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Anyone else rather not try, than risking...
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Anyone else rather not try, than risking the soul crushing rejection by girls? I'm rather ugly, but even I tried my luck two times and the answers I got are:
> Sorry I have a boyfriend
> I'd rather not
I felt like shit after both those answers and people saw it happen. I bet it was funny to them.
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"I'd rather not"


sorry, i didnt think girls would be that straight up in a rejection
It has nothing to do with being afraid of rejection and everything to do with being afraid of things getting awkward with them afterwards if they reject me.
Try going for a girl a bit uglier than you next time

Also, I've had enough contact with humans to know that there are many girls who think so highly of themselves that they would start screaming rape if I even approached them about it, and people would believe them because everyone always loathes me since I'm "That guy who's weird".
The problem is in their mindset they all deserve at least 8/10 Chads. It' that princess syndrome. No love for a strong 2/10.

Gotta agree with this. As much as people talk about beauty standards for women and how you only see beautiful girls in mags and shit, I've found girls are far more superficial than guys when it comes to choosing a mate.

I'm sure some feminist would throw a shit fit if she read this and just claim I'm some frustrated manchild projecting on others, but I've seen way more good looking guys with ugly or dumb chicks than the opposite. A girl will only go out with an ugly guy if he's rich. Hell, even being smart isn't usually enough. They'd rather have a stupid but good looking guy who'll treat them like shit and who has no future than an intelligent but plain looking guy who treats them like a fucking human being.

That is, until they reach the age of about 30, then they realize that they're getting older and all they've been doing is sleeping around with jackasses and now they want to settle down, so they go for the guys they spent 15 years shitting on, then bitch some more when those guys don't want any of their used up, STD-ridden, alimony-seeking cunts.

So yeah, guess why MGTOW is a thing.
It's fucking garbage how a 4/10 girl gets called called beautiful by all these beta cucks. It raises their self worth and when they date guys that are also 4/10 they think they're dating down when obviously it's not the case.

Because in truth, it's much easier for girls to meet beauty standards than for guys. If a girl isn't fat, showers regularly and doesn't have an ogre face (pic related), she'll meet beauty standards. Meanwhile, a guy needs to be fucking ripped to meet those standards, and tall, and have a square jaw.

Also, while many guys dick chicks with small tits or even flat chests, there isn't a single girl who's into small dicks.
>Go away, you fucking stalker
First time I tried. Still hurts familia.
>their used up, STD-ridden, alimony-seeking cunts
You totally sound bitter/
He's right, though.
ITs pointless approaching women if you aren't legit hot enough to model for a top agency. I'm talking Gandy tier here.

Because if there's no initial physical attraction nothing can ever happen. A woman will be completely cold to you and they'll talk about there being no "chemistry" (code for physical attraction really).

If you aren't attractive you need to stop approaching and just wait for a situation where a woman vets you herself and creates that relationship without you needing to do much, that way you know she likes you.

No other way.

You seriously think they change after 30? I've seen fat single moms who have nothing going for them whatsover in life refuse to lower their standards and reject men who weren't rich and handsome.

they never stop

My own mother is 55 years old POST WALL as fuck, unmarried and still refuses to settle or lower her standards(her words).
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No, I just state things as they are. There are women who aren't like that, but they're so few in numbers relative to those who are that they're pretty much all taken.

Seriously, find me one female 30 year old virgin who isn't either retarded or fucking disgusting (pic related).
Since the options are say yes out of pity or say no, and whether or not it was polite, the dude has a 50/50 chance of landing anywhere between shitposting about her or going full Elliot, girls are beginning to stop giving a shit about manners. They're wasted on these guys.
>Be myself, 20 year olds, half nordic half turkish.
>Pretty average looks, bit messy in appearance.
>Start liking cute nerdy girl one class below me.
>End of the year prom.
>I'm drunk and have courage to tell her.
>"Hey, I like you, I certainly hope you like me as well."
>She laughs. "As a friend?"
>Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. God damnit, why couldn't you just..
>"Yeah, of course."
>Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself.
>It's fine, there's probably still a chance, right? We've talked about playing video games together and hanging out after school.

>Sitting in class next to her.
>Sleazy full-blood nordic guy comes up to her.
>He starts just blatantly frenching her.
>Sitting next to her. My mind just goes blank when I see it.
>Get up.
>Walk out.
>Take elevator to highest spot.
>Can't even stand in the elevator, bawling my eyes out.
>Why the fuck did I care, why the fuck did I care, why the fuck did I care.
>Never go after a girl again, anon, you stupid fucking beta faggot.
>Look myself in the mirror of the bathroom.
>Snotty, red eyes, fucking mud-blood kebabfag.
>It's late at night, want to go home, but no friends or family picking up phone.
>Stare at myself.
>It doesn't end like this. You've gone in now, it's last day of school, it's all in, or walk 30 kilometers home.

>Blow nose, clean myself up.
>Still red eyes, visibly been crying.
>Don't give a fuck.
>Take the girls hand with both of mine.
>"Could we talk alone for a moment?"
>"S- Sure anon.."
>Take her to stairs. Sit her down.
>Start going against every advice anyone has ever given me about girls.
>Cringeworthy half-drunken "I got so sad when I saw you kissing with that guy, I think you are so cute, I want to make you my princess, and take you around the world on adventures. I don't want to experience the last freedoms of my youth alone, and I think I finally found someone to share it with."
>Girl starts laughing.
>What have I done.
>She takes my hands, stares deeply into my eyes.
To be continued.
We're going on a date in a few days.

Niggas is liars senpai
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