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Well guys...that's it
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Well guys...that's it
I'm fucked.
I've been experiencing most symptoms of a brain tumor for the past week and I'm only 18 years old.
MRI is scheduled on saturday but I already know the results, it's obvious.
I'm just hoping it's not a glioblastomas and some bening little shit.
Post some stuff to cheer me up (even thought I have huge trouble concentrating).
Lucky bastard, I wish i knew the end was coming
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Have this comfy room. It always cheers me up.

Sorry about your situation anon.

I'd post more music and stuff but I'm at work unfortunately.
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Here's another

original comment blox
Do want to live OP?
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And another

original comment blox
I never had a tumor but I had strokes before because of internal bleeding due to a head injury I received. I had a very small part of my brain removed. It was very scary but I made it. I wish you the best
original comment blox blox 272737373736
And I wish I could hate life as much as some of you guys
Yeah and that's the problem, I fucking LOVE being alive, even thought most of my life has been shit, I never once wished I was dead.
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0010110111101010101110110 original comment 63636363
lol your fucking dumb op if u think you have a tumor already before knowing the facts...u might have an enlarged vein getting ready to burst, are u fat, are u over stressed?? do u tooo much salty and sugary foods??? well then its very common....if vein pops you dead.. but they can fix this very easly. maybe high blood pressure. soo many variables..
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Goddam this robot is ferocious.
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Robot pls go away 373737w881737
I can't think straight (Decreased level of consciousness)
I'm apathetic
Vertigo/Dizzyness (hard to explain but It might be one of these two)
Extreme anxiety
Slight weakness in the left arm and leg
Feeling like I'm falling down when I close my eyes
I'm experiencing extreme nausea each time I try to eat
Pee a lot
I can't sleep AT ALL it's like my brain is under too much activity each time I try
Weird dreams when I do manage to
Headaches in the back of the eyes in the afternoon (that last until whenever I try to sleep)
Neck pain and burning spine
Extreme pressure feeling in the head
Feeling of "vibration" coming from the neck to the back of the head (and sometimes the top)
Trouble remembering some recent things
Feeling the left side of my brain
Left eye seem weaker
When lying down :
Pins and needle in the brain
Cold feeling in the head
Loss of feeling in the left arm and left leg (until I move them again)
Burning feeling on left arm and leg when I should be feeling cold
Muscle twitching
Less certain symptoms :
I think I might have exeperienced central vision loss this morning (maybe I was just confused)
Had a Tinitus (not sure if it is really related)
Strange smell after drinking
Have been experiencing headaches since I was a kid (kinda reassuring because it points out to a slow growing Meningioma which is easy to get rid of)

So I don't know what else it could be really.
feels bad mang
cute girl is coming over and I can't even feel exited
Damn, that must suck. I wouldn't want to die, too many video games to play. When they stop making games I enjoy, then I will die regretfully
OP's having an anxiety attack. Nothing to see here.
I have most of those and had an mri, no tumour found. but i'm schizo so inexplicable problems are par for the course.
Its not necessarily cancer!
I had all of those symptons aside from the "burning spine" and I was told by the doctor I had cancer and I made MRI to confirm it turned out I had nothing!!!
My symptons were the result of a combination of complications ranging from celiac disease, gastritis, food allergies to reumatic fever and other complications.
The BEST PART most of it went away with prazol, diet and antibiotics...
Sometimes I still have strong headaches, but I just take some caffeine and 1g paracetamol pills and it goes away!
Damn, i might as well have a tumor and dont know that yet.
Still, feels bad mane
Come back on Saturday with the results, robots will surely cheer you up in the meantime

Got at least half of these symptoms myself. Been to doctors, they have ruled out the more obvious heart attack/stroke stuff but still have no idea what it is. Got my insurance in order and have a visit scheduled in a couple weeks, going to try to get a specialist.

My money's on a combination of celiac disease, carpal tunnel, and anxiety.
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 8
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