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>at the office.
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>at the office.
>coworker girl always ask me to buy her a weaboo fish shaped ice cream.
>she is kawaii as fuck.
>she gets me to play with her some retarded cat game on my cellphone with her.
>she insists that she wants the fish ice cream everyday while she does kawaii sounds like growling like a fucking pokemon n shit.
>one day she draws a cute fish and post it in my computer.
>the drawing stays for weeks on my office.
>this faggot male coworker I have start telling me that he wants a kiss from me.
>I obviously say no like the high-test alpha male I'm.
>he insists and puts a note on my computer telling me he is waiting for the kiss.
>I get really angry and rip the note apart.
>In my autism I rip the fish note as well in a million pieces.
>I realize what I did.
>my kawaii friend is watching me with her heart broken.
>she stops talking to me.
>she erase me from her normie book.

What should I do robots?
Keep going with it.

That's what an alpha would do
I hope you realize she views you as her gay friend.
An alpha wouldn't care about gay shit like that.
>claim to be alpha
>anxious over some psuedo-waifu deleting him on normiebook

ha ha yeah man Your david hasselhoff is showing
You're retarded, she clearly wants the D
If you want to make things right, you should buy the girl the fucking ice cream. It was pretty tough what you did, I feel sorry for the girl.

Die anon.
white knight beta faggot detected
Is she a cutie?
she's probably a roastie desu senpai desu

This whole situation sounds absolutely retarded. I would avoid both of these people whenever possible and not spare a thought for either of them since they sound like human cancers.
This isn't real, its the plot of some anime. Everyone replying is 12 years old

she's on her prime, that lucky bastard will have a good 2 months before dumping her and get to the next fresh pussy, i can't live with this feeling

>be crazy in love me
>she knows i have feelings
>i know she is not into me and it kills me very day
>tell her "look, i know you have noticed and I feel pathetic"
>what are you talking about anon?
>you know i have a thing for you oneitis
>what? :confused emoji face:
>i think i caught feelings i shouldn't have
>oh, i see, well you know its wrong(i dated her sister before)
>yes, it is, i understand i fucked up, i know it is impossible
>yeah, i understand but i don's feel good about this
>dont worry oneitis, you can leave anytime, no need to talk if you dont want to
>its ok anon take it out i see you are very sad
>ok, let me breath, o-ok, see I'm sorry for making things so weird
>oh anon, what happened to you, you looked normal all this months, didn't see it coming
>i was faking it, always dying to see you, but i can't anymore, so this is the last good bye, i fucked up
>anon!, get your shit together!, no need to be like this
>yes it has to, I'm sorry i can't, i feel in love i know you wont see me as you used too. i need to stop seeing you forever, i dont want to make you feel awkward or stalked.
>fine, i see there is no turning back, i think my sister still have feelings for you i bet you are going to date again in the future. FIRST RULE NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH THE YOUR GF'S SISTER!
>i know i fucked up i said it a million times, but I'm not coming back with her never, and by your reactions i can see you are upset.
>yeah I'm very mad at you right now, its wrong.
>well I'm going to leave, i guess we will never see each other again, or even talk, so good bye tae care.
>ok anon take care
>actually, oneitis!
>since its the last goodbye, stay a little bit please, ill disappear from everybody life after this.
>o-ok, good night.

i am devastated senpai :(
>being used by girl for free ice cream
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46 KB, 287x296
>buy her something
I don't get this. For a stranger girl you might actually make more money than her and can buy it. But for a coworker making the same as you that you aren't even having relations with? WTF, no wonder the male coworker was wanting your pathetic boipussy
>have a girl flirting with me
>office-alpha spots flirting
>alpha approaches
>alpha rolls a 18 on perception check
>alpha realises im gonna choke, hard, will need heimlich.
>i proceed to choke
>choke hard
>no heimlich
>ruined it
>office-alpha slides on in to kawaii grill

You're an adult baby.
Which anime?
Do you work in an anime?
It is real you dumb autist virgin, kill yourself.
My fatherly advice for you, my dear anon,is:
Kill yourself.
This situation sound completely retarded until you factor in the following theory:

>weeb has hots for OP
>can only show it in kawaii shit, since shes a womanchild
>OP is a oblivious faggot, dosnt go for it/set it straight
>kawaii girl gossips around the watercooler that maybe OP is gay as he doesnt seem to ge the hint
>word of mouth get to the office faggot who makes his move

Dun fucked up there bro
>guy teases you for having a girl like you
>getting mad at being "teased" for something most of us will never EVER experience

drown yourself
Why don't you just



OP here.
Should I give my boypussy to the office faggot?
Serious question.
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