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>mom walks in my room to get my laundry...
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>mom walks in my room to get my laundry and dirty dishes
>"oh gosh anon, it smells like farts and mcdonalds in here!"
>keeps walking in front of the tv even though she knows I can't pause an online match
>comes back in and sprays half a bottle of febreeze
>didn't bring me anything to eat or drink
>walks in front of the tv again and gets me killed

Is your mom your servant?

Jesus man calm the hell down, be happy your mom at least is trying to clean up your shit
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Anon, you still live with your mom Or are you underage b&? Either way, I feel your pain.
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that fuckin bitch oh man that FUCKIN BITCH... give her what she has coming to her for that anon no this can not be forgiven
My mom sometimes stands in front of the TV when I'm playing knowing full well that I can't pause the game.

I get mildly annoyed and then we both laugh it off because it's just a game, it's my mom and I love her, and I'm not a fucking aspie.
It's subtle communication, she's trying to tell you you focus too much on the games and spend too much time indoors and should go out etc
My grandma walked in front of the tv and got me killed in a cod deathmatch i was so livid I threw the remote and hit her in the head. My dad was so mad and wanted to kick my ass but I said it just slipped out of my hand. Fucking bitch had to go to the hospital
I like the autistic manchild meme.

Post more fake stories please >:-)
are you new or just autistic
>brings in some food to my room
>I'm already full so I DONT WANT TO EAT
>She leaves it there anyways
>FUCK now I have to take it downstairs or stand the smell of food
>She doesn't even close my door
>be 33 and living at home
>younger sister (26) visiting with her family
>i'm downstairs in my bedroom trying to get kerbals to outer space
>hear niece and nephew giggling outside my door
>get annoyed
>go over to door
>trip over homemade 2L mountain dew code red bottle fleshlight
>loud thud
>they are laughing louder now
>barge upstairs to tell my sister what for
>"your kids were disturbing my work"
>she says "what work? you don't work"
>"I'm a budding aeronautical engineering for your information"
>everyone laughs at me
>I get some cookies from the kitchen and go back downstairs
>hear mom say how proud she is of my sister and her family

Mom will be proud of me once I get those little green fuckers to Tylo
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What game you playin, busta?
kill your entire family desu
Why do normies post this shit and think that it's funny? Do you enjoy mocking robots? Do you enjoy ruining the one place we have to discuss things with others? Fucking kill yourself drink driving you fuck.
You too just fucking die.
This rowboat gets it.
This triggered me. Fuck that bitch, she hasn't made anything except poop machines.
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>clearly racing on GTA, a big 1/8 predominantly on the screen, and 2 laps left, probably the first time im visibly enjoying myself in years
>comes in to bitch me out on something innocuous on her computer and urge me to do something i'll do when the race is done

sure im too old for this shit by now but shes been doing it for ages even when i wasnt a deadbeat. what the fuck compels someone to be like that?
>17 year old brother has his girlfriend over for dinner to meet the parents
>i am a 24 year old NEET virgin
>mom calls me to come to dinner
>i run out to the table
>not fucking lasagna again, I say
>dad takes off his belt and whoops me on the butt
>I start to fart and cry
>a little doody comes out
>room begins to smell like poo
>dad dry heaves
>brother shakes his head in disgust
>his gf is very confused
>brother and his gf leave
>mom starts to cry
>i lay down on the floor and let out a little squeaky fart
>i say "looks like the band is warming up"
>mom threatens to kick me out of the house
>dad leaves to go drink his sorrows away
>"at least I have one normal son"
>i go back to my room and go to sleep in my dirty undies
>mom is a single mom, dad keft do whan I was like 3 year old
> hear mom farting in the bathroom
> open door i see what she do
>she on toilet pooping
>i saw her vagine
>i say ogh no mom whayt u do
>she say i poopy son
>i look in the tolet to see a poo
>"yes this is good"
I pay half the rent, clean my own room and do my own laundry. And I thought I was a manchild. Jesus fucking Christ OP, get your life together at least a bit.
>Be me.
>28 year old freeman.
>12:27 PM
>Hmmm, got up early today.
>Yell at mommy for my breakfast.
>Brings it down.
>Trix cereal.
>Yum yum in the tum.
>Go on 4chan and make lunch hour wage slave thread.
>Mad wage slaves falling for bait.
>They're right, Trix really are for keks!
>Masturbate to one of my various favorite animes.
>Fall asleep afterwards.
>Wake up, mommy made me tendies and left them for me, just how I like them!
>Post on 4chan until 2 AM.
>Fall asleep.

Tis the life. I feel bad for anyone who needs to leave their house.
>be swim at school
>look at girls
>hard penis
>natural penis
>one girl jump in
>her butt jiggles
>i release semen
>pool is closed
> /r/justneckbeardthings
> /r/cringeanarchy
>have nightmare about mom kicking me out and renting my room to her cripple friend
>wake up in panic
>realise mom is never kicking me out
>of my own apartment
>that I didn't have to pay for since I'm still a neet
>I have to go to sleep again now because in 6 hours I'm getting my new ac installed
>going to celebrate with tendies since McDonalds is two blocks away and play mmos the rest of the day
>looks like the band is warming up

I just shot snot in to my giant cup of iced tea.

I still drank it.
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Thread images: 5
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