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Hey again anon, what can I get you?

Frogs and Feels thread! Share related music, green-text, pictures or whatever.
Single malt whiskey my good man!
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c&b old fashioned.jpg
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Evening, keep. I've had a dull day, get me an old fashioned, if you will
Give me anything you think will make me not feel like shit
Whenever I go to bars I get vodka straight.

So I'll have a double shot of vodka straight, please.

I also really like this song. I'm not sure it's your guys' type, though.

Good taste anon.

Could I get some coffee please?
Yes sir! (Nice dubs btw)
An old fashioned, coming right up!
One vodka martini on the rocks.
Double-shot o' vodka, coming right up anon! This is is also really nice (:

>TFW I liked it, the moment I saw 'MrSuicideSheep'.
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Coffee?? This is a bar mate! Unless it's an Irish, I'm afraid I can't help you there.
Thanks, Barkeep.

I wish I had more alcohol right now for real, though. I should probably head to sleep soon anyway since I work tomorrow.
A Single Plum Floating in Perfume Served in a Man's Hat
Tonight I was given a cocktail that sounded like "the N-word" and I was too afraid to ask a third time what the name was. Turns out it was a negroni. It was good.

I'll take a
>things not to order in Detroit
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138 KB, 1242x1229
Finally ran out of my neetbux I've had saved up to live at my parents house.
I have to get a job but I've been putting it off something fierce.
Finally had my insurance cancelled by the company and now I'm really sweating.
I can go to college for free if I chose to, but I'm scared stiff of people and even getting conformation by phone from the various colleges I could apply to.
I hate being so fucking weak and paranoid.
Should I seek counseling?
top kek story! xD
Counseling is almost always a good idea. It definitely helped me with my problems, anon. I got free therapy/counseling sessions for free though, since I was diagnosed with mental illnesses, and I live in a semi-socialist country. (Free healthcare). If you can afford it, definitely give it a shot, attend at least 7 visits.
'Ey barmin. I'll take my usual merlot.

At work now, and...got nothing to do for the next five hours. So browsing here on my phone.
That's whats scary, I'm in burgerland and I don't know whether or not I can seek free counseling.
Granted I'm a veteran, but I don't pertain any of my benefits since I was discharged honorably and as far as the doc's knew I never had any physical/emotional trauma.
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Bulleit on the rocks please.
Finding love is impossible if you're gay and ugly. All I want is a nice guy to live with and have a life together but I just can't. All guys want is sex and I just want something more.
what I would do to have a bullshit do nothing job.

my friend is a receptionist at some bullshit building and does nothing all day while getting paid $11 an hour. it's so god damn unfair.
Well it's a dumb muscle job. On average I spent about 2.5-4 hours lifting boxes and supplies. The other half is unofficial night security.
Pays $12+$1/hr. I'm hoping once I get my tech support certificate and get A+, I can get a better, even lazier job.

The cost is that I got this position only after fucking up two tendons on my right ankle, so it was a lucky break of sorts.
Maybe you need to do what the women do and go with someone older, more mature, and lonlier. Have you tried that Anon?
a karmic break.

what job are you aiming for with your tech certificate?
File: ovila.png (196 KB, 330x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey barkeep! Haven't opened them yet, but I just got some really cool-looking microbrews for my own minibar. Sierra Nevada Ovila and some Innis&Gun red, in addition to the Old Chicos and Millers already in the bar fridge.

Working on hyping myself up enough to have one of the Ovilas, Miller is my usual boring-night beer.
I wanna transfer to the IT department here.
Honestly, I want to just learn more IT stuff. It'd be neat to move into hardware and all that.

My ultimate goal is to land a nice $20/hr job. That's 40k a year and would be comfy living. I wanna work to live, not live to work, you know? Of course, I wouldn't turn down more if I was good enough at it to not be stressful.
But I wouldn't love him, would I?
I just want something real man.
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just kiIl me
Sure think anon, a glass of Falesco Merlot coming right up. Long day eh? Yeah, you look like you need it.
Do what the women do, stay around long enough to catch the feels. Like find someone interesting and attractive enough and keep with it. Can you try that Anon?
File: 1452495817450.jpg (95 KB, 644x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 644x585
My thread got 222 replies today, ex gf came crawling back to me crying that she fucked up, feels good to not give a fuck.

Anybody have related feels?
Not really, I only woke up about...six hours ago. Though I already feel exhausted. Downside of sitting on my ass for most of the night is that my days blend together too much. Before I know it, it'll be Saturday again.

But I do have some minor good news. Going to a femdom munch Saturday.
I moved to japan to go to a place where I would feel more accepted (note im nip, but raised in america).

However all my friends here are mostly bitter white people and I feel like an outsider here, even tho back in America I would never be 100% accepted due to my skin color.

I'm going to a speed dating event tmrw, I know I prob won't get anything out of it, but hey gotta be positive.
I'll take a tall glass of cumlube, neat.
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Is it normal to cry in public?
and I don't mean when your eyes water, I mean, actual sad tears..
Yeah, tricky situation mate, definitely look into it, see what you can get. Even if it means getting a re-diagnosis, maybe it's for the better?

>all guys want in sex, I just want something more

Sounds a lot like... a female, this 'something more' that you're looking for.

>all guy's want is sex

i'm sure most woman don't 'just' want sex KEK. Too bad you're gay huh :/

You know what anon? Since you got some dubs, I'll get a bottle of Jagermeister, just for you.
Hey! Bee yourself! ;3
> trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself.
broke my 2 year NEET streak today by going to a college class
made sure to shower for the first time and weeks but realized I forgot to shave after walking through the door
>tfw literal neckbeard
>work to live, not live to work

Yeah... I know. Take care of yourself, will ya?
Guten abend barkeep. Quiet night eh?
I'll have whatever recommend.

I don't really know what to do about my life desu and would appreciate the wisdom of a barkeeper.

>No family
>No friends
>No online friends

I'm just constantly feeling that everything is pointless and meaningless. I cant seem to get this out of my head. Ive see a psychiatrist and a counselor but no amount of treatment is helping.

I don't have anything I want to do and its just a pain. Years ago you didnt have a choice, you would just take up your fathers occupation. I appreciate the fact that I have a choice but Im just so unmotivated and indecisive; not to mention the existential angst Im having.

I fantasize about vagabonding about my country while I figure life out but Im not sure I could handle that lifestyle or if it would solve anything. Dreams eh. Grass isnt always greener on the other side.

The world just seems so fake. Friends. Family. Even our emotions are becoming synthetic with drugs.

Any suggestions as for how I find a purpose/meaning and make sense of the world?

Ah pardon my rambling barkeep, heres a tip.
What color are you m8 ?
I am really curious
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Double run and coke homie

>tfw slowly becoming irrelevant in a band I started
>tfw might quit and give up on music for a while since no one to jam with
>know other people who play music but literally can only play formulaic 4 chord rock
>tfw tons of songs I've written on my own but no motivation to record them
>tfw no gf to help me get over my depression and disenchantment and help me rediscover enjoyment in things I'd long abandoned

On the positive side this girl I think I have a crush on is gonna be going to the same uni as me next semester so that's good, she gave me a Star Wars blanket once as a gift for some reason and I sleep with it every night since is the only thing a qt has ever gotten me.
Thanks. I've been trying to get used to it.

If I'm smart, I'll have...maybe 7k saved up by the end of the year. Maybe a smidge more. I know that's nothing in savings completed to people with "real" jobs but...eh...I guess I gotta start somewhere.
pale yellow
Jack and coke please.

Just had my first day back at uni after my two closest friends dropped out and one began abusing cocaine. I feel so alone and scared for them being so far away.
For years I've just worked the bare minimum I need to pay my bills, had offers for way higher-paying jobs but just couldn't find the motivation to take on that many hours. Meanwhile my brother's going full white-collar, got a cushy office job in Chicago renting an entire downtown house on his salary fresh outta college.
>one began abusing cocaine
Dark road man, worst I've had is friends going full stoner mode. Don't know how in hell you'd deal with that.
some people just have it all dont they
Sounds like a possible me. My little brother is 21 and he has about three semesters left until he's gonna be a full fledged lawyer.
All because a highschool/college program started with me being one year too old to participate.

I know he'll be better than me. His entire family is upper middle class while my family never made money, despite working at hospitals for years and years. But I gotta find a way to one-up him. I don't want to be that much a disappointment to him... and to myself.
I partially feel its my fault, we would smoke together a lot, take shots back to back, and at a festival tried Molly and coke. I was with her the first time she did it and now I feel like I encouraged her.
true background is everything.

Really the only reason why I almost make 100k at 24 is because my daddy was rich, aka I could go to uni with 0 worries about finances and I got 2 internships with 0 effort because of connections.
>tfw no cute thicc blacc gf
>His entire family is upper middle class while my family never made money,
Half-brother? That stuff's awkward man, for some reason nobody I know with a half-brother even stayed in contact with them into their adult lives.

But money isn't everything, my mom's side is all money-obsessed and I feel pretty alienated because some days all they can talk about is money and the job. Meanwhile I just wanna clock out work and hit the bars or drink in my bedroom streaming Futurama or Always Sunny.
Everyone has different things to keep them going. Achievement, pride, dopamine, social interaction, personal improvement, religion, art, helping others, whatever. You are still fresh and young.

I don't think everything is pointless and meaningless. Sure, everything dies in the end, but that doesn't make it meaningless. Enjoy your time here, change the future for others. Meaninglessness is relative.

Sometimes you need to make a few rash decisions to get the ball rolling. Are you near a national park? They're worth a visit on a spare day.

Hang in there, Ausfriend.

I'll have a strong lemon lime and bitters.
Yeah...trust fund kid. Guess you're just set. Could probably kill five hookers and not even feel the heat, just get a slap on the wrist for getting caught.

Just don't turn into an SJW. You don't know The Struggle(tm) until you've worked 10 hour shifts for two weeks...having only a vitamin and coke a day for nourishment.
Well we're not related. I've just known him since I was 6 and he was 4. Been together through it all thus far.

His grandparents raised him and see me as family but...I know better than to think I fit in. Push comes to shove I'm just some guy.
>tfw had uni, connections, everything and threw it away because emotionally unstable
>two weeks...having only a vitamin and coke a day
If you don't eat you die.

Used to work construction, a lot of masonry, sometimes10-11 hours a day at 8000' elevation and often no lunch, but definitely breakfast and dinner every day.
I'll have a rum and cola.
No but it happens
I had no money to buy food. Just a vitamin and coke every day.

My last day, Friday when I got paid, I couldn't even get out of bed. I told my supervisor and he was utterly aghast since we don't meet all that often. Laid in bed for three hours talking to a friend online who kept begging me to get up and get some food. Eventually I did.

I never want to be in that situation again. I lost I think...15-20 pounds in that period.
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I'll get a glass of mango vodka with 2 ice stirred and a monster energy drink please and thanks Jim, say I ever tell you that story of how I ended up a total fucking mess?
What do you do? Labor, security, cashiercuck, I mean I assume it can't be anything too physical purely because no matter what drugs you're on your body doesn't have enough fuel to power you for that long on pills and coke (dont' know if you're talking soda or drugs, but either way it doesn't work like that).
also here's some tunes
File: 464351061.jpg (53 KB, 635x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 635x422
Morning 'keep. A screwdriver if you please.

It's 10:00 am here. Just got back from the store, slipped with my bike and landed on my fat ass. I am literally butthurt to the point of not being able to sit. Might be time to switch to snow tires.

Oh lawdy, i am feeling it now boys!
>It's 10:00 am here.
too lazy/drunk to look it up but eurocuck?
>literally butthurt
top loling out loud
they make snow tires for bikes? i'm a lifelong biker and i honestly didn't know that.
Vitamin as in one-a-day vitamins. Shit you grab near the standard Tylenol knockoffs.
And coke as in a soda. Mexican coke, to be specific. Real sugar. Is good.

At the time I was doing dumb muscle work; carrying/cleaning medical equipment, receiving in multiple pallets (3-7 average) of supplies and such. I was often on my feet, and breaks didn't last too terribly long.

I don't know how, but I made it. I know it was a full two weeks because the check I got instantly went to my car because it wouldn't start. Had to get a new fuel filter or something. House had 0 food since my mom was living with her shit-tier boyfriend so she never even knew there was nothing left.

That was...about two years ago. Year and a half, I guess.
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yeah, finnbro. And yes they make snow tires for bikes, they make real difference too. I've been putting it off since i'm too cheap to pay the ~40 euro to buy 'em.

nice. This makes it worth the pain.
>Drunk af
>limited internet

Give me a good manga to read, assholes. Do me this one favor and also I will have straight wild turkey
Not too much up here in pargas:(
Suffering is the proof that you are alive asubro.
Read Junji Itou's work let me find the link

This has most of his collection.
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