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Tell me about your oneitis.
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Tell me about your oneitis.
She doesn't exist, because I don't pine after individual women in order to turn my life into a sad self-absorbed story of tragic unrequited love, as an excuse not to improve myself.
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I just want to forget about her desu familia
Don't have one because I'm not a beta "nice guy" normie.
A jewish lesbian opera singer. I'm over her now that I have a gf. It only took me like 6 years.
She's cute, shy, plays games like skyrim on PC and messaged me first, because I was scared to.
I think I'm going to make it guys.
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He's one of my sister's best friends and I've been in love with him for at least 8 years. I just want to prove that I could be a good gf if he gave me a chance. ;_;
but he won't break up with his stuck up cunt of a girlfriend
>best friend for 2 years
>we did everything together
>she moved away and i went to live with her for 6 months til she moved back
>we tried dating
>worked out for almost 2 months
>she dumped me cause im "a brother" to her and wants to be friends
>dont talk to her anymore
>nobody is happy with this

And that's how I fucked my chance at happiness up.
I was really close friends with her. I liked hanging out with her, she just made me feel good.
Then I told her I'm in love with her. She told me she liked me too and could imagine being with me, but she still loves another guy who she's with.
Then she said it would be better if we don't see each other for a while, because she doesn't want to hurt me and it would make things easier.

I haven't seen her in a month. We basically lost all contact.
It hurts so much, since we were friends before and met 3-4 times a week and texted on a daily basis.
She's a lesbian (at least I'm 99% sure) I am still torn over if I want to even bother become a closer friend, given that I will probably never receive the level of intimacy that I desire.
Wouldnt that serve as an excuse to improve oneself rather than a detterrent?
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>childhood friends
>she was upper class and I was lower-middle
>we grow up
>puberty happens
>she blooms, I don't
>high school happens
>the divide between upper and lower class gets bigger
>I'm an introverted nerd
>she's one of the most popular girls in the school
>she still smiles and waves when she sees me
>but I'm literally nothing more than a childhood friend
>not a real friend, just a childhood friend
>the bitches she hangs out with actively bully me when she's not around
>high school ends
>completely drift apart, haven't spoken to her since
Her name is Lily

I fell in love with her in the moment that i saw her smilling for most guys she's 7/10 or even 6/10 but for me she's perfect 10/10

I met her this last semester and talked to her in person like two times nothing relevant i just wanted her to notice me she is so hard too reach she doesnt socialize much with other ppl from our uni she just has 2 freaks as friends and thats all

She doesnt use the normiebook Messenger she just responds to inbox like every 6 or 7 hours she doesnt even uses a cellphone not even too see the time all of this makes her even more perfect but also makes her unreachable

I just want to talk to her.. kill me pls
Ayyy, I have a Lily too. Met her in 2010 when I was a Sophomore, into vidya and anime. Not extremely attractive but great girl overall. Haven't talked to her in a year and kinda disappeared from the Internet.
I tell myself that her depression made her an hero so I don't think she's ignoring me
>A jewish lesbian opera singer.
fug. that's a lot. pretty unavoidable.

>I will probably never receive the level of intimacy that I desire.
buy her a strapon?
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She's in the same program as me in school, but different set of classes, but I see her in the halls every now and then.

We went to see The Room once and we kissed after (inb4 normie) and then a few days later she told me she just wants to me friends cause she just got out of a relationship. Since then, I've been depressed as heck and now she barely talks to me. We got along fine as friends, I dunno why she doesn't wanna talk. I can hardly stand being at school. I got no friends, I got nothing.
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It's more like an infatuation, that I heavily romanticized which I should stop 2bh , I met her once in high school and just fell for her, she's an elegant artist, educated, basically beautiful a woman, besides being beautiful. I live two states away and don't even really talk to her anymore but the feeling stays. It's not debilitating or anything, more of a back of the mind thought. At least I can channel the angst into music whenever I get the motivation for that

>I can't get you out of my head
He's a schizophrenic edgy metal head, often I'll hear him yelling at night or talking to himself in the yard. He chain smokes so he has a stain on his fingers. He wears a shitty bracelet but I think it's cute anyway because it's on him. I can't speak with him without freezing or sperging out.
best friend in middle school and high school, she was the best friend i ever had, and i really thought she was interested in me romantically

finally manned up and asked her out, she said "you're an amazing friend but you're not attractive enough" (yeah that's actually what she said)

it fucked me up

i was ugly and overweight but i thought she valued me for me

i got autistically fit over the next 4 years and cleaned myself up completely, hair, acne, clothing style, etc

but she moved away, and i haven't seen her since. she hasn't seen the new me. i wonder if she'd even care. it was such a shallow thing for her to say and should have killed any love i had for her, but i still love her

sophie if you're reading this i want to see you again and fucking punch you in your fucking face
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i've given up on her; i have a waifu now.

i'm much happier.
He's pretty, he has beautiful blue eyes and he's using me for sex that I won't even give. He has another girlfriend, and they're constantly all lovey-dovey in public, and talk non-stop about each other when they're around everyone else.
She hates my guts. And I feel bad for her.
He's so horrible yet I need him. He's an idiot who thinks with his dick. A Chad in every way if you're a stupid person with no social skills. He isn't even that attractive.

I told him I loved him and he said he loved me too, but said we could never be public, and then he got with his girlfriend and it's been downhill since.
I don't even have any other friends.
But he's so manipulative, and I'm so desperate and clingy..

I love him. I've loved him since I was ten years old.
more proof that women only want dickhead chads
I don't even have beta-orbiters.
you're right, though. Women always fall for the Chad.
But he's so NOT A CHAD.
He thought he was transgender for a while, gets submissive, self harms, all of this other dumb shit.
He's just a Chad if you're an omega female.
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Met her in 2007. Very shy girl wearing only dark jeans and hoodies and docmartens.
Long story short, never had her, though she became more and more slutty.
- I have a mycosis [pussy infection]
- yeah?
- it hurts
- ...
- I mean really, it's extremely inconvenient

Last news I had from her mouth, she was fucking 3 guys / week.
- at least you're meeting a lot of new peope, you open up
- ah, nah, you know, it's purely sexual.



oxymoron, anyone?
Please say you're a girl.
>"you're an amazing friend but you're not attractive enough"

>and fucking punch you in your fucking face
I want to kill her, but all the laws in my country are against me.
Met in middle/high school, my closest friend for like four years but she rejected me on more than one occasion. Dated a couple of girls to try and get over her but it didn't work.

She broke down in the middle of class over a bee that got in the room and then cut me off because I said it was kinda weird.
she's one of the few people i've fantasized about killing, but i also love her

i don't know

it was extremely fucked up to say, it basically changed how i viewed her as a person, i don't know how normies can have so little empathy
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>into esoteric bullshit
>thinks she's special (chosen or whatever)
>lost virginity at 14
>has tattooes
>shitty died hair
>pole dances (it's an art :^) anon)
>posts kind of revealing "artsy" photos on social media
>condescending to everyone
>said she was raped
>used to date one of my friends years ago, cheated on him
>suicidal and delusional
>whines that "boys are afraid of her" and that "only the wrong kind of guys try to pick her up"
>keeps telling me about how she's always alone and shit
>may or may not like me (maybe she's just attentionwhoring as usual)
I won't find out because I won't try to pick her up. Just because I'm in love with you I can see that you are an obnoxious cunt, get fucked.
>one of the cutest girls I've ever seen
>dream about her all the time
>daydream about her every day
>write faggy songs about her
I don't want to date her but I don't want her to date anyone else.
she's not real. No real woman could ever meet my retardedly high & unrealistic expectations.
>extremely fucked up to say
well, what's weird is how honest she's been
they tend to be such hypocrites (supposedly, to not hurt someone's feelings, but actually because they don't want problems)
In the same year as me. Was attracted to her since freshman year. She left for another school out of state after sophomore year; we met up before she left and I kissed her but nothing more.

I went to university after my junior year. The next summer, she hit me up, but also hit up an old friend from school to meet at the same place. We smoked weed and went home. The next day I texted her that it was weird as fuck and that if she wanted to fuck we should do it, and she invited me over, and we fucked but I didn't come. It was really weird. I haven't had sex since, and I feel weird and anxious about it now (more than my normal level of autism).

Yes, I know I'm a fucking normie, but I'm still depressed and celibate.
More of crush but I'm slowly getting over her.

I'm pretty sure I creeped her out so I'm just gonna ask other girls out.

Pretty sure my roomate fucked her though and he's a beta like me.

White people have it so easy when it comes to dating.
I prescribe you fucked her.
Always a good cure for infatuation.
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> really short, has short hair
> lean, muscular for a girl
> polite but cold, sometimes mean
> huge, beautiful eyes
>really passionate about bugs for some reason
> sarcastic, can hardly tell when she's being serious
> doesn't like me
we're pretty much done

she wrote me a handwritten letter in magic marker for some reason

it's been months and i'm not sure if i feel like responding
She's into energies and stuff and claims to have no sex life because of that. Again, she could be lying.
But I'm a 21y old kissless virgin shutin, anon. I'm a failed Chad I guess. I was depressed and asocial all my life despite being good-looking and liked. Since HS is over I spend my days living alone (thankfully)- sleeping, watching porn, mostly laying around doing literally nothing. Speaking with no one except for cashiers and my mom on the phone.
I only meet my HS buddies like every other month and that's where I meet her as well. I don't have the ability nor the motivation to get with Stacies like her.
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She's about 20 years older than me. Has 2 kids. She's happily married and talks fondly about her husband often. She's very thin and seems frail. She doesn't wear makeup but still looks pretty. Her voice sounds rich, a little bit above being described as deep, I imagine it as the voice equivalent of honey. She's always clearing her throat but it's one of those things that's more endearing than annoying, I always think it's cute when she does it.
I've always wanted her to love me. I've done stupid things to try to impress her. When something involves her I put in so much effort to get even the littlest bit of praise from her because it gives me such a rush. I can't even look her in the eye anymore like how I used to be able to because I feel ashamed of myself. She told me that I should try to be more social but I haven't been able to so I think she's disappointed in me because of that.
I do see her as a mother figure. I've always thought that if she was my mom things might have turned out better for me.
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