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Who is / nightwalk/ here ?
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Who is / nightwalk/ here ?
I like to in the spring, summer, and fall. It's winter here now so I can't enjoy it when my nose is non-stop running and I can't feel my hands the whole walk.
>took the tram to the last stop
>right by the edge of the woods
>decide to nightwalk on the skiitracks for a bit
>walk rather far into the woods
>could hardly see the snow under my feet
>a skier comes and passes me, flashing my face with his/her headlamp
>probably wondering what the fuck i was doing in the goddam woods on the skitracks with no skis
>fucking thin ass converse shoes feet cold as fuuuck
>moonlight shining through the treetops in some places, rather nice

Was a pretty decent nightwalk all in all, not the best I've had but it felt good. Hard to nightwalk anywhere remote in the pitch black winter night though.

>running around a nearby lake in the summer night
>pass someone on a bicycle
>suddenly see this black shadow just dash quickly towards me on the track and past my feet
>jump and let out a small "eughh"
>realise it was a dog that probably belonged to the bicyclist

Sort of funny.
I wish it had snowed here.
I'm probably going to go for one tonight, have a marathon of Bowie's Berlin albums
too spooky for me, even with the bright street lights.

in fact I feel more exposed under them, id love some near total darkness.

have a gammy leg so I wouldn't be able to run from would-be muggers/boi pussci ravagers.
>took the trap to the last stop

Sounds like a good idea. Living in the heart of Tokyo at the moment and the lack of nature anywhere has been getting to me.
>Living in the heart of Tokyo
How do you do that?
You make the mistake of thinking a one year exchange to an environment filled with exclusively other foreigners would be a good idea.
>loved to walk around in the night
>probably get beaten, robbed and raped by muslims now if I step outside in the dark
Thanks Merkel
Carry pepper spray or a knife, that's what I do. I also like to use that time to give my dog walks (she is a pussy but surely muggers won't be able to realize that in the dark r-right)
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You can go to Latvia :3
How are the living conditions and work there?
Definitely looks nice.
>live in Sweden
>want to go for a nightwalk
>would probably get raped and robbed here aswell
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Ex soviet state with average 300-500 eur, btw it's safe. Full of commieblocks. I live near sea , loves walking.
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I am always night walking...
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>Ex soviet

i'm sorry
Love nightwalking. It's starting to get colder finally and more comfy. Coupled with my fucked up sleeping patterns at the moment I'm getting a lot of walks in.
where is that big guy
this, nightwalk is only enjoyable when i'm not dying of frostbite
tfw you walk into the dark areas and you look up at the night sky and see all the stars
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>not shooting analog

>;^) keep your pixels anon
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more glorious /nightpics/
sorry for what?
they are the least cucked countries in europe right now
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last one just for you anon kun
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This is Maryland...a building. Night Walks is all I have.
>small Eastern Yuropoor country
>all cities are small and country side is nothing but a primordial forest
>decided to take a bus to home because too tired from wagecuck shift otherwise would`ve walked it back home
>fall asleep
>wake up two hours later on the other side of the fucking region
>literally 20 km`s away from home
>that was last bus that night
>choose - 6 hour way in autumn night or walk for 4 1/2 hours home
>decide to walk home
>literally no cars on the highway
>full moon
>no wind, clear skies

fucking awesome

had blisters all over my feet next day but worth it - best walk I`ve had in a while
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My mood varies on nightwalks.
If I'm sad, it's not paying attention to where I'm going and sitting in the sidewalk while eating canned beans from the cornerstore and watching the car lights go by.

If I'm happy, the spring in my step makes my direction irrelevant, not caring where I'm going, I hum or listening to repeats of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDTZ7iX4vTQ

Either way, the night breaks the apathy and eases off the stress of being outside.
>mfw i thought i was the only one
>tfw /nightwalk/ing round edinburgh
Nearly finished learning to drive so i can finally roam further afield
I live in north london so I'd be mugged by chavs and it'd be raining and cars would be all over the place
The idea is nice though
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