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Have a seat and tell us what pain you're trying to drink away. Whether it be love, lost love, no gf, low tendie surplus. All are welcome.

>Whisky seems to ease the pain the best for me
>Running from treating my pure O OCD and PTSD
>Plus of course >tfw no gf
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Drinking 2 beers and some straight vodka. Running away from my thoughts on a girl I like at work. Any other anons?
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Drinking some cheap scotch
it's okay, i'm not a whisk(e)y snob

cheap liquor numbs the feels just as well as more finer liquor
I'm drinking to forget how bad my everything is, how little I have to look forward to and what's coming in mere days.
Today at the liquor store was the first time ever that I haven't been carded. I guess I finally look old. A couple years ago I'd be excited but now I'm just gettin old.
I'm drinking to forget the shit I gotta do Wednesday.

Never sleep with a pyscho. Good lord above. Save yourselves.
Drinking soju and baiju

Too help forget my ex fiancee i posted the story once on /r9k/ i wonder if any one screenshot it...
the fact that I'm a fat autistic psychopath who will never ever love or be loved by anyone, and will die young, lonely, in pain and with zero dignity
drinking cheap brandy, despite having slightly better stuff, because I hate myself
Well im almlost at your level where you at?
everything was perfect until my boss suddenly quit.
now i have this new boss cutting my hours. i spent so much to get this job now losing everything i worked for is a very serious possibility. Its a nightmare.
>in mexico with family
>sister and her bf asleep in bed next to me
>fucked up on cuba libres and mezcal
>shitposting on g and coding on my phone
What do I do familia
I'm bored and drunk
No se carnal
> estoy solo y borracho
>La mujer que amo esta en europa en las manos de otro hombre :(
Mate I botnet translated that but im a burger speaking English on vacation in Cancun.
Sorry to hear though, man. I'll take a shot for you.
Oh damn
I can speak english too

I fell in love with a chinese woman a long time ago she left me for a rich European

I now just live to see her again and maybe kill her lover
tfw penta

get muney
Where in mehico are you? What's a good thats respectable here? I've been having cuba lubre but want something more authentic. Also so fucking sorry to hear man, did she leave recently?
Alyssa. I met her in Finance class Senior Year of college 2013. I called her polkadot girl every girl because of a little skirt she wore. We hang out once every 6 months or so where I get plowed into the friendzone and we drink and we complain about work and life and relationships and go see bands. We both know a lot of people so when we go out she lets me be physically possessive of her, she uses me as a social tool and I enjoy the only physical intimacy of being close to her I can get. When we part I always wimp out and kiss her on the head with the most comfy of hugs. And this happens once every 6 months. Its torture. She will text me for life advice and pick me ups. She will drunk text me at 2am that she loves me and I occasionally do the same. It would be a wonderful friendship if I didnt have such a want for her. Its not that I even find her sexually attractive anymore, I just want her next to me forever.

And now living alone feels imposible. David bowie is dead. Starwars sucked. Whats next for 2016? Every day will be monday? Ted Cruz wins the election? HL3 released and its shit? I can't fucking deal with this shit guys.
Not in mexico any more try a michelada if you never had one
Its been 5 years
Will do mate, where you at now? How you coping on a day to day?
In the usa

Mostly boxing exercising and occasional drinking pretty angry at the world my friend
Im not drinking becouse if i try i will be homeless probably.
Fucking fighting with myself all the time completely sober. Losing constantly perfectly sober. All life like that.
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i know that feel.jpg
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>running out of liquor, drinking through the last of my stash
>tfw done almost nothing but work out and get drunk since she left
How does one have a "stash" of liquor? I always end up drinking what I have until I pass out, that is. So, now, I just buy what im gonna drink for the day.
most of my life has been pain.

currently on beer #11, 15mg of oxycodone, and 10mg of hydrocodone

i want to die.
Im a little jelly there, I would join you if I didnt have to work in the morning, or have roomates.
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>work with a girl
>she just seperated from her husband of one year
>she is shit talking him all the time
>she cheated on him and now goes out partying all the time
>no doubt going to rape him in the divorce
>almost 1yo child
>he is looking after it while she can work
>he is still the scumbag in her eyes

Sometimes I wonder about women.
inb4 the husband goes on 4chan, i feel so bad for you J.
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