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Let's drop the negativity for a moment, guys. Tell everyone about a time where you succeeded in something and were impressed/happy/proud of it. Anything can count! I'll start.

>be same loser I was in high school through my freshman year at the big state college
>make no friends, spend every night in my dorm room
>balloon up to 190 lbs from a summer of doing absolutely nothing
>realize that I need to turn my life around
>new semester = new chance
>by October, things are already noticeably better
>I've got a few people I talk to in class, and for the first time in my life, I was invited to hang out with people
>and somehow, a 24 year old blonde beauty in my bio lab decided she wanted to bang
>she decides she wants to keep seeing me (though I almost ended on the advice of /r9k/)
>we date for 5 months before breaking up
>fight sadness by getting healthy; get down to 160 lbs
>spend summer working out and fishing
>last semester, make even more friends
>I had a friend set me up with her best friend since high school (we're doing great)

You guys who are feeling down should know that these things can happen to people like us, so share 'em if you got 'em!
Bump because I want to hear other robots' success stories
OP are you a big brother fan?
Good joke, family
>tfw every time you think you are good at something not only is there someone better but that person gets to personally upstage you

It happens every single time, I'm not made to excel
Yep, yep.

You guys have literally nothing? It doesn't have to be big or grand. Just something that makes you feel happy or proud of yourself when you look back on it.
I once tricked a girl into dating me for like 2 days and I got to fuck her.
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Haha, there you go, man. I'm sure plenty of robots consider that a success
Then she left me. Now I'm sad, thanks OP.
One time I stole a few bucks out of a Stacie's purse while she wasn't looking
Literally the only thing I have is I'm not a manlet and I'm not obese but those aren't accomplishments or anything to be proud of
It would be like congratulating someone for getting out of bed, empty words for something that you're just supposed to do
File: xMt0JwS.jpg (364 KB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>be skinny robot
>guys dont respect me
>Girls dont like me
>Start lifting
>Have godlike genetics, highest lifts in the high school in under a year
>Girls are crazy over me
>Guys are afraid/in awe of me
>Dont make any moves, just eat and lift
>Depression faded, replaced by determination to become der Ubermensch
>Planning on doing a cycle over the summer and hitting a 350 bench
>Girls have approached me straight up offering sex and I refused
>jocks and coach asked me to join football team, I refused

I dont even know what I want, but I know sex and relationships dont define you. One day, I will break my resolve and just fuck as many sloots as possible, go to festivals and fuck like a rabbit, but for now I couldn't care less.
Were all gonna make it.
>Girls have approached me straight up offering sex and I refused

Straight up fucking alpha anon
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>Were all gonna make it.
This is the attitude to have, guys.
Start improving yourself and make her regret it then!
Not quite what I had in mind, but hey, good for you, anon.
You can't think of a single thing of your entire life you're proud/happy about? I think you're selling yourself short.
Not even kidding. I was at a pool, and a lot of kids from my school I never talk to were there.

Background story: In the 7th grade, I got punched in the face by some chad, and when I walked into the gym with a black eye and tears rolling down my cheeks, all the girls there laughed and clapped.
All the chads friends banded against, me, I got suspended, he got off free.

fast forward to last summer
After about 30 minutes of me swimming, posing with my lifting bro, and doing random fun shit, I walked off int this little house thing that contained eating tables and bathrooms. I was browsing /fit/, leaning against the wall in the dark corner of the thing, resting before another HIIT swim session, and this girl walked up making shitty small talk that I gave one word answers to. After a few minutes, it got silent, because I was not engaging at all, and she asked to feel my abs for some reason. I stuttered for a second, and she giggled and rubbed them, moved down to my dick, and asked to fuck in the bathroom.
I pushed her away, stashed my boner, and did the swims.
That girl was in the gym, laughing at me. There was no way she forgot that shit. Fucking whores
Happy is one thing proud is another
I mean what kid isn't happy christmas morning when he gets new toys
Now being proud of something I've done? Like I said earlier there is always someone better and it's hard to be proud when all the effort you've put into something gets disregarded because someone else did it better and in my life that someone better is always right next to me

I said it earlier but most of us aren't made to excel and we just have to go along being bland nothings
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> I got punched in the face by some chad, and when I walked into the gym with a black eye and tears rolling down my cheeks

this made me feel
>be poorfag
>win lottery
>life on fleek mode

When will it end
File: MY NIGGA.jpg (26 KB, 446x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You truly are an inspiration to us all
>Girls have approached me straight up offering sex and I refused
You're not allowed here. Get the fuck out.
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This aint wizchan bro.
Besides, you sad cunts need people like me to pull you out of the shitpile of defeatism.
And this board is like B without as much porn and kids

Also, If a girl offered you sex, would you refuse?
File: P5023868-web2.jpg (96 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anon, look at my op. Banging 2 chicks and making about 20 friends in the span of a year is nothing most of the world would consider extraordinary. But it's important to me and I'm proud of it.

Of course, someone will always do it better than you, but that's not where pride or self-worth come from. It comes from yourself. From the person who knows how hard it was to start talking to that girl and how great it felt when she laughed at your jokes; the person who knows how low he's been and how just going back to school or learning how to program was a huge achievement for him personally.
>all these Big Brother images

w-were you one of the /tv/ bros I chatted with all last summer? Damn I miss those days.
File: 1437855456488.jpg (50 KB, 640x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, I'm one of the many Georgia people we had in those threads for some reason.

Cant wait to see Beast Mode Cowboy on survivor
So be proud of being a failure because I did my best?
Great advice
File: big ass.png (86 KB, 280x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big ass.png
86 KB, 280x330
>be fucking fagget fatass loser for all school years
>only had 2 "friends" in school, only to become acquaintance-zoned by them and everyone else
>end of high school invest time in myself and lose weight, find a good job
>see old school folks all the time, "hey anon you look so different! How are you", ignore them or give them one word responses to shut them down and continue with my shit
>embraced being a loner so I do not care for companionship/friends/love/being social

I'm a boring guy so it's not as great as other stories but the weight loss was the greatest success for me at the end of the day
Weight loss is definitely something to be proud of! Plenty of people simply can't do it.
don't like it? kill yourself. that easy.

what does this mean? sorry for sounding retarded ..
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101 KB, 600x848
they also just use you for idle chat and never follow up on anything they say they'll do with you
Friends stopped talking to him.
I was a robot for all of high school, I sat alone for freshman to junior year, never even held a girls hand before. Towards the end of senior year I grew into my body and face and changed my life around. I'm 19 now, and I'm loving it. I can fuck any girl I see, girls and guys stare at me and I always have girls hitting me up to fuck. When the girl I used to have a crush on all through high school started getting touchy with me, I realized how much has changed in the past couple of years
forgot to quote right
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fuck you m8, im so jealous. im aesthetic af but a bit on the short side so my limit is not high. thats the one thing i dislike, not aesthetics or whatnot, but ill have to hit my genetic limit before other people taller than me... i just hate stalling. at least i still have my natty card...
how tall are you and how long you been lifting now?

oh yeah and im somewhat with you on chicks but not really. im volcel, so im waiting til marriage to lose my virginity, problem is finding a girl who ha the same values
File: jam-085.jpg (2 MB, 1500x998) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lifting for 1.5-2ish years, 240/315/400/535
Still natty. Dont fucking know how I got so strong
And yeah, western women are whores brah. Look in eastern europe.
I just started my lifting again. Right now im a skinnyfat at 208 lbs and 6'2". I feel like i could actually be attractive if i got swole. And I always thought I'd be the same as you, get huge but not change. Not become some asshole chad. Remember those who hurt you and never forget what you came from and stay honest.

Thanks for inspiring me, friend. When it seems like everyone I know is against me, you have given me some light.
File: 1452145455336.png (78 KB, 200x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Look in eastern europe
>the world capital of CP
>pure women
File: 1438549260496.gif (676 KB, 270x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Theyre against you because they dont want to see you succeed.
But when you do, they worship you, and bow down before you acting like they loved you all along.

First they laugh
Then they doubt
Then you win

Stay away from those gains goblins mate
you left out every other line of your story, which is "suck off x guys" where x is incremental powers of 10.
>Let's drop the negativity for a moment, guys.

If any person in the world is a faggot, anyone at all, then you are a faggot.
I left out all my dick sucking for the sake of brevity
pretty much see above
great well i made both posts so i'm glad to see i'm getting a consistent reaction out of you
So basically you just made your face more attractive but cutting the fat. So you were basically a fat guy with a Chad face who all you needed to do is lose the weight to be Chad. Congratz.
cool it sourpuss
I literally cannot think of one good thing.
Go back to reddit this is r9k. You are lost.
I have a lot to be proud of but don't want to brag. Robots will call me a normie if I told them how 2015 alone went. Love this board for some reason, but I don't wanna bum anyone out who stopped trying before they started.
i don't care what you think. you're ugly and you're a baby about it.
How tall are you just for reference?
Go back to univision robot
File: 1441072797062.gif (113 KB, 611x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyways shout out to OP for this thread, and all of you robots. You're all gold in some way or another even if you can't see it.
>be on /r9k/
>mention wanting to do drugs with a robot and watch netflix while eating chinese in our underwear
>get called a druggie slut by a bunch of robots
>one guy calls me a casual
>fifteen months later
>everything is amazing
>life is funny
>god willing, robots, I married that man
stop trying to fuck us you gay weirdo
Hey whao...Don't flatter yourselves. There's a reason most of you are KV's. I have standards bro.
>we're all going to make it

Sorry chad, only tall men can make it. I'm 5'8 and lift the exact same amount of weight you do and I've never had a women even acknowledge me.

I'm happy for you though. Pound that Stacy pussy and think of us robots who can't.
> lift the exact same amount of weight you do
Lol no you dont
Keep whining sadcunt, you wont make it if you dont try
File: 1437628193599.png (1 MB, 1366x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1366x718
Not really, it was more about learning how to be comfortable talking and being around people. Also things like eye contact and not looking like I'm mad at the world all the time.

My face is slightly thinner, but the difference was not noticeable unless you saw me frequently

Give it some time; I'm sure there's something!

Great to hear; I love this board too and just want to let robots know that even we can succeed

pretty much this

I legitimately do. I mostly use 5/3/1 and did SS+GOMAD when I began lifting.
It's pretty lame but when my friend was graduating high school I wrote a little speech about him and read it at his graduation. Everyone laughed at all my jokes and I got numerous compliments about how well I did and my friend was very appreciative.
If you did, bitches would be all over you.
There is no fucking way, no matter how ugly, short, whatever, you could not get bitches with the body those numbers give you.
That's actually pretty cool. I remember, in the height of my social awkwardness during my senior year, giving a speech to the class where I didn't stutter or misspeak and had people laughing at my jokes. It's definitely a great feeling!
go to a beach/pool/ anything, pop your shirt off.
They will stare at you like turks at greek pussy.
>having your pic on /r9k/

I'll try it. I did the whole pua shit and it was the worst thing ever. thanks bro!
nice speed delete
Also, take better pics. Tape your phone to a mirror, and set up overhead lights. Spend like 30 mins getting the perfect shot, that pic does not do you justice, your arms are fucking huge, but the pic makes your chest and core look small.
Also, dont wear jeans at the gym mate
fuck off, normie sIime
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Do you have a time where you were proud of something you did, anon? I'd like to hear
what's your routine?

>succeed at dream career
>still suffer from drug addiction and other afflictions
>the ride never ends
Get cancer and die painfully.
File: 1437372897108.png (828 KB, 572x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, landing your dream job is definitely an achievement for anyone. I would suggest getting the drug problem fixed though haha

I'm sorry you feel that way, man. I just wanted to give robots a chance to feel good about themselves for a change.
Ive always focused on strength, because my choice career requires performance over aesthetics.
I started out with SL, but I did it 6x per week because I was hardcore like that. Als, I did not squat for the first 6 months of lifting because I did not have a rack.
Then I moved into smolov jr stuff
Then candito stuff
Then smolov sr stuff
Then bulgarian/holy russian text mongrol program with a fuckload of cardio and bodyweight shit
Not true, I'm shorter but I've had some women act strange. Its' always when I'm not aware. In particular, there was this girl on a bike who did stare at me when I was going past, she bit her lip. She was cute.
It made my day.
Umm wtf is BB17 shit?
Rat King Steve is basically a robot
I don't have anything to be proud of. I wish I did, but I don't.
Post a pic of your body anon, n-no homo
Well, I'm still alive, and I've embraced the fact that I'm a useless scumbag of a person.

Nothing really hurts me anymore. It's all "okay".

It'd be nice to have something to do with my life, but I don't have any passion or goals or close friends. I've failed out of evening college classes. I just sit around smoking and drinking beer, not giving a fuck. Sometimes I read books.

Maybe I'll write something worthwhile, someday.

My cat likes me.
The day I successfully an hero will be my most accomplished day
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