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post dem NEET feels

>1 week before the end of the month you're out of cash and have to eat rice/potatoes
>you never answer your phone/door. never.
>you NEVER read your mail
>you just use and wash 1 plate while 20 plates are rotting in the sink since 2 years
>your relatives are worried that you might be dead
>you order most shit on amazon
>you fucked up your day/night cycle and try to fix it by trying to stake awake till evening but you fall asleep at 15:00 an wake up at 22:30
>you enjoy sleeping during the day and staying awake at night and wish that it would always be dark.
>you walk trough the city at night when nobody is out and imagine that you are the only human.
>talking to the cashier where you buy your groceries and greeting your neighbors is the most social interaction you have... and even that is too much
>you either binge on sugary/fast food or you abstain but you can't be disciplined
>checking out the girls at the gym is all the sexual life you need, that plus your hand. a lot of hand.
>sometimes you get sick of being a NEET but then you remember how shitty it is to be a wageslave and you like it again
>you smoke a lot in your apartment, you vow not to but it's just too tempting
>once in a while you reward yourself and order chinese or italian food but you are too cheap to give tips (fuck tips)
>you are addicted to leeching and have constantly have to buy new hard drives to store your warez
>you are constantly drunk/on drugs
>you have Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder because of all the drugs
>you wear your clothes forever
>you shower rarely
>you spend your time on imageboards, news sites and youtube because your attention span is too low for movies/books/games

can someone relate? add your own feels
with drugs I mean coffee btw

coffee is a drug
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feels bad man.png
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>awake all night and asleep all day
>don't see/talk to anyone but my mom 15 min before she goes to work each morning
>slowly emptying my moms alcohol cabnit
>weed daily
>thinking of death brings me some peace of mind bc I know the suffering wont last forever
>on meds for depression
>NEET for 2+ years now
>tfw every waking moment is spent trying to distract yourself from the shitty state of the world
>tfw more animals are currently suffering than in any other time period on earth
>tfw no a vegan so I know I'm contributing
>tfw can't work 9-5
>tfw family wishes you where never born
>tfw family only cares about "getting a job and building character through hard work and suffering"
>tfw no friends to talk to about my thoughts/feelings
>tfw the only reason I shower is bc I jack off in the shower
>tfw haven't cut my hair, shaved or anything else in months
>tfw tried to talk to a girl but just couldn't bc I know I'll either get hurt or hurt her in end
>tfw you're tormented with existential thoughts daily and life is just a pointless game that most don't seem to realize
>tfw suicide or welfare is your only future

I think i know the feel

Try to get welfare because your psyche is fucked up. Simply stay awake long enough till you look really tired and fucked up and can't formulate a coherent thought. Then go to a doctor and get a diagnosis. Take the diagnosis with you and go and get welfare.

You don't even have to be autistic, simply pretend that you were sexually abused and bullied as a child and therefore have PTSD.
Wow Opie those feels are reciprocated everything you say is the truth and how I feel luckily I make good money as a neet so I'm not hurting but pretty much the exact same feels

I talked to another anon today about welfare. I've been diagnosed with MDD and major anxiey and take pills for it. My doc actually wanted to forably admit me the first time I met him but I convinced him it would do more harm than good. My idea is I'll just start "hearing voices" and if it comes down to it I'll attempt suicide with H, if it doesn't kill me I might be able to get welfare easier

I know most of those feels. I was a NEET for a bit but I got better.

Do you have any interests? Are you sort of good at anything?
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>Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder

Sounds pretty neato.

part 2 (still OP)

>despite being a NEET you constantly educate yourself and read ebooks/watch documentaries. it feels nice feeling smart, even when you don't put your intelligence to use.
>you like obscure shit like conspiracy theories/creepy stuff/occult shit which only fuels the feeling that you know more than the "mainstream"
>your cell phone is always turned off
>you fap mostly to the same shit. mostly anime/video characters you wanted to fuck when you were a child. sometimes 3D women too but they are ugly
>you stopped participating in forums because you are too lazy.
>it's painful to move out of bed but when you are awake you don't want to go bed even when you are tired as fuck
>you love philosophy and consider yourself to be a great thinker/philosopher. many philosophers were hermits, therefore you are a philosopher.
>you have fantasies of becoming rich/getting really powrful (even if by illegal means)- but deep inside that you know that you are too lazy to do it.
>you want to learn how to program and get into cybercrime but you are far too lazy to do it and drop this project after your first "Hello world" script
>you started and dropped like 1000 projects, including anime and tv shows
>you don't have any friends left except that 1 friend who is just a loser/NEET like you
>you ruminate about existential stuff and your past and wonder were you went wrong and how different things could have been
>you can't throw stuff away/delete stuff and if you try to get order into things you feel bad and soon it gets chaotic again
>you absolutely refuse to learn how to drive
>you still upgrade your PC with the newest hardware just because technology is cool
>you have used your tablet 5 times and simply bought it because technology is cool
>taking LSD is like the peak of your existence. there is no greater experience. why even live?

>Are you sort of good at anything?

I'm a generalist. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, only lazier and more stupid. I won't deny that.

Except that I'm good at being contrarian. I'm against wars but also think peace is kind of faggy. I think women are disgusting but at the same time I think chauvinism is disgusting. I despise the ruling elite but also kind of envy them and wish I was a part of them. I hate morality but I also hate nihilism. I hate and love anarchy.

Sounds weird, but it's the way it is.
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>been NEET for nearly 3 years now
>only talk to people online
>still don't actually talk with people, just at them and stop
>took up smoking when I had a job
>eventually my savings ran out and I get my parents to buy me smokes like the piece of shit I am
>find no fun in anything anymore
>keep trying to draw, but only do it idly while watching netflix so no real improvement
>sit silently in skype group chats because listening to people talk with each other is comforting
>only getting worse mentally
>if I'm not escaping into some story in my head or listening to others talk, I think about suicide
>got a panic attack thinking about the future
>woke up in the middle of a panic attack last night
>last time I went outside someone sat next to me and I started freaking out while sitting there and nearly passed out because I was barely breathing

I don't really know what else to put
>taking LSD is like the peak of your existence. there is no greater experience. why even live?

recently read about the K-hole. "liquified ketamine via needle direct into bloodstream"
I'm pretty sure that this could be a new peak to try, but the adictive qualities are just to huge. Anyway, a tip from a fellow /fit NEET. Try Lentils. They are comperably cheap as fuck, taste ok and have a shitton of protein. We've got an "asia-shop" in our town and I buy those fuckers by the 10kg-bag. Cheap as dirt because Krauts are too scared to look in foreigners shops.

Alos, you seem to have it pretty good when you live in your own apartment and have enough free cash to spend it on drugs. Good for you, anon!
>be me, 19 years old, married
>Rape cousin
>Locked in Russian prison for 14 years
>Get fucked in the ass in prison
>Finally come out of prison
>Wife waited for me
>Doesn't know I took nigger dick
>What do?
Spend less time on autismochan you retard

You're from Germany then? Interesting.

And having a surplus of cash is not a great achievement when you have no social life. Nowadays going clubbing is like 40-50 per evening. Also I save cash since I never buy dvds/blurays/games/any other media - like any sensible person should. Those bastards should either rename the GEZ in "culture tax" and legalize all warez or don't charge anything at all, but I'm sure as hell won't going to pay twice.
I don't get it. Where do you get the money to live and drink/do drugs?
I'm not sure if you're referring to another chan or not..
hungry all the time. today didn't have an actual meal had toast,one mini bagel, and one thing of chef boyardee. My car is pretty much useless so I can't drive to get food. So I'm stuck being hungry as fuck all the time and my room has no heat so my whole body is freezing. Death can't come soon enough.
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You are a noobie neet. Still in the freak out by being by yourself stage. That stage passes eventually and it becomes normal.
I was talking about 4Skin

This. After some time you simply won't give a shit that you are a NEET, even when other people can tell. Let them think what they want. Many are too busy with their daily routines and simply don't give a fuck or will forget it.

Just pretend that you are a student or freelancer. Whatever makes you sleep at night.
>I'm against wars but also think peace is kind of faggy
I cringed so fucking hard. You remind me of my edgy 14 year old self.
>tfw never could get into anime and feel like less of a trve NEET for it

Truly spoken by someone who doesn't know what its like to be part of a collective and strive for a common goal and be part of history.

You lack the imagination to imagine what it's like to survive with your comrades in a hostile environment, to wake up and wonder if you will see the sun rise again. People like you can never be heroes, because you don't even know what real heroism is. You are everything that is wrong with our degenerate and post-modern age.

Btw I'm not speaking about engineered pseudo-wars like the war for oil. I'm speaking about real wars where the existence of your culture/group is at stake and the future of your children. WW2 was the last war like that.
It's still pretty scary.

It has pretty much been the only site I've come to since I was 12, I don't know where else to go.
Have any of you anons have people try to help you out of your neetdom and you just completely shut them down or got really angry at them?

Lost a friend today because of that.

Yes my relatives. They are constantly shaming me for being a NEET. But ecologically and morally speaking I have the higher ground because 1) taxes would get used to fund wars 2) I consume less and don't drive a car, thus I'm beneficial to nature and 3) Work increases entropy and thus the heat death of the universe.

wageslaves are LITERALLY destroying the fucking universe, because they are wasting precious energy and calories for useless shit.
No anon please don't double down on this you've already given me twice the daily dosage of cringe recommended to me by my doctor.

I feel your pain anon, my friend went in and took my computer away from me without me knowing, hes a fucking chad who doesn't realize that its a personality thing not me being on the internet. I use that to have some sort of social interactions with like-minded people. Keep fighting the good fight.

Dude what the hell is so hard to understand about this concept:

Survive situations which could have killed you = be proud of yourself, feel manly, feel special, be happier, value life more etc...

Even a fucking infant understands this. It's like in one of your video games, except you have only 1 life. It's not hard.

Some of us aren't little girls and aren't afraid of facing situations which might kill them. Literally 90% of fucking literature, games, movies etc... involves that concept. But this concept isn't made up, it's based in reality. I know this is a shock for basedwelling neckbeards like you.

If you ever fought in a war you wouldn't fucking browse 4chan. You would be out there building or exploring stuff, fucking girls and living life to your fullest.

>If you ever fought in a war you wouldn't fucking browse 4chan. You would be out there building or exploring stuff, fucking girls and living life to your fullest.

Yeah, that's what our veterans are doing, not being homeless drug addicts.

Also sorry for my poor grammar. English is my 3rd language. But my arguments still remain valid.
No they aren't. You are a tremendous faggot. Go read a book and educate yourself. 'What it is like to go to war' is a good start.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion anon
I HATED being a neet but I just came back from almost getting my anus fisted by 'a' boss from where I work. He simply had to look at me disappointingly and ask sternly if I was fixing the problem.
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>tfw family only cares about "getting a job and building character through hard work and suffering"
>Yeah, that's what our veterans are doing, not being homeless drug addicts.

kek'd then felt bad
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>my NEET life
>9am walk to gym, exercise, sauna, shower, walk home
>midday rice, whatever protein was on special, whatever vegetables were on special, multivitamin
>clean dishes and my tiny studio appt etc
>maybe go to library and borrow more books/read there or just read at home
>maybe watch shit on sisters netflix account
>maybe vidya (free games or shit got on super special)
>maybe walk around aimlessly
>maybe post on various forums and do internet shit
>maybe code a bit (slowly teaching myself, it's pretty cool)
>maybe go shopping at the salvos
>maybe crash lectures at the local uni (don't do this often but it's pretty interesting)
>6pm eat rice and beans
>maybe do other various things that do not cost money
>rarely go to a friends house
>midnight sleep

it's an okay existence anon, i used to abuse drugs and alcohol, that's pretty much how i ended up this way, but now I kinda potter around doing free things. I don't get NEETbux but money from an estate my grandparents owned, it's paid out to all us grandkids every month and is more than enough to cover my needs while letting me save a bit.

Being NEET was hard until I started cutting things that cost money.
you forgot

>leave the house at 10:20AM to go to go to the gym because you know the gym stops being staffed at 10:30 and by the time you make there will be nobody there and you won't have to say hi

>when leaving the gym you see the supermarket to your right and are tempted to go in and buy things you want but at the same time you don't want to risk seeing anybody you know so you just accept whatever food your mother buys
>I make good money
>as a neet
Wut? How?
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>watch movie
>feel highly mentally stimulated
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>tfw I leave the house at 9:00pm and arrive at 9:20pm (the gym closes at 11:00pm) then there are relatively few people

It's really nice living relatively close to a gym as a NEET.

It's also nice living in a commieblock and having a balcony with a nice outlook. Pic related. Can you imagine how beautiful the sunsets are? I often take walks in these woods.

There is also a gas station with a bakery just in front of my house, even a fucking bar and a restaurant. And the next pharmacy and grocery store are literally 3 minutes away.

It's a paradise for NEETs
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1 MB, 3264x2448

Another pic.

I spent 90% of the last 3 NEET years either being drunk or on drugs and I spent a lot of time on that balcony tripping.
File: CAM01841.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448

one morebloxxy
File: CAM01826.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My favorite. I fucking love being a NEET. I love my apartment. Screw wage slaves and their inferior lifestyle
nice trees senpai
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I'm freelancing right now so I barely leave the house.

>tfw have to explain to my parents multiple times to just send everything to my house because I don't have an office anymore
>tfw my old employer sends me a text saying they got mail for me

>tfw mailman wakes me up at 5PM to deliver a package
>answer the door in pjs, no hair/makeup/shower, slippers
>mailman says he almost didn't recognize me

>go to grocery store
>"haven't seen you in a while!"
>"y-y-you too..."
>tell me I "stick out"
>now need to find new grocery store, these clerks are too familiar with me

>haven't worn a real bra on three months
>only sports bras and layers since its been cold
>no idea what to do during upcoming warm months

>roommate wakes up at 6AM to go to work
>I haven't fallen asleep yet
>accidentally scare the shit out of her when she goes to leave

>hand wash dishes instead of putting away the dishes in the dishwasher because lazy

>friends call to hang out three hours before I've even woken up

>masturbate up to four times a day, unchecked

>still awake at 5AM right now

I feel like I'm in purgatory. I should get a new job.
File: CAM01846.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448

>sloowly wake up (when my bioclock tells me)
>enjoy the view
>go down and get fresh bakery goods... slowly
>do a marathon of my favorite tv show/anime
>play obscene amounts of vidya
>order any food I want and wageslaves have to deliver it to me
>take a nice hot bath
>cook a nice meal
>fap whenever I want
>drink and smoke whenever I want
>go sleep whenever I want
>no car, no family, no responsibilities
>don't have serious financial problems

>wakes up when his ugly, mechanical clock tells him to
>quickly showers, gets dressed, gets ready to do his slave job
>gets inside his car, has to pay a lot for it
>does a monotone stupid job doing irrelevant shit and being bossed around by his superior
>is being watched all the time by his gf/wive and can't be free
>when he comes home he is so tired he can't even do anything useful
>can't even browse 4chan because of his family
>tons of responsibilities, tons of debts, tons of worries
>fast forward 20 years: midlife crisis

u mad wageslaves? u mad?
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>graduated with two stem degrees a year ago
>still too scared to apply for a job because that means getting interviewed/interrogated
>no money for rent next month
>probably can't even get a job due to the gap and my age since I took a decade to graduate

Why did I have to be born an unmotivated retard?
>with drugs I mean coffee btw
>Smoke Joe every day
Don't you want to be normal?
Don't you want your parents to be proud of you?
Don't you want a girlfriend to cook you a nice meal because she loves you?
File: fak.png (534 KB, 628x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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who /poorfagneet/ here?

>tfw 20 and live at home
>everything takes up so much energy
>mom is poor too, live in damp trailer with poor heating system in midwest winter
>still dont have drivers licence because too poor to afford the fucking road test and you need to provide a vehicle for the test
>tfw small town with no jobs
>tfw feel like a fucking loser in all senses want to do something with life but its near impossible
>tfw so pathetic going to DHS to ask them to help me find work or assistance gave me a shred of hope

Reminder that being a neet is only fun if you have upper middle class parents.

Been neet for almost 3 years now. its honestly torture senpai

can anyone else relate?
>tfw ldr boyfriend is the only thing that brings joy to my life and he probably thinks I'm being creepy and clingy for texting him so much
>if you have middle class parents
or if you live in some country that doesn't normalize being a wageslave. I'm in the same situation anon except I have 3 sisters attending college. I was the drop-out. All I can advise you to do is get a job as soon as possible, my mom's office is pretty empty so I got lucky and her boss let me work there, currently saving up to move out and get a simple job to live comfortably cheap somewhere.

Also, don't just turn in applications and pat yourself on the back. It doesn't work like that, you have to call as much as possible, show well dressed with a resume each time and continuously ask to speak with the manager. In other words, actually try to get hired.
>tfw always waiting for him to get home from work
>tfw cant talk to him most of the time
>one of those days where you're bored as fuck
>nothing you want to do

I'll probably force myself to play a game later or something but I'll probably get bored after an hour and go back to doing nothing until I somehow get the drive to do something in a day or two. I hate going through this every week or so, can't imagine being someone without a hobby or interest having to be like this all the time.
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Why do all wageslaves think it's impossible to get a gf while being NEET? If girls are only starting to take an interest when you have a job, it isn't you that they love but your wallet.
I was living it up my first year as a NEET, and it FINALLY dawned on me yesterday, i'm gonna get older and I am gonna look more and more pathetic,what the hell am I gonna do with my life?
I have wisdom teeth problems
every day my gumlines receed more
cavities are growing
soon my teeth will probably fall out

I gave myself nervce damage trying to reat hemeroids with over the counter medicene (friend helps me get food and stuff)

I got fucked over by our health care. I have autism and ...I went through so much shit I don't even know where to begin. I have autism so I have sensitivity to all senses, but when I was 1-15 the doctors would pull my toenails out becuase they wer eingrown chich traumatized me.

my hands carpal tunnel been on ever 20 hours I need sleep sorry it shard to type I wil post here again soon.
Fucking kill yourself roastie.
I've been neet for 3 years and Ive been a shut in almost my entire life. I can barely leave the house at this point because of my panic attacks, fuck off and stop comparing problems. It doesn't get anyone anywhere.
where from you get money and where you live?
You people are fucking pathetic. Why don't y'all just go fucking die?
great life to look back at.
I was a neet all my life until I couldn't afford it anymore, and now that I have a job I learned that it isn't about the money but about having a social life and evolving in some way.
And I'm glad that I'm not trained in any way, so I can switch my job anytime I want and I'm not bound to it for the rest of my life. But the feeling of having some function in this world makes me happy.

>inb4 normalfag
File: 1403351363420.png (199 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 512x384

Fucking awesome bro. Envy you.

> tfw wagekek with 3 hours commute total
>wah wah wah my boyfriend wah I'm so sadmy life is terrible even though I'll always have someone to take care of me
All the same damn shit. Meanwhile male NEETs are dying in isolation, hunger and poor nutrition.
Fucking. Kill. Yourself

wah wah my life is worse than your life boo hoo I deserve this title more than you cry cry
i said it was ldr, he doesn't take care of me

i live with my parents and theyre always threatening to kick me out
theyve also been emotionally abusive to me my entire life but I have to stay with them because I don't have anywhere else to go
>suicide or welfare is your only future
hit hard
Sounds pretty good to me tbqhwyf
>tfw suicide or welfare is your only future


you guys are doing what you think makes you most comfy right now but you don't want to face how uncomfy you'll be in your futures

why so touchy? too comfortable?
File: 1421521475736.png (198 KB, 550x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 550x535
But why should i get a job now and be uncomfy until retirement?
because uncomfy with a job is much less uncomfy than starving/homeless/dead
File: 1423291496228.jpg (40 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 400x388
How will i end up starving, homeless or dead? Theres nothing indicating that my neetbux is gonna stop anytime soon.
Dead is the most comfy you fool
File: 1362163137866.jpg (57 KB, 315x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 315x310
>>you spend your time on imageboards, news sites and youtube because your attention span is too low for movies/books/games
My attention span actually increased when becoming a NEET.
Damn. I was so long like this, just realized that something with my attention after you described this.

I cant really watch a moovie or even a serie just in one time cause it starts bluring and getting missed.
File: tendies.jpg (24 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 480x360
So guys, I been getting a lot of Neetbux, but how much do you get? I get 750$ a month. I been thinking of saving up and maybe in a few years when I got enough maybe invest it in something, but I don't know how any of that shit works, but I guess I have time to look up stocks while I save up the neetbux, maybe visit /biz/ I don't know, I been also thinking of doing anime reviews on youtube and see if I can get cash if I get popular enough. but, what if I fucking look too autistic on camera?
you can work that out

it's probably not worth it though
voice over

(sounding autistic is good and funny)
I noticed this with people like Nostalgia critic, he jumps around and acts autistic and screams and shit and it's so cringy, but he gets so many lies and views, do people like autism and cringy shit? I don't get it.
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feels good man.jpg
66 KB, 800x600
>tfw you have struggle sleeping, so what you usually do is stay awake for around 36 hours, then crash and take 14-16 hour naps
>tfw you get really vivid dreams doing this

Only downside is that I didn't experience sleep paralysis until I started doing this, but that doesn't happy every time.
I noticed the longer you sleep the more vivid the dreams, it's kind of weird, I had so many vivid dreams in my 14 hours of sleep I became self-aware and as like, woah what the fuck and it was like being in virtual reality.

You wake up sweaty and confused after, it's really odd.
>>1 week before the end of the month you're out of cash and have to eat rice/potatoes

>tfw when polish and basically live off potato
Yeah, I usually wake up sweaty and confused too, even in winter. Also, I find it hard to shake off the sluggishness unless I force myself to go outside and walk around for a bit.

But it's worth it for those dreams. I feel things in them that I can't feel in real life.
File: file.png (201 KB, 575x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 575x319
Buy one of these if you can afford it.
Yeah man, once you sleep that long, t takes a HUGE fucking effort to get back to normal hours, you'll pretty much be craving 20 hour sleep every day, the first 2-3 days are comfortableish, but then the bedsore come and your "Sleepyness" feels more like a disease and you just want to stop feeling that way, it gets bad, i'd try not to go that far, I did a few times and always regret it.
>But it's worth it for those dreams. I feel things in them that I can't feel in real life.

You wouldn't be such a fucking faggot pussy if you bought a sun lamp jesus christ I didn't read this sentence somehow in my last post.

Are these NEET threads always a pity party? It's my first time on /r9k/ I was jus tlooing for somewhere to talk with other people who might have agoraphobia. I haven't went out anywhere important in 5 goddamn years. But when it becomes this self loathing and depressing the internet just makes me want to kill myself instead of get better.
>it's my first time on /r9k/

There are other places faggot, this is what we do. Complain about life til we kick the bucket of shit.

Try tumblr.
>Are these NEET threads always a pity party?
Okay I'll post.

>tfw literally so fucked in the head it took me weeks to fill out an attempt at getting disability online which was instantly denied despite admition to psych wards and ER
>takes months to get appointment and medication never gets filled despite prescriptions for antipsychotics because bureaucracy
>Have to stay at home and quiet to avoid going manic or spazzing out because of bipolar and extreme anxiety/paranoia, some autism too but that wasn't diagnosed just the other stuff
>19, dropped out twice now, 20k debt, basically was meant to be family savior and hopeful because brothers and sister NEET and living with parents for few years
>Can't even into NEET bucks, didn't want it permanent just needed time to get better, even dean of my old Uni told me to take 2 years off for mental help but too poor to get any
Now I spend my time playing guitar and trying to not to break down.

Might get to talk to a social worker, maybe she'll help...doubt it. I'm never going back to a mental hospital. It was hell.
oh damn, not signed up for classes this spring. guess that's just going to be 11 semesters in a row off! but it's totally ok that i'm still telling people im just taking 'a little break' from school. i'm sure i'll get back on track eventually!
File: 1452216249544.jpg (16 KB, 189x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who /coldshower/ here senpai?

>no heater
>shower water is insufferably cold
>don't take showers often because if it
>finally take a shower
>in the cold water a bit
>starts to feel good after 5 minutes
>turn it off and shiver uncontrollably around the house as I dry off
>feeling dirty a few days later
>remember the initiatory splash of freezing water on my back

>hallucinogen persisting perception disorder

you probably just have eye floaters you special snowflake fuck
calling someone out for being a special snowflake fuck in a neet thread are you serious
Not OP but the worst its been for me is continuously hearing music and when it gets bad voices, when it gets worse I begin to see things in the shadows (this isn't a hallucination so much extreme paranoia) and a full blown hallucination and delusion I had a bit back was seeing small animals in my room and around me, typically darker colors and not too detailed but if I did more drugs they'd get super detailed and much more lively.

The only permanent side effect I have is always hearing music, every few months I get a few minutes where it stops and my head is clear, I write during this time about the clarity and my experience, then I fade back into a haze of music and fear.
File: 1.jpg (7 KB, 233x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 233x186

Funny that you mention it I actually have both you ignorant shit.

But yeah... seeing everything "corny" like in fucking Silent Hill whenever I stare for too long at something is absolutely no HPPD. Tell that your grandma.

I even had the shit with the moving shadows and shit but now it got a little bit better.

No. Normal is boring.
No. Who gives a shit what they think?
No. I can cook my own meals and women can't cook for shit. They fucking hate it.
>get the inspiration to try to look for jobs or go out and go into the agency to try to temp
>people are sliding backwards down the street in front of my house
I didn't even want to go out originally dammit

This. Definitely this.

I also found another way to do this shit. Simply binge on unhealthy/sugary food till it hurts and the exhaustion just knocks you out. Maybe add a little bit alcohol.

In 9 of 10 cases you will have dreams, but probably nightmares and at worst sleep paralysis.
I thought neets had the good life???????
;_; all i want is a neet bf to play vidya with and talk about stuff all day
is that too much to ask for?
NEETs have poor lives, but still better lives than wagies.

Forget it. 750 is faar too low to even think about investing it, even if you can save 200~ per month.

There are wageslaves who earn 3000 and save 1500 per month and even they are far too poor to invest.

It's really only something for business owners or heirs or STEMs with a leadership position who make 200k per year.

Not trying to discourage you but simply try to enjoy your Neet life.
> Like Leonardo Da Vinci, only lazier and more stupid.

So you're nothing like Da Vinci.
File: 1445226628042.jpg (39 KB, 450x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 450x281
>tfw no neet gf to be worthless scum of the earth with
File: 1430853525879.png (419 KB, 802x802) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
419 KB, 802x802
>tfw being a NEET is one of the most unattractive things you can be as a male
>you walk trough the city at night when nobody is out and imagine that you are the only human.

this is awesome if you live north enough to have midnight sun. I used to do this before I had to move south to pursue my STEM-degree

Some girls like losers and want to change them
>this complete mess of a probably fat and ugly "woman" can get in a relationship and hashope for future emotional and financial stability
Please just fuck off.
W-where do I find them? Should I just look up "Misaki" in the phone book?
File: doitfaggot.png (204 KB, 715x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 715x756
misakifag get out
File: just.jpg (44 KB, 374x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw suicide or welfare is your only future
This hurts
n-no bully, misaki wouldn't like that

Stay away from gamer gurrls and tomboys. These kind of girls are the biggest sluts.

Also as paradox as it sounds but stay away from unattractive girls. Their unattractiveness means they get hit on a lot by other guys.

Try to get an attractive girl, most guys are way too chicken to try to hit on them, and they often have poor self esteem.

Yes you heard me right, pretty girls have low self-esteem and not ugly girls.

Be as nice to her as possible and don't be pushy. Then your chances are not bad.
Good guide on how to become a beta orbiter

The difference is that beta orbiters do this routine with only 1 girl and then cry because it didn't work.

What I advice is that you do it wit EVERY girl. If it doesn't work - simply move on. And don't fall in love with her. Falling in love should happen when she is interested. If you don't know whether she is interested, just do it like a routine and don't even think too much about it.

It should be automatically.
mate take care of your health no matter the cost.
WTF thats me should be called roach instead of NEET
This. Look how many go after "bad boys" and want to "change" them.
What if I'm not a "bad boy", but a scared, quiet NEET

Become a bad boy. Once you are a bad boy your past literally won't matter anyone. Girls will even think it is cute that you was a scrawny, nerdy guy.

Go to the gym and get ripped. Don't talk too much. Talking is always a weakness. The less you talk the more attractive you are to girls. Don't smile. Smiling is a weakness. Do never reveal any information about yourself. The less they know about you the better. Don't care too much about anything.

TL;DR: Be a human robot devoid of anything that makes you a human and girls will literally beg for your dick.

I know it sounds ridiculous but women are animals deep inside their hearts. They smell weakness like a wolf would.

Also if you treat the girl too nice they will automatically assume that you are weak and despise you for it.

They like smart guys. A smart guy understands that every woman knows how inferior she is to every man deep inside her.

If you pretend they are equal or even put them on a pedestal she will rightfully assume that you are stupid.
Nigga I still live at home and have no money or income. I would kill to be out on my own as a NEET.
deep inside my heart is a parasite slowly sucking away my hearts strength
I'm so mad that this is basically true.

Women are dumb.

Honestly I'm really to the point where I'm embracing my life as a NEET who will always be a virgin and just not giving a fuck until I kill myself, which should be within 5 years.

Another golden rule: Do never, EVER boost her self-esteem. Don't do it, you WILL regret it.

She can boost her own self-esteem by trying to get attention from you or be fucked by you. If you simply hand out those compliments for free she doesn't have any motivation to do anything for you. Her friends can boost her self-esteem. Her family can boost her self-esteem. It is NOT your job.
Sweet, thanks for the advice.
>getting upset over animals
nigga fuck animals (literally if you want) animals are fucking delicious, be upset over something that matters like not eating enough animals
>or if you live in some country that doesn't normalize being a wageslave
No such country exists.
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