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what is the edgiest thing you've ever said?
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no matter how much you try to force yourself, you'll always remember
If you don't like it, just kill me.
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> A bunch of people go through my backpack, while I was on the toilet.
> "Pfft... I don't know who it was anon. :)"
> I snapped, because I perceived is as an enormous disrespect against me.
> They went through my personal shit without asking.
> Say "I'm gonna ice you all." under my breath, pack my shit and leave the classroom in the middle of the lesson.
> They were visibly shocked and avoided me for the rest of the year.
It was an abstract feel, gentlebots.
"Do you want cheese on that burger?"
I told my aunt to kill herself when I was very young and tried to punch her because she told me to eat. She raised me like her own child, when my mom used to work all day. I know she probably doesn't remember it or maybe she does but I feel horribly horribly ashamed of it.
My nephew is in full edgy teenager mode now that he's 17.

>take him to the flea market
>I pull up to the passenger side ticket window and hand him the $2 to get in
>hands her the money, she hands him the tickets
>her: "have a good day!"
>him: "have a fucking shit day."

They grow up so fast ;_;
Where do you have to pay to get to a flea market? Where I'm from they're just open air and you can come and go as you like.
You reminded me of the time I put my hands around my mom's neck in a choking motion when I was around 7 when she wouldn't take me to the store to rent a game. I remember my brothers were in the room and they all jumped up, ready to pry me off. I was just venting and wasn't actually gonna do it, but I still feel like shit about it.
>i'm actually a zombie

I was 10 or so but it still haunts me dunno why
Southern Ohio, Trader's World is one of three major ones in the area. You have to pay to enter all of them, but it's worth it.
>tfw you grow old and realize for the first time you can fight your dad or mom off if they try to beat you
>tfw you stand there and take it anyways sometimes because you're a failure of a human and know why they're frustrated
Oh yea, those early teenage feels too.
I'm not even a homophobe or transphobe or a mysoginist, I just saw this "transgirl" in another thread bragging about how she gets laid by other faggots because she got her dick cut off and they made the scar tissue into a pseudovagina. So I felt passionate enough to rant an insult at it, and it brought out my inner bitter angry neck beard. Hang on I'll copy and paste it here so you guys can read it.
back in middle school some girls i wasn't friends w/ in my class asked for something and i was like yeah sure let me get it for you and i spat in my hands and grabbed it

kind of a dick thing tbqh but we were aite afterward anyway but idk why i did that
she was all, "I get laid lol le smug smiley tumblr told me i'm beautiful so it's true" and I shut her down immediately, it was the smug smiley that did it:
And that is the mark by which you measure your character, or you're just that soulless and empty you need to fill yourself with something, might as well be dick? because the only people having regular sex are sluts, and sluts are idiots, and that makes you an idiot. Congrats on getting laid though, ur so awesome bro like. brofist. I was joking about banging you though, I wouldn't bang you no matter what you look like, because you are probably gross and ugly. admit it anon, you have to get laid because you know they won't stay otherwise. Just because guys will fuck anything that isn't fat (or sometimes, even then) doesn't mean jack shit about shit. you're a fucking homo
and there's more it gets better here is part 2:
and btw I'm a real female, I didn't have to inject myself with hormones just to look or be the way I am, in fact I did the opposite and tried to induce my natural testosterone and androgen so that I could be more like a guy and be interesting and have a real personality and possible even be smart, it didn't work though because I'll always be a girl and I'll always be an autistic loser with no friends, just like you'll always be a defective guy with guy chromosomes and the memory of the fact that you were born with a dick. what did you even do with your dick after they cut it off? If I were one of those doctors I'd stick it in your mouth and take selfies with your unconscious naked self so I could show it all to my friends. but naw I'm sure your's was just thrown out.
then it responded, "blahblahblah i have sex and oyu don't, go get laid so you can be a good person! i pity you!" obviously not getting the point of what I was saying so I had to reiterate myself, the stupid fucking braindead faggot, I hate repeating myself. part 3:
and btw I'm a real female, I didn't have to inject myself with hormones just to look or be the way I am, in fact I did the opposite and tried to induce my natural testosterone and androgen so that I could be more like a guy and be interesting and have a real personality and possible even be smart, it didn't work though because I'll always be a girl and I'll always be an autistic loser with no friends, just like you'll always be a defective guy with guy chromosomes and the memory of the fact that you were born with a dick. what did you even do with your dick after they cut it off? If I were one of those doctors I'd stick it in your mouth and take selfies with your unconscious naked self so I could show it all to my friends. but naw I'm sure your's was just thrown out.
oh shit I didn't read what I posted ayylmao here is the actual part 3, I didn't even copy and paste right lel:
What? Lol yeah you didn't get the point of what I was saying, but whatever though I tried, it's not my fault you are subhuman and probably, by the shows of it, actually an idiot. I mean its not like I wouldn't think you're an idiot either way, you fell for the trans meme just because
and even worse yet, you gave up on being a man, the superior sex, just so you can put on a dress and trick men into wanting to fuck you. Yes, you are an idiot, and because you're just a "trans girl" you probably are ugly too, there is no saving that. But naw throw out the "autistic manchild" buzzword insults, because you're so tumblr and progressive and YOU SHOW THOSE AWFUL MESOJINOOSTS WHAT IS WHAT. sick freak, you wish you looked like me, I happen to don't "need" sex because I know I can get it whenever I want, being a semi decent looking cis girl, I just choose not to because it's gross and lame. Like you :)

I'll even overlook
> and btw I'm a real female
I needed to throw it in there so she would get triggered, and to make the point that I waste my precious god given female body for the sake of acting like a neckbeard, she bought expensive hormones and wears dresses and has sex with men and she'll still never be a real woman. It's funny.
You know you can probably link the thread right? She's probably reading this now.
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>Heh, nothin' persenal kid
true but I hate having to click more links just to read something, I thought this would make it easier but you're actually right, by trying to save time for you guys I wasted my own time in going through all the hassle of copying and pasting. But I digress, because I hadn't remembered at the time that when you hover over the link it shows you the text, because I am an idiot. Naw though I'm just high, sorry everybody lol
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Has to be
>Anon, don't kill anyone with that.
>I won't... Yet.

>I hope anon doesn't accidentally shoot anyone
>I don't shoot anyone accidentally.
Lol that reminds me of something I realised I couldn't say to any of my friends, even if it's a joke
>people looking at me like I'm gonna shoot up their schools, but I'm more than likely to just shoot myself
>don't worry normies, you are safe, I'm only a danger to myself
>little me, 15 or 16 years old
>walking with the only two people in the world who tolerate me, don't really consider them friends
>bipolar disorder just started manifesting itself at this age, along with bad depersonalization
>also have nightmarishly bad impulses to hurt and kill other people
>"friends" can tell I'm visibly distressed, they ask what's wrong
>"I don't know"
>"I just really, really need to kill people"
>"I want to hurt them and I want to make everyone suffer so I can feel something"
>needless to say they slowly stopped seeing me after that
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Holy shit that was nice, like a true /r9k/ action hero.
>mom talking about children
>tell her whatever she does don't have anymore kids because she's already struck out 3 times with my siblings and me
>"four" she says, referring to a stillborn she had
>tell her "that was a foul ball"

Fucked up. Funny. But fucked up.
lol you edgy little autist, did they know that you were bipolar? I would have stopped hanging out with you too t b h
Haha you edgy faggot.
Have you taken speed tonight senpai?
Tbh you probably did more good than bad
>Had an account on a now dead music streaming website when I was 15/16 (back when sites like project playlist were pretty big and way before spotify)
>Profile bio went something like this:
>"The only reason to live or do anything is to fuck, so you can practice the technique and perfect it and continue the line of fucking for others. Does it scare you when you think about it? Anything you do, you do it for a fuck.
>Then listed all the music I had.

I also downloaded all my old myspace blogs and christ they could all be a cringe thread in themselves.
never did hard drugs, stimulants make me squirrely, although lately I've been assimilating caffeine into my lifestyle, it's just been tea, coffee makes me sick. I mostly drink it for the ginseng, which supposedly is good for focus and mental energy, so that when I do acid I'll see trippy shit and meet god and find the answer of life and stuff. I also did mushrooms 2 weeks ago and since then things have been different, even if it was a ridiculously short trip because I had to puke it up. I almost died lmao.
They didn't. I'm sure they would have stopped hanging out with me the moment they found out, though. People are shit.

I should have said I just do weed which might be why I seem a bit stupid but that's just because I like to be stupid because it numbs the pain of living lmao am i rite guys? naw but I'm trying to prepare myself to be healthy and ready to try a new drug, if I got that sick off the shrooms then I can't risk it again. I actually am not that healthy though because I hardly eat and am scared of getting fat and I don't do anything other than sit in my bed but I am at least mentally, sort of healthy. Better than I ever was hahaha

lol you cunt, the sex denial in people who can't get laid is always amusing. i don't get laid as well, but it's my own fault, and i would be lying if i said i don't want it.

all the rage at someone because hes fucking guys even as a trap and you the real girl don't. of course you don't wanna just fuck, you wanna fuck someone you like, that's a given. but you don't, that's why you are so bitter.
Hey buddy, I asked if you were on speed not for your whole fucking life story. Go make your own thread if you want to blog about your shitty inane life.
it's not inane I just went off on a tangent, sorry for being adhd lmao
and no it's just I personally look down on people who choose that lifestyle, it's pretty gross and also pathetic, like, congrats, you found out how your genitals work. No wonder the world is so overpopulated, everyone is entitled to sex as long as you know how to play the cards right, "cause it's just sex" like no, you guys fucking idolise sex, there's a whole earth monument to getting laid. It's so boring, the whole purpose of everyone is to just "pass on their genes", it pretty much signifies that you've given up.
No it's definitely inane, everything about what you're saying and the way you type it is fucking stupid. You've mentioned you're a female about 4 times ITT and you've already managed to completely derail it with your pointless bullshit rambling. Please fuck off and let it die in piece, you unbelievable sack of cancer.
when i was like 5 i wrote on a paper "i wanna kill them all" 3 years later my sis and mum found it and start laughing
lol baw, if you don't like it don't read it bla blah blah, cry about it some more because it's not gonna change the fact that it's there you big baby. you are apparently more special than me for some reason, I'm guessing that is the edgiest thing you've ever written, and your submission to this thread? It comes across like babby's first internet fight, like me being called cancer is gonna offend me somehow. Are you that transfaggot from the other thread? triggered
>getting this toasty

Settle down, Arby's
boom roasted
that's the first time I've heard that, good one anon, argument ended because u win the tremendous faggot award
It was sixth grade and I was returning to my old hometown after three years of living elsewhere. I was popular before I left, but I became an absolute loser during those three years. Everyone remembered me as cool, though, and liked me at first.

Sophia Clarkson wasn't on my radar when I was a kid, but puberty was very generous with her and she was amazingly busty for being in the sixth grade. We were studying idioms during English and we were supposed to do some kind of word game with a partner. Sophia was mine. I said she was pretty and when she blushed I played the word game by saying "Pretty ugly."

I am haunted still. I sometimes still jack off to the memory of her playing volleyball in gym.
I didn't ask to be born

We had an anti bullying campaign come through the school. The subject was a victim at Columbine.

They kept talking about how this girl is basically Jesus who dies for out sons and the greatest person ever.

As a kid who got bullied all the fucking time, I thought this was retarded. A waste of time. Frankly, I would have rather been in class.

Later in the day I said something like "the more they talked about her, the more I wanted to shoot her too."

Got to talk to the principal and the police about that one...
kill self
My friend once told a waitress his meal looked like a miscarriage. She was pisssssssed
fucking classic
gj anon
>'A convex polyhedron is called semiregular if its faces have a similar arrangement of nonintersecting regular planar convex polygons of two or more different types about each polyhedron vertex.'
After the Oregon shooting asked someone if they heard about and they said yes, and u said I thought it was funny and I went on a website were we all thought shootings were funny. They gave me a weird look after that.
It has a happy ending. Strangers started being nice to me.

They didn't wanna get shot.

Jokes on them, I was never gonna shoot anyone anyway
Katie all we do is EAT FUCK AND DIE...Christ still hurts thinking about that one. After that line of course she'll come running to me. just fuck my shit up senpai
>Your lucky that I don't kick your teeth in you fucking cabby
>back in secondary school, 6th year
>some 1st year trying to act tough, making jokes about me
>just out of p.e, he asks why im sweating like lee evans
>reply that i fucked his mum (i know)
>one of his friends says that his mum is dead
>say "why do you think im sweating so much, coffins are heavy as fuck"

i thought his friend was joking, turned out she actually was dead though

very classy

best one in the entire thread
you're not far off from the truth though
I would of lost my shit of laughing if I heard someone say that
Secondary school philosophy/religion class:

Teacher: "What is love?"
Me: "Chemical reactions in the brain."
I went to this shit little town with my friend. He asked me to go because he fucking hated it and his family went there at least five times a year.

Basically we would just sneak off every night and go drink beer.

But when Sunday morning rolled around his parents dragged us to church with them...

>Be me
>19 at the time
>in a fucking old ass church
>red necks everywhere
>wondering when god will bring them happiness
>too retarded to realize they wont have happiness until they get out of this shit town
>church ending
>gotta take a piss
>roll over to the bath room
>shit head little kid comes in after me
>looks like 7 or 8
>singing some jesus song
>asks me about all sorts of bullshit church stuff
>I understand respecting other people's religion and just try to play along
>keeps going while I'm pissing
>do up pants
>turn around
>bend over next to his ear
>"Listen here you little fucking bitch. Jesus isn't real, he never was and never will be. You're going to die and nothing will happen afterwards. He's fake, like every other stupid fucking thing your parents tell you. Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, all a fucking lie."
>Stand up
>He's visibly crying
>pat him on the head
>fly out of the parking lot with my friend

I never heard of it again. I don't anyone had any idea it was me.
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>be 9
>friend at school asks if I want to know what the worst swear word is
>he tells me it's nigger but doesn't tell me what it means
>later I have a depression spell
>start crying, teacher asks what's wrong
>tell him I'm a worthless nigger and wish I wasn't alive
>get a warning slip
"Why the fuck don't we kill all niggers already?"
>"I wish you'd dump that girl, we can't make racist jokes in front of her"
File: laughing bakas.png (163 KB, 566x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
laughing bakas.png
163 KB, 566x227
>tell him I'm a worthless nigger and wish I wasn't alive
I fucking hate it when a bro gets a really conservative or an SJW gf. Basically anyone that cares. Fucking fun killers.
It was kind of a blessing in disguise. The jokes we made got even funnier, and it was even better when he cheated on her
one of my friends had a kid recently, now he hates any jokes where something bad happens to a baby
also hes whipped to fuck
In senior year of high school when we had to vote for who would win for these certain categories in the yearbook, I got a group of kids together to vote for the transboy for "most changed since freshmen year"

Unfortunately he/she didnt win. But we did vote in the manlet in for "most down to earth" lol
> go to club with normie friends
> get wasted
> friends mum has cancer
> go on rant about how i only pretend to care about her mum because i fancy her and i really actually care
> somehow think this smug lack of empathy will impress them
> on way home in taxi get confronted
> all of them say its disgusting
> write apology to girl next morning because i know its going to get back to her anyway

yeah i'm literally retarded
I went to a Catholic school, wore combat boots, shaved my head, and once said, "if God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him".

While it was top-tier cringe, I did legitimately make some hypocrite Christfag chick spit-take and another girl shoot milk out her nose.

Mind you, those same girls bullied me for the rest of the year, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.
God, this is too embarassingly cringey even for this thread.

Legitimately lol'd. Top quality.
Towards the end you drifted out of b8 mode 6/10
Something I expressed unironically this past summer was a ShittyAskReddit top post today

Who wants to guess which dreadful idea I had?
Just post it. You're almost as bad as those "who wants nudes" faggots.
i dont want your gold

i only want your life
The only bad thing you did was break the facade. They all probably feel the same way but are gonna shit on you to feel superior.
If you want grandchildren, you will have to find someone else to do the job.
there's something roasted slinking around this thread
it's not him though
>I've stared into the abyss, the abyss stared back, we're both well acquainted and have no secrets left to share with one another.

How many edges out of ten?
Younger, when I used to take league way too seriously. Some asshole ruins a game by purposely throwing cause some other guy said some shit.

> "I'm gonna find you. I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna rip your fucking spine out and shove it up your mom's ass while I make your dad watch. Then I'm gonna gouge out your his eyes and skullfuck him to death and I'm continue this process until your entire family tree is bathed in my cum. So you know...keep a lookout."
The edgiest?
Probably "You can't possibly know how much pain is inside of me right now"
At the time it was just an attempt to get attention, it'd be alot more valid if I said it now though.
I told a Jamaican girl I was going to sell her, during a history class learning about the slave trade.

Fuck I still cringe about it today.
i've said lots of edgy things and i honestly meant most of them (im doing it again)

why would they randomly search your bag? did you have anything bad in there?
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God I didn't even know how much of an edgemaster I was till I started getting anniversarys of old posts on normie book
There's so many things and I can't remember one. This is why I hate these threads, all my life I've told myself the only thing I care about keeping intact is my whits and memory but drugs + alcohol have ruined it
>kill me senpai
Audibly laughed, first time in a while.
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i don't know if anyone is still lurking this thread
but when i was in middle school i was the generic kid

somehow get this cutie pie girl to 'date' me

her brother dies like a week before
turns out he was either drunk or something and accdietnally drove his car off the high way and fell to his death
it was huge news to everybody, school was mourning it and everything

being the linkin park cringe kid i was, that like 'edgy' 'mysterious' 'emo' kid
i ended up getting into a 'fight' with my 'girlfriend'

and i just said 'psh, why don't you just go burn in hell with your brother'

i regret saying that to this day
so bad
so so so so bad
fuck robots :'(
feels- to make it worse
the girl told everybody
my parents got called and everything
i regret it man
so much
i just feel bad about it
There there anon. I chuckled at the cringiness, now enjoy the cringiness of the rest of the thread. At least I find it theraputic to know there's more idiots out there.
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.>6/10 girl in my class
>talking about how chinese food has dog in it
>next day she says her dog died
>my 8th grade mouth wont shut up
>i end up saying "the Chinese got revenge"
by the way everybody turned the other way at me that day but it was all good the next day
That's not edgy that's just brilliant trollsmithing
Good on you faggot
I'm from Ireland and I was talking to another Irish poster on /sp/, in a disagreement over some sports shite

I said "I wish your ancestors died in the famine", as soon as I saw it in letters on the page I regretted it immediately,

Another Irish poster declared how mean the board had gotten
Give me your car keys or I will stab you.
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>in class in 9th grade
>middle of school year and i failed one of my classes
>teacher in said class has been busting my balls since the beginning of the school year
>not quite sure why to this day
>enrolled two weeks late and didnt do a project that was due two days later that the rest of the students were given a week to do
>either way, this guy does his best to take issue with me
>me and other shithead friend i already knew from year before became partners in crime and try to do pair work together
>splits us up every time, very selective about it
>is constantly finding SOMETHING wrong with whatever work i do, shithead friend and i once did literally the same paper word for word because we're stupid, i got 20 points lower than he did (out of 100)
>my friend brought this up, teacher failed us both (which we kind of expected), but asked for an explanation for the grade
>no response, told us to sit down or he'd send us to the office
>just generally fucking my shit up

1/2, post too long
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mitchell fuk u.jpg
86 KB, 1122x631
uhhh this was like 2 weeks ago.
>watch tokyo ghoul for the first time ever
>think kaneki is sweet af at the end.
>this guy named mitchell kept hitting me up for weed
>tired as fuck of him so I asked him to come thru so i can tell him to fuck off.
>he gets to my door and knocks
>i open it, and stare at him.
>dont say a word. i just stare at him with eyes wide open like pic related.
>"what the fuck" he says after like 2 minutes maybe of staring.
>"you gonna give me my bud or not" mitchell the bitchell says.
>I say..."im going to eat you." trying to make my voice sound deeper than usual
>I'm gonna go to your funeral and laugh.

I was 13, and I still regret it to this day.
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>last day of HS
>sick as fuck of everything
>everyone is crying and hugging
>stacy and her friend come to my quiet corner
>she offers a hug ''we wont see again anon, next year will be different'' or somethig like that
>I back off
>''fucking hell, we've never even had a conversation stop pretending you all care''
>go back to ogame

that was a nice teenage. pic very related
>ever disrespecting any mother on this planet
File: 1452483760556-1.jpg (11 KB, 320x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 320x300
>anon gives me a reason to wish I graduated
File: 1450734754011.jpg (14 KB, 313x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 313x313
>at one point we're doing presentations in front of class
>being graded on how well we can keep the teacher/classes interest for one of our units
>other groups are making jokes unrelated to their topics to keep interest. some literally just make a joke paper without a topic, they still pass with 100 even though rubric explicitly states this shouldnt be done
>our paper is concise, to the point and humor is sparse, but is often enough to keep their interest and is generally well received (class is laughing, they mentioned they actually learned something on their peer review papers)
>after you're done you hand the teacher the paper and he grades it right there, usually loud enough for the rest of the class to hear
>65 (5 points below passing) for reasons the teacher cannot explain
>students are confused and back us up
>getting really pissed off because this ridiculous pseudo "health" class wasnt teaching anything, was bringing my grade down, and my teacher was a big fucker to boot
>friend notices and is trying to get me to calm down
>my heart drops, this one fucking class was going to ruin my fucking grades
>without thinking, and injecting as much venom as possible into it, i say "i'll show you an automatic you fucking gangrene dickhead"
>class goes absolutely silent
>friend looks like he's about to fucking die since his grades were just on the brink of passing and even though we were friends, i could already tell he was considering not working with me so he wouldn't get shit on selectively
>teacher grabs me, pulls me to the office
>have lots and lots of 'splaining to do
and thats how i accidentally made a school shooting remark without realizing what setting i was in until after
>15 year old who gets into really disgusting slam death metal
>pic related
>song from album has like "I kill pregnant sluts and whores"
>say that to people at school
>thought I was so hardcore because I listened to brutal death metal which was the best genre of music ever created better than any other genre of music past or present and anyone who liked music that wasn't brutal death metal with disgusting, depraved lyrics about grossly sexual violence was a complete loser who was entirely below me, also christians
>relate above opinions to anyone and everyone, especially on facebook

No wonder I didn't have friends other than my raiding guild on WoW. I was such a faggot. Thank god I turned out somewhat normal.
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162 KB, 600x817
sounds like a really bad porno desu familia
My economic teacher was a real bitch so I don't really regret this but here we go.

>be me
>17 at the time
>senior year in high school
>get comfy af seat in back corner
>do my normal stuff
>sit quietly
>shitpost on /b/ with my phone
>do the classwork
>one day the guy next me saw I was on 4chan
>he asks about
>nervous as hell that my power level may have been revealed
>he's all "I love 4chan dude. I go to /v/ a lot!"
>eh I don't know if I want to talk to someone who likes /v/
>it basically becomes one of those onesided he talks all the time I sit and act like I care things
>teacher notices it
>assumes I'm at fault because she had this faggot's goody goody sister in a class before
>shits on me all the time
>starts to bother me about my phone
>suddenly my grades are lower
>do the same shit if not better than everyone else
>grades still shit
>have to go to her room during lunch to complain about my grades
>get 30 something points added on to three different tests because she graded them wrong
>she just has bs excuses
>one day i forget a hw assignment
>oh well i have an A in here no big deal
>tell her i forgot it
>she starts tearing into me
>saying all this bullshit about participation, distracting other students, lack of effort
>all i do is sit quietly, do my work, shitpost on /b/
>stand up
>suddenly she looks scared
>"Shut the fuck up! All you are is a whiny crone who has nothing better to do but shit on kids lives! You wonder why your husband divorced you?! Look at you! You're fat, old, bitchy, and nag like a fucking cunt! God damn!"
>she starts crying asks me to leave the class
>come back next time
>she doesnt look at me
>class goes on like normal for the rest of year
>pass with a 97
you should have accepted the hug anyway
even if she never talked to you
hey, maybe it could open freindships if you did
lol you r9k autists are so obsessed
I did not speak often and the fact that I am still a edgelord makes it impossible to say, but in the last year of middle school I beat a guy until his ears started bleeding, he problably became retarded or something, he never came back to school.

The fun fact is that a supervisor watched everything and never said a word about what happened.
>suicidal thoughts
>man, your life is a fucking train wreck about to happen
>I can't hang out w/ you anymore
Walked away from my childhood friend.
He didn't say suicidal. Try harder.
>i'll show you an automatic you fucking gangrene dickhead
Holy fuck you absolute madman
Not me but there was this pseudo-chad kid in HS who sued to "bully" me and he said something like, don't make me insult you for real or you'll kill yourself
You're paraphrasing Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil.
I think screaming "I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN" to my parents when I was an early teen.
>and wish i wasn't alive
>because mothers are somehow inherently sacred
u wot m8
That would have triggered my autism. Her friend, though... I wouldnt have cared to grab all of her

More edgy:
>some class I dont remember
>normalfags doing their own thing. I dont remember if they threw a paper ball, laughed too loud, but the teacher blamed me because I was in the general direction
>''that's enough anonymous, stand up apologice and leave the class''
>Instead of explaining the situation, I say ''Hell I prefer to sleep in my own bed anyway''
>somehow it didnt have consecuences
I remember once in high school some Chads were fucking around with me and I muttered "Yeah, see if you guys keep this up once someone kills themself" or something along the lines of that.
They got scared and told the teacher and I had to explain that I was happy with my life and didn't want to kill myself.

Now I'm unhappy and would embrace death
>"I wish I wasn't alive"

Are you retarded?
Now that's some cringy ass shit. Talk about corny.
This. My mother has inflicted more trauma on me than anyone else.

>you know, you used to have a little brother but your parents decided to kill him cos he had brain damage

to my 7-year old cousin at the time, in front of her parents

i was 10
Wow.. like.. its like.. CURRENT YEAR i like.. like totally like cant understand how like people can be so transf0bigg its liek CURRENT YEAR and you still have an opinion and refuse to accept that mutilating your body and injecting hormones and silicone will not change your chromosomes. Its like CURRENT YEAR..
File: 1420418399074.gif (957 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
957 KB, 480x480
>be 19
>there is an autistic 19 yo old
>his book falls to the ground
>accidentally kick it
>autist goes full sperg pushs me into a corner
>Im holding him at his arms
>hes trying to hit me
>realize that hes trying to hit my face
>black out
>push him back
>grap him with only one hand at his throat
>push him against a wall
>go closer to his ear
>"if you ever going to try to hit me one more time, I will kill you"
>still choking him
>he opens his mouth to breath air
>his tongue comes out
>kinda funny
>let go
>he falls to the ground
>other students look at me like Im a monster
>look at sperg
>"did you understand me?"
>he replies
>"like you could kill me"
>I smile
>leaving the room
>open the door
>"we will see"

Sperg avoided me for months

To be honest, I was the edgy kid in HS
>always listening to my alternative music
>refused to go to my class trips every year
>smoked weed like the cool kids
>death stared the teachers, or so they used to say
>I beat up a fat kid once on the drawing classroom with a wood ruler, he was annoying as fuck

I better stop posting
Calm down there, Bateman.
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 518x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 518x514
In high school a girl made fun of me for having no friends and one day said I might have been gay because I didn't have a gf, but this time I respond with
>"I think you boyfriend might be gay too"
>she asks why in a confused way (didn't know if she was dating, I assumed she did)
>"he probably thought you were a guy with you fucking flat chest"
>she's noticeably upset and walks away probably got insecure about her chest and might have cried in he bathroom or some shit
>I was so paranoid that day, I was afraid I would have gotten the shit beaten out me, nothing happened thankfully
>kinda feel bad saying that now
Oh and I forgot to add
>we will see

thats one of the most edgiest stories I've ever heard anon. congrats, you beat up and threatened a sperg
>saying such edgy 12yo tier shit
Man, I get that you had your issues, but that's fucking autistic af lmao
Back at that age I had more or less the same grip at reality as I have now, but what do I know, maybe you're one of those weird kids that hit puberty after 13 or sonething.
File: 1417632511448.gif (262 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262 KB, 500x281
What do I win?

I was also gay and into bdsm or some shit, I bet he enjoyed it.
>be me
>fourth grade
>chilling during recess, had some dragon ball Z book with me, some sort of kids merch
>showing it to all the kids on the playground
>whistle blows and we all start to file back inside
>black kid comes up to me and asks if he can see it
>"sorry, whites only. "
>Don't even know why the fuck I said it
>falls behind, standing in disbelief as I continue back inside
>tells teacher while crying his eyes out, she goes fucking ballistic and scolds me until my mother arrives
>get scolded by mother
>suspended for a week, grounded for a month

Fucking niggers
he was probably tired of normies bullying him, if you hadnt done that he'd have attacked another one that day. probably a normalfag that would report him instead of just scaring him

I HATE "you'll understand when you've got one of your own" no I won't. My dad died of cancer and I'm not more sensitive to cancer jokes. My ex had an uncle who died of Michael J Fox disease and so I guess she thought she was supposed to be offended whenever someone joked about it. Obnoxious.
He didnt get bullied tho.
>4th grade
>there's 2 "responsibles" per each class
>taking turns to wash the blackboard (it's the 90's) and "patrol" the corridor
>other responsible is a girl, she doesn't wanna wash the board
>i lash out and scream "THAT'S WOMAN'S STUFF YOU BITCH"
>parents get called
>principle asks my mom "lol so i heard u have men's and women's "stuffs" at home?"

cringy as fuck
I wasn't one of those cringey edgy kids so no edge stories here, but I once went full spergout in middle school after some retarded nigger cunt sprayed ink all over my chair and stained my jeans (am poorfag, so it was one of 2 pair of jeans that I had). I remember that I even got emotional with the school president and started crying at how unfair this shit was and generally being a crybaby about my life. Maybe it's for the best that I can't remember what it was about desu
you are gay?
you win my feminine penor anon
He was gay*


freudian slip t b h
so did you actually take pleasure in giving him that naughty choke? thats pretty hot of you anon

I didn't know you were into that ;)

in the bible it says a man should not lie with another man the same way a man lies with a woman you abomination

american society is rotten and you will burn in hell for your degeneracy
File: 1436696631382.gif (2 MB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x500
Stop bullying

Im actually bi, I already have a bf so I dont care.
And no, Im not into bdsm or whatever. I like it soft

Well he isn't lying with any women so how could he lie with a man the same way :^)
File: 7318.gif (432 KB, 245x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
432 KB, 245x188
Another half-faggot here. You should try letting somebody completely and brutally violate you sometime, it's pretty awesome.

I just got hard typing that due to nice memories.
not him but that's around the same age i started having it. i remember telling my mom about it and she told me that killing yourself is cowardly.

you degenerates are possessed by satan, therefore inherit his skill to twist words to your advantage

further proof that you are possessed by satan and all the more damnation to you
lol weeaboo faggot
ehhh thats cute of you anon. I'd dominate the shit out of you. How tall are you?
If I am possesed by Satan, then Satan's great at riding dick, and since God made Satan, and allowed Satan to enter me (hue), by deduction we realize that God made me great at riding dick.

Are you a closetfag, anon? I can flood this board with gay porn so you can pretend that it wasn't your intention to look i you want c;

I already have a bf

that's very weird

I don't know man, this is actually true, It's true about all human emotions. It are, whether you like it or not, just chemical reactions.
File: 7497.gif (2 MB, 480x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x292
Not anon, but if you want to dominate a 5'10" blonde faggot with mid muscle tone then let me know.

God's only sin was that he was too liberal t b h.

See, create a faggot and give him freedom of expression and he'll just steal your shit right underneath your nose.
One time I showed my little brother how to cut yourself. I was about 14 and he was as 10. I made what were barely even scratches in my wrists because some goth kids at school were doing it. Probably the edgiest moment of my life that I haven't blacked out. I remember new ones occasionally.
I don't eat ass.
File: 7252.jpg (16 KB, 264x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 264x191
Well, if you just said God sinned, then the Bible isn't completely true and your religion is false, anon.
My dad and I used to wrestle all the time (and still do sometimes) and one time he was just laying on the ground catching his breath and I was looking at him and suddenly I hit him in the eye for literally no reason. He said he saw stars and it felt like his eye was pushed to the back of his head. Another time I hit him on the shin harder than I expected and it created a big lump on his shin. I feel like a huge jackass when I remember this and other ways Ive hurt my dad. S-sorry dad
I'm only kidding you anon. :3

I love you
He obviously doesn't want to get spitroasted I think
File: 39484.jpg (50 KB, 500x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 500x365
>At work in my shitty supermarket job
>For some reason feeling especially edgy on this day
>Customer approaches me
>she is a pretty cute girl
>Asks where she can find the diapers as she is babysitting her little brother
>I show her
>when we reach the diapers she points out how many there are
>try to be badass
>say 'I will cherish the day we are completely overstocked because it means the cattle of human kind will have finally stopped breeding'
>she looks at me and just nods and says 'oh, ok'
>I realise how pathetic it probably sounded
>try to save myself
>''b-b-ut you aren't a cattle as such, haha, if you wanted to breed you'd breed with the farmer, thats me!'
>she calls me a strange little man and wanders off

Just glad she didn't report me t b h
was this your edgiest thing? pretty good desu
your dad sounds like a bro
tell me about him
File: 1448747564013.jpg (12 KB, 284x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 284x276
holy shit anon that's edgy

>Things that didn't happen for $1000
>about 10 y old
>stupid girls in class making fun of little robot
>'hey anon, do you wank?!'
>they are laughing theirs asses of
>'yeah, to your mum'
Yea he's pretty cool. We make racist jokes and always say that we're "gonna go thug" on everything, making fun of a comment that my mom made about an american football coach from my dad's favorite team calling him a thug. I dont recall him ever yelling at me, although I know he has gotten really possed at me before, although this is rare. I also feel bad about all the times Ive sold him out to my mom (usually an accident because I have an autistic habit of explaining things to people without thinking of the consequinces) or he told her that he did something that I really did that would have gotten me in trouble.

Were you interrogated? Did you ever get a chance to say, I have no idea what you're talking about?
File: 1452553039730.png (21 KB, 508x610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 508x610
bruh she liked you
she called you gay because she wanted to pressure you into asking her out
you could have said something like 'i don't have a gf because i was too nervous to ask you out' like a smooth beast
you could have had a qt DFC gf
you would probably be married by now
but you didn't
you made her cry
she probably has crippling depression and became fat so she could have bigger breasts
File: 18996341.png (956 KB, 950x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
956 KB, 950x1050
>first week of school in 8th
>You're fingers look funny anon
>Yeah, so I can smash your face harder
>mfw it actually worked and only heard compliments from then on
>mfw hottest girl in class liked me for it
Teacher asks
>"how do we control Africa's rising population?"

You can guess what I said
File: mayne stop.gif (2 MB, 430x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mayne stop.gif
2 MB, 430x215
>Yeah, so I can smash your face harder
File: waiter.jpg (17 KB, 284x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 284x423
>waiter comes to me and ask if want something
>say "I want to die but since you won't help me a coffe is enough"
told a fat nerd i would kill him

he probably posts here so i wont go into detail but if you think this is you, it was you sperglord i'll still kill you watch yourself
File: 8189217812782.jpg (27 KB, 628x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 628x278
Told someone I was wanted dead in 12 systems.
File: image.jpg (18 KB, 400x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 400x343
>Mfw when I just realized that could have been a possibility
Fuck, well I guess I know why I'm lonely, to be fair she kept pestering me for a year and her calling me gay was the last straw on the camel's back I couldent tell if she liked me, Jesus I can't understand women

I've writen some pottery, I think it's pretty edgy, check it out:

In the name of all wickedness and destruction
By any means i'll live to bring pain and misery
May my enemies know in their end
The true deapthness of suffering and sorrow
So i'll have my revenge
Bringiging chaos and despair
So that nothing remains in my way
Even if i have to be the last one standing
In a sea of ash
I told my robot inteernet boyfriend he was a loser bitch destined to be like his alcoholic father and that every girl after me will fake orgasms as well as fake actually loving him. The first thing made him cry, the second thing, I dunno I vowed never to talk to him again so I don't know if followed up on that.
he probably doesn't even remember me, fucking robot ass pizza boy cunt
>some pottery, I think it's pretty edgy
did you drop it?
Ouch, what did he do to you?
"A Modest Proposal" with all the European references altered to Africa.
File: im 7.jpg (37 KB, 538x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
im 7.jpg
37 KB, 538x528
Oridinal cobbent fabily LOLOLOL
I was 15 and had never been in love before and I didn't understand that people could say they love you and no't mean it. Maybe for other people, but not for me. Was it really that bad?
oh fuck man i was one of the edgiest kids ive known so here goes
>be me
>10 or 11yo
>at mcdonalds with mom dad aunt and uncle
>mom eats one of my chicken nuggets
>yell "SWINE" at her
fuck me familia why was i so incredibly cringey edgy
I still have the recording of it

It makes me cringe sooo bad

I was trying to be one of those "Crazy I want to kill people" girls
My lord, this is the best one I've read in this thread filled with roasted salty pork
Fucking nice, alpha as fuck to be honest
>Who told you you were worth anything yet?
I say this to myself when I look in the mirror, work out or have thoughts of being in a relationship as I currently am.
>btw I'm a real female
>only people having regular sex are sluts
fat fugly femanon that cant get laid detected

let me listen to it so I can fap to it


>I'll rape you, I'LL RAPE YOU

said to my own mother when she wouldn't give me her car keys when I was 16

felt satisfying desu since she backed down and never said shit about it
When I go to restaurants I drop little depressing statements when the waiter's around.
I don't know why it's so fun, but it is.
In high school we played this weird family died game on the projector, and one of the questions was "what does one hear in a school hallway?"

You know what I actually said, out loud, in front of the class, only half ironically?

>A couple weeks ago
>in severe benzo withdrawal because of a doctor's mistake
>parents have been making me take pills for depression since I was 8 years old
>been going through shit like this my whole life, but this is the last time
>Sitting in my room tweeting out on bed, in terrible pain
>mom comes in, asks me if she can do anything to help
>yell at her "YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH"
>sshe just sort of nods and sinks out of the room

I've been like this for 8 months on and off trying to get clean. Benzo withdrawal makes people angry as fuck.
You definitely went full autismo here, in every way that you possibly could have
"I am going to slit your throat in your sleep!" -13 or 14 year old me to my mother.
>first day of school
>someone asks what's your name and how am I
>I yell "don't fuck with me!"
Oh fuck, was it that Rachel's Challenge shit? I had that and it was the biggest load of shit I've ever sat through
You should have never had me if you want me to pay rent.
me and my friends were convinced she was some kind of religious figure afterwards

they made it out like she really did die as a warning or sacrifice, they really loaded it on us, all that emotional and eerily prognostic stuff she wrote in her diary or whatever
Sounds like you're paranoid.
I called a coworker a bitch to his face for getting in my face and being an uppity nigger. He did nothing. Everyone else thought it was hilarious that a tiny white colored spic to intimidate a 6'2 nigger.
My little brother is 8 and hes somehow more robot than me.

>wants to die
>hates everyone
>social anxieties
>has written plans for a school shooting

i could go on...
at my middle school, a girl got hit in the head with a football, fell down, and got brain damage. she came back a year later and miraculously the same thing happened. she's retarded now and can never go to school.

we voted her the most memorable student and funniest person.
File: 1452377239720.png (67 KB, 616x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 616x596
>dad drunk yelling at me, saying shit every time he passes my room
>tell him something along the lines of "i can't wait until you die" or "i'm just waiting for you to die"
>gets noticeably sad and stops yelling at me
>Oneitis says shes concerned i might kill myself
>"nah i could never kill myself that would be too easy...i could kill myself easily, death is easy, life is hard and i like a challenge."

I thought i was really cool at the time.
>told mom i feel as though she raped me by giving birth to me

you should have seen the look on her face LOL
Pretty sure she was a fucking schizo desu by the look of that journal that they showed and how obsessed she was with being some kind of divine figure
File: 1438155934653.jpg (67 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 633x758
I still cringe but i told my little brother this shit
>You are better off dead now that you are young so you can't suffer the pain I've suffered
I was like 17 he was just 12 man I was an edgelord
File: 1452487057938.jpg (41 KB, 384x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 384x370
i think you dreamed this, anon
>had a big argument with now-ex after she cucked me
>she blamed it on me for "never being around" and "not pleasuring me in bed"
>started screaming about how she hated me
>grabbed my gun from our bedroom
>loaded it, forced it into her hand
>called her a cunt and a slut and worthless whore and told her that if she hated me so much she should just fucking kill me
I sold my guns after that.
what was her reaction
Fucking Devourment, Molesting the Decapitated, very nice.
She killed him, obviously
>I wish you were dead (to mom)
>Sometimes I feel like chocking you(to mom)
>I feel like burning the goddamn building to the ground (this was a church)
Goddamn, I was edgy. I was even a self proclaimed misanthrope.
She broke down and cried, then she left and sent her older sister and brother-in-law to collect her things.
That song is great desu
File: 1452622367136.png (219 KB, 744x714) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 744x714
I don t remember saying anything so edgy some years back I would remember nowadays. however, I do remember something I said today discussing pic related with a friend
"Hitler was actually a great leader"
And he really was. you can share his views on races or not, but that doesn t deny the fact that Germany was France s fuckboii in the late 20 s-30 s, while in 1940 it was BTFOing half of the world. I wish my president was half as competent as him
File: 1448325147216.png (201 KB, 302x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 302x405
Can you describe the look on her face when you said that?
File: Rancid Swine.jpg (77 KB, 807x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rancid Swine.jpg
77 KB, 807x720
Found you, anon.
Please tell me this is you.
>Be me
>Senior year
>Joking around with some peers
>"Take that eraser and erase your life, anon."
>I wish I could.
Not that bad desu, but it's the first thing to come to mind.

In 9th grade though, I would always mess with some very Christian girl by pointing out evolution and other stuff. I was a radlib at the time. Now I feel bad...she was qt.
I mostly keep up a constant aura of slight to moderate edginess rather than having memorable spikes
Hitler saw Germany reduced to rubble. He was a shit leader. The country was better off before him, and it was a shithole when he took over.
I have been trying to establish my high school valedictorian's fame online
File: 1452296671773.jpg (171 KB, 650x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 650x650
Who needs morals when all humanity needs is advancement
>"The early bird gets the worm y'know anon!"
>"Yeah, but the early worm dies."
is this true frater
>elementary school
>popular kids always make fun of me
>one bitch decides to really go full faggot
>15minute rant about how I'm worthless and yucky and annoying
>me; atleast I have two parents.
>her face goes from 0 to a hundred, real quick.
>bitch runs to bathroom to cry.
>bitch's friend; that was mean!!!1
>me; duh

Still don't regret it.
Forgot to mention. Her parents divorced literally one month before that event.
"it's not like it fucking matters we already have enough humans as is. were retarded animals on a shitty rock trapped in a cycle of fucking and killing each other. I'll be dead in about 60 years so why try? why even leave the house? just leave me alone I just want to sleep."

I got tired of my mom asking me to go out more or find a gf so I blew up and screamed that at her. After that she tried to get me "help".

I felt bad for a second but she had it coming
This is why people who want to have grades sit at the very front of the class, closet to the teach.
This story deserves a Lord Fedora of Euphoria anon senpai
File: 1439392883498.jpg (38 KB, 590x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 590x564

like this, like she'd failed at life and might as well give up
>last year
>use reddit like a cuck
>see in r/worldnews the top story is a tradegy at mecca where hundreds died
>comment "glad to get some good news for once"
>banned for life
Ive been on /pol/ for too many years to behave myself around normals
Last year when I was in hospital. I broke my arm and a Nurse asked me how much I was in pain on a scale of 1-10. I just said this:

>"There is no pain my arm can give me that god hasn't already done"
That nigger honestly looks fly as fuck and I reckon he could slay more pussy than a fire breathing hell hound.
When I was 4 I called my baby sitter fat and my mom came home to find her crying her eyes out in the bathtub
well it kinds is
that's true though, OG
That's not even edgy, that's somewhere between cringe and a level of humour too supreme for mortal women to comprehend
I'm saying this anytime someone says that to me.
The people you raided with aren't friends dude...
File: d5zHRv8.jpg (60 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 600x450
>"if you don't shut up I'm gonna shove a brick down your damned throat"

me when I was 9 to my stepfather's mother after I was sick of hearing her talk during a film which she justified by "it's in english I can't understand it lol plus there's subtitles"

luckily I was known as the quiet, polite doormat nerd so nobody believed her.

still don't know why I did it desu
File: 1452650666498.gif (2 MB, 265x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 265x308
Mmkay, this was when I was in 10th grade.
> Some faggot was talking about me and calling me a "weak dog"
> I walked up to said faggot and placed my hands around his neck, pushed him into the wall and said to him " I will fucking kill you faggot, you're life has no meaning" then I punched him in the gut and finally said " Faggots like you can't breed, whats the point of living, I'd be doing the world a favour.
I don't know

I just remember around the time it happened she was indeed absent

Personally I don't care if it did or didn't
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