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>cat is almost 13
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>cat is almost 13
>im going to lose him one day
My dog is 18.

People have been telling me at every family function to prepare for the "inevitable" since she was 8 years old.

At this point, she's lived a great life, and she's still going strong, playing and everything, so I'm not too worried about it.

We've even had some scares a couple years back thinking it was the end, but she's bounced back.

Don't think in those terms, just make sure not to squander your time with them.
I've got a couple cats that are around 15 years old, and it's tough to imagine my life without them. I'm 22 now, so I've had them since I was about 7 years old.

That's life. Just enjoy the time you have right now, and treat your pet with respect and give it the best time it could possibly have.
>Attach dead cat to drone.
>"Kirtty, fly to heaven!"
>TFW the last memories of your cat is its crashing body flying through old Mrs. Gerta's window.
>worrying about you middleaged cat
you got another 6 years at least desu senpai familia
this is why I refuse to get another pet. I watched my human best friend who I've known for 10 years die of cancer right in front of me, and even that wasn't as horrible as losing my dog. i will never put myself through that again, its not worth it
I know that feel. I grew up with this cat. We got her when she was just a kitten. She sleeps in my bed every night and cuddles up to me and I don't wanna lose her :'(
This is the worst feel

>cat is 7
>Have literally spent 7k on surgery for her
>300yr in food and litter
>know she is on limited time because of cat cancer
>spend time spreading cat cancer risk factors
>wake up everyday in a panic she died while in was asleep

I would pay 20k to guarantee another 10 years with her
This is the only female I have ever truly cared for and would do anything for
thats a qt cat bro. sorry u gotta go thru that
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>cat is half stray
>over 10 years old most of them on the street
>got beaten up and left for dead by some normie
>take it home and nurse it back to "health"
>spinal problems since then, for atleast 4 years or more
>trouble walking/jumping
>cant scratch or wash himself from
>last summer had maggots eating him alive, right under the tail
>recently his spinal problems have gotton worse
>at random intervals gets a huge pain causing him in biting his leg, somehow releaves the pain
>biting got so bad cat lost a few fingers before we patched it up
>fucking pees everywhere since we dont let him go out from fear of infection
>atleast poos in the loo
>notice he has started biting his other limbs

seriously he outlived a whole bunch of other "healthier" cat's i've had, but at this point im too robotic to feel sad over their loss, i will probably feel ok knowing he no longer has to suffer like that
Thanks man. It's tough

She is always fucked up on the sedatives and pain medication i have to give her so I have to wipe her ass and brush her hair a lot because she's too high to do it herself, but she still gets spouts of energy when she was like her old self
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Sorry about your cat m8.

My mom has cats and prefers them, I like dogs more. My little dog is about 11, still acts like a puppy and everything even if he has a few more grey hairs. He was stupid enough (or at least I was not to train him properly) to get hit by a few cars , and has a slight problem with his left hind leg but other than allergies he's perfectly fine.

I hope I have another 10 years with him, and I care more about him than most people. I've never lost an animal before and I know it's going to be gut wrenching. /blog
When I was a kid I/mom had two cats that lived to 21 and 22 despite being given absolutely shitty cat food. You can't change a cats lifespan too much.
I mean licking herself, not combing herself and cleaning her ass. She quit doing that when I started to have to give her medication
Goddammit bet that sucks my dogs 3
I had 2 bearded dragons, they lived about 8-10 years, one outliving the other by about a year.

It was a hard week when the first one died. Eventually it was ok but if I looked out into the backyard where I buried her I would become emotional.

My brother and i had always joked that the second one was like a Phoenix, born centuries ago in the pit of an erupting volcano. When he finally died I was watching Interstellar and was already emotional. I can't watch that movie anymore without thinking of Bobo.

Rip Bobo and speedy no reptiles will ever be able to replace you
Your cat was very cute anon

>tfw I would like to have a cat but that rumor that if a cat scratches you in the eye can cause you to go blind scares the shit out of me so I stay away from them and stick with dogs

I still love my dogs though
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my favorite cat died 4 years and euthanized 2nd favorite last year because it was incredibly sick. Sucks m8
>bearded dragons
the ultimate robot pets
Is he still alive? If you can't afford to bring him to the vet and he had maggots in his wounds I would just put him down bro. Preferably by a vet but the next most humane way I think is shooting him, I know it sounds vicious but just shoot him in the head after he has a nice plate of wet food and you pet him for a while. Cats are small and any cartridge really is humane enough for a cat

Sorry man
I thought my cat would make it to 12

she lost a 8, kidneys just fell overnight, wasn't even a warning, she just lost control of all her physical functions and gave up on walking. That was quite a day.
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Just put my 17 year old cat down today. She had dementia and it was getting bad, peeing and pooing on the dining room rug and twice in my room.
This morning she pee'd in her tree and was just laying in it like nothing was wrong. Decided it was time and made the appointment. Drove there with her laying in the passenger seat, crying in the lobby while some old lady talked to her stupid rat of a dog.
Cried my eyes out while it was happening but then I became an emotionless fucker again an hour later. I had that cat for the majority of my life and I only cried for less than an hour I feel like shit.
my eyes still hurt
RIP Missy 1999-2016
Here's a shitty photo of her. Wish I had gotten a few good ones several months ago.

She's in kitty heaven now, chillin in a sunny window and chasing mice

Sorry for your loss brother
Yes very low maintenance. Very friendly and fun to handle.

I would put them on my shoulder and watch planet earth or something.

Once i thought I lost Bobo (I let them wander freely at times,) but after over one month later my mom heard him scratching around behind a fucking wall. We managed to get him out and he looked like a war veteran.

Good times
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>small dog
>first pet i remember having
>15 going on 16 soon
>losing vision
>almost totally deaf
>can't walk up or down even two stairs without help
>needs to wear a dog shirt because shirt is thin
>rarely moves around at all unless he has to go to the bathroom or time to eat
His time is coming. I'm going to cry so much dude.
holy shit anon, my dog has the same name

Fuck im so sorry anon, my cats going through similar shit. You're not alone
Sorry to hear that dude. Sounds like your cat lived a good long life though.
If it's anything, they don't feel a thing and unless you personally know what is happening, you can't tell and just think they are getting a shot.
I've got another one approaching that time too. He's 13? 14? or so, has heart disease and asthma which requires daily meds but other than that he acts like he's only 4 or 5.
She did but I felt shitty doing it regardless and when I came home I instinctively looked at her tree and thought I saw her
can't fucking do this I''m tearing up again
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I've been dead inside since my dog died back in march
File: 20151025_141208.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She's a beautiful cat, anon. I'm sure she was very happy with you.

Don't feel bad at not crying for more than you did. Sometimes an hour is all you can manage. It doesn't mean you're heartless. There's not a checklist of How To Mourn A Pet: Item One: Cry For At Least Six Hours.

Grieve however feels natural.

I hate this thread for reminding me of my cat's mortality.
File: 20151022_121223.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>upside down

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>instinctively looked at her tree and thought I saw her
there is a unique feel associated with this thats hard to describe. after you live with someone or something for 10+ years and you see them every day, living without them is truly an alien feel. its a very specific kind of feel that feels both numb and hard to grasp, while at the same time sharp and extremely painful. i remember getting this feel often when I would look at the chair my dog used to sit in all the time. to see it empty and know he will never sit in it again, it is a truly unique and terrible feel.

i didnt want to feel this feel tonight
You're going to lose everything one day OP ... :/
thats a cute doggo
Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes, Bobo lives on...
Here's the picture of my 14-15ish old cat with those problems. He was 11 here at Cat Depot the place I adopted him from. He was 17 lbs or so and I think he is down to 14 lbs. Sleeping on top of my legs while I lay in bed right now
>2 upside down pics
fuckin' aussies m8
I used to hear my dog's nails clik clak on the tile floor months after she died
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>forgot the picture
>didn't even grab the picture from my email
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I did something bad r9k, i killed someones cat on purpose.

>Next-door neighbor, 9/10 girl.
>Always tried to get her attention but it never worked
>Never invited me to parties at her house or anything of the likes
>Her boyfriend is handsome as fuck and beats me in every category
>Got angrier as the days go on, every-time his car was parked at the front of the house i was enraged and felt hatred to both her and him
>Knew he was fucking her
>Anyway be out in the back today when i see her beloved cat on my fence just sitting there.
>Decide to grab a brick from the shed, break it in half and throw it at the cat
>It got it right in the side of the head and literally just dropped to the ground on my side of the fence
>Picked it up and threw it back over and it landed on her lawn
>2 hours later i hear her screaming
>Was too pussy to look through the window

Sort of feel bad reading this thread, but i didn't think or understand what i was doing at the time.
my cat lived 23 years. nothing to worry about yet, OP
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suicide bird.jpg
21 KB, 600x471
>but i didn't think or understand what i was doing at the time.
How the fuck could you not think or understand? I feel like I'm being baited here.
File: DSP.jpg (105 KB, 570x584) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>killing animals on purpose
>when said animal didn't even do anything to you
worse than Obama and Bush the fuck were you thinking
>i didn't think or understand what i was doing at the time
You took a brick and threw it at a cat what is not to understand
This is bait or you are pic related levels of retarded

but i didn't mean it
>didn't mean it
>throw brick

File: low quality bait.png (76 KB, 576x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
low quality bait.png
76 KB, 576x324
Too obvious.

Apply yourself next time.
File: 1437715278742.jpg (39 KB, 374x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i killed someones cat on purpose
>on purpose
>didn't mean it
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we dont know the exact age of my two. but the older one is definitely in double digits now. theyre stupid nasty critters but goddamn if i dont pay attention to them more rather than just the feeding and litterbox.... specially the old one after all these years ive seen him sleep, angry, and variations of the two. gonna be a sad day to throw the carcass in the trash *city policy cant bury
My first cat was actually older than me, my dad got her when his friend couldn't take care of her. She passed away last year, she was 23. Towards the end she was arthritic, nearly deaf and pretty much blind. But besides that she was perfectly healthy but one morning, she just didn't wake up...
Do it anyway, anon.

Fuck the police.
nah we just got rid of them at home, hes alive atm just saw him resting on the couch,woke up and greeted me, helped him row over as healthy cats like to do
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Flash the Cat.jpg
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>tfw lost my childhood kitty recently
Old bastard was 17, my family got him when I was 3-4 years old as a kitten out of a barn litter.
He was my best fucking friend for essentially my entire life. It's been a few weeks now, and I still cry when thinking about him.
The last time I saw him, I was visiting my parents' house. He was getting thin and weak, and we spent about an hour or two cuddling on the floor like we used to, I knew it would be my last goodbye.
Best goddamn cat in the world, I'm gonna miss him.
My cat is about that age, OP. Her voice is getting raspy. I have loved her for so long. I feel your pain, brother.
Beautiful cat
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Here's an old picture of him chilling outside with our other cat.
He was an outside cat the majority of his life, and went through a lot of shit, getting trapped by the crazy old ladies in the neighborhood, getting picked up by animal control, going missing sometimes for days, kids throwing bottles at him and shooting him with airsoft guns, countless fights with other cats, dealing with the many stray kittens we took in over the years.
A real tough bastard.
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very alone.png
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>cat is at least 14
>he's noticeably slowing down, sleeping more, and eating less
>he's the only friend I've had for over half my life, and the closest thing I have left to family
>never been able to talk to people, but always had him to confide in
>could lose him any time
I think I'll just kill myself when he dies. I have nobody left and I'm really only still living because he needs me.
Dog is 13 now, pretty lucky in that there are no major spinal/organ problems, she doesn't hear so good now, like she won't rush to her bowl when I put her food in it and she tends not to jump up on the furniture anymore, not as agile.
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>second dog from my childhood
>just turned 16
>shitting in her sleep, shitting in the house, pissing in the house
>most of the time she doesn't even realize what she's doing
>can barely see, has cataracts getting worse by the day
>she's the last remnant of my past

We've never been particularly close, but I know the day she goes, another part of me will die.
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>Cat is around 15
>She's the most adorable lovable cuddly friendly meowy kitty I've ever had
>literally never hissed at anyone, always eager to be held/petted
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