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I made eye contact with a girl on the bus...
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I made eye contact with a girl on the bus again today
I don't know what I'm supposed to do at that moment.
Do I just continue to stare like a creep, or turn away like a beta autist?
"Urgh, that greasy neckbeard is staring at me again, fucking disgusting"
Fucking normie.

Not woman ever makes eye contact with me.
bus feels are nice

once i saw a cute but sort of awkward looking girl with the prettiest eyes in the bus, i looked at her in the eyes and smiled and she blushed madly shifter her eyesight down with a smile on her face. i looked elsewhere, then i noticed she was looking at me and the same repeated.

another time, i was minding my own business when i noticed a girl taking glances at me every now and then, few bench rows ahead of me. she was cute in an awkward way as well, had messy curly hair and a big roman nose. i catched her looking and she blushed and looked away.

when her stop came, as she stepped out of the bus i kept looking at her through the window, she took one last glance at me and we both smiled at each other. i waved at her in a childish manner and she started giggling and waved back.

both of those cases made my days and many days after those, sometimes i think such girls have a dangerously big effect on us when smiling and eye contact can make you feel so much better.

then i started balding and girls dont smile anymore
It's a lose-lose situation
rapist pig cunt fuck you
You almost raped her you shitlord
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>see a beautiful girl
>can't help but look at her
>never make it obvious though
>only look at her when i know she can't turn her head to look at me anymore
>she turns her head suddenly, looks me in the eyes and smiles
>wasn't ready for that, literally lurch backwards
>almost like my brain short circuited
i didnt expect that ending
thats realy cute anon
Just so you know OP if you make eye contact with the same girl more than once she finds you somewhat attractive.

sorry for the downer, i just haven't reached acceptance of losing my hair yet
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th-thanks senpai
here's another

>at work (cuckshier)
>walking on the sale's floor, about to start wagecucking
>suddenly hear a loud "ANON" from far away from a service leader
>almost trip because i immediately stopped
>turn around slowly and sheepishly
>give a thumbs up and go to register

this and variations of it happen everytime i'm at work, they probably get a kick out of it at this point
Girls grab your hand if you go donate plasma.

I got a super QT to grab my hand she ended up checking my heart rate and I sort of failed it because it was beating to quickly. She asked me if I was nervous? I said yes, and gave me 15 minutes to calm down.

I'm in love Op.
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>first year of high school
>be huge beta fag
>always get on bus early while most others loitered outside to talk to "friends"
>every day look towards entrance of bus to see if anybody I knew was getting on
>make eye contact with an 8/10 girl
>couple weeks of this and she sits next to me
"Uhh... hi."
"You stare at me a lot."
"I do?" (actually not realizing that I was, just looking for friends and happen to stare)
And tl;dr, it was pretty awkward between us and I never did anything, even after she said she liked me. Quiet entire bus ride unless she spoke to me. Don't be a faggot, look for opportunities and make your move. I regret being so stupid.
Regret is one of the most painful feelings anon.
quads is synonymous with truth
>extremely qt works at the grocer I shop at
>always chit chat, asks me about my hobbies
>prolonged eye contact every time
>yesterday go shopping
>she walks into store (wasnt working)
>immediately looks at me
>look up
>3 seconds of direct eye contact
>get shy and look down
and so the cycle continues
Yeaahh, and I've got a lot of it. But I try to be optimistic about it. All that dumb shit I've reflected on and it's made me who I am today, and for that, I am happy.
Great attitude anon, glad to hear it. Happiness on this board is quite non existent.
>go in to get hair cut
>hair cutting lady is the only female contact had in years
>instantly blush and tremble when her hand brushes against my face as she starts to cut my hair
>spend the entire time getting my hair cut with my red face in silence
rip. Get Bosley niggie, and there's still girls that go for more than looks.
i always knew i was gonna go bald, i just didnt expect it to happen in my early 20s and my dad started balding in his 30s

shits not fair but im not gonna start wearing a wig over it.
Hair strengthening solutions. That expensive medicated shit they advertise on TV? Either that or figure out how to rock a beard and/or cap.
Iktf too.
I just don't know how to react
fuck that, im not taking any any pharmaceutical products in me unless i actually need them for my health. i know you're trying to come up with solutions to my predicament, but im just gonna work over it mentally and try to accept it. all things are fleeting after all.
they probably like you, and try to mess with you to break you out of your bubble? i dont know how are your relationships at work
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>tfw the peak of human contact i have is when another person looks at me
Talk to her, ask her when she's free. Don't miss your chance you Wil make her happy and you'll be even happier, don't miss your opportunity. Just listen to an anon only once, trust me you won't be sorry f a m
>dorky looking qtp2t who sat diagonally in front of me last semester would always turn in my direction during class
>could swear she was looking right at me
>never look her way because I'd be too beta to follow up and I'm not sure if she's looking at something else

I swear it's like they purposely want bots to drop spaghetti right I'm front of them
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>I like to practice smug faces on bus windows.
>When I get off my stop I always make sure to not thank the chaueffer.
>The bus has no drinking or eating policy but I leave trash regardless.
>When people stare at me on the bus I get irrationally angry.
>put legs on seat to make sure no one can sit on the seat next to me and if I do end up sitting next to someone, I manspread my legs
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>girl looks at me, dont smile and put up a poker/arrogant face

>watch a random person walking on the street, get an uncontrollable laugh

Am I gay or just fucking retarded?
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>walk in pawn shop
>there's an ultra qt facing the door
>we make eye contact for about 2 seconds, she looks like a deer in headlights
>i'm in love
>completely forget what i came in the shop for
>wander around for a few minutes, then go up to the front desk
>she's standing there too
>the guy is like "can i help you?"
>she starts to talk but i cut her off like an autist and ask if they have electric guitars
>the electric guitars were right behind me
>"oh haha i didn't see those thanks"
>pretend to look at them for a minute and then leave in shame
haha john you autist faggot
Hahaha Fucking beta
your gay and your ep sucks too
I brushed up against a couple girls' boobs at a New Years dance floor at the bar
>grill asks if she can borrow my pen
>our hands touch when I give it to her
you're all invited to our wedding
>Girl is beside me in class
>Her pen falls on the ground, just under my (our) desk
>She kind of strokes my leg while trying to pick it up

The most sexual thing that ever happened to me
>sexual thing
get out normal fag.
Do you realize how that looks arcade side
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Thread images: 8
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