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Have you ever known anybody that killed themselves because of you? Or have you known anyone that's committed suicide in general?
I want to kill myself and blame it on this girl I fell in love with who talked about having kids me with and stuff, but she probably wouldn't even give a shit. When we were "together" I told her I was kind of suicidal and she said "sometimes people have to go, try and make something good before you go."
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I knew a guy online that fell in love with me and threatened to kill himself because I wasn't gay. We ended up deleting each other after a fight (i just wanted to be friends) and idk how he is now.

You dodged a bullet there

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm kind of in the same situation except I don't know what or how she's doing now.
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Don't have someone who killed himself over me, but I have an ex-gf who started cutting pretty deep because of me.
broke up with her on a major event in Krautland (1st May), with all her friends around after she told everyone how much she has me under her thumb. Proceded to make fun of her breaking down and crying because of our breakup and literally everyone chimed in to a chant telling her "Es ist vorbei, bei bei Junimond!" (some crappy romance-song in germany)
She did send me the pics of her cuts
I was a piece shit

My dad killed himself. He was kind of a robot: manlet, possibly a dicklet, insecure as fuck, thought mom cheated on him when she loved him, had to take pills to fight his depression, and fucks now what else. His mom killed herself, also. I'm next, aren't I?
two friends from high school killed themselves

one after his daughter that he was apparently raping since a baby said she was finally going to tell someone (she was 11 then I believe)

one strangled his wife to death, drove their 3 sons to his parents house then drove to the side of a road and shot himself in the head

used to play quake with them all the time in high school, never saw any of this shit coming

oh apparently my uncle charles that i never met killed himself too but no one in our family cares because he was a faggot
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>sophomore year
>transfer to a new school
>emotionally abusive bf of almost 2 years comes with
>dumps me after a month
>this one guy is in several of my classes
>we start hanging out in the dorms, going for walks etc
>open up to each other about depression
>tell him about how I used to take Benadryl or Dramamine every time I woke up and sleep for days
>he asked me out for pizza on December 7th
>I stayed in my room all day, stood him up not realizing he'd intended it as a "more than friends" date
>December 16th I receive a Facebook "Honesty Box" app message from someone, talking a lot about struggles with accepting his atheism despite Catholic family
>no fucking clue who it is from
>December 17th we are all going home for winter break
>saying bye to all my friends
>that guy doesn't show up, ask mutual friends what's up
>find out he didn't go to his finals
>he does eventually appear, we share a hug
>I go home with a female friend
>December 19th friend's mom comes downstairs and wakes us up
>"Do you know anything about the kid from your school who died?"
>"You mean the snowmobile accident a few years ago? The heroin overdose?"
>"No, some boy died yesterday, Matt [completely butchers his Italian last name]"
>I faint
>come to upstairs
>find out he died of CO2 inhalation in the seat of his truck, in a closed garage
>a few days later his autopsy reveals abnormally high levels of diphenhydramine. Yes, Benadryl
>give what I am suddenly aware was his suicide note to his family, the cops
>it was ruled an accident
>his funeral was all about what a good Catholic boy he was
>on December 16th I had a dream that I kissed him and wrote it down
>he died a kissless virgin
>I promised him if he killed himself, I would do the same

That was 2008. I don't know why I'm still alive. I still haven't figured out how to not kill people with my autism.
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I live out West and suicide is pretty common out here.

I used to live in an old large house where the attic was turned into a separate unit. The guy that lived up there killed himself, he was young in his early 20's, pretty nice guy too. I think I was about 7 at the time. I just remembering coming home from a friends and wondering why the police were at my house. I will never forgot seeing his mother sitting on our couch sobbing.

A woman's husband my mom was friends with killed himself a little after that had happened. I don't remember him very well, but I do remember going out to his families farm a few times.

I met a guy at my friends birthday party last year, and he killed himself like a month later. Don't know why the guy was fit/cut, outgoing, had a beautiful little girl, and was dating pretty hot girls.

One of my mom's co-workers went to a sporting goods store on his lunch break, bought a .44 magnum. He then went home and shot himself twice in the chest. I think I only met him once or twice so I didn't really know him.

Not a suicide, but I did witness the police shoot a guy down the street from where I live. I was walking down to the neighbors, I heard a loud pop, I look down the street and see the police return fire and the man fell forward. I was the only witness. That's like the only time the police have killed someone in my town in the last 30 years.
Y-you had a friend who was raping his baby? Did you know?
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