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ive decided to kms in a few days, been thinking...
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ive decided to kms in a few days, been thinking about it for a very long time so my mind is made up. im not going to just crawl into a ball and blow my brains out though, I want to live a little before its over. ive got like 2000 bucks saved up and I want to blow all of it in the next couple days

obviously i'll spend a few hundred bucks on various drugs, but idk what else to do with it. rent a fancy car? go on a hot air balloon ride? give me suggestions
Man, get yourself to Vegas. Spend 200 on some good clothes, get yourself a cheap room and hit the Spearmint Rhino. Offer a girl your remaining 1K to come home and ride yiu like a wild pony.

Shoot yourself in the face just after you cum. That's the only way to fade in style.
no point; you'll just have fun spending money; realize that some small pockets of life are actually worth living; Then cry harder as you realize those moments, as rare as they are, pretty much make it worth sludging through a shitty life 99.9% of the time just for those few moments.
And once you snap out of it; you'll be broke; so challenge mode.
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donate it to charity
good suggestion im not too far from vegas
thats fine, i have a gun so if i decide life is worth living and then slip back into suicidal mode i'll always be ready
nah, dont want any normies to benefit from my death. i want to die a very selfish death
Plan out your final week of existence. Make a blog documenting it from day 1 to the end. Do wild things with your $ and time, but keep in mind that 2 grand isn't really much. Go to any city and you could easily drain all of that shit in a fucking day dude.

Now are you the type of guy to go ER or are you the guy who goes out in the woods and finishes himself ala suicide forest of Japan?

Last but def not least important... What firearm are you using? Caliber etc.
i know 2 grand isnt a ton im not trying to buy a lambo or anything just mostly drugs and some little fancy things. im gonna find a tall place and shoot myself from there so if the bullet doesnt do me in, the fall will finish me off. .357 magnum so hopefully it'll just take my head off
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Nice. Are you using hollow points? even standard .357 should be enough to put you out instantly, but get HP's if you can. Just remember to aim for your central lobe. Don't shoot directly up in your mouth, see pic. I'm not some generic normie who's going to say "it gets better! Don't do it! Seek god!" etc. The world is only going to get much more worse. The 2010s are the last semi-stable decade in human history.

So to avoid you feeling any pain I must insist you study how to angle the weapon and finalize your preparations. Do you have any value / net worth? Possessions? Write a will. If all your senpai / friends are shitheads then fuck them, give your shit away to poor kids or something or call for it to be sold and donated to a cause you like, etc. But it's your shit anyways so do with it as you will.

So your idea of pulling a dwyer and then falling off a tower will almost likely be a 100% fatality rate, but a lot of headshots and falls aren't instant death, so plan carefully.
Just sell your testicles!
thanks for the tips I'll keep the angle in mind. I wrote a short will that im finalizing tonight, my only true friend left is gonna get all my shit. I figure that realistically it'll take me 1-5 minutes to completely die and will likely be painful, but I'm cool with that. thanks for not being a lame normie. im an adult and this decision is almost a year in the making, i can be responsible for my own actions
First of all, don't do it. Suicide is a permanent solution to a Thoreau probably.

Second of all, live stream it

Third of all, seriously man. Reconsider killing yourself. Even ifjust to
More bank and live it up a bit more. There is some value in life bro.
Aww come on man I hate to be that guy don't kill yourself shit man it'll make me feel better about reading this shit
>live stream it
I would actually really like to do this, but idk how I would be able to since im going to be doing it outside

Remember this guy? Read this OP for some non-ER inspiration
you shouldn't need to pay $2,000 just to play on kick me sign.

like, just beat the game once and it'll unlock, it ain't that serious bro
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"Let me ask you a question," Manley wrote on his website, which he divided into 34 categories and 44 subcategories. "After you die, you can be remembered by a few-line obituary for one day in a newspaper when you're too old to matter to anyone anyway ... OR you can be remembered for years by a site such as this. That was my choice and I chose the obvious."

So your planned stunt will probably get you remembered for life. If you went postal (probably not a good idea, esp with your fucking revolver) you'd be famous for decades.

Are you going to attach any meaning to your death? Like write a note explaining what lead you to want to end it all? Or are you just going to throw your life away without any real meaning to it?
i may make a small manifesto but my story is pretty basic. some of my best friends who gave my life meaning died, i fucked up life decisions pretty hard, life is most likely inherently meaningless, and i face a future full of lifeless work and interaction with people I hate. im tired and bored constantly, very few things give me joy and the things that do, don't give me enough joy to keep struggling through life.

i had a great run, lots of good times fucking around with my friends as a kid, and i dont regret being born at all. but i can see pretty clearly that my best years are behind me and they have been behind me for some time. for a couple years now i have been miserable and no matter what i try it gets worse every day

i dont have any Elliot Rodger hatred for humanity or anything like that, im just tired and want to sleep
lol good one i didnt laugh but i thought it was clever and it took me a second to get it
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I know it likely means nothing, but I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and reflections. If there is an afterlife come say hey to me dude.

This post applies to me 80% except I'd rather not have been thrown into this shithole world in the first place and I don't give a fuck about taking lives. Of course, I'm a hunter so it's kind of necessary for my work.

I will suggest you try anything you can to keep yourself happy or see the light. A lot of suicide survivors regret their decisions, so unless you're 100% sure you're ready to check out from existence, I'd say postpone your an hero act.

I'm sorry this world's been shit for you too man. Don't think you're going to hell or a negative plane of existence because of something like suicide. All the religious texts that stigmatize suicide only do so to keep their sheep going to work more for the elite.

I do strongly recommend you seek a positive mindset though, especially when you take your life. I feel that if there is an afterlife, your mindset is what determines your environment and personality as a spirit, not just your actions. Of course if you're just a non-spiritual atheist sort then this doesn't really matter to you, but otherwise my spiritual advice should be one of your primary focuses.

>Have a threesome with a couple of 9/10 escorts family member, pretty cheap.

>Also go to a casino and gamble your balls off.

>Balloon rides are overrated familio, my dad is a hot air balloon pilot and it's just being really high up.

>Maybe kill a person, just because you can (like a shithead, not someone you might remotely feel bad about).

>Run down the street naked helicopter dicking every filthy roastie you see (no one will want to touch you because penis)

>Buy a Desert Eagle so you can die like a massive faggot
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He already has a .357 dude.
buy and consume a couple mg of acid in one go.

I know, but a deagle would make him a faggot, sexy wheelgun not so much
Why not try to just kill yourself by smoking or something
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