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>feel really sick
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>feel really sick
>mummy takes me to doctor
>get blood test
>results come in
>allergic to tendies
I think you made this story up
Yeah you can't be fucking allergic to a cut of meat.

>Oh no, waiter... I can't have the Prime Rib, I have allergies...I'll have a New York Strip instead?
Damn, it's been a whiles since I've seen a tendies story.

Your mom probably just told the doctor to tell you that so she wouldn't have to make them for you anymore. Go outside
You can't be allergic to "tendies" you dumbass, you are allergic to either chicken or breadcrumbs

>knows literally nothing about biology or allergies
>thinks you cant be allergic to certain cuts of meat

i like how youve clearly never taken a high school biology class and come into the thread acting as if youre an authority on the subject
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I like how you came into the thread to try to prove a point but then realized how fucking retarded you were when you didn't realize the point of the greentext was to give context to the statement.
So devilish
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>implying there's such a thing as a true tendies story
>being this new
>ten die

>Deaths 10 (including the perpetrator)

You made this happen, /r9k/
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creative and original comment
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>have saved up GBP for the past 3 months so I can have a tendies feast for my 30th
>mummy conveniently declares that this household is now vegan
>I REEE like I've never REEE'd before, throwing my secret stash of pissbottles and shitjugs, but mummy stands her ground
>in my rage I forget to take my request for tendies out of inbox, so mummy uses all my GBP on soy tendies
>they are disgusting, and now I have no credit to spend on blowey Joey's or juice boxes
>mummy says it's all my fault for not cancelling the request on time, and if I want tendies, I can get a job
>take her to court
>lawyer convinces judge that I am mentally and emotionally disturbed
>judge declares that withholding tendies in this case is akin to neglect
>now I get all the tendies I want, no GBP necessary

>also, mummy said she's putting a special ingredient in today's batch
>I can't wait
you're just desperate to use those reddit-tier fish pics, huh?

Kek, that is bullshit but stilly very kekky
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My fat-from-eating-too-many-tendies sides!
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Nightmare Pepe.png
1 MB, 831x1000
>lost all my tendies and GBP in the crash
>decide to earn one billion GBP
>buckle down and start working hard
>clean the piss, shit, and cum jugs out of my room earned 100 GBP
>step outside for the first time in years and go to the barber, earned 10 GBP
>get a shave and a haircut, earned 50 GBP for each
>enroll back in college, 100 points
>keep racking up points for years
>lose weight, get fit 100,000 points
>get a gf 10,000 points
>graduate medical school 100,000 points
>get married and buy a house 1,000,000 points
>mommy awards points for grandkids so I get my girlfriend pregnant a few times as well
>decide to see them through college for bonus points
>fast forward, kids come home for Christmas from unis
>I'm getting close to my goal of 1 billion GBP
>my sons are happy to see me
>my daughter is saying some shit about how stressful college life is
>"I'm having a hard time at college dad, it's so competitive"
>well, honey, I'm sure you'll make it you just have to bee yourself, I have complete faith in you (I've been keeping close count of GBP, 10 points for giving fatherly advice means I've reached my goal)
>"Oh daddy I'm so glad I have you here to keep me grounded! I don't know what I would do without you
>honey I love you too, believe me life is-
>a huge smile creeps upon my lips
>hook my daughter in the face
>shit on the dinner table, ruin the Christmas dinner
>my family looks on in horror
>sprint out of the house all the way to my mommy's retirement home
>kick the door down
>shake her hand and smear it with shit
>she stares at me with dead eyes, a single tear drop in her left one

That was 4 years ago. I've been living off my GBP since.
This is not original. You can do better, anon
Ha-ha fuck normies, if they didn't want abuse every time they walk in the door they shouldn't have procreated.

I dumped lighter fluid on my mom's shoes cuz she wouldn't get my purple flavor fizzlewizzles at Win Dixie today.
Wait a sec how were the other 880,000 good boy points earned?
You definitely made the right choice. Like a beta, when my mom forgot my mugs root beer once, I said it's fine. She then kept "forgetting it". Tried something similar to you, but by then it was too late. Haven't had it in months.

You definitely gotta call that shit while it's early.
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david simon 2.jpg
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holy kanger-kek-erooni that's some nice work anon
You won't find out from him. He didn't write that story.
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