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Let's see that internet tough guy, brobots.
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Let's see that internet tough guy, brobots.
Discuss and critique the fighting strategies against aggressive normies 1v1.
Normies like to threaten violence after realizing that words aren't getting the desired result; if you're slowly getting fed up like me, you will likely end up talking your way into a fight.
Pick your location, and your prediction for how you win the fight. Normie fights usually take place in:
> bars
> nightclubs
> school hallways
> parking lots
> the park
> the bathroom, if female
> don't pull out a fucking knife you psycho
> don't kill anyone, we're going full batman on this one
I'll start this off by playing the ultimate internet tough guy card: just carry a gun

I'm not going to get into a fight over some pissing contest but if anyone tries to injure me I'm blowing their fucking brains out and getting way with it legally, so all normies keep their hands to themselves
desu if I get in a fight I'm gonna be scared as shit, and I'll just stomp him in the head til he stops moving as soon as I can manage
Pick any location you want and I win because I am not there.
what i would do

>immediate right hook to the head
>subsequently, immediately crouch and rush his waist (im 5'8 and fairly heavy (190) so i have an advantage)
>knock him over like a bowling pin

pretty much vid related
Better yet, get a 700 fps BB pistol. You seriously injure your foe but retain your karma alignment

why try when you can just threaten death
>no weapons
>no killing

whats the point? inb4 edge

Can't you just jab them in the throat with your fingers hopefully it would wound them enough so that you can make a quick get away but not be serious enough that they would die from it.
> being this much of a fag
Why can't you just fight instead of being a sperg about it? Fights can really make you feel alive, instead of the usual depression and navel gazing.
Because it's more exciting to shoot people than to get BeatTFO

On another note, why doesn't batman just use BB guns/beanbag shotguns. Wouldn't that make his life 100x easier
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1450352328809 (1).png
707 KB, 752x620
I am 6'3, 230 lbs at around 15-16% bodyfat (abs barely visible.
People dont threaten me with violence.
If it did come down to a fight, and it was indeed a 1v1 (which it never is, somebody will always intervene to help whoever looks like the victim), I would simply:

>Strike face violently
>Stand up, stomp on sternum

But it never comes down to violence. I am generally quite well mannered and quiet, and when I am loud, I am generally in good company.
Most guys are afraid of me. A lot respect me and ask me for lifting advice, which they never follow. Few know me well enough to joke around comfortably.
because thats fucking lame as shit
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>6'3 230 15%

pics, or you're more like 20%

thats fucking brutal
No knife, no gun. Get creative and whoop ass without being edgy about it, shit. It's always one extreme or the other with you fucks.

Do you think going for the legs would work, like grabbing them by the leg and pulling it out from under them? Once you get someone on the floor, you're halfway done with the fight.
You dont see abs at 20%. I can see all 6, although the bottom two look fused together.
I dont do pics on r9k. People would recognize me, I guarantee it.

If you require it to be a fist fight, like standing without a violent tackle, I would ottoman slap. No broken hand, extreme pain to them.
Isn't brandishing illegal though? Ideally that would work but then who knows if
>person or group of people find out you have a gun
>don't shoot them
>they come back with gun and shoot you
what do you think is a good, built weight for a 5'7 guy? im 18 and ive been lifting since i was 15, i did a george leeman style permabulk to like 215 and now im cutting down aiming for 165. lost 15 so far
>no knife/gun
you wanna take the chance to be killed? not everyone is as civilized as you besides dead men tell no tales so the cops cant do shit, look at Zimmy boy
You brandish, youre the bad guy. Turn around and get tackled. Train the gun on one guy and his friend shoots you. They find out where yopu live, show up with a gang, and kill you.
Fighting is about comparing cock size, you can just back down, nobody who wants to hurt/kill you is going to fight you fair and square.
FFMI of 25. Bodyfat 15% or under.

175 pounds at 10% bodyfat OR
185 pounds at 15% bodyfat.

Remember, that above is the natty limit. But thats what to aim for.
>find nearby smashable object
>smash object
>grab a spiky piece from previous smashening
>throw and or stab at foe

Scenario two:

>get phone
>call cops
File: 4859619.png (22 KB, 322x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 322x241
last fight was on the sidewalk

>leaving bar after fucking with the bingo night
>yes they had bingo
>friend grabs a bike
>other friend is outside kicking rails out of railing
>start to leave
>I duck shortcut into alley
>witness 4 or 5 guys come out of bar
>step out of alley
>mostly pushing and shoving going on
>one guy rips pocket off friend shirt
>friend hits him
>other friend throws beer mugs at a guy
>'oh shit' turns to leave
>guy steps to follow him
>I grab his shoulders and smash fuck him into a stop sign post
>tough guy
>'merica land of free home of brave
>fuck off to house party

tl;dr Why hit someone when you can smash them into something?

6'5" 300 pound engine
> scenario doesn't matter
> rules have been followed
5'11 and 200 lbs 32yo that did tears of lifting and then practiced wing chun for years too.
I can take blows mostly to get the oponent really next to me to waste it after
Been in tons of fights, now i use lamotrigine to stop those mood changes that makes me pick fights in the street with strangers
Fuck, I got into a fight a few days ago and completely regret it.

>driving home
>it's late Saturday night, not uncommon to see drunk normies and whatnot on the streets
>see 2 guys grappling on the side of the road
>one bigger guy easily beating on the other smaller guy
>stop car, pull over
>get out and shout at him
>I'm a big guy so I manage to pull him off
>tell him to calm down, trying to be all mature and diplomatic
>bunch of other normies nearby tell me the guy getting beaten on was just caught touching up someone elses younger sister (like 10)
>awkward as fuck, apologise and leave
>guy continues to beat shit out of skinny manlet

That's what I get when I try to play crime fighter
grill here, how can I fight this fat black girl at my school
File: The KKK.jpg (248 KB, 1024x815) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The KKK.jpg
248 KB, 1024x815
burn a cross in her yard
Thread replies: 27
Thread images: 5
Thread DB ID: 406069

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