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What relaxes you after a stressful day /r9k/?

>a cold shower
>pop open a drink to watch films or vidya on comfy pc
>lying down and playing with my cat

And being here too tbhqfam
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>replaying pokemon platinum
pls no bully, but something as simple as this is really relaxing to play
I can't watch most films or play pc games because it reminds me of the past
Sitting in the sauna after a work out is one of the comfiest feelings.
Being nude with other people really makes me social
>Go home at 6
>have bath or shower
>binge watch the office while occasionally hitting a pipe or bong
>set alarm for 7:30am
>rinse and repate 6 times a week
>no gf
>not really any money worries pretty nice desu lads

This does it for me.
Sometimes I'll play gamecube to relax too.
I wish I could do that, but I keep waking up late, and having to work late to catch up, so I don't really stop working till like 9, and I just have an hour to eat dinner and take a bit of melatonin to sleep
Try weed nice deep sleep and if you have like half a j good for studying/working got me through uni
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>get home from work
>turn on space heater in my room and change into my onesie
>take a nap
>wake up, grab a rolling rock and play some bf4
>spend the rest of the night reading, playing piano or working on gunpla kits before bed

Maximum comfy
ASMR and crying
you too?
i love platinum
can we play together?
>get home
>angry, tired, stressed
>make a nice roast coffee
>sit outside on the porch
>light a cigarette
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>tfw nintendo ds servers went down so we can't play together
Nothing. I'm so stressed that I lost almost all of my hair at top because of TE.
As for myself I enjoy playing nonstop Elite:Dangerous. For some reason I can't wait to get home and launch back into space, back to destroying space criminals for credits.
called out today
>open steam
>dota 2
>relaxed until min 1
>see cancer team
>draw dicks on minimap
>save money buy wards and make a giant dick out of wards
>cyka blyat
if you have a 3DS, maybe we can exchange friend codes and play the newer games together if you'd like
mine is 1908 - 1628 - 2267
i have pokemon x and y, which would you prefer?
btw i haven't played them yet
>Get home at 10pm, usually. Sometimes later
>Crack open whatever alcohol drink I bought
>Hop on mumble and play vidya with friends and coworkers

We've been playing a shit ton on Rainbow Six Siege. Diablo 3 resets tomorrow and we're pumped for that
it doesn't matter, both are the same except for different legendaries
choose whichever you prefer
agh fuck, can't find my DSi/3DS charger, hold on senpai
I'll choose X then. I prefer the colour blue for the comfiness.
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Obscure/unique comfy activities that i can confirm are very comfy:

>Drinking vanilla chai tea
>Reading part 4 of JoJo
>A short morning walk to a local shop before a day of doing comfy activities
>Watching B&W films (I find Kurosawa films as well as Jim Jarmusch films very comfy. also 'Nebraska' is a good recent one if you don't like older films)
>A nice craft beer of your choice
>Bioshock 1
>Frank Sinatra songs
>Reading the beginning of 'Moby Dick' where they are in Nantucket, on a rainy night in candle light
>Smoking weed and watching an adult comedy cartoon like Bojack Horseman or Archer
>those few seconds when you wake up after a long relaxing sleep and don't know who or where you are yet.
>Egg/Sausage/Bacon/whatever sandwich in the morning
>Werner Herzog documentaries
>Things that evoke childhood nostalgia like 'To kill a mockingbird' or Tom sawyer
>Being out in the daytime whilst everyone else is at work or school
senpai, I found my charger. Adding you in a few minutes.
sorry I'm running late I had to call nintendo
no worries, i'm still here
Weed and beer
go to church,
only God's presence soothes my soul
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old junkie big.jpg
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vallarian root and meditation
and sometimes some poppyseed tea
itt: normie children

40mg of diazepam probably
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if I don't have benzos, kava or kratom
if I don't have any of those, tobacco
Added, sorry I had to wait for a parental master code at 4-5AM to get internet working
what's your friend code?
thanks! I added you, i'm playing x as well.
I have to update Pokemon, haven't played in a while. Sorry!!
This thread really comforts me.
After a day full of stress I like to clean the living room, an easy job to clear my head. After that I take some time to smoke a joint And relaxe And have a beer. After that I cook myself a nice dinner and take a bath after. The rest of the evening I watch series or play video games with friends.
it's cool, no need to apologize
I hope we can have fun playing together
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>tfw have to update Pokemon to play online but to update Pokemon you have to update the 3DS
Almost there

>tfw you witness the start of a friendship right before your eyes

hope you two have fun
drinking a coffee and watching people on twitch. i know it is autistic but i have met a lot of people from it. only low level channels though no kaceytron bullshit.
nice life
sorry about the unbalanced battle, maybe once you finish the game we can have a rematch or something
also wanna exchange skypes?
My Skype is skypemerightthissecond
deep comf
>Counting all my physical money
>Jack off to the highest quality porn
>Playing vidya with my cat
>Browsing 4chan
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>light wind on your skin
>sitting in fresh grass
>listening to a good album you haven't listened in years
>being completely alone after being forced to be around people a long time
>finishing a level you've been stuck at for so long
>playing halo 3
>finishing a chapter in a good book and realising you're not even mid-book
>hiking in nature
>a good joint
>cumming inside

I'm sorry if some of them are "normie"
>relaxing music
>hot coffee
>cloudy day (night time is too dark and sunny days are too bright)
>either studying or some vidya
>pleasant conversation with my only friend or this qt femanon I've been talking to
>night walks
>threads like this

I don't really browse r9k as much as I used to, a lot of the threads just aren't my thing anymore, but comfy threads will always be great.

>>Reading the beginning of 'Moby Dick' where they are in Nantucket, on a rainy night in candle light
10/10 feel
tfw no pacific pal to eat biscuits with and cuddle with at night
>hot coffee or tea
>my sweater with Mickey Mouse on it
>sit in front of TV and play vidya
>watching fargo
>drinking tea
>visiting the countryside
>blankets on cold nights
>tightly tucked into bed and listening to rain outside
>minecraft alone
>driving around on gta v or sa
>playing witcher 3
>talking about comfy feelings with my friends on r9k
File: Lqlw1ac.gif (1 MB, 464x655) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I highly relate, you cool anon.
>>Literal man child
File: 1434164908462.gif (804 KB, 500x715) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>chug 2 beers after a long day
>cook a nice meal while slightly buzzed from the beer while sipping a third one
>eat meal with a forth
>smoke a joint

Wash, rinse, repeat once a week, switch beers for wine, shots, coktails, etc.

I really like cooking drunk.
>have a snow day yesterday
>sleep in
>make homemade pizza pockets for breakfast with a glass of ice cold cola
>Explore the wastes of Fallout 4, work on building a homey settlement
>go for a walk on the empty roads with a light dusting of snow coming down
>go over to a friend's house and do all kinds of fun awesome things and get major friendship feels
>end the night with a few rounds of Magic with my comfy white tank deck vs my friend's rainbow Eldrazi deck
>come home, cuddle my rats, eat more pizza pockets, and go to bed

comfiest day in a while
my nigga
Robots, have you ever seen Fight Club?
'meme tier film' and 'le philosophy film' bullshit aside, isn't the connection between it and these posts eerie?
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