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>23 years old
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>23 years old
>lost my kv to neighbor's 16 yo daughter
>her parents know and are okay with it

AMA and also can this backfire?
>her parents know
>can this backfire

It already has.


Enjoy getting fucked by a broom handle :^)
what's the age of consent in your country/administrative region?
green text ?
(not original)
>everyone lives in America where the age of consent is 25 :)

>this board is American (:

It's kind of a long story, so which part do you want to know?
The whole thing
nothing to be afraid of then.
if you break up abruptly, her parents will gossip about you and spread bad rumors, but that's literally nothing.
this >>25669399
(not original, that fucking gook really need to remove that original comment crap)
Are you the guy who posted her pics the other day?

either way, congrats m8. You are now winning at life. Don't be too crushed if she leaves you.
I'll do it for those dubs:
>parents kick me out at 19
>go live in a cheap apartment complex
>work at a warehouse and try to learn programming in free time
>after a year the neighbor guy and I awkwardly bump into each other
>end up talking for an hour
>he has a big software company
>tell him I'm learning to program
>says he has a bunch of free time so he can help me
>spends some time teaching me about polymorphism and such
>become good friends with him
>motivates me to workout and work hard at programming
>one day he and wife (works at his company) have to go to an important client far away
>literally push his 13 year old daughter into my apartment because they don't trust her alone
>she pouts because "I'm 13 I can take care of myself"
>parents apologize and say they'll make it up to me
>daughter sits in a corner and refuses to look at me
>she looks like a child (flat, braces, tiny), so don't think of her sexually
>start tossing stuff at pouting girl because I'm an asshole
>after a while she cheers up and we watch movies together, play some vidya (ps2, didn't have money for ps3)
>we become friendly and she comes over a lot to watch movies, sometimes falls asleep on my couch
>become better friends with the guy, he starts giving me small programming jobs "under the table" because I became decent and outsourcing/taxing annoys him
>pays me a shitload of money because it's convenient and no one will find out
>wife cooks a lot for me and teaches me how
>daughter turns 15 and really changes physically
>has a b cup, ass, less childish face
>see her more sexually and feel guilty as fuck
>she starts sitting in my lap much more when we hang out
>start fapping right after hanging with her while feeling guilty
>she becomes too comfortable with me and sometimes jokingly grabs my crotch or kisses my neck

don't fuck it up bro

sounds like her parents have kind of adopted you as a close family friend thing

so don't do any dumb shit
You havent even finished the story and im jelly as fuck st your luck. You could literally make a controversial movie outta this shit.
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pls, do

Dude what the fuck
>one day tries to kiss me on the lips
>torn between being a decent human being (underage girl whose parents trust me) and just letting my primal instincts go loose
>push her away and yell at her
>tell her that she's too young and her parents trust me
>don't hang out with her for a week
>start hanging with her again and things are normal (no lap grinding or kissing shit)
>she turns 16
>starts doing shit again (lap grinding, kissing neck)
>she's legal now but I still feel guilty about her parents
>she tries kissing me again
>this time let her but push her away after a few seconds because guilt
>hanging out once again becomes normal
>parents one day very awkwardly invite me to dinner
>both parents pick at their food and refuse to talk
>she scrapes her throat or w/e you call it
>dad reluctantly hits his plate hard with fork a couple times
>think he's about to stab me because she told him about the kiss
>dad starts talking
>"Anon, we heard about a couple of things from Anonette."
>heart pounding, literally holding on to table in case he leaps at me so I can toss it over and run
>basically tells me that shit happens between young people and it's okay as long as it's done safely
>girl is turning red
>mother just mumbles "yes"
>I'm literally drooling at this point because I forgot to swallow
>wipe myself clean, nod and continue eating awkwardly
>dad starts talking about his own "youth" exploits
>no one's stopping him because he broke the awkwardness
>he talks about how he was a literal orgy hippie and so these things were common
>daughter yells at him to stop
>everyone laughs, things are still awkward but less so
>go to my apartment, spend the rest of the day lying in bed thinking about what the fuck happened
>girl comes over every day for the next week but nothing happens except for cuddling and such

lucky bastard working for his friends and pound his daugther...
nigga I'm happy for you but you have to learn how to type faster
How much you will rate her?
>inb4 dinosaur or fresh prince
>inb4 op types so slow i get cancer and die
Feels okay to not be getting cucked, i guess.
>22 yrs semi rowbutt
>last laid in 2011
>16 yr old wants to meet up

Do i do it lads?
probably police
You do it for the lads
If you can manage being with a child, yeah
This is never going to turn out well. I know the dick wants what the dick wants, but trust me, this is a really, really bad idea.
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Go right ahead. Though you should know Chris Hanson's kickstarter for new To Catch A Predator episodes got funded.
>implying i wouldn't an hero on cam and get it shut down

Fuck the jewish owned media!
>one day she comes over in short shorts (Jesus Christ) and one of those zipped sweater hoodies
>"Interesting combo of clothes, Anonette. One for hot one for cold."
>tells me there's nothing under the sweater so not really cold
>tell her I don't believe her
You know where this is going.
>she sits on my lap and we start doing this "yes-it-is no-it-isn't" game while watching HTTYD for the gazillionth time (kind of our movie)
>tell her I need evidence
>she just shifts her ass around on my lap without saying anything
>hug her from behind with one arm, and start unzipping with the other
>tickle her every inch of unzipping
>she laughs and grinds my crotch really hard
>literally want to toss her on the ground and do her but restrain myself
>eventually unzip all the way
>there's nothing under there, not even a bra
>rub her tummy while sliding off her sweater
>tfw seeing tits IRL for the first time
>literally feel invincible, it's so glorious
>next 5 minutes just rub her stomach while we're watching the movie
>keep going up and touch her tits
>she puts her hand on mine and squeezes
>spend like 10 minutes just rubbing her tummy, squeezing her tits, touching her legs
>get really hot and start sweating
>take off my shirt (not exactly zyzz-tier but look okay and arms are a little bigger than average)
>she turns sideways on my lap and rubs my stomach, biceps
>makes comments about how I look strong
>she's really fucking awkward with the rubbing and "sweet talk" which made it odd but adorable
>start kissing
>both don't know how to kiss but really into it
>rub her crotch over her short shorts
Fuck this is getting ridiculous, time to speed up.
>tell her to stand up
>take off both shorts and panties in one pull
>she shrieks and laughs while covering her crotch with both hands
>lick her belly button while moving her hands away
>stand up and make out a little, play with her boobs
>she's stiff but doesn't pull away and smiles

OP is a gentleman and a scholar

>she's stiff

Well we had a good run lads, this one's over. Pack it up. I for one REFUSE to read more trap fiction disguised to trick me into gayness.
>end up on the couch making out
>go down on her
>don't know what the fuck I'm doing but she's breathing hard so guess I'm doing fine
>taste needs getting used to, but after a while it's not bad at all
>sit back down on the couch and tell her it's her turn
>she gets on her knees and starts
>she can't control her teeth so after a couple scrapes I stop her and tell her to lie down
>she's lying on the ground like a corpse (sorry for this detail but she was so stiff, despite the smiling)
>tell her to relax
>half-lie on top of her and make out for a couple minutes while rubbing my crotch on her mound
>she relaxes a little
>ask her if she's ready (inb4 16 year olds are not virgins these days, she was)
>push in
>she sucks in air really loudly and pushes against my chest
>relaxes after a minute or so so keep pushing
Long story short it took a while to get in because she was uncomfortable. I also forgot the condom at the first push so I had to get out and put it on (really fucking difficult to stop when you're into it).
>essentially dry hump gently while inside her for a while (without pumping because that hurt her)
>feel myself getting there so tell her and release
>remove myself from her pussy
>she obviously didn't come but she's still smiling and giggling
>we lie on the couch, her on top of me
>I touch her all over for an hour or two
>she does the same to me
>I release 2 more times in that time frame, she doesn't but she's still really into it

That's it. Ask away if you want, but I don't know if there's anything to ask about. Btw, she was smiling a lot and really giggly/playful during all of it. I imagined sex being really serious, especially the first time, but it wasn't at all. Not sure if it's just us or if it's normal.

>inb4 can't make a grill cum
She couldn't that day, but we did it many times after and she did cum (although not when doing PIV, only when fingering/going down on her).

Watch more porn. Nipples can be stiff too
If it's the coppers an hero
Good for you OP, i sincerely hope it actually happened and isn't just made up.
I think all parties involved know that this is more of a lust/experimental thing than a real relationship.

No, don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, it's normal for me to walk into their apartment uninvited. They always knock at mine though.

This guy man, I shit you not, has had such a positive fucking effect on my life. I can't even fathom the transformation I've gone through in the years of knowing him.

Solid 8/10. She's a blonde and I'm not even into blondes.

Stiff as in frozen/uncomfortable/unsure etc. Please don't make me think of her as a trap, she's 100% grill.

You should assume it's bullshit, but still enjoy the story. I don't really have evidence but it's a time in my life that I'll never forget.
Don't do it. Don't seek it out. There is a shitload of trouble it can get you into.
Might aswell be legal where he lives.
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what's a kv?
I swear I'ts an original comment
It might be, but < 18 year olds can really easily get you in jail if they cry rape or if their parents find out.
Kissless Virgin (or in this case Kissless Virginity).
Maybe if you live in burgerland of false freedoms
Lucky bastard
Nah, I think parents almost everywhere are very much against an older guy fucking their 16 year old daughter. And since 16 is usually not legally an adult... you get the point.

I'm just saying, it's not exactly the same as fucking an 18 year old to society.
No, it isn't, fuck off (not him)
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>AMA and also can this backfire?
They're collecting incriminating evidence in order to give structure to the extortion they're planning.

>go steady with her and produce children accordingly, or we frame you for statutory
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