we should all take a moment to remember the fembot who raped her poor dad.
File: 1452574153699-co.jpg (47 KB, 640x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 640x512
My fan has never worked so hard in its life, my cpu just went up 8 degrees Celsius

did reddit get that greentext?
ill look that up, i must have missed that
Hey OP! Respond to my question!
[/spoiler] And, is this isn't the only time, can you tell us the other stories too?
>did reddit get that greentext?

what the fuck. is everyone here a redditor now? fuck this.

Holy fuck, I didn't even know you could get pictures at that resolution size, surprised my computer didn't explode.
>look at her and she just casually goes
>"well I also look at porn once in a while, and maybe I just touch myself too because it feels good"
>awkward silence between both of us for a good thirty seconds or
>go back to scrolling through the pictures
>"when did you start doing it, (lil sis name)?"
>"about a week ago, when I went to (friend number 1)'s house, she said she would sometimes rub her private girl parts and it would feel good, so I tried it myself"
>"well, at least you're being honest with me", I reply
>"a girl of your age shouldn't be masturbating, but rather studying, playing bla bla bla (your typical moralfag speech which is totally not me)
>she just goes "whatever"
>after a while, notice that she's sitting closer to my lap
>she touches my dick with her pink
>"can you please let me touch it? please please please please please I just want to know how it feels like, I promise I won't tell anyone"
>remember /tv/
>"art admirer would be proud of me", I think to myself
>I obviously have a hardon
>before I can say anything, she just grabs my dick through my pants and just starts jerking me off right there
>I'm basically powerless and still can't believe that was happening and just let her do it
>she starts off slowly but speeds it up
>I can literally feel my dick about to burst like it has never done before. Like it had gained life. Like it was about to become conscious
>for whatever reason I take my little sister by the head and pull her really close to me
>I start jizzing like holy shit what is this, is this real life?
>I'm sure I blacked out for a brief moment or so because next I remember she's just there toying with the jizz that went through my pants
>that includes fucking putting some in her mouth
>I just stand there, staring at her
>she just goes "ewwww, I don't like it"
>basically start laughing for no reason
>realize what just happened and tell sister that we should clean ourselves

this happened bouth a month ago
I was on my phone and you crashed clover
bumping for thread life
good fuck off normie retard
>OP's family has nightly rap battle sessions but they never invite OP
Haha loser
This Is a fake story. Stuff like this has happened before
This thread is a wild ride that's for sure. I don't care if its real or not anymore
File: insert in faggot.jpg (25 KB, 273x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
insert in faggot.jpg
25 KB, 273x474
When will your sister fuck your dad's boipucci?
:( my computer is broken, Sry if my mobile device usage has triggered you senpai
My dick is fucking DlIIIAMONDSSS
>wild ride

You clearly never been on true "wild ride" thread before.
art admirer fucks little boys though
is this a new pasta???
File: image.jpg (59 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 633x758
I wish I had a cute little sister
dude if there was an ebin greentext that you missed, le reddit will get your back
kill yourself you dumb fucking normal scum. i seriously hope you get a brain aneurysm you fucking faggot
OP you got a pic of your little sister?
This story is making me horny and I wanna fap to something...
File: AonXVua.gif (100 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 300x100
you've opened my eyes on image size anon
>95% of the internet is porn
kill yourself
There's gonna make a movie about this you know. You'll be a big name in Hollywood.
Still not sure how having a phone makes me normal (I guess you can assume I get lots of social interaction from it, but other than that, pc is far better, and more expensive), but you do u bbg
>we both go to the bathroom together
>I think "fuck it" and start unclothing
>was about to tell little sister to just wash her hands but then realize she has jizz all over her pants
>I tell her to unclothe and pretend she's sitting in the toilet taking a shit
>meanwhile I get in the shower with our clothes and start scrubbing them with some soap
>sister is just standing outside staring at my dick
>like not staring at ME, but at my fucking dick
>like wtf
>ask her "do you need to wash yourself?"
>she just says "ok"
>maybe she misheard me but whatever
>she finishes unclothing and gets in with me
>pray to g-d parents don't come upstairs (although I had a plan b in case they saw us showering together, not like that would be an issue anyway)
>bitch gets in and within a few moments starts to jerk me off again
>send help
>I stumble around words like the supreme gentleman I am "stop, we can do this later, I just don't care anymore, so long as our parents don't find out"
>she just smiles at me and we start washing ourselves
>she does some lewd shit that I bet was on purpose like 'accidentally' rubbing her tummy on my cawk
>I eventually get a boner again
>she starts kissing the tip of it
>at this point I just let everything go and give her direction on how to suck it
>like I didn't even care if our parents walked right into the bathroom
>she starts blowing me and fuck me, although I'm a virgn, I'm fairly sure that's not how someone who has never sucked cock before does it
>she like trying to use her tongue awkwardly but it doesn't even matter because it feels like heaven
>asks me she's doing it right
>just say "yeah you little cock sucker"
>"let me know when you're about to cum" she casually says
>wat lol ok it's one thing knowning about porn, blowjobs, hardons etc. but how
>anyway, just say "shit I'm about to cum, hurry up before mom and dad see us"
>she just stands beside me and starts jerking me off really fast

nigger how dumb do you think i am
if you have a smartphone you're a stupid fucking simpleminded retard who follows trends. robots don't follow trends. robots don't care about social dogma. robots do their own thing

you're a fucking normie. kill yourself, fuck off
>meanwhile anon's parents are just crying silently at the kitchen table
When does your dad come in?
File: 1447622097147.jpg (357 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 1920x1080
>this whole thread
Are you paedophile fuckers ready for the party van?
Lol nice pasta anon

Seen this over a year ago.
that's the best part, anon, he never does!
Really? Hmm, I guess that's one way to think about it, but can my you say having a pc is pretty unoriginal as well? Also I feel like there's a "robot meta", since there are guidelines on what is a robot and what isn't. Not getting how getting a smartphone is a trend following tho, I have it for a small versatile thing in my pocket
File: image.jpg (100 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 768x1024
This thread just gave me a little sister fetish thanks
also calgary robot
matched with this chick lmao
pretty cool but cant speak english for chick
>being on a mongolian throat singing website
>only just now getting a little sister fetish
Hurry it up OP, some of us have to sleep.
I wish she matched with me, I think broken English is adorable. Too bad I'm an ugly shit with no redeeming qualities other than a big dick
also, i guarantee you guys this is not fake. jerk off to it, laugh about how dumb i am, whatever.

>holy fuck I start jizzing like mad
>seriously, it's like when you're really hungry and you take a bit of your favorite meal. that plus the feeling when you're really thirsty and drink a nice cold orange juice. plus when you're really tired and just lie on your bed with the fan on
>anyway, fastforward a feel days. I'm tired af
>stuf happens in between
>we aren't really talking about it anymore. or at all
>mom and dad have been acting normal so I'm assumine she hasn't said anything
>late at night of one day
>dad just walks into room in tears
>shit shit shit shit that's it, I'm fucked
>ask him what's wrong
>tells me to not tell mom or anyone I know
>basically tells me these past few weeks little sister has been forcing dad to jerk off in front of her
>ask him how the fuck she's doing that
>he tells me he cheat on my mom on her friend's wedding WITH THE BRIDE/HER FRIEND about a year ago and she caught him doing it
>basically tells me that she's threatening to his boss, mom, friends and other family if he doesn't keep doing it
oh yeah. so about some time ago I heard my dad walk into my little sister's room. that was about twenty minutes ago.

and that's the story of how my little sister is raping my dad on the room next door
How long does it take you to shit? I just plop down release my bowels then wipe and walk away three minutes max and no time for the phone
If this is real this little girl is a god

>tfw was never like her when I was a little girl
Extremely jealous
not him but dude sometimes it takes me a while, never less than 7 minutes, can get up to like 18ish

i dont even have a phone though, i used to read but now i actually yoyo lol
there is no way this is real

pls mr robot
She sounds a little psychopathic
it wasnt really her broken english , it was her not understanding anything
like when i asked her favourite movies she responded " :-) yeah i like movies "
File: Butte.jpg (87 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 500x500
That put me in a different dimension, is this legal?
Thank you. I can rest in peace now.
Is she a anime character?
>drinking orange juice
Don't you know that stuff is pure poison.
>not having image hover zoom on your browser
what the fuck

cant tell if stacy or fucked in the head fembot

probably fucked in the head fembot
too cool to be stacy
>yeah you little cock sucker

My sides just left the universe
File: 1404248452784.jpg (44 KB, 406x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 406x385
>"so watchu masturbating to, boyo?"
i don't get it
someone can explain me
>inb4 reddit
Very large image
This was a fun read.

What? Why?
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 245x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 245x206
I would love to meet your family
Lmao bump
Can someone make me a copy of this thread please?
Op here. On mobile right now

Whenever i write these ill start with "x is raping y etc" and this or a similar image

Hope yall had fun, because i sure did
Was pretty fun, thanks.
Here you go, faggot. https://archive.is/yikAt It's easy, don't be such a bitch next time. Go on the website and just submit the URL.
It's full of sugar senpai, and sugar is the enemy
That poor man.

Why don't you do something anon?

Don't you know this could affect him for the rest of his life?

Rape is NO JOKE.
thank you. you've taught a man to fish as well as gave him one.
Is that the Chaika crasher?

stop shilling your false fantasy
>big Mac
>incest hentai
>cs: go
>chronic masturbation


All makes sense
shit senpai thats fucked up
>using Clover
Literally made by a reddit Jew to track your posts
File: ehh.png (222 KB, 2508x1285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
222 KB, 2508x1285
How come mine loads fine?
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