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Hey, robots.

I've recently broken up with my girlfriend and I've been feeling a little depressed here and there. Do any of you have any interesting break up stories? And, if so, can you please share them? Also, can you just post stupid and or funny shit? I would appreciate it.

Thank you, Robot Bros.
I have gf, relatiinship is quite good but I feel like I have weight on shoulders and I think I would enjoy more time alone.
You had a gf, man. You normied up. All you're going to get is reees unless you prove right now that you were just autistic enough to think you had a gf.
OP here. That was exactly how I felt but my case was a little more extreme. A toxic relationship. I was cut off from friends and wasn't able to pursue any of my old hobbies. Don't know why I let it continue for so long.
What was your gf's name?
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>be me
>be in long relationship with controlling bitch
>if I break up with her she manipulates me back into relationship
>start talking to qt from Sweden
>Come up with master plan when drunk to come out as gay to my gf but not ready to come out fully
>works, her and her family buy it and I even go up there and they think i'm into dick
>at some point actually convinced her I was bi but mainly gay, so she actually said she'd let me fuck her ass lmao
>it's going well, she thinks i'm talking to a swedish boy
>get a phone call from her
>she went on my skype
>she makes a status on facebook describing the whole ordeal and tags all my friends and family in it, also saying that I did it cause she wasn't giving me enough sex
>wanna legit kill myself at this point
Been about nearly months since this happened and my life has improved drastically. I go out with friends more and I even managed to get laid a few days after this all happened. Sometimes good things can come of bad situations.
Also this plan would've probably been flawless had I just changed my password on skype.
Nice dubs. I understand what you mean. It's weird to think how the future could have changed depending on the little things we've done in the past and how we could've tweaked them.
I like how she tried to publicly shame you but everyone was like
>lol fuck that crazy bitch
It's pretty nuts, only reason I got with her is cause of my step dad. Was just too beta to ever leave. Wonder what could've happened if I never got with her, got a few more stories about her crazy if you want
I feel for you, man. You can share them with us if you would like to.
A lot of people hate me, a lot of people respect me for what I did. lmao could've been worse
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you could`ve ended up being pic related
you got away with it pretty easily 2bh familia

Put it this way. Being single and having all your doors open is better than being in a relationship with an abusive slut that you are physically afraid of leaving. You've been driving the same beater car for too long, and now that the engine died, you're going to miss it for a while. But eventually, you'll find another car, 20x better than that old beater. There's always another car, always
OP here. This just made my day, friend. Thank you for this.
May as well, hope you feel better soon btw bro.
>be me in bedroom with gf
>we're starting to get all horny and naked
>out of nowhere a really old rusty hairclip i've never seen before appeared on my floor
>my best guess is it's from my auntie who lived with us years before or she planted it there
>she starts accusing me of shit even though i'd never cheated on her, and the fact that the hairclip is hella old and worn
>she jumps on me, she's chubby not really fat
>puts all her weight on me and starts strangling me looking for answers, can't breathe and not even gonna try to fight back because equal rights
>eventually lets me go, struggle breathing for a few minutes
>I end up apoligizing to her
Yes i'm a pussy. There's a few moar if you want
Literally, her father and family are heavily involved in the drug scene around here and her father owns like shittonnes of guns. das pretty scary for a pussy britbong like myself
You're not a pussy, man. You were afraid to engage. I was in the same boat. It's okay. The fact that she physically abused you is fucked up, dude. I'm glad you got out when you did.
>with girl
>long distance, separate countries
>no possible way for us to ever be together
>tell her it just won't work out
>we should go our separate ways
"Anon you can't leave, I need you too much"
>tell her that this is just what has to happen
"Anon if you leave me I will kill myself please don't do this to me"
>end up staying
>could never see my best friend hurt herself like that
>at least once a week, she tries to break up with me
>always says she's going to block me and kill herself
>I can't let her kill herself, so I fight her every time
>calls me a psychotic asshole when I check her Facebook for messages from other guys
>she's flirted with other men before
>falling for another girl
>other girl thinks I'm single
>don't know how to get away from abusive bitch
>sometimes think it would be better if she killed herself anyway

I'd rather be single OP. You don't know the gift you have, all your doors are open
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Holy shit, you do realize she now knows with100% certainty you are a fucking beta faggot?
Just wait, JUST wait - she`ll want to peg you with a Bad Dragon dildo.
Just block her bro. You've got the advantage of not being close to her. She won't actually kill herself, it's the most cliche last attempt at getting someone not to leave you
First off, nice trips

Second, you are not a pussy.. There's nothing squirrelly about a man in an abusive relationship, it's the exact same with a woman in an abusive relationship. We don't tell a girl with a black eye that she just needs to "man up". Why would we do the same to a guy

None of it is your fault, that girl is dangerous and unless she starts to appreciate you more, you need to find a way out
Yeah dude, haven't told anyone apart from this thread but girls are capable of some serious shit dude. Thanks bro and I hope you didn't suffer too much either.
Block her without warning, break off total contact suddenly. She will find some other poor sap to syphon attention from. Dont even say bye
I guess, cheers senpai. I'm out man, just looking back and appreciating the freedom I have now. Also if my ordeal can help anyone in the same boat it's worth I think
We'll all be okay, man. We all will. We're here for you. That's what robots are for.
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Awh feels .-. Since you've warmed my heart and this thread is now sentimental to me gonna just share some stories. Essentially first time not lurking so forgive noobiness
>Be with gf in college smoking shelter eating bbq bacon baugette
>breaking bad season finale had just come out and was supposed to watch it with gf, but watched it anyway cause fuck the police
>tell a few bros about it beforehand and discussed
>some guy slips up and drops me in the shit
>she flips her shit in front of everybody
>kicks me and punches my baugette out of my hand onto the floor, was a goldmine of bbq bacon in it at that point too
>everybody watching, watdo
>decide not to escalate the situation and just walk the fuck away to be pissed off by myself
>she tells everybody that I cried
College wasn't fun after that.
OP here. I'm sorry to hear that, man. :( You don't deserve something like that. Nobody deserves anything like that. I hope you're okay now. I hope she's not in your life anymore.
Awh cheers dude but she's not and i'm over it now, all this shit is kinda funny now that I look back on it :^]
It probably will be easy to laugh about it in the future but considering what happened with me is very recent, I don't see it happening any time soon. I will get over it in time, though. That's guaranteed.
Yeah that's true my man. Just try and occupy yourself, go out with mates and have some drinks. You're a free man now, anything is possible.
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