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Rest in Power Aaron Swartz (Nov 8, 1986 -...
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Rest in Power Aaron Swartz (Nov 8, 1986 - Jan 11, 2013)

>3 Years without The Prophet
>3 Years without Our Martyr
>3 Years without Our Chosen One, The Ascended, The Beautiful One
>3 Years since the FBI murdered him

Oh, fuck. The ride never ends. The U.S. "National Security" Empire never stops. They will consume everything. They can't even control policy anymore. The State is compartmentalized; all power to the Black Operations groups!
>Explicitly anti-democratic
The CIA totalitarian state is encroaching upon us.
Where will you be when The Habbening Goes Down?
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>You will always be in our hearts.
>We will never forget those who did this to you.
he literally did nothing but pirate academic papers. I'll never understand the dick riding with him.
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Yes, Champion! Stick to the official story, anon-kun!
have fun circlejerking over a cult of personality
>cult of personality
>Swartz is not the literal Prophet of our Era
>A True Martyr for the Open, Pre-Normie Interwebz

have fun circlejerking over whatever your CIA masters tell you is the Approved Flavor of the Month (TM)

I can just picture Valhalla
>various other Awakened Beings
>smoking Fat Ass Blunts of Afghan Kush
>exchanging tabs of acid
>getting their drank on
>discussing philosophy and extra-dimensional stuff
>discussing music, arts and the finer tastes
>having orgies with prime virgin qt's or even each other (why not? who gonna judge? they're all Awakened Ones. None of them gaf about the homophobic dick posturing of mere mortals)
>toasting in ebin breads on /r9k/ with their fresh OC and time-stamps to prove that they are indeed communicating to us from the spirit world
Truly a Hall of Legends
File: 1451366984611.gif (1000 KB, 450x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>prime virgin 2d qt's
you can actually physically interact with your anime waifus because
>muh spirit world

fuck, is this heaven?
is this where you go when you die and you've been a Good Boy for mummy?
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fishing for (you)'s

not bait
completely orginal
that is such a cute image.
your reward for posting it on this imageboard is a (you) from me.
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I gave up after the reaction to Assange. I don't owe normies shit. The most they'll get from me now is doom Paul images. It's unfortunate but we lost the culture war.

I have and will always maintain that capitalism is the ultimate good, but I am against non-whites, women, and the political correctness bullshit. I've shared a few journal articles, but only those pertaining to an interest of mine and with friends. Other than that I've been a good goy and fallen in line with our pinko master's dictates.

We had so many chances but every time people actively fight against good. From something as big as women's suffrage or white nationalism and the nsdap fighting bolshevism, to something as small as gamer gate and everything in between like Assange, homosexual agenda, and the continual assault against American freedom and capitalism. This is not a world I feel I have a stake in. People are blind, there are people who not only don't hate king nigger, they voted for and still support obongo even after the wiretapping and efforts against destroying our borders and gun rights.

If you have young cousins or nephews look at there school stuff. Public education was always a horrible thing, but especially now. My nephew spent less than one week on studying Europe in world history, and mainly it focused on the crusades and perverting everything to make it look like a bad thing, then they spent 6 weeks on Islam and said nothing but good about it. They even made them learn prayers and read the Quran. They've been brainwashing since the commies won sometime in the 50s, but were never this shameless about it.
i think its interesting to think of the CIA/NSA as a kind of modern day Praetorian guard who play kingmaker, not with swords and armed revolt, but with judicious leaks of sensitive information acquired through the multifaceted clandestine channels available to the world's most sophisticated intelligence gathering organizations.
Watch that video, he was trying to change things.
File: kermitintrigued.jpg (15 KB, 225x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>le ebin Jews
>le ebin Negroids
>le ebin Kebabs

"Scapegoating: the hope is that by deflecting the anger of people, which might be directed against the system itself, deflecting the anger against these other people, the system would save itself. In the South, black people became scapegoats. And it directed the anger of white people, poor white people in the South were the people who joined the Ku Klux Klan. These poor white people might have rebelled against the governments of the South and against the national government, but no, they were told that black people were the source of their problem."

"Frustration-aggression is one of the most effective ways of managing a population. By directing a person's rage against selected minorities or outside enemies, the true cause of an individual's frustration can be effectively diverted. Yet in many ways, the theory is a symptom of something deeper. In order to engender hatred against a particular group, that group must first be feared. And it is in the realm of fear that behaviorism made its most disturbing contribution"

The problem, when we get to the root of the matter, is that:
>you sincerely believe that you are red-pilled
>you're not red-pilled
>not even close

If you're not a cuck and you have any interest in actually waking up to the true red pill, this documentary is a good start to get you up to speed on the solid fundamentals of a red-pill view of how the world really works.
i did.Sounds like he was a cancerous sjw occupy commie faggot. Can't wait until EFF stops posting shit about him.
>anarchy communist flag
instantly trashed
File: Red-pill.png (760 KB, 665x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>le ebin commies
>le ebin sjw's
>le ebin faggots
>actually thinking any of these are at all "The Enemy" of your freedom

sounds like you might be the same anon
I insist, take this pill anon-kun >>25742888
It will do you wonders
I never said they were the enemy of my freedom stfu and speak for yourself instead of posting youtube videos. oh wait you can't because you're an idiot.
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>I love to get dicked down by my Sweet CIA masters of the military-industrial complex!
>commie = spooky
>spooky = bad because Red,White,Blue Murica says so and if I don't toe the Party Line I'll be on the CIA watchlist

Stay cucked, HierarchyCucks
He's probably was a good guy sure, but he's more a hero for reddit than us.

Personally I like Assange more, most normies feminists and SJWs hate him.

>>actually thinking any of these are at all "The Enemy" of your freedom
might not be the greatest enemies of freedom, but they are still annoying
>If you're not a cuck and you have any interest in actually waking up to the true red pill
why don't you summarise that video, I come here for shitposting not enlightenment
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Race hate and scapegoating in general (i.e. what anon(s) above demonstrated with the rants against jews, kebabs, sjws and the left etc) is conditioned fear that has been engendered through social engineering. This social engineering is rooted in behaviorism, which is a key factor in the development of scientific management and mechanistic forms of control which are actually connected to the rise of modern industrial capitalism and are still integral to the capitalist model of endless accumulation and subjugation of the peoples into wagecuckoldry and political disenfranchisement, while stifling dissent (aka your freedom) with global surveillance and mass murder via the corporate-military-industrial National Security State.
guaranteed you believe in singularity and post scarcity market too

ever have an original thought?
well thanks for the summary.
So basically you're another radical leftist that wants to completely get rid of hierarchy and inequality. Fantastic, I'm ready to accept the ideology I left behind before I turned 20.

singularity? no
post scarcity market? no, I think societies, even in the postcapitalist stage, will almost certainly continue to have to bear the burden of managing scarcity through sustainable development and resource use, though this would undoubtedly be less of a dire threat to our ability to survive as a species in the changing environment than under the capitalist model of endless accumulation and large scale, wasteful resource plunder for the bottom line of profit

Even then, you'd still have to be a fool to not recognize the tremendous power thay is available even with the current technology to automate most tasks of basic production for basic needs
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boysclub right.jpg
47 KB, 255x320

>haha lookie lookie underage v& :^)
>so kawaii desu
>the ideology I left behind once I became a submissive wagecuck who keeps his head down, limits his "freetime" attention span only to the approved distractions, and never dares to question the power elites who pull all the strings

Aight pham

*production and distribution of basic needs
tl;dr: most wagecucks are literally replaceable by robots, and if people actually get their shit together and organize we can have a prosperous economy where quite plausibly 90 percent or more of the population enjoy a comfy NEET lifestyle because all the essential jobs are automated
>Mechanical robots replace wagecucks
>wagecucks join the human robot NEET master race
Socialism is just another form of hierarchy you dumb fuck. There will always be political elites

Also genuinely curious
Even after the whole controversial shit show with the leaks about the NSA mass spying on everybody's electronic communication, how is it that the Normies STILL will accept the legitimacy of the CIA/NSA because "OMG we need them to protect us from spoopy Islam terrorists. Hashtag prayforparis. Omg Stacy share this on normiebook! Make it viral." And the normans legitimately think "National Security" is real and not anything other than a convenient phrase that means nothing and can be used to justify any action in the pursuit of corporate profits and squashing dissent to the empire.

Why do the normies just point blank refuse to make the logical leap to the conclusion of "Hey, know what? The CIA/NSA needs to be abolished. This surveillance/Black Ops regime needs to be toppled."

This is something I can maybe kind of understand in an abstract sense but, come on

I can't be the only one here who gets frustrated at this?
>social ownership and democratic control of the means of production
>democratic control
Literally nothing about socialism as an economic structure automatically implies or necessitates hierarchy

>there will always be
>this is how we've always done things
>so this is how things must always be in the future
stay assblasted
Shit. I almost always just miss trips
Why live?
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Bumping for discussion of how to BTFO the NSA/CIA
hi fbi. i'm big pepe. and this is 4chins
Existence on earth automatically implies hierarchy. Humans want to rule each other. There are good and bad systems of hierarchy, but to do away with it completely is impossible. Please keep trying though, your failures only go on to prove my point.
>Existence on this earth
Lord! Kek'd out loud
>muh human nature
Nurture vs nature is over. Nature got objectively BTFO. Humans exhibit most destructive behavior because they've literally been conditioned to do so by social structures they've grown up under which were (guess what?) already hierarchical and coercive before they were born.
>what is democratic consensus
>what are the Iroquois
>what is Catalonia
>what are many rural and pastoral/gatherer indigenous societies that manage to socialize their young just fine without teaching them to employ coercion and subjugate others as a matter of policy
Do normies just enjoy being cUcked by the NSA? They just pretended to be mad for a couple days about the NSA spying on them and then continued to stay happily cucked after without a single protest? Hoary chet.
Srs question. I'm interested in what my fellow anons have to say
quads speaks the trooth
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>I base my entire worldview off watching Fox News
>all conservative rights watch fox news meme
Da fuck?
Reddit is conservative as fuck
Atheists tend to be the most paranoid, anti-Muslim neo-conservatives
Cue Sam Harris, literally wants to the US to start a nuclear genocide in the Middle East
*tips fedora*
breddy gud taste in Assange, anon. I'd say Chelsea Manning is a solid candidate for our hero as well.
>born fetal alcohol syndrome
>spent childhood with Legos or on computer, not much if at all social time with other kids
>interest in computers
>set up a message board website in 2003
>bullied at school
>on a camping trip, awoke to an empty tent after everyone had ditched an hour before
>spent semester studying English and history but left college after failing an exam
>joins Army
>when screamed at by drill sergeants, would scream right back at them
>joins hacker community
>works as intelligence analyst (i.e. not Chad-tier frontline grunt)
>releases Iraq/Afghan War Logs to Wikileaks
>exposes dumb Chads murdering civilians from their helicopters, clearly warcrimes, simply because their superiors ordered them to and they lack the moral spine to disobey a clearly immoral order (aka RuleCucks, SuperiorsOrdersCucks)
>gets charged to prison for National Security (TM)
>becomes a Trap

Literally /r9k/: The Whistleblower
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get reaction posts are always original
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Thread images: 17
Thread DB ID: 413313

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