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/autism general/ post here and discuss anything if you're a robot on the spectrum

i know its normie central here nowadays but just testing to see if there's any of us still out there.
How many times have you all been asked on /r9k/ 'Are you literally autistic?'?

About 20 here.

Not autistic, by the way.
It's likely I have some form of autism, most likely Aspberger's since it runs in the family and I exhibit a lot of the symptoms.

Never been tested for it though.

a few times.

probably due to not getting sarcasm but its the internet. and another time because i apparently couldn't see "insecurity" in someone's photo.

tell us about your symptoms? and maybe a bit about family members with autism?
>Got diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 13
Worst day of my life.
I had at least some confidence, some belief that I could improve myself and that the only reason I had few friends was lack of trying since I was always fairly reserved.
But that broke me.
I'm almost positive that if I never got diagnosed, my life would've turned out differently.
I wouldn't have been so afraid of being an autist that I shut myself out of everything.
Aspergers here, late diagnosed. There is no hope my brain has developed too far.
I was once a supervisor (don't know if that's the real word, not a native speaker) on a summer camp for autistic children whose condition was too serious for them to participate in regular summer camps. Whenever I hear people talking/complaining about
>muh autism
>muh social anxiety
>muh OCD
>muh Aspergers
I can't even take them seriously anymore. Like... you should see someone with serious autism, what the fuck are people complaining about
And yes, I do have stories if you want them, but they're not very funny because autistic children really aren't all that funny and I don't enhance the stories hoping someone would post them to r/4chan
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Aspie here

At least people think I'm funny
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My parents kept my diagnosis a secret from me and kept me in public school. My life is a mess. No friends online nor offline, KV NEET. Suicide soon.
>Diagnosed as autistic at 12-13, didnt pick up on signs of it back then aside from nofriends
>dropped out of school because of it, didnt want to be a tard kid so i faked a suicide attempt to get out of my last year of middle school+all of highschool
>getting older, notice more signs of autism, talking to myself a lot, getting up every hour to punch the air, fflailing my arms around every now and then
>realize that i'll only be a burden on myself and the people i love for my shitty mental capacity
>Realize I have no friends and me being gone would only really effect my mother, and it would be more a burden off her back than a loss, hear her talking about how she wish i was normal on phone with her friends since i was 15 or so.
>thinking of actually killing myself
Come on, Anon. Everybody can make friends online!
When I was about 4, the doctor diagnosed me with "autistic tendencies". That was before Asperger (and what replaced it in the autism spectrum) was first described, and I'm pretty sure that's where I fit.

I never really understood why people think I'm weird. I've had a few people describe me as lacking humanity, which I think is moron speak for "You care more about reason than fee-fees". I've noticed that a lot of "moral enigmas" like those things about that train about to run over people aren't really hard to solve at all for me. Never really understood why people think it's hard either. I mean I understand it has to do with feelings, but I fail to see why they would feel bad about it.

Also, 30 year old virgin. And fat. I live on my own, have a job and yes, I have good hygiene. I used to have terrible hygiene but that was an issue of having little access to a clean shower (I loathed my roommates for it).

Also, I fart a lot. Like, a LOT.
Tell a story anyway, lets see how different they are from me

>Also, I fart a lot. Like, a LOT.

Do you have tongue tie? That can cause you to swallow more air when you eat.

Nah. I think it's a family thing, everyone on my father's side farts like no tomorrow. It only really bothers me when I'm in public/working because I refuse to fart in front of people.
I tried making online friends somewhat recently by joining a /vg/ clan for a video game I play, but they had their own clique that they didn't want to let me in on and disrespected me. I really tried. I was down about it for a while. Fuck them.
At least you got some nice dubs.
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>tfw asked by teachers several times if I was on the autismo spectrum
>I'm not
stop the pain
Didn't get diagnosed until I was 25.

You still know you're different. Yeah, you can have good runs and make believe for a while, but it's always there and rest fucking assured that when it goes wrong you will know why.

Knowing about it early must be goddamn poison though. If I hadn't been taking it personally the entire time, I probably wouldn't have even tried to improve.
I was diagnosed as HFA in 11th. It wasn't really shocking given I had a slightly higher than average IQ with major discrepancies in my scores. Aside from having to learn how to pretend to empathic so I can fit in with normalfags it's not so bad. I have an astounding ability to memorize nearly anything I read (although sometimes I struggle to read) and have been told Im a mechanical savant.

I've never really understood why people think we can't empathize, or why some other autists think they can't. I've never had trouble empathizing with people and in fact, I've always been very sensitive to it. The only time I have issues empathizing is when they're being irrational (which is more often than not). But I understand sadness, happiness, anger, love, fear, etc. When they make sense, that is.
It depends, autism is still a disorder on spectrum and it can manifest and make various personalities depending upon circumstances and frankly I could often imagine someone with mild autism that tries to belong hard into society, but isn't able to and is dejected thanks to his assburgers suffering more than someone with rather severe autism living in its own imagination bubble, mostly unaware of the implications of existance.

Not that it actually sums up and has to correlates with the happenstances, but I wouldn't dismiss someone with mild autism, just because others are more impaired.
>There's this one kid
>Oldest of the kids we had (I think, can't really remember)
>He was very prone to self-harm, suicidal tendencies etc.
>Every meal all the kids had to take their meds
The meds were kinda creepy actually, they all had to take like a dozen pills every meal, VERY heavy sedatives and some other stuff too
>Whenever we got close to the next meal, the meds from the previous meal would have lost most of their effect
>The kid sometimes refused to take his meds, or just put them in his mouth and then spit them out while we weren't looking
>One day we were playing some game outside the farm
(It was a horseriding camp, and the farm was next to a road where you could drive 70km/h but everyone would drive 90)
>The kid lost the game or something, idk
>He goes into a frenzy and sprints towards the road, trying to jump under a car or something
>Me and another supervisor are running after him
>He hesitates right before running over the road
>I tackle him
>He starts screaming, kicking, you can't imagine it
>Took 5 of us (the kid was 12yo, mind you) to keep him under control while he was screaming bloody murder and insulting us and shit
>Turns out later he was agressive because we were manhandling him, so we let him go
>He acts like nothing happened
I would never dismiss them, but imo they don't really know what it's like to "not fit into society"

Like, ok, they have a disorder, but at least they can still somehow function

My main pet peeve is actually the "look how autistic I am" greentexts. If you were really autistic, you wouldn't even notice anything wrong with your behaviour, this just feels like attention-whoring on the expense of people who really have a serious disorder.
That's kind of the thing, severely autistic people don't really know they're not fitting, that they don't belong and it doesn't bother them as much as a consequence, it's rather low on their order of misery.

On the other hand, someone who has assburgers, can put together most of the social cues and realize that they don't really fit/belong somehow, yet still not know how and their actual problem is that they long for that acceptable, so it's actually tormenting them extremely. Of course they will belong way more than severe autists, but their autism in this particular respect causes them extreme suffering, because they do partially understand the social dynamics and want to be part of it, but won't even succeed thanks to thier disorder and have no idea of how to fix it.
What if you've never been diagnosed? am I really autistic or am I just a reject normie who is far behind everyone else my age?
it's because a lot of the time aspergs aren't paying attention to most of what's going on or things like tiny cues that you should be picking up on or what do when you just don't know, it's all a guessing game but spergs don't really take notice until it's too late or unless they have to, which is why they can seem unfeeling and selfish.
bump because this thread is actually interesting and I wanna know why there aren't more actual aspies on r9k? where are ya guys, studying your hobbies?
I'm an asipe on /r9k/ but I don't relate to some stuff.

I don't really care about a girlfriend or any of that stuff.

as for aspie stuff

>just don't understand a lot of social interaction stuff
>what I do know is just stuff that I've learned over time that most people seem to know
>didn't learn what small talk was/how to do it til 15~
>didn't learn about eye contact til 17, still feel awkward and don't know how long to hold it or I seem weird
>have obsession with categories (types of animals, firearms, rocks, anything like that)
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I'm currently under the diagnosing process. I think it's very likely that I'm an aspie, I have all the symptoms and my older brother is legit diagnosed so it's very possible.
>tfw wearing earmuffs to dinner table because sounds hurt my ears

>tfw wearing earmuffs to dinner table because sounds hurt my ears

You're not autistic, you're retarded. Loud sounds are fucking annoying, but the solution isn't to tard out and put on ear muffs, it's to fucking deal with it.

Seriously, I'm sure that's the reason I can live on my own and shit. When I was a kid, my parents didn't coddle me and change things to suit me, they taught me to fucking deal with it.
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>it's to fucking deal with it

I am "dealing with it", that's why I wear the earmuffs. I don't give a single fuck what anybody has to say, mostly because I don't heart them thanks to my radical electric blue earmuffs.
Yeah people will probably make fun of me, most of them don't care, but I don't care if some of them think me as weirdo because I know I'm comfy and that is all that matters.

>that's why I wear the earmuffs

That is not dealing with it, that is isolating yourself from the problem. The only step further from dealing with it would be to leave the premises.

Dealing with it is learning to not give a fuck. Yes, it can be hard at times, but it's doable and worth the effort.
It's not that I find it impossible to be without my trusted earmuffs, it's that I find it hard to enjoy anything else in loud/noisy environments. I don't participate in conversations anyway so I just read instead, but I find it much easier to read in silence.
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here autistic is a byword for retarded you literal autist
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