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>Be myself, 20 year olds, half nordic...
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>Be myself, 20 year olds, half nordic half turkish.
>Pretty average looks, love classy brand clothing.
>Start liking cute nerdy girl one class below me.
>End of the year prom.
>I'm drunk and have courage to tell her.
>"Hey, I like you, I certainly hope you like me as well."
>She laughs. "As a friend?"
>Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. God damnit, why couldn't you just..
>"Yeah, of course."
>Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself.
>It's fine, there's probably still a chance, right? We've talked about playing video games together and hanging out after school.

>Sitting in class next to her.
>Sleazy full-blood nordic guy comes up to her.
>He starts just blatantly frenching her.
>Sitting next to her. My mind just goes blank when I see it.
>Get up.
>Walk out.
>Take elevator to highest spot.
>Can't even stand, bawling my eyes out.
>Why the fuck did I care, why the fuck did I care, why the fuck did I care.
>Never go after a girl again, anon, you stupid fucking beta faggot.
>Look myself in the mirror of the bathroom.
>Snotty, red eyes, fucking mud-blood kebabfag.
>It's late at night, want to go home, but no friends or family picking up phone.
>Stare at myself.
>It doesn't end like this. It's last day of school, it's all in, or walk 30 kilometers home.

>Blow nose, clean myself up.
>Still red eyes, visibly been crying. Don't care.
>Take the girls hand with both of mine.
>"Could we talk alone for a moment?"
>"S- Sure anon.."
>Take her to stairs. Sit her down.
>Start going against every advice anyone has ever given me about girls.
>Cringeworthy half-drunken "I got so sad when I saw you kissing with that guy, I think you are so cute, I want to make you my princess, and take you around the world on adventures. I don't want to experience the last freedoms of my youth alone, and I think I finally found someone to share it with."
>Girl starts laughing.
>What have I done.
>She takes my hands, stares deeply into my eyes.
>After chatting a bit, she invites me on a date.
Well I'm curious. Do continue OP.
Curious what country are you in? And, is you mom or dad turkish?
My mother is Turkish. Scandinavia. Know it's not a country, just a bit too afraid of fucking things up to say too many details.

So we walked into the empty classroom, when her drunken girl friend had tried to pull us with her every fifteen minutes or so for a while, because I owed her a dance apparently.

As I was awkwardly dancing with her drunken girlfriend, the sleazy guy came back and tried frenching her. The drunken girl friend saw I was visibly trying to look away, so she went and pulled the sleazy guy away, and kissed her, herself. It was pretty funny.

I'll be going on a date with her in a few days. Got some pretty big plans.
Sounds like you have a chance then. Good luck OP.
Thank you very much.

So this is what I did for our first date. I know the owner of her favourite restourant, so I'll be picking her up in a mercedes borrowed from a car dealer that I know, driving her to the restourant after hours, where they will make whatever dish she prefers, which I've paid for in advance.

The car will be parked right outside the entrance, using the restourants employee parking space, so that we can leave whenever we like.

Also I heard her talking about what sort of music she likes, so I researched the music. That way I can have it play in the background while we eat, and see if she notices.

Are you Wil from the inbetweeners!?
it's a trick man they're going to humiliate you even more
You're certainly going all out there. Just be careful she's not attached to your wallet rather than your heart.
Sounds like a good plan but, do you really want to be like that all the time? Why put so much energy into flattering a girl who gets frenched by sleazy chads in public like that? There are lots of girls out there...
If they do I'll beat them all up and travel the world by myself. I can be happy on my own, but I want to be even happier.

Never have I met a girl who actively seeks out conversation with me. I didn't even think that was a thing with girls, I always thought the general concept of it all would be to go up to them, be cheeky, make them laugh, tease them, then get them drunk, but what happened just turned my whole world upside down.

This is actually a pretty attractive girl, though a lot of guys seem to go for her.

Nonetheless, what I have that those guys don't, is an insane amount of contacts, and a drive for adventure, whereas they seem to be more the "Let's go home, watch movies, then fuck" type, which is actually the offer that the sleazy guy gave her, she told me.

I'd love to think that a girl would be attracted purely to my personality, but part of my personality is being able to get those sort of deals set up. Once heard someone say you should play with the cards you're handed. Sleazy Chad has netflix and sex on a grubby couch, Turkish fancyboy has extravaganze, lamboghinis, and world tour. I'd like to hope that helps at least.
Holy shit why didnt you just tell her the truth at the dance thing?
No. Don't do this. It's too tryhard. There's a good chance it will turn her off. Take her to her favourite restaurant but don't rent the mercedes, that reeks of desperation.
It's free, not rented. I'm a friend of the owner, like I'm a friend of the restourants owner. Is that still desperate? I would have gone with the Mazerati but unfortunately it doesn't have its plates that weekend.
Don't take advice from me actually, I'm a khv. That post was my first impression of the situation but now that I thought about it more I don't think it's that bad. It's a bit more risky than just going to the restaurant though, I would say.
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>She laughs. "As a friend?"
>>Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. God damnit, why couldn't you just..
>>"Yeah, of course."

stop reading
Never tell a girl "I like you" because it doesn't mean anything to them. You gotta ask them out somewhere or show it through actions

If you do tell them this, don't expect much in return
Yo man don't take most advice from this board. It sounds like you've got a chance, just do what you think you'll both like.


sounds like a lot of effort; if shes really into you she'll appreciate it. Just go for it, can't get much worse than watching her frenching some dude while you cry on the roof. Good luck man, hope it works out for you
You should continue. It ends well.
Fuck off shit skin.

White women are for white men.

What were you thinking?
Well not to defend my race, because I know it's mixed, but first of all my mother is from north turkey, where they have a paler, more russian look. Secondly, on my fathers side I have a pure scandinavian family tree going back to the 1500s. But yes, I suppose none of that really makes me any less Turkish.
>half nordic half turkish
rape baby detected
If you think my nordic father sailed to Turkey, raped and pillaged, then decided to keep one as his personal waifu, then yeah, sure.
rejoice as a man of stronger genes and a little less in-breeding than the rest of these fucking 'purebloods' out there
goddamn man

I wish I had your courage
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Thread images: 2
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