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Let's have a comfy thread, /r9k/.
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Let's have a comfy thread, /r9k/.

It's cold outside, the radiator is hissing softly by the window, I just threw some cedar oil in my burner lamp and I'm going to kick back with a good book and a smooth vodka. Solid 7.5/10 comfy.

How about you guys? How's your night? Let's keep the vibes positive, there are more than enough other threads to get angry in.

Here's some comfy background music for you all, too.

you sound comfy I like it. Im agitated and feel shit.
That background music is awful man
Browsing this thread on my old Asus EEE PC 701. Pretty comfy having a 11 inch laptop in bed with hot coco. If only the RA plebs would turn off the heater....I like it cold.

Well it's not so much "music" as an algorithm that plays a certain note every time Wikipedia is updated or edited. I dunno, it's kinda zen for me.

You looking for something...colder?

Or maybe...brighter?

A little more ambient?

Or maybe just some background noises to let you feel like you're somewhere else
saving bump

im not going to let this thread die out on me before i have my peace and express my comfiness
It's raining here and the streetlight across from me is dead so it's finally dark at night for once.
>drinking decaf coffee and browsing
>listening to the vu
pretty comfy boys.
yeeeee faaaaam

comfy as TITS right now. sitting on some 2$ for 2 liter chocolate milk, 7$ for 900 grams of this tasty as fuck nut mix and 2$ for 400 grams of christmas make tier chocolate. this the chocolate that was 4$ at the front of the store before christmas, but is 1$ at the back of the store after

love me that christmas cake

gona make some chicken tendies and hashbrowns in a bit, probs


winter is legit BEST SEASON, fa m. so comfy, so cozy, u get to get so snug, you sleep so much easier at night because the body falls asleep much easeir when its at a lower temperature, there is much less sunlight outside ruining my vibe, and its just feels so good

File: cozy meme house.gif (327 KB, 834x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cozy meme house.gif
327 KB, 834x870
Man, I am comfy-cozy and couldn't be happier, which is a nice change of pace. I've got a candle lit and am reading a new book while listening to some soft background music.

Hope everyone can have a comfy night, too.
What more to make it 10/10 comfy?
Digging the post OP. Just got off work, it snowed a few inches today so not much motivation to go out, plus class at 8AM. Laying back on my couch on the laptop, TV and the site you posted playing in the background (I'm liking it btw). Might grab a beer as a nightcap but probably gonna pass on it for the night. I just love sleeping when its cold.

OP here. Mulled wine, a joint, and the day off tomorrow would make this a 10/10, personally. But I can't have it all.
Why isn't there one of these threads front paged all day? t-thanks op
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I love these threads but is this just another form of escapism from a world that I find no direction or meaning in?

Should I... be ashamed of my comfyness?

Beats me. Comfy threads and "pictures that make you go hmmm" are the only good things on /r9k/ these days. Stay a while, I'll put up some music from my Comfy playlist.
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>cozy meme house.gif
who made this??
No friend, it's a much better form of escapism than reddit or tv, etc
To me this and music seem to be the best escapes

Yes desu will try

Never feel ashamed of the things that bring you happiness, Anon. So long as you're not conflating comfyness and stagnation you're fine. Have some cocoa or a cigarette.

Here's some comfy music, lads. Close your eyes and imagine being on a hot beach with a cold beer and not a care in the world.
No clue. Just found it on here a few days ago. Thought it would fit nicely.
I feel awful and stressed. The girl I was trying to date doesn't love me. School is a thorn in my side. But im wearing my favorite fleece and hat in the dark on my bed listening to untrue by burial. 6/10.
It's in every /comfy/ thread for quite a while
I'm real sorry to hear that anon. But being able to appreciate favorite fleeces and hats and good music is a great way to count your blessings, yeah?
Well, shit. Now I feel unoriginal. Oh well. There are worse things to be.
Jazz in winter is pretty comfy, in my opinion.

Your post about being original was very original friendo :^}}}}
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Cool Pepe.jpg
7 KB, 222x204
Aw shucks. Keep that up and you're gonna make me blush.

I've never been called friendo before!
Recently heard this for the first time and quite liked it. Music to fall asleep to.

Yeah it doesn't feel all that terrible. Good albums and threads with good vibes usually keep me going.
Not sure if xxyyxx is "comfy" per se, but I used to put this on and just melt back in my pot smoking days.

Are there any natural substances I can take for maximum comf? I want to fully relax and not give a shit.
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910 KB, 2728x1798
I wish I could be as comfy as you guys right now. I'm traveling for work for the next two weeks, living in a hotel room.

Hotel rooms can be comfy occasionally, room service in bed after a long day does the trick sometimes. I'm just looking foward to getting back to the cold and my fireplace back home.
These are pretty good anon. I should go to sleep but I'm feeling exceptionally full of self pity at the moment.

Melatonin, but it'll make you sleepy. You can get it at convenience stores over the counter. Or a very hot bubble bath with a nice beer if you drink.

Weirdly, I have the perfect song for that mix of self-loathing and comfy.
hm, not that person but this song is kind of like that but soft and wintery, closing the night with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqQ1021MM18
night lads

Why so down anon?
Just watched Cast Away for the first time. Just downloaded Captain Phillips and plan to watch that movie. Made myself some sleepytime tea and playing some Kid Cudi(Man on the Moon). How's your night going robots?
I'm an awful, lazy, pathetic human being incapable of change or improvement. I have no talents worth mentioning. I am doing poorly in school. I was diagnosed with T1D a few months ago.

I'm routinely exhausted and sleep deprived because I choose not to go to sleep until I absolutely must. In my irrational mind, sleep deprivation is a way of delaying the future, and punishing myself, and it gives me some twisted satisfaction to know that I'm digging a deeper hole for myself.
There's something remarkably appealing about getting drunk and going out into this freezing weather and dying from hypothermia and alcohol poisoning. That's probably too melodramatic though. I won't kill myself, but I really wouldn't mind dying.

I like it, thanks anon.
I like listening to ambient/peaceful piano and/or guitar shit when I want to be comfy. I plan on listening to this stuff the day I kill myself, which is soon.

I at least want to be at peace and comfy when I die.
























File: 1PT9I.jpg (546 KB, 3861x1706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
546 KB, 3861x1706

Tom Hanks stars in some comfy movies, enjoy that sleepytime tea friend. I'm stuck with cable TV in a hotel room, I'm pretty jealous.


I wish there was something I could say to make a difference or make you feel better. Shit ain't always easy friend, just get as comfy as you can and ride it out. When the time is right, I belive you can turn things around for yourself.

Captain Phillips is solid. Weirdly comfy for a thriller, seeing as 90% of the movie takes place on either a boat or a much smaller boat.

Another song
Yeah, I get you. The only thing I can do now is keep floating along.
File: 6a9.jpg (198 KB, 600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 600x900

Comfy tunes my friend. I hope you find peace in whatever decision you make.
i think it is comfy
You know what's comfy for me and probably no one else? Listening to air traffic control and stuff like that. Just random radio chatter as background noise. I have no idea why, it just makes me feel relaxed for a while. Have a go, if you want

Oh, this is another good one, less harsh on the static
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Fuck me, I'm retarded

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