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General high school feels.
Post feels, tell us about your experiences, share stories etc.

Will post mine in a reply.
>teachers handing our last school photos just before school ends
>teacher has photo of me and has no idea who it is
>asks everyone else, no one knows
>literally whole grade running around searching for this mysterious person
>when they found me they all looked mind blown
Yep I was pretty much invisible. And when I wasn't invisible it was because people were laughing at me.
>finish 10th grade
>had to go to another school for 11-13th grade because of my country's school system
>everyone at that senior high school went there from other schools (they only had 11-13, nothing below)
>saw it as a new start and a chance to finally make it
>tried to socialize, was standing outside with a group of guys every break
>at the start a bit shy but started talking more as time went on
>they start doing stuff outside of school (parties, hanging out etc.) and openly talked about it
>even another guy who's even quieter than me gets invited
>be now, 12th grade, never got invited to anything but still stand there, listening to it all
>realize they barely tolerate my presence and are just too polite to tell me to fuck off
I guess I'll stop talking to them and continue to eat my lunch on the toilet. Nobody can say I didn't try.
> attend a tech high school with fucking 80% of the population being male
> director of school news, entire crew and staff disrespect me, one of the anchors told me to my face that they talk shit about me at the anchor desk
> A's and B's, but grades apparently aren't good enough to get into the colleges I want (not talking MIT, but just state schools that I would enjoy attending)
> on swim team, but super pale and a somewhat below average athlete. When the award ceremony came at the end of the season, the coach humiliated me in front of a crowd of my peers.

Not the worst, but still feels bad man

I have stories about the school news and swim team if you want me to post more.
Tell us, let it all out
>biology teacher gives me her pencil
>take it home and run my dick on it
what the fuck?

conventional bullying is one thing, but why the staff?
Heres my story of when I had to move to California from Australia after my parents divorced at age 15.
>Go with mom after divorce to her home country and state now California
>Never been to America in my life and I left all my friends behind at age 15 a very awkward stage in life which is the cause of all my problems in life
>First day at new school. Excelsior Education Center which is a public semi selective school where you go to classes, do homework which you turn in for 50% of your grades, the last 50% in based on tests you take on the computer systems at the school every 2 weeks
>First day, classes picked and my facilitator tells me to go to room XXX for role class then to go to my first period
>Get assigned a "role class' classroom where everyone goes to get their name ticked off for being at school that day. This lasts 15 mins then you go to class
>After getting lost I get to class late
>Everyone stares at me and I 180 out of class embarrassed as fuck now afraid to go back inside
>Walk halls until a teacher finds me and leads me back to the classroom
>Re-enter the classroom and awkwardly sit at a table full of girls who just stare at me and give me dirty looks
>This is the last time I ever went to a class for the next 3 years
>After the class I rush out of the school embarrassed and just walk around outside wondering the streets
too many repressed memories, i cant think of any specific bad thing that happened (well, i could, but it'd take too long to greentext).

highschool for me was an all around bad time
Bullying is literally a game of using authority to hurt someone. One can easily shrug off people being shit when no one is looking. The game is treating someone like shit when you know authority is there to back you up. There's never a case of bullying where the authority was nearby, refused to do anything, and most often, urged the bully to continue or punished the victim for retaliating. Literally for YEARS kids would push me around and insult me in front of teachers, but when I shove back once, everyone rallied to their side and wondered how I could be such a horrible evil person. Even in elementary people would just lie and I'd get in trouble, and because I had a record, I must be lying if I said I didn't do anything. That's bullying, not beating the shit out of someone when no one is looking.

makes sense tbqh mate, and now that i think about it, in my case the bullies had teachers on their side too. i never considered what you said though, i just thought those were just failed adults and had a teenager bully's mind.
I messed up my sentence in the middle there. Probably should be like : "It's always the case with bullying where the authority was nearby, refused to do anything, and most often, urged the bully to continue or punished the victim for retaliating."

You probably understood what I meant, though
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>After wondering I find a sewer pipe/rain water drain which I decided to sit in and wait till the day is over to walk home. Pic related. It's exactly how I remember it
>The next day I go into school, attend role call then walk outside and go sit inside my sewer pipe for the rest of the day
>I continue to do this until it was my first test day
>I went inside for my rolecall, went to the computers clicked log in then log out finishing with 0%'s and went to my sewer pipe
>I passed the time by drawing in the dirt, playing my gameboy advance and just wishing I was back in Australia
>Sometimes a car would see me and someone would yell at me to go to school but I would just hide and ignore it
>I did this every single day until the end of semester when I found out I required to turn in homework which I had not been handing in
>I scribbled junk and wrong answers and just handed them in. I received a 50% just for attempting the work which give me the bare minimum to pass the semester
>Repeat this for 3 years and that is how I graduated highschool
>The social isolation caused me to become an autistic mess who is attracted to 15-16 year olds, constantly fantasies about high school romance of when I lived in Australia at age 15.

Fun story
>On my way to my first computer test I ran into a cousin of mine who goes to the same school
>I never see her except maybe once every year and we never speak. But she was trying to be friendly since I just moved countries and did not know I was an outcast yet
>She approached me in the hallway holding a folder and an arm stretched out
>Think shes trying to give me a hi 5 since back in my old school girls and guys never really hung out or had physical contact yet
>Give her a hard high 5
>Turns out she wanted a hug
>I hear screams
>I broke her wrist
>Just one more reason to never go to this school ever again

im still thinking about revenge, and the only reason i haven't done anything is because my family is crap too and im busy with that

feels bad man
>Sophomore year of HS
>In love with big titted blonde chick
>Follow her and her guy friends home one day, they live out of town
>They tell me to go away
>Keep following
>Dude punches me and they run off
>Lost in the middle of nowhere
>Sit down in the grass and cry for an hour
>Dude in a truck comes by and offers me a ride home
>Everyone at school knows
>Spend the whole year in a shell
>Can't make friends until Junior year, and only with the freshmen who don't know what I've done

Ah, those were the days... Found out she's already had a kid at age 20 and her BF (one of the dudes I was following) left her. So I don't feel so bad anymore.
>chemistry class
>teacher hands me something and our hands accidentally touch
>fall in love with her after that
The school has relocated for some reason but the path down to the sewer pipe is still there.

I remember just sitting there all day watching the sun move and using a shadow to tell the time.

I would come home and play world of warcraft all night until I had to go back to my pipe during the day.
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>never had a gf
>never went to a party
>still made shit grades
My only positive story was when my teacher let it pass that I completely ignored a group assignment(I didn't attend the event nor write any report). He never even brought it up to with after. I don't know if he was being nice or just couldn't be bothered but who cares.
> Only 2 friends until 9th grade
> Two friends decide to go with the crowd and join in on the bashing and name calling
> Got physically shoved and had soup dumped on
> 11th grade move accross the country
> Finally meet decent people who I can call friends


you probably have the worst bullies at home and havent realized yet, that happened to me at least
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Alpha Respect.jpg
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I've have a cd with pictures from my class waiting in the closet for almost a decade. Hopefully it will go bad before I mustard the balls to check it out.
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The cringes, do they still haunt you?
ok, here goes

>be beta-ish white kid
>take school news as a class because my friend recommends it, calling it a "fun class"
> only class with a balanced ratio of girls to boys
> first month in, promoted from teleprompter operator to director since the other director was leaving soon
> given barely any training but still managed to pull every show through looking pretty good (for reference, we have to pull together a script from scratch and run through it at least once in ~70 minutes)
> as director, i have to practically get everyone to do everything, especially the bitchy camera operators who do nothing all class but listen to the fucking lion king soundtrack until i tell them to turn on the cameras
> camera bitches yell through their headsets just to fuck with me in the control room
> teacher gets on my ass daily about how I need to "do my job", but won't clarify past that
> do at least 3 times as much work as anyone else in the class, just for them to complain that the show isnt as good as it used to be, not seeing that their lazy asses are responsible for the show's decline

there's more but i'd rather not post it all at once
>bullied at school
>bullied at home
>bullied at the church

fuck this shit
How many times have you told this story to r9k?
No hate, you're a legend but I was just wondering
I am now 24 and every single day I think about being 15 in Australia where I rode my bike to school and hung out with my friends after at their house.

I remember staring at the ground when I walked into school to role call and not really looking up till I left and went to my sewer pipe.

It was right next to a golf course so sometimes golfers saw me and asked what I was doing. I just pretended I did not speak English till they went away.

One moment I can't ever really forget was when I was roughly 17 or 18 I was going in for one of my last computer tests which I would just log in and log out.

>Walking into the room
>See cousin at the corner of my eye. I had barely ever seen since I broke her wrist
>She gives me the strangest look because she does not even recognise me
>She just says my name and I keep staring at the ground till I get in and out
That could have been the day I turned everything around and I asked for help.

I blew my last chance at having a happy life and fixing what had happened.
shit OP this really got me thinking about my high school years. Basically my whole lifetime in school.

If I could I would have gotten revenge to everyone who participated in those shitty moments
About 4-5 times

I have nobody else to tell or talk to. Got to vent my depression somehow I guess

I at least wait for related threads.
thanks op now I am depressed as fuck again
>grade 7
>had a friend group, 3 girls 1 guy and me
>they all watched anime
>i didn't yet
>still got along with them somehow, had a social life
>grade 8
>new school
>guy moves to quebec
>try hanging out with the group again
>they've joined the larger anime nerds group
>don't fit in with them
>end up becoming friends with the school bully somehow
>nobody talks to me because everyone hates said bully
>nobody messes with me because bully would mess them up
>drop out of school in grade 10 anyways
>still haven't properly graduated
I remember you. Hang in there, hearing your story is always nice
Ever think of moving back to Australia?
What do you do now? Work? Study? Neet?
Longstory short I am now living in Australia again. I moved by myself when I was 20 to try and salvage my life.

I came back and all my old friends have changed. Nothing is the same. I tried to reunite with my father which was a disaster, he wants nothing to do with me.

I have been on Australian NEET bucks doing the bare minimum study load at university failing every course.

My life is fucked and I do not care what happens anymore. I am just living day by day.

If I pass a course somehow? Thats fine
If I fail? Don't care
If I get sick? Whatever, I just might die because of it.
>enter highschool as class clown who is also intelligent
>nervous around girls but end up dating a shy qt who nobody really notices
>single mother becomes manically depressed
>friends start "maturing" and imitating the rough kids
>girls start wearing make-up and acting lewd
>some friends leave to attend better schools
>gradually stop hanging out with old friends
>spend each lunch hour walking lap around the school interior
>panicking all the time because I have nobody to sit by or talk to in class
>panic about school trips because I won't have anybody to sit by on the bus
>qt girl I dated starts getting noticed by other guys long after I was the only one who valued her beauty
>feel sad every time we pass silently in the hall
>spend nights playing COD and CS
>spend weekend nights listening to Doo-Wop alone in my bedroom
>final day of school and people are getting their shirts signed by their friend
>dinner lady passes me and says "nobody likes you do they!" in a jokey way
>leave school and hear from an old friends years later that the shy qt I dated told him she thought it was sad how quiet I became
Hang in there m8
How old are you now?

Also good luck Anon. Doesn't mean much I know but think of /r9k/ when you're feeling really sad.
Why did you follow them? I mean, what did you expect?
your story is horrible. it makes me feel very bad because i can somehow relate to it, im sorry man, no one deserves this
Honestly without r9k I'd probably have offed myself. So as long as this is around I have something to keep me sane-ish.
Share your store anon
Where did your life end?
Same here. It's weird because sometimes I see a thread or see a bunch of robots doing or believing something I disagree with and it makes me feel pathetic for associating myself so strongly with /r9k/, but in threads like this I feel like no matter how much of a shitty person I feel I know others feel the same if not worse. It's both reassuring and very sad.
>be relentlessly bullied by the whole class
>some teachers joined in
>just stop caring about school
>try to become a warcraft 3 pro, fail miserably
>even more depressed
>my once straight a's devolved into barely passing grades
>the bullying never stops
>even the people I thought were my friends join in so they will be spared
>have my stuff stolen and/or destroyed repeatedly
>graduation, class is going to celebrate
>join in, this will be when I turn my life around
>worst bully tricks me into drinking his piss
>consider suicide daily since then
>be dumb
>freshman year
>hear there's a great math teacher from other students
>receive schedule
> Oh anon that stinks you got the new teacher, good luck!
>teacher makes us watch youtube videos of her teaching and doesn't explain anything in class
>scrape by with a C both semesters
That would look like an image from my youth if there were no soda dispensers (poor shithole school) and if the kid was fatter
>going into sixth grade
>dad suddenly decided we should move to the U.S.
>over the summer I had to learn as much english as possible so I could go to school
>Speak broken ass english because I learned it in the course of a month
>teacher constantly yell at me for mispelling words and not knowing them BECAUSE ITS NOT LIKE I JUST LEARNED THE FUCKING LANGUAGE
>kids constantly pick on me mock the way I talk
>only friends are "the weridos" for all of middle school
>study my ass of the entire time in middle school and learn to bury my accent as much as possible so by the time I'm in the ninth grade I'm speaking normal sounding english.
>went though high school getting picked on but at least not because the way I talked

I really hated my first 3 year in burgerland. I still question if the people here are inbreed retards or is it some kind of self emposed ignorance.
i would have a lot to tell but im not good at writing. my life hasnt ended yet, although its very close. i havent been to school for 4 months now, not even left the house. when my mom told me i had to go sign some shit at school she could see it, i dont know how but she knew something was wrong, i broke down in front of her (which usually doesnt happen i dont talk about my feelings to anyone ever), she said she is going to help me out, that its ok and all that stuff.

if you really want i can try to share some stories but they probably wont be very good
im pretty quiet at school and sit alone at lunch but i joke around a lot and say perverted stuff so im pretty sure they think im weird. im not tho i just dont have anyone at school who is like me to talk to. lunchtime kinda sucks
>she is going to help me out, that its ok and all that stuff.
Don't pass this up.
I assure you that if you don't fix it while you are young. You are fucked for the rest of your adult life.

I broke down and my mom couldn't handle my meltdown ontop of her trying to start her life over again after a divorce so my problems were the least of her priorities.
How old are you? And yes, share stories please on how you got to the point you are at
underage b&

>robotosu desu
> emo kids fucked each other
> popular kids fucked each other
> meanwhile me in the inbetweener group get nothing
File: r9kreading.jpg (754 KB, 1235x2049) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How old are you?

I honestly recommend that you go to the library and read as many books as you can. Start with the /r9k/ bookchart.
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Help him so he does not end up where we are now anon.

Don't be like that. Think of how you felt when you were in his situation and what you wish you could have done.
im nearly 19 asshole
18 and yeah i think ill start to read some thanks
>I spend every day wishing I still had my legos and toy trucks
>My parents tossed them out in the trash when I turned 20 telling me I need to move on
>Now I just make paper toys in my room playing with them like I would with my legos
Its a sad life. I couldve passed for emo, but I stayed in purgatory, shifting from parties to staying at home constantly
Try to assimilate. Looking back, this was one of my worst flaws. Shut up with the perverted stuff, people don't care and will actually think you're a creep/disgusting. With 16, I could name almost every imaginable sex act and was proud about it. 27 khv now. Don't be me.
i get you. i have a drum machine i like to play with

What a fucking faggot. Yeah, you moved to another country, so what?. I've been in that situation, and I just adapted there, made new friends, did my homework and passed (and I'm literally an Aspie). Moving is not excuse for behaving that way, not going to school and deliberately turning your tests unanswered. And on top of that, your school allows you to graduate? What a fucking spoiled child. I bet you think your life is hard. Grow the fuck up man. You deserved to fail every year of high school, but your retarded school let you pass without effort. No wonder why America is fucked up, they let the kids do whatever they want without consequences. And you guys think this guy's story is sad? Come on. Oh wait, you all are spoiled first world children too.
>>grade 7

canadian get out
no he doent deserve to be a normie
I know your pain anon, I went through pretty much the same thing in school. Anxiety ruined the last year of school for me as well

tldr since its a long fucking story

>mom gets cancer
>makes us move to colombia since treatment there is cheap
>put into military school
>get beat up and harassed on a daily basis for a while
>everyone hates me because im american
>stay in military school for almost 2 years
>move back to florida
>hardened up because of military school
>mom put me in some school where everyone is pretty much rich
>some kids try me
>elbow the fucker in the nose
>people stop messing with me
>made friends
>got gf
>did the sex

the end
purgatory is also a good word yeah
My mom has her own problems too, thats why i feel terrible to be such a burden to her. I know I need to fix this stuff. I am 21.

I dont even know where to start
>be young, i think 9 or 10 years old
>teacher notice my weird behaviour
>of course they tell my parents
>i was actually pretty normal then, had friends and everything
>parents take me to psych anyway
>get diagnosed with adhd and aspergers, iq 158 (worthless t b h)
>get medication and slight bullying starts already
>actually finish mid school as the best
Apperantly I was the smartest kid they have ever seen at that school, my mother who is friends with some of the teachers there says they still talk about me 10 years later. This probably all sounds pretty normal but the shit only started in high school which starts when you are 12 years old where I live.
Well your story is one of my favourite greentexts ever man. Very relatable and brings out the feels
Is emo still a thing?
>get depressed when i was 15
>start cutting so i could be emo
>never showed anyone my cuts or acted emo in any way
>just kept it to myself like everything else
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>Didn't go HS
>Spend years sitting on my ass, browsing the retarded site
>5 years later
>Still doing the same

ok yeah when i was 16 i was like that ive calmed down a bit though but still. im gonna take your advice
Why are you even here normie?

You have no idea what we have to go through and what it does to your mental state. You clearly have not experience true depression.

Go back to your parties and girlfriend you fuckwit.
good luck, anon. don't end in this hellhole like us.
I just called them emos they were just the metal types, scene girls the whole bag
>take me to psych anyway

What the fuck? your parents sound fucked up. Why would they do that when you were fine.
I spent my highschool years introducing everyone in my highschool to 4chan. By the time I graduated the entirety of my highschool anime club was browsing 4chan. Been almost a decade since then I think.
>I just want to play with my toys
>Wish my family never divorced and I could go back to being a happy family
>Spend all my day on an online forum while playing with my street shark toys

I am 31 and mother is dead
ok anon, thanks. and i dont really have a problem with having no friends in real life but i just want to be able to move out one day to the city and get a cheap apartment. everything is fine at home but my parents are just really bigoted and believe some sure enough oddjob takes on christianity.
I've been completely isolated from the outisde world doing a lot of drugs and barely eating for 6 months, with my windows all boarded up, crying every night, contemplating suicide and developing a deep hatred towards women and humans in general after my gf of 4 years who I met when I was 13 left me overnight wihtout a reason. Trust me when I say I know what you guys have to go through and what it does to your mental state.
Do not come us anon.

Stick with your studies and have a goal.

If I knew what life was like after 20 and how important an education was I would have disregarded everything and studied hard.
Give me 5 years and I will most likely anhero and broadcast it here. If my neetbucks get taken away maybe sooner.
>be 12 now
>have to change school for high school
>go into class everyone is new so shouldnt actually be difficult to integrate
>everything works fine, people talk to me or just leave me alone
>grades are doing ok, not as good anymore
>somehow getting a little popular with the people, girls want to hang out with me (still 12 by the way, its only a few weeks after school started)
>autism now really hits, start getting awkward around people, i guess some of them see my weakness and start bullying me
>I was bigger than most people so it's mostly mental shit not physical, still hits me strong
>dont know how it started, dont know how to end it, also dont talk to anyone about it
>completely shut myself in, somehow no one even notices
>still force myself to go to school, after a few months I even consider killing myself (i was 12 back then, just thinking about a 12 year old wanting to kill himself, this is just horrible)
>go through this year without killing myself somehow
>fail class of course because i couldnt concentrate anymore
I am sorry if this is horribly written. My mental health went downhill from there. Changed school 4 times since then, can tell some specific stories if you want me to. I only have a few friends, one of them is a robot as well. And right even is the only one i'd consider an actual friend.
No, they were completely right. I actually had and still have this issues, and they are worse than ever. The thing is I learned to act. I pretended everything was alright although of course nothing was alright during 10 years
Isolated for 6 months? Try an entire fucking lifetime you piece of shit. I never even got to go to school. Ungrateful fucking normalfag, you don't know how good you have it.
> can't go to the restroom without permission
Fuck high school, man.
>doing a lot of drugs
This takes interactions with normies in order to get them.
>Had a girlfriend

You have no idea what we have to go through anon.

You are just a normie on a downswing.
File: AXWGYWt.png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
>girl from my class asks me to prom 6 month away
>sure, since im ok friends with her, not super close
>two month go by, i ask her if we should look for some clothes together
>it was only meant as a joke anon, sorry if you thought it was serious
Whore, btw she only asked me because her prompartner dumped her by getting a gf.
>somehow no one even notices
I feel this feel with you anon

You are not alone.
>Speaking to girls
Normie get the fuck out of here.

You don't know the true feels in this thread and never will.

Honestly you are suited for reddit.
>wah wah wah poor me
>it's everyone else's fault and not mine!
get over it virgins
How is it a child's fault when they are still children?
File: 1512434124134.png (5 KB, 205x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had a lot of fun at highschool.
Now I'm at a community college and I have immense nostalgia for those days. I wish I could go back and do it over again.

Like, I went to private elementary-middle school. My graduating class was 40 kids. I had a crush on the "popular" girl. I was so hyped to go to high school and meet new people. Because, you know, high school is so glorified in TV and movies and such.

And then, it came and went. I still can't believe I graduated. I feel like I missed out on a lot. I wish I tried harder to make friends. I wish I had studied harder and put more thought into my future.

I really miss everything about it. So many feels I'll never feel again.

Oh well, thats life I guess.
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1 MB, 1920x2560
I feel like the same thing is happening to me right now in university,
>grades are getting worse as my ability to concentrate worsens
>the depression involved with this downward spiral prevents any concentration or motivation
>keeps the cycle going
>see a doctor, psychologist, and eventually therapist
>diagnosed with A.D.D
>wasn't this bad prior to higher education, probably due to work load being easier
>pissed that i am only discovering these problems after i have to pay tuition fees
>complete loss of motivation to do anything
>Be me
>Be an athlete, varisty football soph yr
>Try out for basketball because fuck it, i played it growing up
>Realize I'm not as good as I used to be
>Make the team only because my brother played and was well liked
>Tell the coach fuck it and quit
>Continue the rest of my highschool career as a football player
>Get into a good college because of football abilities
>Be in college now

Had a pretty decent high school experience. Didn't get my first kiss til my senior year, and lost my virginity to her also. She also left me for no reason. She was pretty beat though, now she is very attractive. Oh well that's life.
7-9th grade was the happiest time for me. High school was pure shit, and university is turning out to be shit aswell.
>I had a lot of fun at highschool.

My friend you have no feel that we can relate to.
I have wanted to kill myself since highschool and can't help but thinking about every single teacher and student that made my life hell.

You do not belong here.
they need to to man up
Samefag get out
shit tier bait
I feel you anon, all too well
I did high school online because middle school was shit for me socially. Didn't want to put up with that on a larger scale so i said fuck it and bowed out, parents were cool with it. Managed to finish almost a semester early so it's all good.
>tfw I was a cool kid in high school
>got brain damage as a senior
>try college
>shit sucks
>no friends now 4 ever because people think I'm retarded and when I try to say something they don't know how to respond so they stare.
>almost done so I'll just try to stick with it.
I'm serious, though. I had a lot of fun. I know I'm the odd one out, and I'm sorry you all had shitty times, but truth is, given the choice, I'd do it over again.
welcome to /r9k/ everyone
>i dont want to kill myself desu
>Aspergers, but better than average looking
>In HS get 2 confessions and no less than ten interested girls, most of them hot/popular
>Too autistic to act on any of them
Now I'm older and everyone's mature enough to realise that personality is also important and that I have none.
>spend middle school being the weird kid that no one really liked

>high school comes around and I somehow smarten up in my freshman year, start hanging around some cool guys who become good friends of mind
>spend first two years of HS fucking around with them, getting into trouble, partying etc

>have to move away to bigger city

>new school is more urban, in kind of a metropolitan area whereas my last one was in a suburban neighborhood
>literally everyone there seems like a shallow retard
>never found the motivation to get into a new group
>sit alone every single lunch hour
>spend the last two years of HS utterly alone after already having known what it was like to not do so

I still feel pissed off and insecure about it to this day, although it did give me some much needed perspective about the place that friends can have in my life
Jesus fuck that guy looks like me, except I never went to a school that looked like that.
Did you get bullied?
No, that I am grateful for. I just didn't really interact with anybody.

Middle school I was kind of bullied though, but then again that seems pretty common
>I still question if the people here are inbreed retards or is it some kind of self emposed ignorance.
A little of column A and a little of column B.

Also what country?
Where you from anon?
not original
File: 1451918023470.gif (160 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This shit makes me unironically wish for a beta uprising
>le welcum to /boardinquestion/ everyone! XD XD XD

Fuck off reddit
>A Confederacy of Dunces
Ignatius was a man long before his time.
File: 1423718743283.png (422 KB, 665x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422 KB, 665x662
Seriously this whole thread.

Uprising when? We don't deserve this. The life we live now should not be ours. We are the last people who deserve this shit.
>Going to aviation highschool with 90% male population
>Somehow there's a handful of lesbians there
wew lad
The beta uprising is an oxymoron, it can't happen because we're too beta to make it happen, well I assume that's the whole joke that flew over my head but still.

If we were to take a stand and rise up that would be an alpha action, not a beta one and therefore the beta uprising would lose its core meaning. Rendering "beta uprising" an oxymoron.
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teacher in alabama thats been all over the news for banging a student taught me chemistry this year, until she got arrested that is...
Colombian here. Thats awful anon, we're you in Bogota?
>we are you in bogota
never had a group or anything like that. I was such a loser even the 'losers' wouldn't accept me.
>popular and well liked in high school
>still never had a gf
Can you guys define what you mean by bullying? When does banter cross the threshold and become bullying?

I think that deep down, all of us end up feeling bad about bullying other people. We don't even really control it, and it's funny in the heat of the moment.
File: 1429819357835.gif (27 KB, 206x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 206x245
My feel isn't quite on that level, but I can empathise.

For some reason, my biology teacher used to really have it out for me and I used to hate going to her lessons. Biology classes were over 1/3 of all my lessons when I was 17/18 (in bongland), so whenever I had those classes, I just used to go outside and sit in the park like 20 minutes away from school.

Sometimes I'd just lay there doing nothing, other times I'd read or just walk around aimlessly until it was time to go back to school for evening registration.
Basically the same as me.
My friends all got kicked out of school mostly for poor grades except one friend who did an oil check on his teacher.
Bullying is bullying if its persistent. If I tell someone to go suck a dick, its not bullying. But if I go out of my way, every day, to picker and belittle someone, its bullying. Thats where banter and bullying are separate. Also generally banter is two-way.
But what if you pick on everyone? What if you're just mean for no particular reason? Is that bullying?

I've never really hurt anyone, or made anyone cry in public, so it doesn't count as "real" bullying, I think.
Well if you act like a dick to everyone than you are just a dick.
>one of the anchors told me to my face that they talk shit about me at the anchor desk
Wow that made my blood boil, sorry to hear that I want to beat the shit out those assholes after hearing that
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>Tfw recently found out a girl I beta orbited senior year is now living out of her car
And I thought the women hitting their wall joke was a meme but goddam /r9k/ was right again
R9keya is right about everything i swear
File: 14302992345910.jpg (40 KB, 700x648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Reading through this thread, and this stupid pepe with the Stargate wormhole in the background depresses me the most. I miss it.
>be fairly popular kid
>have friends, "date", play sports
>step dad dies
>mom loses her job
>have to move across the country
>no friends at all for my junior and senior year
>nobody ever bullied me, they just seemed to think I never existed
>I'm late to senior film class one day and knock on the door
>classmate lets me in and loudly says "who's that kid?"
>miss prom
>miss homecoming
>don't walk at graduation because I know no one will cheer for me
>teachers always felt bad for me because they knew I wasn't some super weirdo
>All I wanted was someone to be happy to see me

It's so much better now though. Today, I woke up next to my gf and went to class where I have friends and most everyone knows my name.
File: 1452034635837.jpg (98 KB, 837x892) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Had just turned 18, was a senior
>This girl sat in front of me, we'll call her Maddy
>Maddy was really cute and innocent
>I had a small group of friends, one of them was normie tier and relatively smooth with girls
>Confess to him I've never had a gf or done anything with a girl and want his help getting Maddy
>He seems really uncomfortable with it, but agrees
>I assume this is because he was just shocked I told him all that and move on
>He basically just wingmans me through class and helps me hold a conversation with her by picking up the moments of silence, eventually i actually get comfortable around Maddy
>We talk through most of class and my friend just kind of fucks off after I am comfortable with her
>Eventually I ask Maddy if she wants to hangout after school
>I go to her house and for reasons I cannot explain to this day, all of my beta-ness just fucking vanished for this particular hour
>From the moment I went into her house (her parents were gone somewhere) I just felt like a total Chad
>We talk for like 15 minutes laying down in her room, I was sprawled out on the floor and she was on her bed messaging her friends
>I finally just blurt out "Do you want to fuck?"
>She tells me she has never done anything beyond kissing
>Every time she speaks I envision her face when I break her hymen
>I have a cheap ass gas station condom
>After a while of me bullshitting and telling her I have done it a million times and it feels great, she finally seems convinced
>Her fucking mom gets home and we pretend to be doing school work, she is visibly mad that a guy is over but I guess she didn't want to yell in front of me
>I notice something
>The book Maddy put on her lap to pretend like she is doing work is Mr. Burons class
>Mr. Burons is a 9th grade science teacher
>It occurs to me I never asked Maddy what grade she was in and never saw her outside of art class
>"Yeah anon, I'm a freshman!"
>I nope the fuck out of there
>She tells me she wanted "an older guy"
was that in florida by chance?
I'd be proud if I were you.
Good job.
>middleschool I was bullied literary every place I was
>highschool I spent 90% of my free time(lunch, early morning) in the library
>I dreaded everyday the librarian wouldn't show up
>If I had a weapon I would murder everyone of those bastards
>If I had a weapon I would murder everyone of those bastard
Me too anon
We could have hit the high score easily
Someone post the /pol/ version of OPs picture
>be me in high school in all white working class neighborhood
>bad stuttering problem, if it wasn't for that would have been normie
>no friends
>some muslim girl in a hijab comes to our school.
>she has few friends beyond hovering at the edge of groups.
>one day gets seated next to me class
>slowly start talking, and texting, my stutter it just makes it easier.
>become best friends spend all day together + text/FB chat at night
>only see her a few times outside of school cause family is conservative but whatever
>oh but she hates this town, and wants to go back to dubai
>she's pakistani but grew up in dubai
>graduation comes, dawns on me that she's going back there.
>day she leaves is worst day ever
>told me to come but im poor whitetrash can barely afford a ticket there
>at first talk regularly
>slowly she develops more friends there + bunch of cousins.
>talk less and less and notice it's always me initiating conversations
>realize its over. she's moved on, and im at best a fond memory and at worst an increasingly annoying beta hoverer who keeps msging her on FB
>wish i had said something in high school. maybe we could've have been married, i would convert to islam.
>talk about once every 6 weeks now.
>i have not made any new friends.
What a fucking weird story. Sorry that happened op
File: 1426467217270.jpg (40 KB, 435x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be son of a whore
>naturally bullied all the time for this
>things are a bit calmer
>biology class, talking about STD's
>"...thus, while it has not been proved, HIV-positive mothers may pass the virus to their fetus..."
>"...which is why using proper protection is of paramount..."
>entire class bursts into laughter, i am completely frozen and trying not to cry
>useless teacher trying to impose order, but to no avail
>fucking chad
>just try to not have a breakdown until the class is over
>run straight to my house
>have a breakdown
Wanna know the fun part? The "Anon has AIDS" joke turned into a rumor and people started avoiding any type of contact with me. There was this qt, that felt bad about my past and we would often hang out at school break. After this, being EXTREMELY germophobic, she started avoiding me at any cost. Once, she accidentally had skin contact with me, and she had a complete fucking chimpout-tier mental breakdown. Everyone had gathered, and I was trying to explain her that I am healthy, while she would scream that her life was over and teachers were yelling at me for touching her.
File: 1425950639407.jpg (19 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>your high school oneitis has been in a healthy relationship for three years
File: 1436834889209.jpg (8 KB, 206x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 206x160

thanks. i just want her. i want to be like the old days when it was just her and me talking for ages about anything. im kicking myself for not trying to find one way to stay.

i actually attempted to move on by repeating this process. by convincing myself that i could find a new lonely immigrant girl and be her friend. long story short i had one forced conversation with a confused filipina lady at a tim hortons (canadian coffee shop) after spending a few days "working" on my laptop there. didn't work.
Hey, sorry that my country is harsh. What city did you move in? If Bogota, then sorry m8, I live here ,and I can truly see the rathole of a city. Someone should've told you that public schools (from where most of the military school demographics come from) are fucking rough with immigrants. You should've come to a private school, like mine, where they treat both immigrants nicely, and do boxing for fun.
wow this is literally me.

I used to be the class clown and i started to become really self conscious and became extremely quiet.

My school luckily had a lounge area outside of the cafeteria where you can sit alone and eat lunch and it doesn't seem that weird.
What state did you move to, anon? If it was the south i can completely understand

How is your stutter nowadays?
did you not read the rest of the post?
File: 0493 - AAfYsOB.jpg (25 KB, 680x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0493 - AAfYsOB.jpg
25 KB, 680x468
This is me except for your non green text line.

Nobody ever noticed me, nobody ever could remember my name, i was that quiet kid who never talked. feelsbadman
it's still there. idk why i have. there was nothing traumatic in my life. no abuse. not much bullying. just avoidance

on a side note. i now have a genuine interest in indian movies. once you pile back the trashy shit there's a lot of deep interesting movies being made. pic related
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Jesus Christ that's awful, that hit me right in the feels
I wanna hug you so bad anon
>be me
>be 9th grade
>everything is normal for me, normal teen with a few quirks
>kid in my gifted class that used to be my friend starts fucking with me, i'll call him john
>he's a chad now, used to be as beta as me
>tell him to fuck off
>couple weeks pass
>comes to me, looking genuinely fucked up
>asks to talk to me, i assume that this is going to be another one of his "things"
>tell him to fuck off like usual
>told out of the blue that i'm moving by my parents
>not too messed up initially
>get into a decent sized friend group on first day, due to nice member
>couple months pass
>on band bus going back to school
>everyone is chatting about the game
>prepaid-phone vibrates
>think it's one of my better friends
>it's one of my lesser friends that i don't talk to much
>read the text
>"hey anon, not sure if you knew him, but john shot and killed himself last night"
>suddenly, everything goes numb mentally
>come to 3 hours later, apparently i'd dropped my phone and been staring at the back of the seat for a solid 3 hours motionless
>fall into deep depression that i've never come out of
>i might have very well killed john by not listening to him

I've got a lot more shit from 2 more years if you guys are interested.
i used to sit in a stall the entire lunch period because i was too autistic to be in the cafeteria around all those people
>got brain damage as a senior
Sure m8 let it all out

>>i might have very well killed john by not listening to him

He killed himself months after the conversation you didn't have.

Are you genuinely fucking retarded?

If you cannot relate to the picture in OP you probably don't belong here. I think I was in 8th grade when they randomly switched my classes and on the first day the bitch teacher made everyone go into groups for a math activity and this fat loser automatically pairs up with me since he knows no one would pair with him. Next day we do the same bullshit and he doesn't even bother going to me so I end up worse than him.

What's worse is when you start talking to someone cool that you get along with but then they start acting weird suddenly because people obviously told him how weird you are.

Actually whats truly worse is this shit doesn't end, it continues on after high school into work and is a daily thing. Thankfully it's not as hurtful now because you're used to it by now.
>online high school
>never had friends
>never hung out with a group of friends in my life

god damn my life fucking sucked/sucks when I think about it. I pissed away my teens. fuck
>school wanted $100 for a yearbook

Its not like anyone would have signed mine or anything, but I would have still liked one you cunts. But $100 for a book with some pictures in it? Fuck outta here
kek, you were just a little faggot
and I'm gonna add: I dont feel bad for any of you, really. you guys are talking about being at highschool, around other people. having a social profile to some extent. know one knew i existed during my HS years. all I feel now is a mixture of deep sadness and regret.
File: 1450365870825.gif (80 KB, 592x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's okay anon, you are accepted here and we love you
File: 1452638457124.jpg (121 KB, 444x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>White kid growing in Jew York, Queens specifically
>Never really bullied despite a pretty bad stutter as a young kid, everyone seemed to forget about it by high school
>Nothing remarkable about middle school, other than punching out some fat faggot that everyone hates in 8th grade which made a lot of the school like me
>pretty much invisible and boring/normie until 10th grade, no gf and friends with the "not quite losers but not quite popular" crowd
>all of a sudden in the course of one year I become really good at baseball (played it since a kid) and got a little more popular because of it
>started getting invited to sports parties but didn't go alot because of all the criminal nigs there
>Around 11th grade I got even taller (was 6'1 by that time), and even better at baseball. Scouts were coming to watch me play, and I started getting obscene amounts of attention from the asian and Spanish girls
>discover 4chan around that time, begin to become depressed for whatever reason, still really good at baseball though
>not offered any scholarships but Penn State said I have a spot on the team if I go there
>decide to go there
>Don't know anybody and become really isolated. Most kids on the team are kind of autistic as well
>Still do really well my freshman year but end up losing more and more interest in it
>Quit by 10th grade to focus on school
>Do it for another year then drop out because I'm bored of that too
>End up working at a resturant for the next couple years back in NYC
File: 1451968427275.png (218 KB, 592x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 592x385
>my dad bought me a senior year book
>didn't really have many friends left to sign it at that point anyway
>school mailed me two on accident lol
Have no need for either of them but kept the second one just because.
He fell into a deep depression after that. Apparently I was his last ditch effort for release.

>10th grade
>end of year
>friend, let's call him chade comes up to me
>oh btw anon, i'm dating oneitis now
>i'd been having a very good day prior to this and now it felt like i got stabbed in the dick
>friend didn't know that she was my oneitis, so i couldn't judge him
>grit teeth and congratulate him
>later on
>chade comes to me and explains a situation
>apparently, shecklestein had been sexually harassing girls, and had a big thing for oneitis
>realize that this is probably my one chance to stand out to oneitis since chade refuses to do anything
>go through elaborate effort to expose his shit against oneitis and all the other girls
>post it on facebook
>instantly blows up
>get thanks and praise from almost all the girls i know at my school, betas and stacies alike
>first time i've actually felt somewhat happy in over a year
>go to sleep and wake up in the morning
>ominous feeling in the air when i get to school, can't quite place it
>everyone, LITERALLY EVERYONE, not even paranoid delusions, i literally saw the majority of the students looking at me quickly and turning away, and heard my name being whispered
>"isn't that anon?"
>"isn't he the one who stopped shecklestein?"
>"that's awesome if he did, shecklestein sounds like a real fucking dick"
>first hour goes by normally
File: 1452638562517.png (220 KB, 621x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 621x669
>Flash forward 2 years later I'm still here
>No motivation to do anything but shitpost on here
>Asian fetish so date a ton of Fobby girls from high school but ultimately can't hold a relationship
>Parents disappointed in me
>Friends all moved away
>Trying to go back to school this year but I don't know if I'll be able to will myself

Honestly I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm tall, athletic, decently handsome, can fake charisma pretty good, but I'm just so fucking depressed and nihilistic. /pol/ being so right makes me hate all the liberals, non whites and women in this hell hole. I just want to end it.
File: download.jpg (8 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 225x225
>i actually feel genuinely good at this point
>feel like my depression is all but gone after all this long time
>second hour
>sit down, get ready for class
>administrator opens the door
>i shit you not, teacher asks what administrator is doing and he points to me and says, word for word, "i'm here for him."
>knew this would probably happen
>would usually be shitting myself, but for some odd reason, i have a burst of alpha and it isn't letting up
>look him in the eyes, smile, and put my stuff up to follow him
>get to office
>"i'm going to need your phone, anon."
>um, why?
>"because we think that it might have proof of you starting a mass disturbance on campus."
>have some lewd pics on there, none of myself, so i'm a bit hesitant, but i give it to him, not wanting to start more shit
>after like an hour get called into principal's office
>at this point, basically go super saiyan alpha 3 somehow
>calmly and coolly answer every question that i am asked about the post, surprising and kind of scaring the administration about how little of a shit i give
>"ok anon, we'll have to recommend you for expulsion."
>wait what
>expelled for remaining month of school
>exit school building
>"excuse me, anon?"
>cop walks to me
>"i'm going to need to you to come with me to the station to answer a few questions."
>alpha power level cut in half
>get there, answer everything
>shecklestein and his parents are considering charging me with CYBERBULLYING
>if i haven't already said it, i'd exposed HIM for being a fucking sexual predator
>he knows that he has one smart option that he can use, and only one
>doesn't charge me
>oneitis gives all the praise to chade
>mfw they broke up junior year

I've got even more if thou art interested.
Yeah, I think part of my problem was that I'm not nerdy enough to be instantly accepted to the out crowd and not outgoing enough to be in crowd. So I got stuck with nothing.

it's a little funny for me because one girl who I became friends with at college last year was in my class in HS. Last semester, another girl I graduated with tried to say something as we walked by each other. I guess she recognized my face, but couldn't remember my name haha.
I'm interested, go
I'll type it out and wait for more people to catch up first, familia.
File: aussie.gif (2 MB, 430x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 430x440
>was in an independent study program for highschool
>sat around at home and played video games all day
Don't act so high and mighty man. I had a friend who went to highschool in the UK. Guy got fucked bad by other kids, and not in the sexual way thank you. They actually set him on fire once.
>Yeah, I think part of my problem was that I'm not nerdy enough to be instantly accepted to the out crowd and not outgoing enough to be in crowd. So I got stuck with nothing.
I think I was the same way. I couldn't fit in well with anyone.
>Hanging out with normies
>Come up with a great idea
>Guys we should all get together and play minecraft
>Literally everybody at the table winced at the thought
>Was too autistic to notice and didn't care
>Look back and feel it in every bone in my body

Another time

>Same group of people
>Start telling bad pick-up lines
>Don't know what I'm thinking
>Tell it to cute girl because I'm facing her
>"Are you an archaeologist because I have a bone for you to examine!"
>She gets really bothered by me saying that
>Realize she thought I was serious
>Don't know how to save the situation
>She leaves
>Everybody is staring at me

I look back and kek, but also I feel it.
It's literally cause 4chan. I was similar to you, normieish until I found 4chan and I got sucked in.

Honestly it's an interesting culture and I identify with everyone here, but I can't help but wish I stayed asleep. I don't want to be this aware and angry and alone all the time even if I know I'm right for feeling these things towards the state of the world.
File: 1443254627229.jpg (33 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 400x388
Does anyone want to hear how I almost got a gf
>girl I liked in computer class who sat next to me talked all the time
>kid who sat next to us outright told me that we obviously like each other and should just go out
>I shrugged it off and pretending like I never heard that
>she ended up not coming back to school next semester
>her friends told me that she was asking how I was
Fucking kill me, lad.
How the fuck does an american end here in the first place?
I can't even think in a medical treatment that can be better in this cesspool than the US.
My highschool experience was a mixed bag. The only reason anyone knew me was because I looked just like Mclovin from Superbad. I acted almost exactly like Mclovin which didn't help me at all. I was in the advanced program at first, but I dropped out after falling into a deep depressing. Failing at the one thing I was ever good at, academics, shattered my self image and started a lifelong trend of self hatred. I was too awkward to really make any friends, though I did have a few people I hung out with at school, though we weren't that close. I tried asking out girls, but failed every time. I basically acted like a jerk accidentally every time I tried to do something cool, like the time I insisted I was a hipster before I knew the correct meaning of the word, or when I would talk about how smart I was despite having failing grades. Gah, it makes me hurt just remembering it. I barely passed highschool with 0 friends, and the people I thought were my friends don't care what happens to me, despite hanging out with them every day. My "best friend" since kindergarten pretty much stopped being my friend, and I have no hope for the future. I have gotten over my depression mostly, though the first thing I think about waking up is killing myself, I don't go to be crying every night. That being said, my dream of being an engineer is pretty much unattainable and I hate myself to much to try. The only thing keeping myself from just ending it is my family, I don't want to hurt them just because I hate myself.
LOL at the spoiler
>>tried to socialize, was standing outside with a group of guys every break
>>at the start a bit shy but started talking more as time went on
>>they start doing stuff outside of school (parties, hanging out etc.) and openly talked about it
>>even another guy who's even quieter than me gets invited
>>be now, 12th grade, never got invited to anything but still stand there, listening to it all
>>realize they barely tolerate my presence and are just too polite to tell me to fuck off
Jesus fuck, this is exactly what happened to me. I had a small group of friends who I ate lunch with, and I'd mostly just walk with them while they'd talk among themselves. I genuinely liked them and found them interesting, but I never saw them outside of school and I lost them all the second I finished there. It's not that they wouldn't talk to me, they tried often, but I was/am extremely boring, awkward, and unable to hold any kind of conversation beyond a few sentences. I'm just thankful that they tolerated me for so long.
Same thing happened to me, but in middle school. This was pretty much what made me into an autistic and friendless loser. Before then, I just had trouble making friends but was able to have friends. Then after that happened, I just started avoiding socializing at all costs.
>Go to private highschool
>30ish students in whole HS
>My graduating class had 3 people including me
>Everyone at least liked me
>only issues were with the obligatory couple of retards fighting amongst eachother
>Staff were cool, one teacher would even sometimes swear in class

No real complaints besides some bullshit that seems pretty irrelevant now.
Are you me?
>30 students
What the fuck? Did you go to school in rural Arkansas?
Or the only note worthy ecperiences anon had was in high school... Which is sad...
Are you retarded or just illiterate?
>have close circle of friends in High School
>have close circle of friends in Community College (mostly because I would make friends from friends of my old friends of HS going to same college)
>finally get into Uni
>no absolutely no one
>after an entire term have not made a single friends, not even my roommate wants to hangout with me
It was K-12 so I think there were like 150ish students at most. And no, not in Arkansas and I live in an area with ~60,000 people.
I pretty much gave up on everything after middle school.

I failed my junior year and had to repeat, moved to a different school halfway through the year.

I don't know if I failed again or not, but either way I'm a drop out.

Pretty much everyday in school was me skipping most of the day,(especially gym), and reading in the bathroom.

A nigger once accused me of jacking off, but I was just reading.
>after an entire term
this is like chad complaining about not getting laid in an "entire" week.
No one deserves the Robot life. It's nothing but a living hell.
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Highschool was unremarkable. I remember sitting with the special needs kids for some of first year because I didn't have friends at the time. I didn't even know they were special needs until one kid sperged out and spat all over my sandwich. I still ate it, I was very hungry
I went through almost the exact situation.
Things became much better after i went into the military though.
You really find out who you really "matured" into when you are surrounded by a bunch of brothers who are all stuck in the same crossroad of life like you.

Right now you are in a stage where you are confused as to who you are, because within the "clown" exterior you cant find your personal individuality. Which also explains why you become quiet after all your friends left/ grew up when you didnt have an excuse to be a clown anymore.

Go join any activity that sparks your interest. Or it doesnt even need your interest actually.
Just go join something that allows you to bond with a bunch of men.
Just be cool and don't sperg around, make friends and you will suddenly find out who you actually are in the midst of sharing and interacting with them.
Thanks for this thread you guys, I don't usually come to r9k but I'm away from the lady friend right now and am kinda bored and ran out of other boards to browse. I always enjoy these threads because it A: is a good laugh desu and B: makes me feel a heck of a lot better about myself reading these stories of maladjusted youths.

> sat at table with group of "friends" I knew from middle school
> loserish group, not nerds, just losers and rejects in general - many sports teams benchwarmers and quitters
> never go to any parties with them outside of school, even though I'm sure they did something without me
> no girls at table
> on football team and track team
> don't start freshman team but play whole game at the end of year on JV team after freshman season ends
> workout over summer freshman year to get up to 270 lb bench and 600 lb leg press before sophomore year
> knee growths keep me sidelined the whole season, still stick around as Bobby Boucher waterboy
> no football players invite me to parties
> didn't get in with the "cool" jocks
> more like a joke than a jock
> never learn how to talk to girls ever
> drop out due to depression due to a deviated septum, horrible social experiences in and out of my family, bad hormones and shitty growth spurts
> go to psych hospital
> come close to talking to a few girls in there
> no paranoia about how they will gossip to their network of friends in an isolated hospital
> start feeling comfortable around them, but they are gone once I was discharged
> go back home and be NEET
> watch high school football games on TV with guys I used to know, and watch them graduate on TV as well
> look at sister's yearbook with the senior quotes from people from my class
> get GED and never too traumatized to go back to school until my 30s.
> try looking at one place across the country but go home after 3 months.
> more shit to deal with at 18
> get into RPGs and other video games as escapism
> 20 years later and still don't talk to women as friends or potential dates
> still khv

Now you know how a true wizard virgin NEET is created. I had some potential to be a chad or at least a low level normie (my older brother was kind of a chad), but my life turned into a shitfest after 16, and I'm somewhat autistic. I stopped caring so much after 25 or so.
you're an SJW Witchhunter mate. but post more
this more or less happened to me but with a couple of differences those being that i had hung out with them for a couple years prior and was good friends with a lot of them before i suddenly couldnt socialize properly (it really was sudden too, one day id be fucking around having a laugh and then the very next i just couldnt get into any conversations) and as with you i just started lurking outside the circle being included (in conversation nothing more) occasionally more so out of a sense of obligation and pity than anything else which kept until they outright told me to fuck off and after a year spent totally alone i moved school for unrelated reasons
oddly enough i somehow managed to get in with a group of friends that was much better than the last in spite of my social ineptitude and they invited me out to parties and that, still dont know why but after having spent a year being on the receiving end of everybodys pity i knew it wasnt that
eventually fell out of contact with them after high school when i went neet
how on earth does somebody successfully trick you into drinking piss?
how does that happen?
this is sexier than it has any fucking right to be
source anyone?
>grade 11 biology class
>chubby blond milf teacher wearing tight clothes
>sitting in front row shes now bending to write on the bottom of the whiteboard
>get monster erection, my cock at the time was 7.5x5, very hard to conceal in those microfiber uniform shorts
>try to hide it by having it lay sideways across my leg, you can still see a defined outline, but its better having poke up like a tent
>teacher was behind me and saw that I was fidgeting, she walks past looking at my lap
>for the next 30 mins of class I would occasionally catch her looking at me in a flirty way, each time would light my erection back up
>bell rings, erection still going mad, pack up my shit, teacher moves over near the side of my desk only slightly blocking the way
>I get up and and have to squeeze past her, as I do I feel my penis press against her ass and she pushes back into me, she pressed hard enough to make it difficult to slide past.
>once I passed through I look at her wondering what the fuck she was doing and she looks back and with a very flirty smile, I smile back politely and walk out the door.

Next day

>biology class again, I walk in and sit down normally but I can feel her eyes on me. Teacher is wearing slightly sexier clothing this time, medium length dress with decent cleavage and very low high heels.
>start of class proceeds normally teacher says some shit, writes stuff on the board, hands out worksheets then goes around helping the students.
>teacher has been going around helping students for 5-10 minutes then she comes over to sit down very close me and look at my work
>Horny and nervous I start wondering what I might have done wrong, she then starts basically repeating parts of the lesson to me and pointing at my worksheet.
>I notice a lot of arm touching and wonder if I should ask about what she is doing, then feel her leg rub against mine.

To be continued


>I take my eyes off my work and look next to me to see her already staring at my face, she smiles when I return eye contact
>while maintaining eye contact I feel her leg rub against mine again, this time longer and more drawn out along with a brush of her hand across the top side of my hip
>my efforts to suppress an erection fail, badly
>within seconds my penis becomes fully erect, going into the unhideable tent position, I didn't want classmates to see so I needed to re-adjust, but not next to my teacher
>She shifts her view down to my obvious erection, not wanting to be seen by classmates I stick my hands in my shorts to flip it to the side
>I look next to me and see her still looking at the predicament on my lap, my shorts were tight because of how I was sitting you could see the whole pulsating outline
>I hear her chuckle and say "thats nice" then feel her hand run up the side of my leg then brushing across my swollen tip
>feeling embarrassed and shy like the beta I was I felt forced to reciprocate so I ran my hand across the side of her thigh up to her ass, she responded with a quiet "mmm"

To be continued


>she then packs up her things and gets up to see what the other students were doing.
>class went normally for the next 10 minutes, then she sat down in her chair close to the side and angled towards me
>Trying to do my work I caught her staring again and look back, she then spreads her legs just slightly so I could barely see her underwear, she caught me looking and smile
>she closes her legs and I look back at my desk, after less than a minute i see her open her legs again, this time much further, letting enough light in to let me see the giant wet patch on her underwear.
>The rest of the lesson went normally after that.

As much as I wish I fucked her, I didn't. At the time I both had a girlfriend and was a beta, although this was only 3 years ago so I could grab her facebook and go "ey bby want sum fuk?"

The teacher toned down the flirting after that but it kept going for the rest of the year I had her as a teacher.

>tfw you didn't bang your hot teacher that basically handed it out to you
You're literally worse than the fucking Social Justice Retards, arguing about who's the most oppressed.
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>this entire thread

fuck this gay earth lads
File: 1393368744263.jpg (45 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Attract a lot of female attention due to being the "strong loner" sort of guy
>Fend off airheads for first month or two of HS, never bothered afterwards, felt good man

>School is mostly all chads and staceys
>Obtain small group of friends from other class, 1 girl 2 guys
>Share the same general "nerdy" inclinations
>Try hard to make us come together and do things
>Movie nights, attending LANs, etc
>Think I finally might make some actually good friends for the first time in my life
>3 years later and I still don't know them much better
>Felt like it was mostly a giving and no receiving experience
>Get bitter about it
>Sink deeper into social alienation

Otherwise it was all good grades, lots of video games and little sleep. Had this qt goth girl that I kept around too since she was low maintenance and she kept me warm at night, really learned to hate her guts otherwise.

Pretty okay experience. If I wasn't such an edgelord at heart I'm sure that I wouldn't have grown up hating most of my peers and all of that.

Still to this day, I value and enjoy my solitude for most part. But I'm sure you guys can relate to not having had a single good friend your entire life and the loneliness that comes with it.
>have to repeat a year
>dont make friends with new classmates, didnt care much for them and they certainly didnt care for me
>social groups were already defined, so thiught fuck it
>hang out with my old friends who are in their last year.
>they graduate, i spend a year alone afterwards
I was lucky to have friends outside of school, so i just went to school out of obligation, sometimes just went to school high and nobody would notice.

Shit sucks mang
When i was a sophomore I remember I tried to sit next to a group of people then the girl of the group walked with and sat me down next to spechial needs kids introduced them to me and walked off leaving me there and after ten minutes I walked off to the bathroom, you know if they didn't fucking want me there they should have told me you cunt, that was fucked up but i defiantly got the "we don't want you here" vibe from that
File: 1447381654921.jpg (11 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>no friends
>huge school so I never get fried to socialize
>would go days without saying a word other than when a teacher calls on me
>people asked why I always looked tired
>I told people I had insomnia as an excuse for staying up and watching anime every night
>went in the same restroom everyday during lunch and browsed 4chan
>barely made it to graduation
>have been home on my computer ever since

Such a boring life my robots. No stories to tell, no spaghetti, just a silent kid that floated through HS.
jeez, was US really that bad?
Sorry m8, it might have just been California, everything's pretty great here in Texas. People leave you alone and don't get angry if they figure out you're a shut in on neetbux.
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>first day of highschool
>in English class
>sitting next to football tyrone motherfucker with the most beautiful white stacy
>he says something dumb
>teacher corrects him
>let out a snicker, I don't know why, I was in another word due to my A.D.D and I just wasn't thinking straight and sadly no one else laughed or snickered
>he turns to look at me
>oh god
>everyone laughs
>teacher laughs a bit but quickly gets onto him
>please kill me
>go to lunch
>sit on table where no one else is
>look around at all the normies, even my old weird friends from middle school were sitting with other people
>girl comes to my table
>oh god, I'll take pity, pls sit with me or invite me over
>heart jumps and respond "yes?"
>is this seat taken?
>uhm no
>she drags chair away to her already crowded as fuck stacy table for a fucking Chad to sit with them'
>they giggle at his jokes
>i get my food and take it to the bathroom and cry
>get home
>Anon, you have a good day as a highschooler?
>I don't have the heart to tell her
>yeah ..everyone really likes me
>cry in my room
Who else /homeschool/ here?

>go to school
>literally no chance of having friends
>kill self
I let a bad school experience take control of my life. Because no one liked me at school I assumed no one would ever like me elsewhere.But I became a shut-in after it was over and haven't done much since. I'm such a fuck up.
I have a story.

Was the most bullied gid in class back in 8th grade because I had no social skills and lived just being alone most of the time because of said bullying. Even the French teacher was a complete bitch to me.

We used to have two french periods split by lunch break, but the teach wouldn't let us out of class one day because she was bullying me and saying the bell was a signal for the teachers to finish up the class, not the students to leave.

Anyway, I spend my lunch in the bathroom crying, and miss the first bell to go back to class (we have two bells, one a five minute signal). I realize I am late to class and rush back, still crying.

When I walk in the teacher just goes "letting down the class, as expected from you, anon."

In a fit of anger I go "the bell doesn't matter for me, it's only a signal for teachers."

The class laughed and I got referred to the Dean. I told her the story, she said because of these comments an investigation would take place.

French teacher lost her job for repeatedly bullying students.

This was the best part of my school life. Still kept being bullied even though I got the worst teacher in the school fired.
>not always depressed
Fucking normie leave!?! REEEEEEE!!!
I want to hear more from this particular Anon
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probably a bunch of underage faggots in here
>be slight chubby all of highschool
>6'1 175 chubby face
>friends with chad's
>not a complete social autist
>have alot of friends
>all the girls want them
>i never had a girlfriend
>never had any girls interested in me
>find out my crush liked one of them
>they all play a prank on me
>they fake text me from her phone
>saying how she knows how i feel
>thinks im cute and all this other shit
>see them during passing period
>all of them are in on it
>im so fucking ecstatic and happy
>they see it on my face
>they all start to feel guilt
>one of them breaks it to me that it was fake
>they laugh it off
>totally fucking heartbroken
>everything lines up so perfectly
>broke down so quickly
>literally my endorphins were racing
>i cried after school at home from the shame
So there's this really nerdy Asian teacher, glasses and crooked teeth, really awkward and stutters

>has for history in 8th grade
>film studies in 10th grade
>English in last year

Developed crush on him as soon as I saw him, still have crush and it's been over 4 years. His brain and beautiful awkwardness made my lady parts tingle. Voice is so deep when angry, ugh
I've posted this before but

>senior year
>in class
>teacher is sitting at a table with me and other students
>they're talking to each other and I'm sitting not talking to anyone
>teacher randomly looks at me and says
"You're not like the rest of us, are you anon?"

It didn't even affect me that much when it happened, I didn't say anything or do anything about it. It was when I thought about it later that it hit me.
I wasnt a social autist but what the fuck do I have to say to a teacher? Teacher's need to go do their own shit
Fucker has the audacity to say you're not a normie like the rest of them?
I would've told him flat out no, You aren't a friend of mine, what do I have to say to you?
That grinded my gears
sorry about the feels though brobot
>art class
>sitting at table with this lesbian autistic chick
>she talks about how she plays bass and loves this ugly chick who has a inuyasha backpack in school
>don't respond to her, it'll probably make her not want to talk to me anymore
>let her go on about whatever
>chubby black emo outcast girl sits at another table
>she has a Korn shirt on
>I was a faggot into nu-metal, it was 2008 sue me
>spend 30 minutes telling her in my head how I like the band with my heart pounding
>tell her that's my favorite band
>she starts rambling about the band
>omg I talked to a girl a real girl
>gym class
>dodge fucking ball
>this fat prick throws dodgeballs at me and laughs and screams YOU LITTLE FAGGOT HAHA
>I didn't do anything, I just ignored him and kept playing til he got bored and started hitting other kids
>yes, I couldn't believe a bully existed like hollywood, a REAL sterotype
>he followed me in the halls and told me my ass was his because I said leave me alone
>alone at lunch go to bathroom as usual
>end school
>tell mom how I talked to this girl, and we're gonna date and shit
>ooo my boys first gf, I should meet her
>Art class next day
>Emo chubby black girl is here
>Try to ask her to prom but can't
>instead I tell her that I don't think i'll go to prom
>she looks at me and goes OMG I'll be SO sad if you don't go, they're a LOT of fun!
>oh, okay i'll go.
>whole class not even that faggot fat bully can bother me today
>think about how i'm gonna parade my gf through the halls and eat lunch with her
>stupid smile on my way all day
>next day is prom and I get dressed and have a small fight with my dad because my music was too loud and it was nu-metal crap, damn its cringy just typing that
>he drives me to the prom anyways
>walks around looking at all the chads and stacys, they snuck beer and are doing sexual dances in the parking lot
>I go in and the blacks are dancing to 2008 popular rap
>be the edgy 16 year old and think ew, rap.

It was a girl teacher. It definitely added fuel to the fire of my hatred of woman. I never had problems with male bullies but girls were always the ones who were mean to me in school.
>spend the whole hour watching Chads and Stacys dance
>horrible rap music, even for my standards of liking hip hop today
>sexual dancing everywhere
>a few outcast were here but they were together and looked more normie than me when they socialized
>the emo chick never came and it was 30 minutes til end of prom
>weird kids run to the stage as three days grace "Pain" comes on
>they start mosh pitting
>I join them and we probably looked so fucking stupid
>i was crying a little bit but dried the tears before the song was over
>go to car
>mom picked me up
>so anon, did you enjoy your date ;)
>uh, she was actually sick, so I just enjoyed the prom
>oh okay honey.
>get home and go to room and kick the wall and play my loud music til I go to sleep
>on the way to school I think of witty ways to tell her how she lied to me and broke my heart
>I get there and sit down and shes smiling like nothing fucking happened
>I look at her and go "Was nice seeing you at the prom"
>she looks at me with a serious face and goes
>go I didn't go to that, I had plans
>my heart sunk
>i just realized everything I needed to know about women at this moment
>I am nothing to her, I am not Chad, I am not handsome, If she wants me to jump off a cliff who cares, don't incovient here and her perfect life, "Emo" my ass, you're an attention whore, fuck you FUCK YOU.

This went on in my head all day during school.
All. Day. Even when the bully came in gym I told him I wasn't in the fucking mood and he was like WHAT'D YOU SAY? He just threw dodgeballs at me all day while I walked around the gym and talked shit.
> always been the /funny/ guy in class
> crack jokes and tell good stories
> they say they love me and all. But never gotten invited to their parties or to hang out with them outside of school.
> sometimes when they hang out with their other friends, they act they've never met me before, and don't care to acknowledge my existence.
what a dumb cunt.
Totally singled you out and made you look like a complete outcast.
What a bitch
>isn't reading
>probably sitting there just feeling sorry for himself
>drinking a soda like the fatass he is
/r9k/ has never been so exemplified
Sorry to hear about that bro :/.
It's whatever, i'm a late as fuck bloomer, as soon as I turned 21, I looked good as fuck, Even I can't lie, i'd go see my old school normies that worked in wal-mart and targeta nd they were like, ANON, .. IS THAT YOU?!

They suddenly found me talkable. But I knew who they really were, I tried to get gfs and stuff but still got rejected because my weird personality, so I went from Robot to failed normie. Yeah, getting okay looking didn't do shit for me besides impress a few old normies I look better, besides working up the courage to talk to girls took enough strain to almost kill me.. So I went back to sitting in the house, going on imagieboards and playing vidya in all my self-loathing.
I was hoping you would go out with her, but then again women.

>tfw no chubby black emo gf :(
We never talked again.
>in grade 12
>have a massive crush on this 11th grader. she was hot af.
>was also in a tech school, 4:1 ratio of male to female.
>she had class in the period after me. I always saw her.
>I noticed she sat on the same seat.
>i scribble that she was hot, and i had a crush
>fast foward a few months, gonna pick up the year book.
>12th graders get theirs first, 11th graders afterwards.
>i picked up my book, I saw her
>she looked at me with a smile, said hi
>i ignored her
>i hate my life

this always happen. a girl i'm into approaches me and i sperg. I need to an hero, right?
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>was mean to girl I liked and she disliked me for it
Do you guys miss high-school, though?
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>I got the worst teacher in the school fired.
That sucks anon, but getting the bitchy teacher was pretty awesome anon

I would rather drink AIDS infested nigger ball juice than go back to High School. But considering how much of a "faggot" I am (at least according to the assholes I went to school with) I'd probably enjoy that.
>be 16
>11th grade
>move and go to a new school
>make friends but not true ones
>tell everyone I may move back
>everyone acts sad
>next day
>no one acts like they care
>becoming depressed
>sit alone in every class
>don't talk to anyone between classes
>"would anyone really care if I died?"
>ff 12th grade
>still no gf
>still havent been invited to a party
>only have 1 true friend
>mfw I could get pussy in middle school but once highschool hit I became beta as fuck

I didn't get bullied but I wish I could have gotten a girlfriend and made some true friends
Yes, I'm >>25744242

I ALWAYS felt like maybe if I tried harder I could have had young love but I blew it. I blew it hard by being an autistic fuck.

We even had a school lock in where you sleepbag in the scho gym, girls on left guys on right side. I didn't go but i bet all the normies have stories of sneaking to the stacy side of the floor and getting love.
Pretty much, same story as me
>4.0 student, effortlessly (went to a shitty high school to be h)
>played football
>highest bench max on the team
>go through high school kissless handheldless virgin anyway due to having no social skills
>had a single girlfriend but that lasted like a month and only because her friends were manipulative and thought it would be cute to have two socially awkward people 'date'
>lost my phone on the one 'date' we went on
>decide to end the relationship
>thank you, anon, I didn't want to be the one to do it

I could have done things differently and been Chad but instead I ended up here.
It's stuff like this which makes me happy. I moved to England from SA when I was 12. I guess the real first years of maturation occurred after, not making me a mess like you :P
kek u and me both
You pretty much summed up r9k in one post, impressive.
Oh my gosh you fellas really need to take a step back and look at how sad your lives are. Ok yeah not everyone is popular all the time but that doesn't mean you have to hate women or be """"""" depressed"""""""" just get over it and pull yourself up. I've had some tough times in my life but it sounds like you all just gave up without really making an effort to better yourself. Its hilarious how you all blame others but don't even do anything to help yourselves. I didn't have my first kiss till 18 and didn't sex till 20, so I get how it is but now I'm 22 and am in a loving relationship for the past 6 months, its pretty easy to better yourself if you at least TRY to is what I'm sayin
Copy pasta this is an example of an original comment
File: 1349377753087.gif (510 KB, 636x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck high school.

>start high school
>all the girls that bullied me in grade school and middle school aren't in my high school thank god
>tons of nogs though because shitty neighborhood in next town over goes to same high school
>start to get bullied by guys
>they'd take my lunch and/or money, push me around, call me a faggot, embarrass me in front of class, the whole nine yards
>be short and asiany and have long hair so easy target
>try to stand up for myself and it backfires and get my ass kicked
I mean, I guess I had it coming being small and quiet. I tried following that scene/emo fad of wearing girls jeans (back before guys skinny jeans were a thing) and tight t-shirts, but my petite undeveloped frame, and androgynous appearance thanks to genetics, and my lack of perception that other guys sagged their pants down and not wear them all the way up like I did just made me look like a girl. I did get compliments on my butt though (thanks to doing track in middle school). Even got groped in the hallways a few times. It was kind of weird.
All the stuff surrounding the last months of grade 12, when everyone was planning their college years and whatnot, was pretty memorable.

> AP classes getting out early & only having like 2 or 3 classes left after April.

> People throwing end-of-HS house parties.

> Filling out all the forms and BS pertaining to starting college.

> Wondering if you'll get in to your dream college.

> Waiting for your report card on the last day (at which point you'll typically have already been out of classes for over a week, or at least that's how it worked in my school).

> Bidding farewell to friends.

> etc.

I kinda miss it :(

Strangely, the one thing I don't have any sentimental memories about is prom. That period of graduating high school is a memorable one generally but prom in particular I really don't remember anything about.

Does anyone here have sorta sentimental memories about high school despite being a loser?

I had very few friends, only dated one girl very briefly (and she wasn't hot), never played sports, bullied occasionally, yet I still view those years through really rose-tinted glasses, as if everything was 'brighter' then somehow, or more vivid... IDK what it is.
>always been bigger and stronger then the rest of the kids
>used to bully weak pussies
Always wanting to die for starts and getting rejected than I realized I was a normie
why are american chinks such an embarrassment to their ancestors? can't even beat niggas while there ancestors killed alphas daily in the pacific
fuck you

I'm small and weak even for my size and don't know martial arts. Plus getting bullied all my life kind of put me into a submissive/dismissive/aversive mindset. Sorry.
>jus b urself :)

fuck off you fucking normal fag

go back to reddit fuckface
Not what I said haha man you've just got to pull yourself up, yeah life is hard its not 100% sunshine every day but that doesn't mean you just give up! You've got to push through it and realize what activities make you feel fulfilled in life. Whether that's focusing on your studies, playing vidya/sports or going out and partying. You've got to want to make a change!
File: 1447471702174.jpg (457 KB, 778x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Filling out all the forms and BS pertaining to starting college.
>Wondering if you'll get in to your dream college.

This. I was always a pariah in high school and nobody really respected me regardless of having good grades, which really pissed me off. I thought that if I got into somewhere really selective, I'd really get my revenge on everyone.

Anyways once the admissions decisions came around, I realized I got rejected from just about everywhere. Even with a 2400 on the SAT and 800 on 2 subject tests and decent ECs. I fell into the trap of thinking grades mattered.

Meanwhile everyone else was celebrating and congratulating each other on their acceptance to the Ivies and whatnot. In contrast people were surprised I was going to literally-where state uni. Even until today the ones who got into the Ivies and shit have a circlejerk harem around them constantly.

As for me, nothing changed. I pretty much stopped showing up to school by then and spent the rest of senior year jerking off and drinking. Eventually I phased out of public consciousness altogether with nobody noticing or caring.
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You do realize some people can't get motivated to make a change, right? Some people just want to be left alone. The people here who got bullied their entire childhood didn't ask for it, and while I'll agree with you on the situations where you've got people who want to have a girlfriend and friends, there are people here who genuinely just had a really bad time and had to come to terms with the fact it doesn't get better.

Me for instance, I was abused by my father until I left his household five years ago, and by my classmates until I hit uni. Not giving up is nice and all when you've hit a slump, but when your entire life is the slump, sometimes you just have to come to terms with the fact that you're not going to be like everyone else and you need to find different ways to cope.
thanks for the useless tips
now get out
File: john cena.png (204 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
john cena.png
204 KB, 500x500
>do kind of okay first year after moving to a new school, get situated into a small group of friends that are about as awkward as I am
>after an incident that I refuse to discuss in the second year, I end up alone and sitting at random empty tables like that kid in the OP until I drop out
File: 1447730538602.gif (325 KB, 370x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325 KB, 370x330
>somehow get my hands on very realistic looking replica Uzi
>empty my backpack and put it in there
>I'm a bit late to my first class, on purpose
>take the gun out while I'm opening the door of the classroom
>drop the backpack, stand in the doorframe with the gun pointed at my teacher for a few seconds
>"Gimme an A"
>start laughing, the class is still dumbstruck so I say "It's a fake gun, see? click click click" as I start aiming it in all directions and pulling the trigger
>a few short screams at first, but then it develops into nervous laughter or just plain confusion
>leave campus, because I'd rather leave than get thrown out
>suspended for a week
>become a legend, although the student body was divided on liking me or hating me for that
If your entire life is a slump, then the problem isn't people in your life, its YOU. You only have yourself to blame for letting your life go down the drain. Do you not see all the happy people around you? Do you not think that they too have had struggles? The difference between them and you is that they took responsibility for the quality of their lives and instead of going "Boohoo everyone is so mean :(" they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made their lives better. But if you want to keep making excuses fine, there's a quote that's pretty pertinent
"If you run into one asshole in a day then that person is just an asshole, but if everyone you meet is an asshole then you're the asshole"

Seems like I struck a nerve
You can discuss it here, man. You have anonymity in this place, and writing it out will help you.
>be me
>fat kid
>grow up being teased because of my weight
>keep getting fatter and fatter
>middle school was bad. always wore a black hoodie and jeans. was always too hot but too self conscious to take off my coat.
>get shit for it
>too self conscious to change my hair to something less adam-lanzaesque (this was before sandy hook, thank god)
>have the same group of friends all through middle school

fast forward to sophomore year (first year of high school here)
>same friends, new place
>super crowded
>tried to get decent clothes, but ended up looking like a tryhard
>always sweaty because i wore layers to hide my fat
>end up failing every class and quit, doing online school instead
>cut contact from all my old friends
>hit 300 lbs, depressed

>junior year rolls around
>apply to a tech school, get in for next year
>senior year, going to tech school.
>start lifting and watching what i eat
>act more confident
>change my hair
>still fat
>>tfw I was a cool kid in high school
>>got brain damage as a senior

You from Burlington?
File: 1452536185473.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1920
>start lifting daily and eating better food
>start flexing in the mirror on a regular basis
>start feeling my flexed triceps and biceps when no one is looking
>confidence is like it's never been before
>talking to people and not giving a fuck
>don't make any friends, always give excuses as to why i can't hang out
>feel amazing
>graduate, decide not to walk because fuck it
>keep lifting and doing cardio
>down to 270

second quarter of college now. still lifting and doing cardio. i don't talk to anyone though, fuck that shit.
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14 KB, 325x325

you do know the prophecy, right?
one apologetic alpha will one day be born (from a lucky fembot and chad). this hybrid chad will lead the beta armies into victory.
of course this is also an oxymoron; what chad would be willing to give his life up for a robot?

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Was an autist in high school, average and meh, exceling in collegr, got a good internship and future ahead of me, still cant find a nice pure girl in college, i drop them the moment i hear they party.
You have no idea how bad it really was. Plus, there's a small chance that someone I knew browses this shithole and would recognize me immediately since the event was so profound.
Come on, anon. You can't tease us like this.
How much you bench bruv
Give us a clue, let us fill in the blank with our imagination. No need for details. Did it involve something sexual?
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I was also a class clown and intelligent too but once i went to middle school everything turned to shit, i am quiet and i fucking anxious as shit

What happened to me /r9k/
What's an oil check
Whats wrong with you guys? Don't you even TRY to be social? It's not hard! Someone is out there who feels just like you, but you're too busy trying to pretend youre someone else. You don't have to try and fit in with people who aren't like you, just be who you really are and no doubt you'll find plenty of like minded people.
u wot?
>be 12 now
you visited this cancerous site
I hit 300 lbs my senior year right before the season started then didn't ever lift again
File: 1439907921623.jpg (98 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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High School wasn't too bad for me, but there is one sad tale. One of a teacher.
>Lets call him Mr. G
>Boring as fuck Physics Teacher, but still very soft spoken and kind hearted
>This poor guy day in and day out has to handle normie scum and all there bullshit
>His wife and daughter had died years ago and it was only mentioned once they had passed
>As uninterested everyone else is this guy passionately loves physics, even goes into telling us how he applied to be an astronaut for Apollo 13
>Of course he didn't get in
>You can tell this man has been put through the ringer of life
> randomly mentions how all of his family lives far away and also how his one son is constantly in fights with his girlfriend
>Even the other science teachers barely talk to the poor guy
>He eats all his lunches alone in his classroom every single goddamn day
Usually my teachers were normie scum, but this man, he deserved better. His dreams, his family, he lost everything. Now he teaches standard chemistry to students that hate him or see him as just another teacher to get through
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Oops, not 13 i meant 17
God these threads are always good for a laugh, you guys are pathetic and I'm not even being sarcastic a little bit. Pull your heads out of your cryin asses and go out and make yourself happy. You all see like you blame others for your unhappiness when the only person in control of you being happy is YOU
Well, long story very short, my worst fear was to end up feeling all alone in school. And that came true. It's the worst feeling in the fucking world.
>itt beta virgins
Beta virgins?
On R9K?
File: bitch.png (438 KB, 448x542) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
438 KB, 448x542
>be me, 18 year old, I fucking love cars
>also kissless virgin
>senior year taking APUSH as last class of day
>meet chick called Annalise, nice ass, 7/10
>eventually get her number after class
>talk to her every day on the way to the parking lot after history class lets out
>eventually ask her to do lunch
>she comes off for lunch, likes it
>do lunch again a week later
>high school formal dance coming up
>time to put plan in action
>get a cookie cake with her name on it, ask her out to the dance at a park before the homecoming football game
>game was in early november, the dance was on dec 12
>she says yes
>I hug her
>we text a lot more
>have to get suit made for dance
get a fucking nice ass suit with overcoat and belt and fancy ass shoes
>want to look like the shit
>2 weeks later
I am also a top tier distance runner for my age, got kicked off XC because I said weird shit and went full autist, nobody on team liked me either, now I run trail races on my own
>go for a run
>runners high always gives me stupid ideas
>Also kind of pissed because i invited her to hang out over a weekend and she made up a stupid excuse
>invited her to do lunch a couple times, kept bullshitting me and told me that "I have to babysit my friend"
>her friend is a fucking junior
>what the fuck
>she also later texts me and tells me she was out almost all of junior year for major depression or some shit and now is on drugs
>should have known
>but anyway im getting increasingly fed up
>doesnt want to hang with me at all
>i snap
>tweet some shit like "i would rather be working on my car than go to the dance but I already paid for ticket"
>not so subtle
>she texts me later and says it is not going to work out
>"maybe it would be better if you go to the dance with your friends, anon"
>send some lame ass beta replies
>what the fuck did i just do
>next morning i wake up
>go for run
>realize during run that she wasnt that hot and nothing of value was lost anyway
>bitches aint shit
pic related
I'm like 99% sure that picture is of me.
> girl I knew since she was seven and I was nine grew up to be a 10/10 with a huge ass
> she got banged by some BBC
> she was friends with a group of huge ass 10/10s
> they were all dating niggers

I was horrified.
How will you survive college? I went through the same thing (without a gf). People thought I was a fag. I am thinking of ending it when my parents die
still, you talk to girls = normie
It's not illegal to follow people.
Assault is illegal.
This thread's references to teachers reminds me why they're bitterly opposed to being held accountable for their performance, as they would be in just about any other profession.
>enter high school and lose all friends by tenth grade
>only speaking when spoken to, always being "different"
>get a little more confident in tenth grade, still a little fatter than average, and no idea about what girls think of me
>slim down in eleventh grade, good grades, lifting 3 times a week, with a new professional diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder
>still dont know how to love girls, and no friends that i know of
>okay looking manlet incel and somewhat of an artist
I can still imagine who my friends would be in a world where i didnt have autism
Why didn't you become friends with Mexicans while in california? They are the easiest to befriend .
File: 1442367797856.jpg (22 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 480x480
>bullied at the church
As long as you're conscious of your mistakes, you can fix them. I'd hardly say your life is over at 24.
The parents are always the hardest parts man.
File: 1451604234024.jpg (20 KB, 345x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 345x272
I've shared this story a few times on 4chan, but here goes again.

>be 16 ugly, white, scrawny kid
>am a social outcast and group drifter between cliques of people, can't stick to one group for too long without gathering disdain
>eventually just give up on truly getting any friends
>be that kid
>during Spanish class am constantly the target for the butt of jokes and usually harrassed
>this one hot black haired girl decides to take it to the next level and physically tease me in front of her classmates
>she walks up, sits on my lap and starts licking my face and nose
>start cowering and cringing on the inside due to the sheer awkwardness of the situation
>don't retaliate at all and just accept defeat as the rest of the people behind me are laughing maniacally

To be honest, it was really hot the more I look back and it was the most action I've ever gotten.
You shoulda ate lunch with him man.

You coulda made a great friend that day.
>Start high school with a handful of friends from middle school
>Go to one or two parties freshman year
>Gradually stopped getting invited places
>More weekends spent by myself
>Eventually just stop talking to them altogether
But it's fucking autistic and creepy
File: 169-9.jpg (18 KB, 293x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 293x276
without 4chan i wouldn't be so hyperaware and misanthropic but i also wouldn't be nearly as knowledgeable in fringe topics that everyone refuses to talk about and at least on here people react to what i'm saying and listen to me

this is literally the only place in years for a person to disagree with me and explain how and why i was wrong on a topic and it actually made me cry that somebody had taken the time to at least process my words

Does it really stem from here? I feel like it does.
I won't let you go unnoticed, have a (You) on the house.
This site is pretty much a no-holds barred information hub except for shit like CP or the like, which means people have nothing to lose by letting it out and telling it to you like it really is.

Not to mention all the quantifiable evidence and shit people will post on here, I legitimately was a leftie faggot-marriage loving hardcore debater until I spent maybe 2 hours on here and saw all the shit on kids getting raped and molested and gays in general being disgusting neurotic STD ridden freaks of nature.

It really is a dangerous place and it's a serious gambit to stay on here, you can learn a lot, but at the same time it sours your perception on a lot of shit and makes you jaded and bitter, and it can also get echo-chamber-like fast.
Not copy pasta. I am the original poster.
US was not the reason why it was bad.

It was me being forced to move there during puberty and not being able to get used to it.T

Then crashing and burning.
ive been getting to school much earlier to avoid the traffic cops who direct traffic in the mornings. back in September i was behind a school bus and couldnt see in front of it but the line of traffic was moving so i kept going and the traffic cops started yelling at me "YEAH JUST GO ON THROUGH HUH" and we made eye contact. so yeah. im a puss

btw im 18
>only friend in the class is sick
>"alright we will be working in groups today class"
>have to awkwardly join a group before the teacher practically calls me out for being beta
i know this feel. same thing happens but everytime its like "join groups!" and the teacher has to ask the class if anyone has room for you in their groups
>age 12, start secondary school in UK. Was a chubby/borderline fat kid who was a bit of a chav.
>ages 12-13, try to hang out with a group of kids, one of them seemed to be my friend at first then became friends with another kid, the whole group started to ditch me except for one
>age 14, give up, get depressed and start to turn into social recluse, not having a good time
>age 15 or so, start to make internet friends, don't feel so lonely and gradually improve my personality and stuff
>age 15 still, still hate this fucking ring leader bitch who used to be my bud but started all the ignoring and running away shit 3 years ago, me and him have issues, tries to talk shit on me all the time and I beta the fuck out, get picked on by Muslims and one kid who's supposedly my friend, couldn't handle the bants but it was beyond bants, girls were nice to me but felt sorry for me
>age 16, am fitter (lost weight 2 yrs ago), skinnier and more positive in my attitude, learn to give less of a fuck, not exactly cool but im cool with everyone except for the one kid
>play basketball, the kid who I have beef with is marking me, figure I will try to give him a beat down
>play hardcore defense and really get in his grill, he gets pissed, pushes me and aspies out, I laugh in his face but pretty sure he stole my tie, feels good tho regardless,
>kid doesn't talk to me, mention my name or even look at me for the rest of the time I know him, will not even acknowledge me but thinks it must affect me in some way
>it doesn't, im cool with everyone in his social group and others too
>age 16-17 I start college, new year and bunch of insecurities due to acne, sick all the time on meds for acne but its stable
>still have fun, have good friends but alot of people left the school, realise how retarded everyone is and just have fun with my pals alot in class
>at least 2 girls I used to know are now either doing drugs, have boyfriends who do drugs or have sucked guys off and everyone knows

moved schools
File: Jim.jpg (89 KB, 435x435) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 435x435
That's rough, man. Did this crap make you a hermit?
I could see that happening, pissing in a canteen or something.
File: 2010-05-10-304.gif (255 KB, 1260x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 1260x949
>always the tallest in my grade
>lanky as shit but skinnyfat, diagnosed with aspergers before high school
>always sat alone at lunch
>didnt talk to anyone, didnt even try to make friends
>grades 9 and 10 sometimes people would come up to try to talk to me, but they could barely hear me respond because loudness in lunch plus no practice talking, so it was always cringy
>always looked like I fucking hated everyone because I locked my face because autism (didnt want to randomly have a stupid grin on my face or something)
>never was really depressed, just wanted to get school over with

nobody bullied me or anything because it was a "smart" school (college prep). I think maybe also everyone was scared of me because I looked like I would shoot up the school.
Well, that's actually hot lolio

Short story from a guest on /r9k/

>At school theater watching a play
>girls in spandex dancing
>hide erection by tucking it in because sweatpants
>2 popular girls sat directly behind me are unbeknownst to me looking
>going back to class it's me and them
>"Anon i don't suppose you go to the MALE bathroom? hahah tehee"
>tease me about my supposedly small dick
>didn't have the guts to tell the hot one to come and see my 7x6.5
>a rumor about my dick shortly circulates and dies down quickly
>black in majority black high school
>11th grade
>we had round tables in the cafeteria
>the one I sat at was next to a wall with a weird part of the wall sticking out
>decided to sit next to some guy
>"Ay can you move ova'?"
>"No, because my shoulder would be to close to the wall. Why do you care?"
>"'cuz someone else is sitting on the otha' side o' me, and it's gay to sit between to boys"
>"It's only gay if you make it gay"
>"Nah it's still gay"
File: 1380056455835.png (148 KB, 400x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 400x298
>Got pity asked to junior prom
>Sure whatever
>Payed for tickets (ungodly amount) and whatnot
>She spent the entire night texting her chad in the military, we didn't even stand next to each other
>I basically threw away money for nothing
My first cuckening
I have a story, is not that sad like the ones you guys tell, but it was a dark time for me, and kinda still torments me, if someone wants to hear it, tell me and i will talk about it, and btw.

I just read all you guys stories and i just want to say that everything is gonna be allright, even if that is not true, is the only thing that makes me go on.
>go to a new school
>"this is gonna be a fresh start!"
>same shit as last school
>no gf
>never got invited to parties
>no one ever asked me to hangout
>no real friends
>shitty grades

I dont know what I thought was going to be different from my old school, really was just a waste of time and money
could we hear it?
File: 1452011539983.png (12 KB, 526x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 526x544
>In high school
>It's picture day
>Look like shit as always
>We're in line to take pictures
>It's my turn
>Make an expressionless face as always
>Guy taking the picture tells me to smile
>try to smile
>Guy tells me "Never mind, you looked better before"

Who here just can't smile for shit?
>be me
>go to 7 different schools
>3 different high schools
>never really know anyone for very long
>first high school I was made fun of and was 'that kid'
>second high school was inner city public school and I was invisible and happy
>last 2 years of high school my parents moved me to a very rural southern community
>be 'yankee', 'city kid', and even once called a carpetbagger
>everyone else knew each other k-12
>resent people even more
>high school ends and I move on
>10 years pass
>still no friends
File: 1452280422802.png (176 KB, 377x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 377x377
>Just a silent kid that floated through HS

Possibly one of the work fucking feels. Just being the most forgotten kid is school is just painful.
>not playing Wow allnight until you have to go back to your day-pipe

Normie pls leev
Give a minute, because for some reason 4chan dont let me send the story
Tranny porn
Its Kinda long, but sure, i cant see why not.

>Be that funny dude, the clown and for that i had a ton of friends
>One of them, my best friend back then was a Chad,he was tall and strong, but cool dude
>One day new girl enters in our Class room
>She was a 7-8, white girl with green eyes, really tomboy and kinda weird in some way
>She never talk with anyone, and had that weird murder look, and when you try to talk with her she was cold
>One day start to talk with her, and actually she was really really cool, just really shy and didnt really wanna make friends
>We hang out all the time, she always said that i was the only one that she can tolerate, and for that i spent al my time with her
>I stop hanging around with other friends for her,including the chad one, became best friends ever
>Time pass and one day Chad tells me that he feels something for my best friend
>I tell him that i will help winning her heart and shit, spent 2 months of my live trying to make my best friend fall in love of the chad
>Believe or not, that actually work, and they become a really cute couple, and i was really happy for them
>Then one day, out of nowhere Chad comes and tells me that her Gf spent more time with me that with him
>He punch me in the fucking throat out of nowhere and tells me that if i see her again its gonna be worse

The story continues but i just realize that my english is horrible and im really slow typing this
But if you guys wanna hear the rest, just tell me.
you sound south american
where are you from, m8?
your c u c king was unfortunate, though. I would never do that for a friend.
Hmm, are you the kid from my shool that spoke about tranny porn, dicks caught in denim shorts zippers to that group of girls n shit?

Come on, you can tell me anon
I was lucky enough to be a loner faggot in high school, but you know what fucking sucks just as much? The kind of school where everyone tries to socialize you and talk to you because you aren't around anyone. I got a lot of that. Pretty god damn annoying.
>Be me. never had a girlfriend
>not physically fit as peers. Because of my Cerebral Palsy
>2nd week in my senior year just walking by myself like I always have.
>Suddenly this QT junior came up to me and said can I have your number my friend thinks you're cute.
>I give her my phone number and got a text saying [Hey :(]
>[Just kidding bye]
>10 minutes later I get another text from a different number.
>We had small talk about we liked.
>Hide my power level when it came to movies and vidya.
>Feels good talking to another girl besides my mom
>Then thd next day she texted "You want to meet for lunch?"
"Of course."
>get lunch waited for her for about 45 minutes
>Get a text saying "sorry you aren't my type."
Got stood up by Two QT junior girls on the same week.
Are girls just mean to handicap people or is it just me?
Sorry I forgot to clarify this. I was lucky enough to be a loner faggot in high school that wasn't bullied.
I'd imagine most run of the mill people in general don't like the prospect of being in a relationship with a handicapped person. I don't have too much experience but I've used a wheelchair in my life and that alone was bad enough with finding decent people so I'd imagine having cerebral palsy would be a lot tougher. I know it's cheesy to think but if and when you ever do find someone they'll probably be into you on a different level so that's nice.
The only thing I have are leg braces but it is noticeable because it affects the left side of my body. I try to wear longer pants to hide them. So far no results.
Yeah, Im from South American, Venezuela for being more specific

>Time passes and i realize that the only two friends that i had ignore the shit out me
>try to talk with tomboy but she ignore me, even insult me when i try to confront her
>start feeling really shitty, because i was thinking that i was making a good thing. you know, love and shit.
>Sometimes she magically start hanging around with me again, but then she realize that was bad and stops doing it
>she was doing that for like a year, making me confuse as fuck
>One day i just had enought, stops thinking about her, and her stupid bf, just try to get my shit together again
>She notice that, and broke with chad, he gets really angry with me ,for some reason he thinks that im guilty for that
>I start haging out with her again, i mean why not, she was like a sister to me and i care for her
>One day we go out early in the school, for some reason we where holding hands, and the chad saw that
>mfw the chad grabs a chair and start beat the shit out me.
>A fucking chair
>i just start running like a fucking coward and a teacher start yelling at chad
>mfw i realize that this guy is not gonna leave me alone.

Pretty ugly desu. But then again when you get infatuated with a person you perceive that person almost twice as attractive as they really are. I know that too well...

You did good anon, evade druggie/depressed bitches like they're the plague
Continue, please, anon.
I live in Victorville after moving here from Delaware when I was 16, hate the whole desert shithole feel but Australia might have been similar.
I hate it when people pretend to be your friend and you give it your all just so that they can completely blow you off and expect to be cool like nothing happened later on.

Que mierda escuchar esa historia anon, tambien tuve mi historia de traicion. Fuerza parce.

>After that, i was kinda traumatized, i only left the house when it was important
>Sounds stupid, but i always feel that this guy will probably kill me one day
>Time passes and i avoid this dude the best i can
>be 15
>Start a crush on this girl, she was really short and cute, tomboy best friend starts to help me and shit
>mfw everything was going great, but one day
my tomboy bf tells me that my crush is a close friend of that chad
>I almost had a heart attack when i found that, and btw chad now was ripped off, he was hitting the gym everyday by now
>Stop talking with crush because of that fear, that trauma that i had for that guy that once i call my best bud
>One day i realize that he was stopped being a asshole with me. Until one day
>One day this dude tells my brother, for no reason, that i was a homosexual (Obvs he was lying)
>I come from a really Religious family, they believe him before me, because my mom know that he was my best friend back then
>was getting tired of this fucker, but i know that i didnt do nothing about it, because of fear
>Call me a coward, but i really really fear of this guy
File: image.jpg (262 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262 KB, 1000x1000
>have oneitis bad freshman through junior year
>she said she liked me a lot and I liked her a lot
>we hold hands once
>was planning on asking her out the next day
>go to school
>she's dating Chad now

Fast forward to senior year
>in class with oneitis
>she's dated like 9 guys in 4 years at this point
>qt quiet girl in class
>find out we have a lot in common
>start talking with her a lot
>develop crush on her
>ask her out
>she says yes
>go on date
>ask if she wants to go out again
>she says she doesn't actually like me and she just wanted to be nice
>go home and cry
>family pretends they care
>they forget literally the next day

Guess it serves me right, I basically just used her to get over my oneitis and make her jealous.


Estos weones...
Don't worry, I don't intend to.
File: 1440816542561.jpg (148 KB, 500x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 500x723
>9th grade
>friends stop talking to me for literally no reason
>make a girl and facebook message me, eventhough I can tell its them.. All in an attempt to get me to say or do something stupid so they can tell everyone.
>eventually ignore it
>they throw rocks at my bedroom window
>high school
>they tell me theyre sorry and we're friends again
>find out from a girl I know that they took a picture of me eating lunch by myself and kept it to make fun of me and laugh at even though they are my "friends"
>years later still friends with most of them
>have huge problems trusting people and am always skeptical of people making it hard for me to make friends most of the time

t-t-thanks guys! great to know im probably irreversibly damaged emotionally and will have trust and relationship problems for life!
I know that feel anon. My family are super conservative. If I told them that I was an atheist, they would disown me. Sorrry that you had to go through that.
One of my uncles still is mad with me for that, it was really hard at that time, specially with my grandma

Gracias bro, significa bastante escuchar eso.

Allright lets keep moving

>be 17
>having a crush on other girl that i knew from twitter.
>i had never have a gf, and this girl was perfect for me, i dont know how to explain it, but she was for me
>Again i ask a advice for tomboy best friend, she start giving me good advices and stuff
>start having confidence of myself and stuff
>One day crush stops responding my texts
>start feeling really sad about it, so i ask her whats up, and that.
>mfw she never respond that message, she just ignore me
>i didnt know what was happened, so i just wait and start thinking about other things
>2 months past and she upload a photo on facebook, she was hugging chad.
>mfw they became a couple recendly
>Mfw fcking chad fucks with me even without realize
>At least i had my tomboy best friend right?
>she starts acting weird with me, being distant and shit
>one day she just stop hanging with me.
>after 7 mothns with that she told me that go to her place

Mfw she tells me that shes a lesbian and she was afraid about how i was gonna take it.

the next one is the last one, im gonna try to find a photo of chad, but obviously im gonna try to block his face because of reasons
kek, the "I'm lesbian" horseshit.
Were you dropped as a baby? Fucking retard
How did you take it?
Last one

(Btw its better that i dont put a pic of chad because i dont really want to think about that faggot anymore, plus, it kinda scares me to put a picture of him)

Allright Last one

>be 19 (this is my current age btw)
>i hang out mostly with my tomboy best friend and his gf
>start feeling really sad because even she had a gf, and i dont have anyone even if i try really hard to find one.
>Slowly become a robot, and start doing nothing for my life, just thinking about the traumas of my life and shit
>One day i got a call from my cousin, he tells me that theres gonna be a party on a club near by
>All right, why not, so i go to that party and start having a good time actually
>From nowhere i see chad in a corner, drinking some shit
>Fuckfuckfuckfuck, i swear to god, i was really scared when he saw me
>mfw he just turns around and keeps drinking, like if he didnt even saw me

I dont know whats worst, the fact that this guy actually ruin my life back then, the fact that ive living scared of that guy and hating it from the things he make me go thru, or the fact that he just dont give a shit about that and barely recognize me.

Thats all i can say about that story, at least my life is going good right now, i keep hanging with my best friend, i got friends in my University and for a while i feel like i can really live without that fear.
In my last year of HS before Uni, but whatever.
>Come from major praise and A++ marks standards into high school
>Put into class of Chads and Staceys, Australian Edition; find solace in my hard work and teacher's interests in helping.
>Borderline mob kid fatass 'Dutchy' and Aboriginal 'Skinny' take their insecurity out on me, 'Aspy'.
>Eventually gets so bad that people start ripping up my work, telling hottest girl and friends I'm a faggot, made fake FB profile and get thrown against a wall with blade at my throat IN SCHOOL HALLWAY
> Get it resolved, comfort qt3.14 girl at camp 'dance night' after breakup and still didn't call her back to this date.
>Become sub-Chad next year, quickly resolves issues but become king of apathetic assholes.
>Year after gain unhealthy obsession with qt3.14 girl 2.0, she dates everyone but me and tells me all her secrets, I work out more secrets myself.
>She lives shit life, family violence, molestation apparently; too emotional to actually succeed and uses males for her privilege.
>Get borderline psychosis and then delve into deep depression from many other things; bad childhood, sharply contrasting mindset, aspergers
>Next year after depression hits hard, no longer a sub-Chad at all but now trying to get qt3.14 2.0 the fuck away, caught in huge social problems, best friend being taken away.
> In the process lose so many potential girlfriends, one screams out "I LOVE YOU ANON" from hallway.
> Year after delve into massive anxiety problems, walls closing in, head pressure and finally able to seek therapy.
> Now somewhat better but have somehow become 'Sigma' male where I am acknowledged as Alpha-ish but not Chad at all.
>S-Rank Difficulty future, gonna be hype.
i take the lesbian thing really good, i mean, the fact that she was so worry about my opinion makes me feel really loved, shes more than a friend to me, shes like my sister, and she knows that i always gonna have her back.

she met a really cool girl, and they became a cute lesbian couple, im happy for her, ive never seen her so happy.
>tomboy best friend and his gf
Let's analyze this phrase for a second
Tomboy implies a girl with 'boyish' tendencies
"His" proposes possession of a male

So, tomboy best friend, a girl, and his gf

Are you seriously trying to identify a tomboy as a male because they have a lesbian girlfriend, or are you just a fucking retard?
I'm glad that you can live without that fear. Maybe he matured, maybe he forgot about you, maybe he didn't give a shit anymore. Just be the best person that you can and always work your hardest on bettering yourself.

I'm honestly not sure that she cares about you. You might want to rethink this all, I think that she's just using you as an emotional sponge.
because you have no fucking idea what you're talking about. jesus christ you're so fucking stupid
Trust problems are brought about by the most fragile of things, the most minor.
Sorry for you anon. I got them too, but mainly from highly conservative modelling/training as a kid and people being overall fucks about me and information.
I have never really felt like this. I see a lot of shit on here. So many kids in my classes must feel this way. I am relatively popular at school. Sorry anons'. I feel sad for you. I hope you all find someone that enjoys your presence.
Dude, what part of really shitty english you dont understand?
i mean, i can read all of you guys say, but its kinda hard for me type in English, but sorry anyways, i just wanted to tell my story.
Sometimes i think the same, but ive just spent too much time with her and if i stop talking with her would be really hard for me, i mean, ive talking with her daily for more than 6 years.
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I'm going to tell you guys the story of how I lost everything.

>be 13, just lost mom to cancer
>dad is an emotionless machine, goes to work, comes home after I'm back from classes, we barely talk
>my friends abandon me after month three of grieving
>even my very few MSN contacts stop talking to me
>skip lunch to roam the library, can't be around other people anymore
>one day, I get a new contact request
>I haven't really had a conversation with another person in over a month, so I accept it
>her name is Alix and we hit it off
>I almost forgot to ask her how she got my email, but then she says she asked one of my friends
>friends? What fucking friends?
>she had asked one of my former mates for my email
>she says she's seen me around school and was worried about me, but noticed a book I had been carrying at the time
>motherfucking Game of Thrones
>she said she never saw anyone else read it before
>I told her I got it at the town library, they didn't stock it at school for obvious reasons
>we talk for hours about the book
>I tell her jokingly that I often se myself as Tyrion, though it wasn't really a joke
>she says he is her favorite character
>these chats go on for weeks, we're both excited for the 4th book to come out
>I ask her for her real name, maybe we can eat lunch together at school
>she doesn't respond for a long time
>"Anon, I want to tell you something, but it has to be in person, okay?"
>I say all right, we plan to meet by the fantasy section in the library at 12:30 the next day
>I wait there, browsing for books I haven't read yet
>"Hey, anon."
>It's fucking George R.R. Martin
>He slaps his big, round belly, while simultaneously blogging about how the Giants are ruining his life
>He tells me that not only will Feast for Crows suck ass, the next book won't come out for about six more years
>The book after is going to be ruined by Game of Normies

I'll post this horrible conversation I had with some bullies back in the day.

>Shy, closed white kid
>Charming and very good with people anyway
>Know for it on school
>Bullies come around me to humilliate
>Start talking to me
>'So, if someone offers you a good PC or a whore, what would you choose?'
>Trying hard not to fuck up
>'Well... it depends'
>Seems to work for them, one of them says:
>'Yes you are right, sometimes you don't want just a whore'
>Go full autist and reply
>'Yes but it also depends on the computer's build, I don't want just any computer...'

They obviously tell to everybody I would preffer PC over pussy. Worst part is that it was true on those awful days. I was so young..
>start talking to really quiet girl in art class
>spent the whole semester sitting by her
>she barely talks, think she's just super shy
>I'm crazy shy too but force myself to make conversion with her
>contact her online, play some video games with her
>decide to hang out with her one day
>watch retarded anime on laptop the whole time
>really awkward
>go home, check facebook
>her relationship status changes from single to in a relationship
>it's some nigger name
>she literally spent the whole time with me texting her nig bf
>got completely cuckd
>never felt better in my life cause I could finally take a grasp of my emotions and ignore her
>looked her up again later
>amazed how I could fall for such an ugly bitch

Still fucked me up to be honest though. Shredded my confidence completely. The worst part though was the fact that some below average 4/10 bitch with no ass/no tits got that much attention while doing fuck all. She wasn't smart, she wasn't talented, she wasn't outgoing, or even one bit interesting, she was worse than the average robot, and and she got all that fucking attention. Such is life.
such is the plight of the robot.
Why are /AutisticBookFags/ in this thread
>sophomore year of HS
>go to class and see piece of paper in my desk
>says "To Anon :)" on it (folded up note)
>put in backpack
>take home
>now 24, kissless friendless virgin as I've always been
>it's been sitting in my desk at home unopened the whole time, must be 8 years now
Fucking fag kys lel
File: dfsa.jpg (48 KB, 426x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>finish high school
>strong memories, remember what happened each year, every time period was relatively distinct

>finish college
>it's all kind of a blur

Still, I just got this in the mail today so it's not a total loss.
File: 1452757102440.jpg (66 KB, 681x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy fuck my sides
Original comment
File: 1440993172829.jpg (43 KB, 400x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Spanish class
>People were passing around a sheet with everyone's names on it
>Don't remember the reason why we were doing it, but we were supposed to write something a person
>Popular people all had bunch of cool shit written about them
>Look for my name
>"Needs friends"
It's time you open it up and close that timeline, anon.
High school was the worst time of my life.

>Accused of sexual harassment twice even though I literally never spoke to girls.
>Glasses stolen from me by some girl, blind without them.
>Arrested for threatening to shoot up the school on a false accusation.
File: image.png (27 KB, 829x829) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dear anon, i think you're really...
What a tremendous idiot you are. Why could you not at least have opened it?
Posted in 3 other threads but seems fitting here as well

>be me in high school
>16 y o
>friends with a social butterfly
>crush on qt from a different class
>never spoken to her and she doesn't even know I exist
>one day my friend gets a gf
>gf is close friend with my crush
>think fate was trying to get us together
>hang out with friend, his gf, crush and a few others
>crush actually seems interested in me, talks to me, sits close to me
>get to know her, not only a qt but amazing personality as well
>never have what it takes to ask her out and my friend said something about her having a long distance bf, not sure though
>eventually friend and his gf break up
>gradually talk less to crush and the others
>3 years later now
>KV, lost contact with most of my friends, NEET
Who else /attended class only for tests/ here?

I was a ghost people didn't even notice I was in the class with them. Most of the time I skipped and smoked weed and drank booze by myself or with my pot head associates.
I went through highschool with no friends and really bad social anxiety. It was so stressful that one day I just told my mom I couldn't do it anymore and she let me drop out. I am your typical loser now.
>Seems like I struck a nerve
This is /r9k/. People don't like the idea that they are responsible for fixing their own life.
Did you go to a high school called Brooklyn Technical High School?
>you're not a total loser like me! That means you dunno what you're talking about.

Listen, I used to be an outcast too just like you, high school was totally meh for me and, while I had a few close pals, and only talked to 3-4 girls, I wasn't king puss-slayer either. So trust me I know how you feel. The point is that you just need to be confident, and people will be more receptive to you. Be who you really are inside, chicks are really attracted to people who are genuine about who they are, and don't spend all their time trying to be someone they're not. YOU are the ONLY person responsible for your happiness.
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