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Powerball dream thread

What would you do if you won tonight?

>buy french chateau mansion in huge plot of land with many hiking trails, streams, and beautiful natural flora
>Buy a small tropical island in the pacific and build a nice house on it and use that as a vacation home (pic related)
>go car crazy buying everything from Lambos to Ferrari's to shit box hondas
>take a year and travel around the whole world
>use my money to get incredibly beautiful girls I would never normally have a chance in hell with to have sex with me
>upgrade my wardrobe from a stylist and get a fitness trainer to get me looking sexy as hell
>start livestreaming me playing videogames (will be popular because of my initial shot of fame with that biggest lottery in history) and just connect and answer questions to my fans and use this chance to raise money for charity
>learn how to scuba dive, ride a motorcycle, learn spanish and italian and french and maybe some asian, and take up boxing
>have sex with best friends girlfriend (offer her/both of them money)
>buy myself a doggie companion
hire a hitman so he can kill me
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>Buy a comfy house in Montana/Kansas
>Live there

That's it. Fuck. I would be happy with so little.

>tfw you purchase lottery tickets just to fantasize about financial independence
stop shilling your stupid lottery you fucking faggot
You will have 700 million dollars. Trust me when I say your depression will cease to exist with that type of money.
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a sad.png
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>tfw you purchase lottery tickets just to fantasize about financial independence
I know these feels
>Buy a decent size house
>Big garden, grow food, flowers etc.
>Upgrade computer rig
>Otherwise live comfortably for the rest of my life never having to fear a bill and be able to buy whatever I want at any time.
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It's why I don't understand when people make the obvious claim that winning the lottery is unlikely.

yes, I know it's unlikely. I wake up at 6 AM to work a shit job. 40 Hours of my life a week are spent in misery. My brain has not evolved to intuitively understand probability. For just a few dollars I can imagine a wonderful life, free of debt and worry. I can occupy my time with my imagination.

My logical understanding does not coalesce with my hope. I just want to dream and I am allowed
The first thing I'm buying is Winter the Dolphins mechanical tail
I would probably buy two or three places I would actually stay at, but they would all be fairly average
>10 or so acres somewhere rural on the West Coast, with a mid size house, maybe a barn and a pond
>duplex/triplex in the large city closest to my rural property, rent out the other units
>another duplex/triplex, but in NJ or Long Island, preferably near a rail line for easy access to NYC
I'd put most of the money in a foundation/trust/etc with my name on it, which would slowly give that money to family, friends, charities and political causes I support. almost all the rest would go into various slow interest gaining accounts, though I would leave maybe 20million or so for spending money. and when the housing market inevitably tanks again, I would buy a bunch of foreclosed properties, rent them out till they're worth something, then resell them for massive profits
oh and I'd probably also buy a bunch of old rail cars. might turn one into my dream rail car pub, but I'd probably be too busy with other stuff
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Immediately donate it all.

I will die knowing I made a difference that literally billions of humans before or after will not be able to come close to

I will live with the kind of self righteousness that exceeds any sort of moral or intellectual hijinks

I will be one of the 0.001% of humanity to make a lasting, significant impact on my world at large

Being able to live with that knowledge would be truly priceless. Fuck your toys, mansions and swag. I would happily live in a NEEThole the rest of my days.
A part of me would want to just build some crazy underground mansion, buy a life's worth of food and live innawoods forever.

I would probably honestly just buy a decent house, a decent car, and just live my life without working or anything. Just pursue hobbies. Invest some. Leave enough money so my family/kids have a good start at life. Just simple shit. Maybe donate a bit here and there.
>get it all out in cash
>put it in a new house
>make a live stream about tbe money and house bing burnt with me dancing and laughing at wagekeks
Your money would go to jewish funds to build holocaust memorials no matter the cause you donate to

I'd probably just kill myself. I have zero financial worries right now, I don't care about things, I gave up driving and sold my car, I hate travelling and nice things.
Move into a comfy somewhat big reasonably priced apartment or medium sized house in an okay neighborhood so I don't have to hear my mum spout how worthless I am.

Save and invest most of my cash.

Live a nice middle class life being able to buy all the games and stuff I want.

Buy a nice used car.

I don't have grand aspirations, I just want a nice low key life by myself.

Stop working immediately. Get back in gym. Get a nice house in town renovated and soundproofed. Live quietly and well the rest of my days. Finally able to afford building a quality gaming PC.
Buy a nice house, build the best computer money could buy, and then buy every single steam game. That's it.
What amazes me is that Bill Gates has about 70x 1.5 billion. Jesus Christ, rockefeller had 300 Billion, I don't even know what I'd do with that much, probably just donate it.
Move to rural Tasmania or Queensland and buy a cozy cricket pitch and develop the town. Have a couple of timeshare condos around the world I can travel to in my spare time. Get qt gf
>use this chance to raise money for charity

why don't you give some of your >1B to charity instead of telling others to be more generous, you greedy fuck? as if people won't see right through you?

PS "asian" is not a language. and why do you want to fuck your best friend's girlfriend? i cringe thinking about the kind of relationship the three of you have together

other than that, not too bad of a list
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buy pic relateds and retire to life o luxury
Cocain and whores. Expensive whores, not those cum dumpsters on backpage. And good cocain.

When I get bored, toss 20 dollar bills out of my window to city streets below, followed by a barrage of water balloons. Laugh at wagecucks returning to plantations soaking wet.

Would keep shitcar. tfw judged by shitcar by poofags.

Hope to die young. Leave all monies to some orphan.
>I would happily live in a NEEThole the rest of my days

bro. at least save a few million and live off the interest for the rest of your life instead of collectiing NEETbux
I would match all donations , I'm just not going to blindly waste all my money giving to charity.

Whatever, asian, japanese, ching chon chu. who gives a shit

Because I hate her, but also find her very attractive. I had a chance of dating her a long time ago and passed on it, so I regret it. Over the years it turned into a hate for her. Yes maybe fucked up on my part, but I'm only human.
>I would match all donations
you shoulda mentioned that in the post then.

no offense but i highly doubt you have the capacity to learn another language. especially if you only know 1 at this point.

why do you hate his GF? if she's a bad person you should talk sense into your friend.
Well I've always wanted to get fucked by a large group of big black buff men by the beach, it's always been a gay fantasy of mine
i guess a hotdog maybe
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fuck public charities. go help people out on go fund me or something. better yet, make a new site, everyone just puts up petty amounts they need to get on with their life, and you can hook them up via paypal.

i need some dough to take my dog to the vet and to pay for car insurance. that's it. everyone who doesnt win the lottery has got something like that
Dude, If you win the lottery you could BUY a new dog
oh yeah, that's another thing. the literal first thing I would buy is a kebab/shawarma with fries, hummus, maybe a salad, and a tall glass of mint lemonade or iced tea
acquire a massive collection of porn
>not moving out of americuck once and for all
>believing that a charity is doing something productive with your money
>spending a single cent on whores and women
>buying raris and lambos, not pagani and koenisegg or mclarens
>not investing in your hobbies

Holy fucking shit I hope none of you faggots when
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> Buy nice apartment with garage
> Have a mixed purpose skyscraper built in my name
> Buy a Mark IV Supra
> Get a gym membership
> Use the rest to fund education and future
> Attempt to become Chad-like

That's all really.
>fuck public charities.
or you could just do your research on a charity before blindly throwing money at it like a retard? there's plenty of legit charities where most of your money goes straight towards the cause.

donate to your local hospital, sick kids, or the red cross if you can't think of anything for fuck's sake.
>pay off my current home
>renovate current home and sell it immediately for profit
>buy better house (something below 500k) for mom and myself and probably reno it too for optimal living conditions and resale potential
>start going to school again and just sort of test the waters for a career path
>probably throw some chill parties
>learn to drive
>buy Prius (I don't care about expensive as cars
>definitely get myself a MacBook Pro and PS4
>Start getting fit as fuck
>once I'm at a comfortable place in my higher education, probably transfer to a 4-year school with a grad program for whatever I decide to major in
>Probably live off campus and throw more cool parties
>probably live a pretty chill life in general and not actually go crazy with money
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Basically live the NEET lifestyle, with the added bonus of hiring my dad to be my "meteorologist."

I'll give him a barometer and a thermometer (I'll find some way to restrict his access to internet weather data), and I'll be expecting an accurate weather prediction to be completed every morning at 5 am.

And so help me god old man, if I walk out the front door into sweater weather wearing just a t-shirt, I'll whip that fucking barometer at your head so hard you'll wish I was never born.
I would become the ultimate NEET
Spend most of it on R&D.
Quit my job, that's about it desu senpai
>buy all the oil in the world when the market bottoms out
>raise the price to 1 million dollars a barrel
>have so much money I become God
>make anime real
1) America is beautiful , very secure country, and has any Biome you would want

2) It helps others in need. It's a good thing to do

3) Having sex with hot girls is literally one of the meanings of life

4) You value aesthetics over function with those cars

5) I'm sure tons of people will invest in hobbies or just enjoying the money by having fun
You can buy a comfy home in Montana without the winning the powerball.

>buy a ranch property or just large land and build house
>buy livestock and exotics
>invest money in property
>get myself some titties
>travel for a while
>buy vacation houses wherever the hell i want
>build large turtle pond on property, rescue all turtles in shelters

>quit my wage slave job
>travel the world slowly

Literally go to every place I could and spend enough time there to feel comfortable.
>tfw got 3 numbers for first time ever
>only $7

FUck this gay earth
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