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>"So it turns out you're not...
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>"So it turns out you're not so shy after all! Thanks for today Anon. really. I was so worried we'd have nothing to talk about but I'm really glad I was proven wrong. You know I really enjoyed our conversation, I can't believe I opened up so much to someone I barely know! Well I hope I can change that, maybe we can do something again soon and get to know each a little more. I still feel like I barely know you even though I pretty much told you my whole life story! Well anyway you have my number and stuff right? Just let me know when you want to do something. I probably won't be able to sleep for a while anyway, so if you're still up in a few hours then feel free to text me or something!"

Oh shit, it's this thread again. Who the hell makes these? I really like them until they get to the break up bit. Thanks, it's not lile i didn't feel pathetic in the first place
Y-you too.
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>"Hey Anon, sorry about my friend. What did she tell you? I'm so embarrassed. Oh, no. That's not the reason I'm embarrassed, I mean it's true what she told you. I just didn't want you to find out this way. It feels like highschool all over again! I bet you think I'm a real weirdo, right? You don't? Oh. Well, what do you think about me?"


>get some sleep
>set like four alarms
>wake up, get yourself PERFECT
>text every single person you know for more info on this girl and advice
>invite her for a late breakfast

Opportunities like this are rare.

And if there's one thing I know, it's that this kinda thing comes with a 24 hour deadline.
Legit jusy wondering do any of you spastics actually think that any girl would like to date a mysognistic ugly racist? (99.9999999 percent of the board falls under that label, don't lie)
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Prepare your feels guys
It's this time of a day again
>I'm a real weirdo, right?
Well, yes, I do. Get away from me.
>Before last night I never knew human anus can stretch that much!
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lul nefag normie
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>"You're a really tactile person, aren't you? Oh no, don't apologize. I mean it's just funny to me. You seemed so cold and stuff before we started talking, but since we started dating you just surprise me a lot with how affectionate you are. Most guys express their feelings so awkwardly, but you do it in such an innocent and frank way that I can't help but smile when you suddenly hug me or whatever. You're a great find Anon, if I do say so myself!"

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>Yeah, I know I shouldn't keep having kids. It's really tough you know, I just keep expecting maybe one will come out, you know, alright. I'm pretty tired, but I'll get through this. I love the little shits after all.

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>mysognistic ugly racist
you are saying it like it was a bad thing
Kinda is
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>"No, don't. I don't mind. I'm listening. It's actually really attractive that you're passionate about something. You won't believe how many people I know never get this worked up about literally anything. I mean if you were the type of person who just talked without caring about the other person or listening to what they have to say. But I know with you I'm talking to someone who actually appreciates having a conversation, which is why I enjoy it when you ramble about something you care about, even if I don't know much about what you're talking about. I like learning new things from you Anon."

>What the fuck are you looking at, creep?
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>Wow I miss home. I'm really glad you came with me here, I can show you all the places I loved to visit as a kid. I've talked to you about Ukraine but now you get to finally experience it. But I guess I haven't really noticed how much I miss home because of you. You're one of the only guys who doesn't judge me, but I guess that's because we understand each other. Oh look, dessert's finally here!

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>"I'm sorry about your parents arguing and stuff Anon. I know how much it effects you, even if you're too proud to admit it. Just know that you can come over here any time you feel like it. All those times I ran to your house when my folks were going through their divorce. I really appreciated having somewhere to escape to and having someone who could hold me and tell me they were there for me. You've helped me out a lot Anon, and I want you to remember that I'm here for you whenever you need me. If I can't help out the ones I love then who can I help out?"

>famous waifu
>shit-tier dialogue
>no speech quotes
>pleb-tier music

Imposter pls go
>It's actually really attractive that you're passionate about something.
What can I say? I always enjoyed loli hentai.
>"It's in the frakking ship!"

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>"Oh my god, fucking topdeck."

Daily reminder that girls don't talk like that

Fuck off, Luigi
>"Thank you for being such a great friend Anon. Wait, where are you going?"
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"Anon stop! Put the needle down you need to stop this! I'm sooo dumping you, can you even fucking hear me? Probably not.. fuck you Anon! Guess you wont need your car either then, you fucking junkie! Oh and I'm taking our cat too. Don't bother calling me. BYE!"

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>mfw assholes ruined my fav thread
>fantasizing about roasties

Thats one way to cuck yourself over with false hope.
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