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how is /neetlife/ treating you robots?
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how is /neetlife/ treating you robots?

>wake up whenever
>order an extra large cheese pizza and a coke
>eat 2/3 of the pizza while watching south park
>have a 1 hour long fap session
>take a nap
>wake up 2 hours later
>eat the rest of the pizza while watching american dad
>play vidya til early in the morning
that sounds fuckin awful desu senpai
>go to bed around 2-3am

>wake up around 11

pretty comfy desu.
Sounds awesome tbqh, reminds me of summer in high school

I'd probably get tired of it though after a few months though.

finally a neet thread that isn't wagebait
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>tfw my Ipod touch broke last night
>had it for so many years
>always listened to it
>always brought it with me when i went out, shops since it calmed me down because i have social anxiety
>remember my sister had has one she doesn't use
>make her look for it
>she finally finds it then pretends she wants it unless i pay for it
>tfw made me pay 20$ for an ipod touch
>tfw had to spend my neet bux
>tfw cucked
Bet you are the fattest and most ugliest motherfucker in the world

I pray for your parents
u didnt actually copy paste a thread did you
If he's happy then so what?
He isnt happy. Also he'll be dead at 38.
it got really bad after 5 years

about to go back to sleep
He wont be happy if his parents die and he has no way to sustain himself and to buy his tendies
To be fair, when I was a NEET for two years I really enjoyed it, sure there was some bad moments but I'd rather be a NEET then a Wageslave
sound like how i live during spring break
Of course, who wouldnt want to get paid to sit on their ass. The problem is they are sedentary fuckers with poor diets, no social lives, terrible eating habits and its just not good for you.
just live on wellfare like all the nignogs
>played an mmo until 12 am
>woke up 6 am because I have to wait for something at 7:30
>waiting until 7 to start my mmo dailies
>want a coffee, some on and a pastry but have to wait for the thing
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>Wake up whenever after mother and sister leave for work
>Shitpost on 4chan all day
>Don't really eat because no food
>Take shower/clean fleshlight
>Shitpost on 4chan until mother and sister get home
>Literally just lay in bed until they go to sleep so i don't have to play 20 question about what I'm doing
>Shitpost on 4chan for another hour or so after they go to sleep
>Fap again
>Shitpost for a little longer
>Watch Anime for a few hours
>Shitpost on 4chan for a few more hours
>Go to sleep right before mother and sister wake up so i don't get "ARE YOU /STILL/ UP!?"

Right now I'm post fap shitposting

l-livin the dream...

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Jesus christ Anon, you're like a flashback of my life 5 years ago. It sounds horrifying, the constant fear someone might just start yelling at you because they think you're a useless waste of shit, I hated it. I hope things get better for you man.
Where are you from anon? Get on those NEETBUX and move in with some roomies your age. 3 of us are NEET here. It is fkn great.
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Do you guys ever do any sex stuff?
File: 1450601791140.jpg (76 KB, 409x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Constantly on edge due to fear of no stable financial future. Hate leeching off family, I'm a failure, I can never mentally relax
File: 1428292676405.jpg (47 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It is 100% my parents fault I'm like this and they know it.
If they ever call me out, i legitimately have so much shit to guilt them with they couldn't make me move until I'm 40 years old.
I live on family owned land in buttfuck nowhere so It's kind of nice here desu
Someone please explain how to get neetbux
Also, i know someone who has schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder, do you think they could get neetbux?
If it impairs their ability to work competently, more than likely. Though it also depends on your country as well.
Actually my diet consisted of canned goods, veggies, oat meal, eggs, and fresh fruit, i also jogged at nights and lifted weights. I didn't have any friends but neither do I still have friends as a wageslave. If anything my diet has gotten worse because I had no time to prepare my meals.
>100% my parents fault

that's a valid excuse until you stop being a teenager, anything after is on you. you can change
This, I'm 24 y/o NEET and full acknowledge what a piece of shit I am. My parents may have made some crappy child raising decisions but it's pretty shit to try and fault them for that if they're still letting you be a leech
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>Never sent me to school because they didn't want me around other kids
>Move to farm to put more distance between me and other people
>Make a friend online and get told I'm not allowed to talk to them anymore
>Give up 'homeschooling' halfway through first grade
>Don't teach me any personal hygiene
>Don't buy me good food(I ate microwave meals and drank soda every meal)
>Didn't take me to the dentist until i was 15 and had been in pain for over a year
>Have been to the doctor 3 times in my life even through my parents went every other week
>Mother cheats on father and they spend several years playing chicken on who will say they want a divorce first
>Completely on my own during their stand off
So complete mental, physical, and emotional neglect.
No education.
Complete social isolation.

I was literally just left in my house watching TV and playing flash games on Newgrounds my entire life.

This has to justify getting some sort of disability compensation

To make matters worse, i learned all my social skills on 4chan because i was forced to stay home all day every day without even any neighbors to be friends with.

You guys taught me how to interact with other people, if that alone isn't enough to justify being NEET for life, i don't even know what is.
sucks m8, worst part is them teeth, having had 30 fillings and 6 crowns in my life I know what having had shit dental hygiene is like. godspeed to all of us
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This is how it's treating me: extremely well.
your life is exactly like mine was 4 years ago
I'm now in the Marine Corps and wish I could go back to the comfy times
>wake up around 2 pm
>play vidya until 11pm
>fap for an hour
>sleep until 3 am
>play vidya until 5 am
>sleep until 2 pm and do it again
I'm actually getting quite depressed I've been getting too much time to think
>bi-phasic sleeping pattern
pretty much been doing this for nearly 6 years and half of that time spent abusing prescription drugs and alcohol
>wake up at 1 pm
>go out to buy some food
>drink coffe
>shit post on internet till 4pm
>have some lunch
>jerk off to bitches on omegle
>have second coffe
>shit post or keep looking for a bitchon omegle if i didn't find one before
>have dinner
>more shitposting/ jerking off
>play vidya till 4 am
>I'm now in the Marine Corps
Why? Of all the jobs.
eh, it's alright

don't have much money to do shit tho, so

thinking about applying for income support because depression, but idk
that's just how my life spiraled out of control, I guess. I was in college and wanted to grow weed some day. I decided that could wait and I wanted more life experience before following that dream. I especially didn't want to get wrapped up in destroying my youth with isolation or drugs, and I'd seen many people turn to various drugs and alcohol addictions that just ruined them. I was working at pizza hut and didn't know what else to do with my life, and decided to join the military. and I figured I'm not going to be some pussy ass bitch, so I went for the hardest branch because I wanted it to really rock my world and turn my life around, full immersion and the full experience, you know?

So far, it's done what I had wanted, and I'm proud of how far I've come. It's just figuring the rest of my life out that is the hard part. I ruined all my relationships with girls before I joined and burned many bridges.

It's the small things in life that once you destroy and can't get back that will always haunt you
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comfy pepe.gif
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same everything except i watch anime and drink whisky with my mmo of choice in another window
NEET for 5 years. I'm a HS dropout so getting a job is pretty hard, not that I've even tried.

Honestly I hate myself, I hate existing and I wish it would all iust go away
>wake up around 8 pm to 12 pm
>go on 4chan
>visit some rom hacking forums
>draw sometimes
>try to see what to do on the internet
>go to sleep around 8-9 am

also, i dont eat properly so im skinny, but it doesnt matters
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>working at pizza hut
>wanted to grow weed some day

Checks out senpai

Anyways should've went with the Navy its easier.

How'd you get fit? Or were you always fit just unmotivated before? Pic related pretty much me joining the Navy senpai
Man it fucking sucks. I'm too tired to do anything. I used to play anime and vidya when I started and it was great but momma feeds me shitty cheap food and I have fuck all energy.
I just zone out when watching anime and I don't want to start or continue and vidya until I wake up feeling good.

At least my animu and porn collection is growing fast.
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>Honestly I hate myself, I hate existing and I wish it would all iust go away
>wake up at 11am
>brush and groom
>play runescape
>watch youtube eat
>lift weights then eat 3x times.
>shitpost on 4chan whilst eating
>shitpost till 2am and watch anime till 4am.

On the weekends I try to teach myself maths as I'm preparing to go to college to major in maths for fun.
I was a fat kid who only played world of warcraft/counter strike/battlefield 2 but one day when I was 12 I got tired of people laughing at me for being fat and getting winded from walking up a staircase was annoying as well so I just started running 30 minutes every day. After about 10 months of that I was doing 6 miles in ~33 minutes every day just for fun, could do a 5 minute mile and over 20 pullups. That was when I was 13, and about 140 lbs. Then after I moved from that happy place I lived in I became depressed and started playing video games again. I joined when I was 20 and so the 7 years between the time I was fit and the time I joined I didn't do too much of anything besides play vidya

The month or so leading up to leaving I was doing pullups every chance I could, and running a few miles every few days. But there was guys in boot camp who weighed like 300 lbs and still made it through

I should have joined the navy for better jobs, but I said if I'm joining the military, I might as well go with the hardcore branch. better for lifelong effect, as I mentioned

if I joined something that was easier, it wouldn't change me as much. I'd feel a craving for more.

I still do, even in the USMC. It isn't enough for me

I'm thinking of going special forces
>I joined when I was 20
I assumed most people joined at 18. Were you an oddball or is that common?
cant order pizza out here desu

>wake up at some point in the day, feel like utter shit
>drink a coffee, then another one 20 mins later
>start to feel better a few hours later, eat a piece of bread or something because im not going to go outside and buy food and im not going to ask my mother to do anything for me
>go to sleep when i feel like death enough

its ok
Cant wait for the guilt free NEET life
I have done that in the middle of a work week and I'm a grad student
>tfw spend NEETbux on research chems, alcohol and takeaway food.

I want to die
>hiding from family members, living in constant fear of being noticed

this is my life

i had to get a job because my dad said he'd kick me out otherwise

it's only part-time though

he said that if he thinks i'm not working enough, he'll make me get another job

i'm not sure what i'd do at that point, maybe kill myself or take some money and try to live with a friend or something. the wage i'll be earning won't be enough to buy an apartment in this area, and i don't want to rent with normie roommates...
>research chems
is this legal? are they easy to get? what are they even like? i'm very interested in literally any form of drugs i can easily access without meeting people in person or using bitcoin.
Really easy to get, but are generally really shit and not worth doing.

I just get so bored.
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>He wants to live on 20k a year
make some realistic changes man. Enough with the fast food. learn to make some basic meals and go shopping for ingredients.

it'd be good to save some money wouldn't it? you may need it some day
And your house paid off*****

Early retirement > Being NEET
Holy shit my man, 20k.

I get more than that in autismbux and subsidies :o

>And your house paid off*****
Yea so? What if you need to repair your house (which you eventually will)? Just dont eat the rest of the year? You're gonna live like a fucking hobo.
Don't spoil his fantasy ;(
>Rent: 450
>Food: 150
>Electricity: 100
After you pay the very minimum necessities, you have $966 to buy whatever you want.
Don't spend your money like a nigger and you'll be fine
can someone explain this to me
>just went on a very low intensity meth binge (I'll define it as such considering I was using impulsively when I told myself not to, but I went pretty light with it honestly)
>got like 3 hours of sleep last night before waking up, feeling not very tired, while I was expecting to crash and sleep a long time
>been trying to take some online classes because I'm bored and might eventually try to get back out of NEETdom
>SAT scores are taking ages to go through, I'm still not actually registered as a student, and the classes I wanted to take are filling up rapidly
I spent like 4 hours at least (cumulatively) masturbating last night. Meth is a helluva drug. And I really, really shouldn't do any today. Guess I'll just smoke some weed and try to relax. I'm sick of winter, robots.
not even hating
>have work at 4
>miss being a pothead neet everyday

just fuck my job up sepai famfam
What kind of RC's? I mean that's a pretty broad category of drugs.
I've got an interview tomorrow at 2. It's for a part time job. It will kind of be nice being a part time neet and a part time wageslave.
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Fucking christ man
>tfw neetbux isn't enough for drugs

Being a NEET is no fun when you're sober all the time.
also my daily routine:

>wake up at around 4pm
>literally play games and watch netflix all day
>drink 2 liters of coke and eat shitty microwave food all day because I'm too retarded and lazy to cook anything
>if I do have money for weed, I'll go outside at night to smoke, the only thing that gives me a little happiness in life
>go to bed at ~5am and spend hours thinking about an heroing

I didn't ask for any of this
Sounds like wasting your life senpai. Eating bad food makes you feel more tired and more depressed.
After over 5 years of wageslaving, I've given my notice and will be quitting my job next Friday. I have enough savings to live tightly for the rest of the year..what do I need to do to continue living neetlife, how do I get neet benefits without having to submit myself to some psychward. tell me your secrets I don't ever want to go back, already sold most of my possessions that I didn't need, just have a computer and tv, already moved back home. I just want to live in comfort.
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>was my life
>was depressed

also, no sex
normie here (fuck off I'm on your board bitch)

To OP, how the fuck are you content with that? If I tried that I would feel like a piece of shit.
I get about 5500 pounds from student finance in bongland and it's a decent amount, some people just don't use a lot of money

also why is a pound symbol say "non ascii text is not allowed" when I try to type it
File: 1448370896468.jpg (89 KB, 798x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Then you realize you won't receive your freedom papers until you turn 65
>5% sustainable real return

Yeah... no.
how long have you been a NEET for?

don't mistake comfort for happiness

I'm a wagecuck and do the same shit except i have a highly stressful job where i will soon have to travel the world into shitholes like china. i already have irregular heartbeat just thinking about it. i will probably be dead at 27 due to heartfailure from all the stress. I'm just a highly anxious faggot who gets 10 times as much stress hormones released than normies.
You have terrible taste, OP.
I'd love to have a job that sends me traveling.
fucking how? what do you think is special about staying in a shithole like china for 3 years?
File: 1452761087936.gif (603 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I pray for you manager wageslave you must be the worst
Okay, 3 years is a bit different. I'd have no problem being sent to a shithole for 3 weeks.
you are a literal tripfag. kill yourself
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>wake up arond 2 in the afternoon
>feed dogs
>take dogs for a walk
>get home
>play guitar
>play some vidya
>browse 4chan
>take dogs out for a pee
>get home
>vidya and 4chan
>eat something
>around 3-4 am take dogs for another walk
>get home
>put simpsons on and go to bed
>browse a few mins on the tablet and fall asleep
Sometimes i go out with friends, but usually on weekends.
Also add beer and weed in between those things, but not daily since i can't afford it.
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Thread images: 19
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