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times that you almost managed to lose your...
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times that you almost managed to lose your khv status, but then your autism got the best of you and you fucked it up
>walking down the hall in highschool
>girl looks in my direction
>dont talk to her
so close

mina is hungry. m
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>girl showed mild interest in me for a few seconds until she realized how worthless a social being i am
wow close one huh guys. cant wait to read your stories
>girl texts me
>asks me how am I and if I want to hang out with her
>never answered back

The edgyness is such a contagious thing...
I'm going to do a small series of these

>Mother's hobby was photography
>literally ruined vacations, I would spend hours posing for her fucking photography, she'd go through 5 rolls of film per DAY in FUCKING DISNEYLAND
>she would be mad at me for a week or two every year after school pictures, "WHAT WAS THAT SMILE? WHY DIDN'T YOU WEAR X AND Y? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT WAS PICTURE DAY", ect
>finally so fucking fed up with her that I wear my friend's shirt that has a picture of Ralph from the Simpsons on it that says IM SPECIAL, grow my hair out all summer and make the most retarded face that the photographer will accept
>My mother is absolutely fucking broken, she can't even be mad, she just says "whatever" and never takes pictures of me again, I am finally free of her picture tyranny
>end of Freshman year, talking to cute emo girl, havin a laff
>"Hahaha lmao lol anon I like, had such a crush on you at the start of the year but then I like saw your picture, LOL what was I thinking right?!?!"
rip anon, my old friend

>Sophomore year, new girls in school, one middle school in the district goes to 8th grade, the other goes to 9th
>new girl, thick as fuck and big tits
>comment to my friends that she's kinda hot
>"lol no way dude shes totally fat" (she's about 5'6'', ~150lb)
>she talks to me about how she's a virgin, her dad caught her watching porn and she got grounded from the internet
>we literally have conversations about porn
>she sends me nudes with her hair covering her tits saying "lol how do u like my hair?"
>one day in class she tells me "ugh anon im so borrrrred, my family is out of town and my computer is fucked up can you come over tonight?"
>tell her sorry, but I have a raid in EQ2
>Get my ancient vorpal blade, but keep my virginity
>she continues to flirt with me, but later switches to one of my friends who called her fat
>he cheats on his gf to fuck her, she goes on a cock sucking frenzy and fucks 12 different guys Sophomore year
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>got invited to cool party by girl who's actually into me
>get too drunk
>throw up on her
>she stops talking to me and I have no idea why for the next couple of months until someone told me
Literally had a girl in my bed, in tights, my hard 9inch pressed btwn her cheeks. I decided I wouldn't have sex with her on the first night so we just cuddled. Next day I found out she had a bf
That was two years ago
Wanna die
I probably could've lost my hug-virginity in high school had I been just slightly less socially retarded, since the girls in my class were many and nice. One of them even at one point put her hand on my shoulder.

I've never really been close to getting a gf though.
>Start working out late sophomore year
>Puerto Rican and Mexican girl surround me next to lockers
>Mexican says "you know anon, you'd be kinda cute if you weren't, you know, you."
>Puerto Rican laughs at her and feels my chest, I seize up in fear
>"wtf anon you have pecs, hahahah!"
>she grabs my ass
>she pulls up my shirt and starts feeling my abs, I'm trying to not cry
>teacher comes by and tells us to cut it the fuck out
>Have number of really nice sweet girl
>Talked and texted with her for a few months
>Start to annoy her with texts
>Even tried to invite her to go somewhere
>She won't asnwer anymore

I still have her number. Wish I knew what to do now. ffuck me why i had to be so fucking retarded. She was the sweetest girl I've ever known and I fucked up. IFUCKING FUCKD UP
>Junior year
>on the bus with slutty, chubby Freshman girl
>she's pissed off because she lost some note passing to determine who the hottest girl in the class was
>looking for an emotional tampon and free compliments, finds nearest beta male
>"Anon do you think I'm pretty?"
>say yes
>"What's pretty about me?"
>"I like your eyes, pretty, grey with green on the inside, and little flecks of orange like leaves floating in an autumn pond". I literally fucking said this
>she actually ate it up
>asked me to get off the bus at her stop
>said no, my dad was making macaroni that night
thats what you get for trying, you fucking idiot

>If I don't reply back she'll become infatuated with me.

Jesus you guys are pathetic. I was getting pussy when I was literally 12 and it hasn't stopped, I'm now about 27. I'm king of manlet tier too at 5'3", lol. Feels good bro.
>Get invited to a party by this girl
>went to get drinks with her and friends before
>never met her sober
>it's gettting kinda late and im kinda drunk
>tell her i want to leave
>she asks me to stay
>dance with her for over 30 mins
>decide to go home as long as i can still walk
>she doesn't want me to
>still go homeand never talked to hear again
how does it feel to be scum that will never think outside of his little bubble and just spends his time getting dopamine doses by hanging out with your equals?

i might be suffering everyday and wishing none of this had ever happened, but at least this gives me a perspective on life and all things that the likes of you will never consider.
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>Senior year
>make friends with a transfer student, she's a plus sized youth model (not cow-wide plus sized, she was like 6'2'' and 180lb, and was a competitive athlete)
>Have a lot of fun through the year, fling a pencil in the hair of a Czech substitute teacher who called her fat, hid the projector remotes from a teacher that was a cunt to her during senior prank
>Have a lot of fun on senior skip day
>last day of school, signing yearbooks
>she comes to me and says "Anon, I really, really loved spending time with you, we had so much fun this year"
>Reflecting back on it, she had an imploring look in her eyes as though she wanted something from me that I didn't understand at the time
>reflecting back on it, she gave me that look a lot.
>that something was likely me asking her out

This one hurts the most, but there's more.

I'm not a fag but I'm neither desperate for roasty pussy. I don't feel interest for her kind of women, so why should I put myself in a situation I'm not willing to participate? Pathetic are those who scream "muh dick" and forget that pussy isn't everything worth in this shitty and short amount of time called life.
>first year of community college
>going up the stairs with a girl in one of my classes
>she starts huffing and puffing, says she needs to hit the gym
>I laugh a bit and tell her where I go and what I do
>she asks to go with me
>we go, correcting her form is still the closest to intimate contact I have ever had with a female
>she starts thrusting her ass into me "as a joke" when doing exercises
>she rubs it on me a little when we're alone in the gym and asks me what she should do to work her glutes
>I chuckle uncomfortably and redirect us to equipment, she has this confused look on her face
>eventually she must have gotten tired of me not making a move
>she meets a literal chad (literally, his name was chad) at the gym and starts going with him instead
>Later that year
>meet a cute girl in one of my classes
>she's not conventionally attractive but something about the way she moved her tall, slightly lanky body, the way she laughed, her uncommon yet alluring name, her boyish hair, her quirky sense of humor, her love of baking and poetry, it all made her a special kind of pretty to my eye
>she'd always come to me to work on group projects
>she asked me to come over and spend some time with her some day on the last day of class
>died in a car wreck three days later
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>last year of college
>in my senior seminar with a cute, mousey little thing
>she's timid as fuck and stutters even answering a question in front of the 10 people in that class
>has anime stickers on her laptop
>always laughed inappropriately long at my bad jokes
>when I presented she stared into me with a wistful look in her eyes.
>whenever I approached her, she lit up, when I started talking about class she sunk a little
>when we were assembling for the graduation ceremony, she saw me and lit up, she waved lightly, I smiled back and kept talking to one of my friends
>walked into the ceremony and never saw her again
>only in retrospect did I realize she was probably attracted to me

Of course I've had other crushes and whatnot but these were the ones where I legitimately dropped the ball. Haven't had a chance like that since then, that was 2 years ago.
on one hand, I'm angry and jealous towards you for having all these conceivable opportunities and blowing them.
on the other hand, I know exactly how that sort of thing happens. the reinforcement of perceptions and your own mindframe that just make it impossible to recognize when chances are presenting themselves.
I forgot one, two actually.

>Junior year of college
>working on a project with a girl, really ambitious type, slightly thickset but not at all fat, very pretty and highly manicured
>our deadbeat third group mate fucked off and did nothing, he was on the basketball team and was in the class solely for a pass
>I did his entire part, she edited it and was very impressed
>she was the type who scheduled everything so she had penciled in enough time to grind the thing out, but we were done really early
>spent some time talking, offered to take her out for dinner
>she accepted, this was the only date I've ever been on
>talked about life a lot, how radically different our takes on things were came out, how I bumble my way through life without any planning and how she meticulously plans everything and plans for backup plans within her plans
>I take her home, she asks if I want to come in, I feel terror well up in me and make an excuse, tell her I'll see her in class tomorrow
>we end up getting an A on the paper, but she transferred out to an ivy league school at the end of the quarter, tells me she really enjoyed that dinner and the new perspective on life
>Senior year of college
>go to Canada on an internship trip
>meet a cute girl who is vastly superior to me in every way, works for the NDP
>she shows me around the capitol building of her province, we talk about politics, philosophy and shit
>she later comes down to our state capitol for a reciprocal visit
>I show her around the capitol
>it rained in the morning but had stopped
>suddenly starts pouring
>she freaks out that her dress is going to get ruined, she's in heels so she can't run
>pick her up and run across the courtyard, get soaked but stop her from getting wet
>set her down in cover, she's blushing and a little flustered
>"you didn't need to do that....but thank you"
>continue to have a pleasant tour of the capitol campus
>returned to Canada the next day
>senator I was working for asked me if I fucked her
>the man has probably been inside half of the women in the state
>tells me he saw us together and the girl was clearly down to fuck from the outset

There's another funny anecdote here about how I bumble my way through life, I was supposed to take two people on the tour but one of the guys was a big education policy wonk, my senator was on education and a few schoolboard members arrived for a meeting, so I just went to the guy and asked him if the canuck could sit in on the meeting. He said sure, why not. The Canadian was fucking giddy the rest of the trip that he got to meet a bunch of regional officials. Of course this set up getting me and the other intern alone.

Senator thought I was being a mastermind womanizer, but in reality I was just being a bumbling idiot, as per usual.
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>be me
>be highschool beta fag
>meet a girl in detention
>talk for a bit
>exchange numbers
>walk home together
>go back to our own homes
>talk on the phone for a bit
>autism kicks in
>ask her if she wants to see a movie but hours after first meeting her
>she says no
>months later
>still friends on fb
>havent talked since

trying to think of a way to ask if we can hang out together but I don't know any of her friends
I'm a faggot
I found a letter in my bag when I returned from school. I was 13\14 years old. It was from a girl who went to another school, older than me and friends with the Stacys of my class, she was hot and lived near my house but never spoke to her. In the letter she said that she wanted to meet me in the park or something like that and she was aware of my "little problem" (I still have no idea what she meant by that, but I was kind of a beta so perhaps that was it). Thing is I never went to the park, and pretended I never found the letter, I thought they were trying to fuck with me and I hated being the joke, my self steem was in the ground and couldn't believe that a girl was interested in me. In the following days the Stacys started to show real hate towards me at school, the closest experience to being bullyed I had, but well I could take it.
Thinking about it, ten years later, I regret not going to the park. What was the worst thing it could happened?
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