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>install tinde
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>install tinde
>after swiping right a gazillion times get a match
>write with her, she seems decent
>likes all sorts of things I like too
>man up and ask her out
>after 2 days receive a "I dont think so, lol"
>ok.png, still try to keep it cool and just write "it's alright" while crying inside
>she answers with "YOU're not alright"

I guess I wanted to die a Virgin anyways
its ok, wait half a decade untill she becomes used goods and fuck her for fun
Lol what did you tell her that made her think youre such a weirdo?
How many texts did you trade before asking her out?
>half a decade
thinking about that much time makes me feel rather uncomfortable
i honestly dont know ... told her that I want to travel the world and shit, tried to impress her by hinting that I have a Car and whatnot. On my degenerate POV thinks were going smoothly, but who knows
I got a match with this hot chick who was into all sorts of shoegaze music I like, started talking to her for a few days and we got along really well and we set up a date to go see Hateful 8 together. We talk more about our lives and I mention how I went psychotic a year ago and she just completely stopped talking me. Fucking shit man, I didn't mean to go psychotic and I'm being treated and stuff. Why do I get treated like I'm not a human being once people learn about what happened to me. If anything, I'm more human since I've explored my mind to its utter breaking point. Fucking hurt me hard, oh well... just gonna cry into a hooker's asshole.
She's bullying you
I dont know, we texted for 2 days pretty frequently
I'm sorry to hear that bro, she wasnt even worth it anyways

Of course she doesn't want to go out with you.

You ask a woman out on tinder within about 6 messages. This should take less than 20 minutes. Worst case an hour if one of you gets caught up in something.

Try again. Not with the same woman, though, that'd be creepy.
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Thanks, I'll try I guess
>but how can one know about flirting on tinder when u cant even flirt IRL

Keep practicing.

It took me a long time to come into my own.

Lost my virginity late at 19.
First real girlfriend was my coworker's wife.
>Didn't bother finding my own, she was already vetted and "good enough"
Met a bunch of women at cons, practiced being a human with them.
>Only gonna see em for a weekend worst case
Went to bars, talked with strangers.
>If a stranger shoots you down, there's a deluge more waiting

Now, I have no problem flirting, conversing, making new friends.

It just takes practice.
Oh, in person, make sure to compliment their shoes.
Also, learn a thing or two about shoes.
Buy yourself some good shoes.

You have no idea how often that works.

Note: good shoes don't mean a pair of $40 trainers. I'm talking a nice $200 pair of brogues or something.
But Women will be turned off after they first see me ;_;
>193 cm
>120 kg
Why did you let yourself get so big?

Start getting healthy today.

I don't care if it's harder because of your genetics or what have you, at this point in your life, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Improve who you are as a human being, inside and out.
Lad, I have the same weight and height (almost) and women already flirted with me.
Are you full fat or have at least some muscles?
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>Im lethargic and boring when its just me and someone else
I'll never get a girlfriend if I can't act cool 1 on 1
I'm not blaming anyone but me
It's just always been like this, I have always been the "big" child and I somehow got comfortable with it

Also, I'm not that fat, it's half muscle, half fat
>tfw 5 Years of American Football raised at least some Athletics in me
>talk with strangers
Fuck this.
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Not true.

Honestly, it varies from girl to girl as I've had great conversations that I've killed by asking for their number too early, and similarly I've waited too long to ask for a number and their interest petered out.

Basically, make her laugh, make her comfortable with talking to you and then ask for her number. That can't always be achieved in 6 messages or 20 minutes.
Enjoy dying alone.

Or don't enjoy it. Doesn't matter.

If you don't interact with other people, no one will care if you enjoy your life or not and no one will care when you die.
I can't do it. My brain will not let me.
Who else /coward/ here? I installed it but can't use it. Not even Dutch Courage can help me. At least OP has tried
Women know pretty much right away whether they want to get with you or not. The dance back and forth is to gauge fitness and assuage fears about you being violent or threatening.

If you can come off as non-threatening and a fit mate, you are golden.

That sounds like a personal problem.
>Also, I'm not that fat, it's half muscle, half fat
Then your body isn't the problem, your confidence is.
Like most of the people here.
When the girl were trying to flirt with me, I just ran away, sperging out.
You have to raise your confidence.
And don't stop practising sports, it's good for your health.
>That sounds like a personal problem.
Thanks for the pro advice!
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OP here, tried to take a Picture of my torso for reference
>inb4 shitty cam

desu, I think my lack of confidence comes mostly from having a small and ugly dick
>You have to raise your confidence.
what a stupid and frustrating thing to say

it's not a fucking light switch, y'know?
>I can't do it
That's giving up.
I don't give two shits about someone who has given up and not willing to try.
No amount of advice will assuage their plight.
It is best to ignore them and wait until the "problem" solves itself.
>what a stupid and frustrating thing to say
>it's not a fucking light switch, y'know?
I'm a KHV too fucker, I would gladly explain him in others words if I could...

You shouldn't care about that since you would have to be pretty advanced to get the girl see your dick.
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