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>just remembered a cringe moment from...
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>just remembered a cringe moment from kindergarten I suppressed for over 15 years
Tell us
I want to make fun of you
What could possible be a cringe from kindergarten? You were like 5-6 no one cares.
that blankey looks comfy
you must also share a cringe moment
when everyone involved laughs at you, and does so again whenever they remember it for the rest of their life, it is definitely a cringe moment
>getting ready for first day of kindergarten
>don't know what to expect
>drive to school is long and foreign
>contemplate if I'll come back home
>dropped off at school
>come into class, everyone is already in their seats and ready
>out of nowhere, I hadn't even expected myself to do this I drop on the floor and explode into tears
>"I wanna go home! I miss my nintendo 64!"
>continue reeeing until the teacher picks me up and takes me to the office for my mom to take me home

I was fucked from the start.
I once tripped over some stairs.
Had a 0,4sec cringe moment.
Me and my friends laughed it off and kept going.
Fuck you OP you made me remember my own cringe moment from kindergarten. I'll share it because I'm not a nigger.

>somehow learn that some vegetarians can eat fish
>tell teacher that i learned that some vegans can eat fish
>immediate regret, vegans aren't vegetarians, they are much more strict!
>gotta roll with it though
>wait for response
>i forget the response because it was 20 years ago, but she didn't notice my error
>all clear, or so i thought
>turns out my own brain noticed the error, and would continue to remind me of it for decades!
I walked like 20 feet from my mom's car, realized the book mark for the book in my hand was missing and I started sobbing
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I can think of a couple off the top of my head

>class is reciting alphabet in unison
>just say z, z, z...etc.the whole time
>some kid noticed and rats like a bitch
>teacher makes me recite the alphabet standing up alone

>family is making us skip school to go to Disneyland
>some bitch brought a mickey mouse doll for show and tell
>I blurt out how I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow
>teacher flips shit because it's a school day
Not from kindergarten but from elementary school

>be in like 5th grade when 4th Indiana jones movie comes out
>me and my friends are too young to realize the move is awful
>we think his fedora is super cool
>we all buy fedoras
>wear them every day to school
>school thinks we're a gang
>explain to them it's just a hat and keep wearing them

We unironically wore fedoras because we thought they were cool.
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I hate this shit and it's a huge part of why I drink
>walking along, day is going ok, not good but not bad
>out of fucking nowhere "Hey, remember that time you were too shy to make out with a chick in middleschool and everybody laughed at you" (one example out of shit tons)
>face reddens
>nobody knows, but I know and it hurts
>can't shake it without booze
>wake up next day
>post booze depression
>cycle repeats and worsens

It drives me insane. Why can't I forgive my past?
nice, heres another

>Be 4th grade
>Be fledging punk/goth rock faggot straight outta mtv
>A Hot Topic opens at the new mall
>become in touch with inner consumer whore
>beg mommy to buy me all the black cotton bracelets with cynical slogons in edgy font
>complete with jet black jacket and band t-shirt I never even heard of
>"Alright! Now all the kids are gonna know how I changed over the summer. Now they'll see who I truly am. I look so cool!" I monologued
>mom drops me off "Bye! I love you mom!"
>Get to playground to greet my friends from 3rd grade
>I descend upon my friends, I am the morningstar, out of the ash I rise. I eat men like air "Hay, Whats up guys"
>They all laugh at me immediately

The next day i wore normal clothes and only one bracelet at a time. No one really mentioned it after that.
>be 4
>nearing the age of school
>want to impress mommy
>always come up to here and say "I know what 9 + 9 is, its 19"
>"Thats right, anon"
>Be fucking ecstatic
>go to school
>learn 9 + 9 does not equal 19
>practicing writing letters
>we have to write one letter repeatedly in a single line on a page
>think this is mundane bullshit
>want to show off
>finish it quickly and show the teacher
>"which one is the best one you wrote?"
>i say the first one
>he tells me the first one shouldn't be the best one because then there's no point in practicing, and to redo it
>i take it back to my desk and start erasing so hard the paper rips
>start welling up
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