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>be 24 M
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>be 24 M
>be aerobically fit and thin but not at all muscly
>have had women ask me out in past but been far too anxious to accept
>be mathematics tutor at big aussie uni. Finishing masters/about to start PhD
>last year for like 13 weeks theres one hour a week where any first year student can come for help
>qt pie asian waifu (born and raised aussie) comes each week and we get along well
>comes to get extra help at end of last year as well
>today sees me outside a class and comes up and starts talking
>realise I think I quite like her
>shes never actually told me her name but its never mattered
>suddenly far too spaghetti to tell if shes talking out of politeness after recognising me or if she enjoys talking to me
>should I ask her out next week when I will probably see her
>what if I have gotten it all wrong and we just kind of had a chat today?

presumably she is 19 or 18, unlikely 20. is that too weird an age difference? Ive never asked a girl out or accepted an advance due to anxiety. But I am slowly improving my anxiety. IM FULL OF FEELS. Even if she did want to hang out sometime I wouldnt know what to do ive never been on a fucking date before and im frightened id be boring and fuck it up.
Girls tend to prefer older men so your good.

What are you nervous about op? Are you a kissless virgin or just virgin?
How tall are you?

original c.
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kissless X_X
back in final year of school a real religious girl and I had a huge thing for each other, but she kind of went crazy and ran away from home for like 3 months spouting religious crap. One of the things she said on her crazed facebook post after she ran was about temptations and a near quote from the way she finally turned me down (because I'm non religious). Shook me up real bad like I must be a bad person. Only really got over it properly last year I think, but still nervous about asking people out because I'm 24 but never been in a relationship.

182cm so just over 6ft?
Had the same problem a while back. First thing, don't tell her your a virgin of any type, and your excuse for kissing her bad is that its been a while since you been in a relationship.

I'd advice dating a skank or a less attractive girl first before jumping into serious relationships.
Just give it a shot fag. She is probably into you. No Asian needs help with math. Why did she come to you then... Because she wants the D
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i dropped name for some reason

Im so terrified of being dead weight on a date and where to even go on a date. Most of my clothes are band shirts or smart casualish t shirts etc and im on a students wage...

Then how to turn a conversation to a more romantic direction is utterly beyond me.

Its odd im not actually all that nervous about sex, which I will probably never encounter, I think that aspect would just be fun. When and how to kiss does sort of spook me out. Again its all the when and where to do things without coming across as creepy or retarded that just freak me out
I'm about to start a math PhD too.
I'm also autistic and bad at talking to people.
even the people are more "normal" no offense are usually quiet and reserved. Might be a good way to build up your confidence
Alright OP. Follow me...

Don't care about your clothes. If you want to get more out of it you may pair the t-shirts with some stylish shirts and leave them open. Don't button them up, it looks like shit. Just casual. Then if you see her again just casually ask her shit like "Hey you wanna grab some lunch sometime?". Don't creep her out with things like " We might be able to get over them math problems again." in a creepy sexual way.
Then just small talk. Ask her about her day. About how her studies are going. If she likes math. Tell her about your experience or some shit.
Then take her to some normal restaurant. Nothing fancy and not McShit or something. Just some normal joint...

Then just don't try to be autistic. But also don't try to overly change yourself. Just be your normal self.
And if shit goes down or she is not interested fuck it... You don't need her. You are 24 years old you will find someone. You are starting your PhD at an age most are just finished with their B.A.. So you seem like an intelligent person. There are chicks out there that dig guys like that.

So stop being a huge fag and go ask her out.
its encouraging really that people are saying just have a fucking go. and I had a good laugh at
" We might be able to get over them math problems again."
christ im anxious not retarded.

>So stop being a huge fag and go ask her out.

I think I might try suggesting we catch up sometimes. Maybe suggest if she wants to take me up on it she can email me (its online, but my display pic isnt flattering, close after a surgery I had)? That saves awkwardness of exchanging numbers or should I just bite the bullet and try to exchange numbers when I see her, which gives me an immediate yes or no in public?
suggest a specific activity (lunch, coffee, a drink, something you're comfortable with) and a day. That way she can say yes, say she's busy if she doesn't want to say no outright, or suggest you change the day if she's actually busy

then get either her number (she doesn't really need yours because you'll be expected to text her) or add her on facebook, and arrange a time and the exact place a little closer to the date. That's another chance for her to cancel gracefully (ie. not stand you up, which sucks way more)
sounds reasonable. the awkward hurdle is that she'd be coming out of her tutorial which is given by a semi-mate of mine who would probs tell everyone which would kill me inside. I dont really want to get rejected in front of him or even successful in front of him lol.

Its a fairly narrow walkway but then I suppose if she catches my eye and comes over again, thats actually a sign that she is indeed interested and I could just wave my mate away.
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck off reeeeeeeeeee omfg reeeeeeeeeeee reeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeee
God this board is full of normies
why the fuck am I a normie
>no gf
>students wage

bloody hell. guess id rather be a normie than w/e you guys have going on thats worse than this
Bro what kind of TAFE grade uni you at? All universities are on summer break you lying fuck
summer school runs during summer you gronk
OP bro the best thing for you in your situation would be to join the navy.
Seriously the RAN is a good career choice and will solve these problems.
For you I recommend electronic warfare submariner since your good at maths and shit. Submarines are kick ass to.
Kek'd heartidly
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