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Feels Heavy.jpg
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20 years old. I rarely go out, spend 100% of time on computer. Learning how to code and maybe make some use of it. Watch anime every now and than, watch youtube videos A LOT. I have a random sleep schedule, sleep whenever, usually don't know what day it is. Everyone looks down on me or has nothing but negative things to say about me. Sleep and repeat. Tell me your life /r9k/....
>12-2 - wake up, read the news on my phone then get laptop and fap
>2-6 - get up, get breakfast then play Football Manager and browse the web
>6 - Have dinner
>6-12 - Play more Football Manager and browsing, another fap at about 11pm
>12-4 - Watch a film or some TV on laptop in bed, another fap at about 3am
>4+ - start listening to a podcast while drifting off to sleep

Pretty much the same every day
Get up mostly at 12 eat, read news, go to 4chin, youtube, news, 4chin, youtube, vidya, repeat
>wake up around 1-2 PM
>play mobile games while eating breakfast
>walk dog for 20 minutes
>tell my mom that yes, I am looking for a job which is SUCH a lie
>continue mobile games and shitposting on 4chins
>lunch at 6-7PM
>walk dog after supper every other day
>think about beraking my routine and practicing the piano or producing music or working out
>keep shitposting and playing mobile games
>get off the computer around 12pm-1am
>play video games on PS3 for an hour or two
>eat supper around 1-2am
>watch animes for another hour
>regret wasting another day
>finish playing mobile games in bed
>watch maybe an hour of random youtube in bed

b....burpfart n..neetcucks
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>Get up at 10-14
>Eat 3 eggs with bread
>Shitpost on 4chan for few hours
>Watch series on Netflix or the ones I torrented
>Either lift or try to do something useful for 2 hours
>Play some videogaymes
>Go to bed and lie awake for about an hour
>wake up
>eat shitpost

Rinse and repeat 7 days a week, 365 days
18 yr old degenerate. spend 100% time on computer
>wake up around 8 - 11 sometime around there..
>clean teeth
>take shower
>eat breakfast
>computer... watch videos on youtube
>eat lunch
>computer... play vidya
>eat a snack
>computer... watch a bit of anime
>eat a snack
>computer... check to see if any videos are up, browse chans , play vidya at the same time
>computer... continue browsing chans and vidya
>another snack
>computer... browsing chans
>sleep around 10
>wake up remember how boring life is
>try sleeping again sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt
>go to the kitchen to eat something
>usually nothing good to eat
>go back to my room angry
>go to the kitchen again and eat whatever shit there is
>eat outside with my brother if hes in the house if no go to my room
>4chan or chat
>play stupid games that i hate or im bored but i keep playing them just because
>parents bother me about getting a job or applying to grad school
>think of girls
>watch porn and masturbate
>think about more girls
>time to sleep
Are you mean anon?

I'm literally 20 and also never leave the house, I just picked up anime for some god known reason and a few months ago I wanted to get into coding since im useless at everything but I gave up after like 2 weeks because I can never see myself getting a job with it because of no degree in CS.

I want to try and get back into it but don't know where to go, I was just starting javascript but couldn't be fucked figuring it out, where do you learn to code and how far gone are you/do you think its worth it?
Hey anon. I am relatively new to coding as well. I am currently learning HTML CSS Javascript and Jquery for front-end web development. It gets really annoying and tough at times but most the time I push through it. Go to codecademy.com, do their html/css javascript than go to freecodecamp.com
Hi anon, I'm 30 year old you.

I haven't gone out with friends in about 7 years, I haven't been with a girl in about 6 years. I started watching anime earlier last year and also tried getting into IT & computer-related careers, but it sort of made me want to kill myself.

I actually went to community college a few times for those things. Once in Network Administration which was WAY beyond my skillset after I took one part-time course in html and though I could do anything. I then lowered my expectations and instead went for a Web Design/Technology program which was fine for a few months until we got to javascript and php and linux and databases & back-end stuff.

I think if I had more time I could have learned it at my own pace but the program I was in was just one year long with a two-month internship included, so we spent like two weeks at most on any given topic.

but like I said it was never really a love or passion of mine, I just thought it was easy money. Personally I'm getting into music production and audio engineering after doing some soul-searching.

I actually started learning to code through https://www.codecademy.com/ and that was a few years ago when it was just basic html & CSS mostly, now they have javascript, sql, php, ruby, etc.

to practice from your desktop get something like netbeans which lets you type and run code through it.
>but I gave up after like 2 weeks because I can never see myself getting a job with it because of no degree in CS.
Same here. After a few weeks I realise I won't make a cent with it anyway because all the top chads went to Uni for a CS degree, so I quit.

This cycle repeats itself once every six month or so.
depending on what you want to do, you don't really need a uni degree senpai, if you work on your craft and get your own projects and portofolio going, you can land yourself an internship and job
This. Nice to see some optimistic anons like myself. I read about these cases all the time, its possible. Don't give up and surround yourself with like minded people, if you can't find any(like myself) than find some online!
>Wake up around noon
>Feel like dogshit so I make coffee
>Coffee makes me tired again
>Browse internet and vidya for a couple hours
>Take a nap to get past overwhelming exhaustion from coffee
>It's dark when I wake up again
>Day is pretty much over. Completely shot through with feelings of lethargy and sadness.
>Browse internet for remainder of day
>Wake up at 8am, or 6am on Fridays
>Make breakfast, usually boiled eggs, a bagel, and some salmon because im jew
>go to first class, database management
>come home, change, go to gym
>come home, make protein shake
>make sweet love to grilfrend
>next class
>come home, lunch
>change into suit
>come home, eat dinner

You guys can get out of this shit. You have the beautiful gift of life but you have to make something of it.

Getting on a proper sleep schedule is key though. You guys can do it. And stop watching anime. Trust me. I'm a Chad on the outside but robot on the inside. If you watch anime, you will be looked down upon. I also have a minor in Japanese and was surrounded by 4chan type of people every day in class. You guys can change
I can go back to school and get a job and work out and go to bed at night and wake up in the morning and go out with friends on weekends and get in a meaningful long-term relationship, but YOU WILL PRY ANIME FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS
wake up at 7 am, go to uni, classes, homework and learning until about 8 pm, come home, eat, vidya, sleep at 2 am.
So I will, robot. See you tomorrow.
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yuzu gun.jpg
86 KB, 480x640
basically this but without coffe and diet healthy food because im on diet..
im start to feeling weird ... thinking about take some "happiness" pill such as setraline
13:30 Wake up
14:00 Get out of bed
15:30-17:00 Make lunchdinner
17:00 Masturbate
18:00 Parents come home and complain about my lifestyle.
19:00 Contemplate wether I should go buy a snack or hold back
20:00 Go buy snack
02:00 Masturbate
03:00 Wish I had another snack
06:00 Go to bed
07:00 Fall asleep

The rest of the time is spent on the computer
just leave and never return here damn it, its getting annoying, dont you normies have lives to live?
>woke up
>smoke weed
>eat food
>do nothing/play games for next 3 hours
>widen drive way cus it snowed
>smoke again
>play game
>smoke before eat tho
>play more
>post about the shit i didnt accomplish on r9k
Lol at the anger at someone trying to help you
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Thread images: 6
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