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what are you /afraid/ of?
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what are you /afraid/ of?
school shooting killing me

100% qualified original comment made by a depression artist just for you.
Judgement and failure
Women and relationships, mostly. Exposing myself - physically or emotionally - to someone else seems far outside the realm of possibility at this point. I simply couldn't do it. Though that's good, because no one wants to see any part of me anyway.
That I'll never be good enough and everyone will leave me eventually because they'll realize I'm not good enough.
never earning money and living like patrick bateman
>everyone will leave me
>having people

someone hacking into my computer and stealing all my rare pepes
You'll always be good enough to spend time with friends on /r9k/ anon, and we'll all be waiting here for you.
failing school
never getting a job

future in general
>implying I don't preemptively avoid letting anyone into my life to avoid this perceived inevitability.
I'm afraid of people, but I'm also afraid of how low I get when I don't see anyone for a long time
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That she'll never comeback
> after our 6 years together she'll find a guy with a bigger dick than me who will mistreat her
thanks bro. on days like today this place means a lot to me. I hope on my good days I can pay it forward to a robot in need.
My future man. I'm eventually going to have to go out their and find a woman if I want a decent life. Shits too expensive for me to keep paying everything by myself. I'm getting older and roommates are starting to be scarce. Two and a half men make it seem not too weird but it's probably god awful in reality.
not 2b an edgy tryhard but i'm scared that i'm never going to feel any actual emotions. i always let other people tell me how to feel and it's been happening for so long i dont know how to feel anything or express anything. also ghosts
won time had a xray machine performed n it looked kinda liek bones fram skellengton inside me. ima fraid it was skellengton the hole time n hes still ther
living without Internet
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Snakes. Scary little angry monsters.
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Being stuck in this slav shithole my whole life
pls hlp I trying to go to sleep n I can here him I think hes gonna do someth
>be me
>be neighbour of a stupidly happy family known by everyone in the residential
>2 parents, 5yr son, 2yr daughter, golden retriever
>last thursday both son and dog died due to a gas leakage from boiler
>dad and daughter on the verge of death
>have to help
>see both son and dog dead bodies
>can't sleep since cuz overthinking lots of own bullshit at night

now I'm so fucking scared about how or when I'm gonna die.
why do I'm so fucking lame and mentally weak?
im afraid that anxiety will kill me and i won't be able to do what i want because of it

also i want to be restore my faith in woman, i don't want a woman that behaves like she was 4 and buy metricload of shit that she don't need and can be happy with simple things like i am
Of lies prevailing.
loneliness is my main phobia
>spending the last days of your life alone in a hospital bed, with nothing but empty time to reflect on all your mistakes
>living on and seeing all the people you've ever cared about, who have ever cared about you, who you've ever looked up to, die before you do and never come back

Otherwise can't say I'm afraid of anything (besides insects and creeping things, that's more of an irrational phobia though). Feels good tbqh famigo

Shame and anger are worse issues as far as I'm concerned
She might. But I guarantee there will come a day when she thinks of you and what her life could have been with you. She will probably reach out to you disguising it as a simple "hello" or "hey long time no talk". And she will soon learn that you found someone much better. Someone to share your happiness with. Someone who lifts you up and makes you strive to be a better man every day. She will then be filled with overwhelming regret and sadness. And you will be in such a good place in life you will offer to be her friend and be there for her in her time of pain. She will talk to you more and more, under the pretense of needing a friend to talk to. She will slowly and subtly try to manipulate your thinking. She will try her hardest to figure out what you want in a woman and act like the perfect woman for you. There will be some small roadblock with your current girl. The old girl is acting perfect now, maybe she really changed? Your current girl says or does something and you say "I don't have to put up with this anymore" and leave. You get back together with the old girl. 3 months later she has slowly stopped acting and returns to who she really is. You remember that you really just don't like her as a person. You hate her for being able to control your life like this without you being aware. You wish you hadn't left your other girl, but it's too late. Now you're alone. All because you never let go and cut ties with the first girl.

or idk maybe that only happens to me. I would heavily suggest cutting any and all ties with girls that you feel that strongly about and never talking to them again unless you're a pro at your emotions and women.
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not going into jahnas
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When I was about 4 years old, I found out about jerking off. My mom told me if I kept doing that my dick would fall off.

I'm still terrified of that.
Becoming irrelevant. It is too spooky for me.
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I have massive anxiety about driving. I got a learners permit years ago but whenever I think about getting lessons my heart rate goes up

Also anxiety about talking on the phone, even with friends. I dunno why. I'm totally cool face to face with new people, groups, and qt girls. But phones man, maybe its cos I can't see their face?
>I have massive anxiety about driving. I got a learners permit years ago but whenever I think about getting lessons my heart rate goes up

r u spongebob?
Haha at least he tries. I just keep putting it off. "Next year"... "next year"...
You already are have a (you)
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Dying having slept with either nobody or having only slept with fat and obese women.

I need to know I can get something like pic-related atleast once even if I have to go to Dubai and pay.

I refuse to accept that I'm only good enough for fat asses.
Being friendless and a failure both my sister and brother barely have any friends, i have 4 good friends but recently when we gathered to get shitfaced he mentioned how he dislikes how we tell each other our problems, he says we get too depressing and since then (8 days ago) we havent had a word from him and ignored my messages and drinking with work friends.

Maybe he is becoming a normie, but i miss my friend, y'know? and the rest havent been talkative, its like we don't even enjoy our own company anymore, i fear its going to get worse.
driving, and just anything related to geographical locations. I fucking suck at it. I need to go to the same place at least 8 times to remember where it is. my entire FUCKING LIFE IS BASICALLY "ok so which street is that?" and "wait you mean it was there?" or "woah I don't really remember this place, where am I again?". JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP F.A.M

It makes me either really sad and embarrassed or just fucking autistic feral rage. that's why I hate going somewhere alone. there are places where I have been more than twenty times but because I ALWAYS went there with a group of people I don't know how to get there on my own. FUCKING FUCK. I should get a smartphone instead of a two-color nokia, but that wouldn't solve the problem (which is sucking at directions) it would just remove the result of it.

life is a fucking pain and labyrinth. god damn.

I mean seriously, FUCK all your foreveralone bullshit. I would trade all the girls in my life for BEING FUCKING ABLE TO GET AROUND FUCK.
But I have mentioned a topic! See?
this is cringe

back to reddit
Then it shouldn't be shocking to know that I can figure out what day it is.
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nonstop tickling
getting my head cut off
getting my eyes cut out
getting my penis chopped off
objects getting shoved up my urethra
unstoppable intense testicular pain
people seeing my penis
sexual intercourse
animal abuse
talking to people
people seeing me
dying and being forgotten
people reading my thoughts
the human race never finding the source of everything
someone i care about dying before i got the chance to tell them how much they matter to me
someone i care about dying and my last words not being sufficient
someone i care about getting murdered or hurt
memories i'll never remember or feel again
my life being one big joke that everybody is in on
failing a gunshot suicide and surviving
hanging myself and suffocating
being stuck in tight spaces
burning to death in fire
the possibility of hell
foreign countries
the human body
door knocking
getting old
the dark
Literally everything and everyone. I cannot trust anyone and anything even slightly out of ordinary makes me suspicious of others.
yeah i know that feel

i worry about this cuz one day ill have to drive and i cant even the 1/4 1 mile shit on signs, i dont know how far that is
that faxt that ill never find a job that will hire me and going homeless when my mom dies.
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school buses
school children
people my age
all children
verbal instructions
crossing the street
car horns/alarms
phone numbers
phone ringing
tests of all kinds
eating in front of other people
people using my computer
people seeing what im watching
people hearing what im watching/listening to
people asking what music i listen to
people asking me to remember things
people asking me how im doing
people hearing me play my instrument
people hearing my voice
people taller than me
headphones breaking
internet text conversations
leaving the house at all
insects in ears
eye contact
Why is that anon?

Do you have a hard time placing yourself in other's shoes?
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
getting raked over the coals by a certain angry diety because of all the potential good i never got around to because i was too busy masturbating and insulting strangers

pain in general. losing my ability to endure because i lost that fearless spark of intensity and now all i can do is ruminate

god turns out to be a normie hippie

nobody gives a shit. not even me. most people play politics as one big ass game of tug of war to see who can brainwash the most people the easiest. nobody gives a shit about reverse mortages and the real estate crash of 2008. nobody cares about gerrymandering and how obama doesn't really have that much power outside of the armed forces and the veto.

never getting my useless purple shvontzie wet in some crazy slags juices.

that spreading my deepest fear may infect others
That things will never get better
I read how Ted Bundy beat a chick
In her bed so fuckig badly he fucked her head up and now she experiences nonstop dizziness for the rest of her life.

She was going to be a dancer.

That kind of shit terrifies me. Also having any part of me fucked up so I cant enjoy video games or play them.
I'm scared of my inner demons
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Living past the point I'd like to die the most.
My bodys capacity to feel pain, illness and death, fear itself.
Not living in perfect stoic contentment with the world as it is.
>Never creating art
>Struggling to survive forever
My fears have already been realized, I'm a failure still stuck in this room.
tfw no primal fears
shock & surprise scare me, but no real fears
dying alone, snakes, and vomit
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>getting a gf
>don't know what to do with her
>she discovers my true nature
>she leaves me
that my friends actually discover that i'm a fuckin whore who can't stop sucking dick every time i'm high/drunk/bored
Among other things:
>Failing university, I'll probably kill myself if that ever happens
>Being judged by other people
>People in general
>Social interaction, especially with women
list goes on
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sad rain.gif
421 KB, 700x525

>don't know what to do with her

Had grillfriend to autistic to understand she wanted to fuck

>can't i die in battle
>join my ancestors in the afterlife
File: 1438704509843.jpg (141 KB, 367x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the fact that some day I'll be old and all of my friends will be dead and everything I love at this moment will be a relic.
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Woah momma you could nail a bummer whammy with a set like that. I'm sure that could happen to you in an afternoon Tbh. Fuck with the wrong snake and the venom'll have you ass over tits wretching in tall grass.

Why such specific fears?
Death. Heights. Black people. Cream Cheese.
being alone

but the worst part? I almost always am alone.
Do you fear that you might screw up on the road or get distracted or something and get somebody killed? That's the sort of shit that stops me from going after my learner's.

fuck off manlet, I'd rape if I was able to find you
What's with those funky buildings?
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