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Is being 19 and still living with your smothering...
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Is being 19 and still living with your smothering parents still bad?
Anyone wanna top this and make me feel better about my life?
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>NEET and live at home
>can't drive
>never had a job
We're all gonna make it
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>make me feel better about my life

Let us see... there's 19 year old working 15+ hours in factories around the world right now... literally now actually. There are 19 year olds who just got their legs blown off by explosives, probably today... maybe some got shot right afterwards too. There are 19 year old sex slaves right now getting slammed by drugs and not so drugs (men and women) againts their wills right now too. There are some starving in the street also, right in your country! Lucky you. There are 19 year olds too in jail right now... and some that probably can't sleep because they're watching some drug deals go down and just in case some other 19 year old faggot feels like starting u a fireworks show early... they can't get sleepy bye time. Hope this worked just a little.
I'm 22 and live with my parents because the college is literally right down the street.

On top of that, I find it hard to believe anyone moves out before 20 with the economy
almost 26, going strong

if you care about this kind of thing your problems must be quite small..
23 and still co-sleeping with mummy
kill me
just turned 23, living at home and without bachelor's degree (in progress)
currently not working but i have experience

it's gonna suck when i lose my parent's health insurance and shit
at least i am not sexless, if i was i would have ordered helium by now
I'm a 21 year old NEET and enjoying it
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It could be worse, you could be 19 pooping in the street next to your parents in india.
bunch of normals...
33. Neet. Had one job in my entire life. Lasted 2 months when I was 22.
College drop out. couldn't keep up with the difficulty. Living with parents and 14 old brother.
Kissless virgin.
Someone try topping that.
18 and in same boat

I dont try to initiate it, she just says we don't spend enough time together, so she invites me into her room to watch TV, tells me its cold and to get under blankets, and eventually I fall asleep.

She acts like I spit in her face when i try to sleep in my own room

what do senpai?
no. still so young. people do it all the time. you in college? if so it is even more acceptable.
Oh god, you too? Fuck man, and it's like they have no clue how this might fuck up people for life.
> kids told their parents to fuck off at eighteen because muh independence muh alone time
> mom is fucking throwing temper tantrums because she can't be alone, inadvertently making it so you don't know how to be alone either
I actually miss the care free late teen years, where I was old enough to do things but not old enough to have real responsibilities.
To be fair, most of my time is alone time, i'm in my room with door locked from noon until 4-5 AM to try to avoid her, but she somehow fucking stays up until i go to bed and asks me when im "coming to bed"

My mum is single and im pretty sure she's been celibate since I was conceived, since she's been making me sleep in the same room as her literally every night i can remember, and i only get alone time when she has to be at work early.

When I was younger I wanted to sleep in her room because I was afraid of monsters under my bed or someshit, like 10 years ago, but fucks sake senpai, every night since then she's asked why im not going to bed. I used to go with it until i was 18.

How should we go about this?
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fucking christ I'm a baby
>living with your parents at age 19
Nothing wrong with this.
That's a problem. You'll have to confront them about this or you might actually never become at least somewhat independent.
I'm 30

I wasn't allowed to do my own laundry until I was 29.

Hope that brightens up your day!
Parents like that aren't known for listening to reason or changing their ways.
See >>25688537 for what will inevitably happen.
Then become a problem child one way or another so they'll simply start getting tired of you.
They don't as much anymore, but its still kind of a problem, I have been trying desperately to get out and figure out how the world works. It shits me they don't teach you basic living things at school.....
>turning 23 next month
>coincidentally ill turn 23 while at Lackland
>noone will give a fuck
>like I care about bdays anyways
>still virgin
>had a nuclear fall from grace since high school
>havent recovered
>can hardly talk to attractive girls while doing simple things like checking out and theyre cashiering
>havent touched a girl intimately in over 4 1/2 years
Well, I'm you from the future since 5 years later the shit hasn't stopped. You're going to have to stop her now, because it isn't normal. I know they're not being perverted, but they are leaning on us for an inappropriate emotional support.

Stick with it, because all out of nowhere you turn 23 and realize that she cucked your whole life despite having life experience as a Stacy all because she couldn't self-soothe, something she should have mastered as a toddler.

What's worse is you just know it's fucked up, but you'll be stuck and co-dependent, so you don't even feel right doing anything without her approval. Tell her to back off now pham.
Let's both of us stand up to our mums tonight anon.

Stay in your room, lock the door, and dont come out until morning

I'll do the same.


>>25688537 here

my mom used to drive me to college in the morning for about a year until I dropped out, she used to have me walk home and eat lunch with her when I was in grade school, she made me play the flute in high school, I didn't get a lock on my door until I was 16, we didn't get the internet until I was 17, and a whole bunch of other things.


worst part is how I'm seeing her now do the same thing to my sister's kids.
too late senpai
I've been in mummys room for 40 minutes after giving her a backrub kill me save yourself
>no car
>no friends
>no job
>will literally never be a teenager, drive a hot hatch and street race like in my wangan mangas
>already own house
>don't want to move from my partents because I enjoy the comfty life.

Im leasing it, so I'm making some money for harder times.
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